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13 November 2014

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You are in: Lancashire > Radio Lancashire > New Shows/Listen Again > Unforgettable... on BBC Radio Lancashire

Count Basie in 1974

Count Basie in 1974

Unforgettable... on BBC Radio Lancashire

Gerald Jackson playing great songs by great artists, old and new...

Playlist for Monday 22nd June 2009

Blue Skies - John Kirby & his Orchestra
My Brother - Terry Scott
It's the natural thing to do - Denny Dennis with Roy Fox & his Orchestra
Sparrow in the tree top - Guy Mitchell
Miss Otis Regrets - Ethel Williams
Cry - Johnnie Ray
Busy doing nothing - Bing Crosby with Cedrick Hardwick and William Bendix
If I could be with you one hour tonight - Dinah Washington
So Tired - Russ Morgan
Well did you ever - Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra
I get a kick out of you - Ted Heath & his Orchestra
1 O’clock jump - Count Basie & his Orchestra
Follow a star - Norman Wisdom with Orchestra arranged and directed by Malcolm Lockyer
On Ilkla moore baht 'at - THE BBC NDO with Alyn Ainsworth
Where walks my true love - Danny Kaye
Margie - Al Jolson with Orchestra directed by Lou Bring
Cielo e mar! - Beniamino Gigli
Poppa Piccolino - Diana Decker
In the Mood - Joe Loss & his Orchestra
Bloodnok's Rock 'n' roll call - The Goons
My dreams are getting better all the time - Les Brown Orchestra with Doris Day vocal
I’ve got you under my skin - Carroll Gibbons & his boy fiends BoyfriendsNice work if you can get it - The Andrews Sisters
The touch of your lips - Nat King Cole with orchestra directed by Ralph Carmichael Blue Tango - Mantovani & his Orchestra
Chorus of the Hebrew slaves from ‘Nabucco’ - The Ambrosian Singers & the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Riccardo Muti
Opus One - Ken Turner & His Orchestra
Old Folks at Home - Deana Durbin
Bridge of Sights - David Whitfield
You must have been a beautiful baby - Bing Crosby with Bob Crosby & his Orchestra
Sinner or Saint - Sarah Vaughan with Percy Faith and His Orchestra
Song of the Weather - Flanders and Swan
Deck of Cards - Wink Martindale
I'll be seeing you - Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra


The great thing about a good tune - is that it stays just that. Be it Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole or Ella - they had some great songs from fantastic composers. Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein, or Irving Berlin - the great writers - may have been working on their best work 50 or 60 years ago  - but today's stars (Jamie Cullum, Robbie Williams) still sing and record their work. In short - the best is truly "Unforgettable" - a massive hit of course for Nat King Cole in 1951 - and now the name of BBC Radio Lancashire's Monday night programme (7.00pm to 10.00pm).

Gerald Jackson admits that some of the songs he'll be playing are far older than he is! (really?! - Ed) but also expects that you'll be telling him which Unforgettable songs you'll be wanting to hear again. Gerald says "My dad played in a Big Band during the war, and I heard lots of his favourites as a young lad. We had a fantastic radiogram which made the 78's sound great! My first pop single was a 78 "Last Train To San Fernando" by Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys. It made no.2 exactly 50 years ago - I might give it a spin!"

"Unforgettable" also expects to reflect many of the local events that commemorate Lancashire of the past, and keep you up to date with all that's happening in the county today.

Why not drop a line to Gerald and share your memories and music?

...and if you can't listen live on Monday evenings "listen again" any time you fancy!


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created: 13/07/2007

Have Your Say

Which songs would you like to hear and why?

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Stan Howard
To John Malcolm Smerdon your choice of a request by Magherita Marie Francesca Lacentra will set the BBC library a good challenge,she started her career in 1936 with Artie Shaw before the band broke up at the end of 1936 and she went with Benny Goodman who she did not like so the Shaw band reformed in 1937 and she went back them until Helen Forest took over in that same year She was born in 1910 and died in 1996 at 86 yrs she made 41 recordings from 1936 to 1938 which was fantastic for that era so i hope you get your request but it may be a bit ,,Scratchy,,

John Malcolm Smerdon
Anything by Peg La Centra

Joyce Hill
Deanna Durbin/ singing Beneath The Lights of Home

Gerald, Another good listfrom" South Rampart Parade"to" Au fond du temple".Bestof the List,for myself.Many Thanks

Joe Powell
About 50 years ago I was a ward orderly looking after elderly ladies and I Heard some old songs. One I would like to hearand I don't know who by, I only know the chorus "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU USED TO BE I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TODAY" Thanks again for playing my requests.

Stan Howard
Hi Judy i trade emails often with Gerald Jackson and find him very helpful so i suggest that you email or phone in your requests and i know that you have a better chance of getting airplay.Re, King Porter Stomp it was written and recorded on piano by Jelly Roll Morton in the 1920s and the Fletcher Henderson band recorded it three times in 1925/28/32 the one that you are refering to is the Benny Goodman 1958 live in Brussels and it really swings,i have six various big band recordings and the Gooman one is the best.

Judy Rigg
Thanks so much Stan, I've been wondering about that for ages - don't know whether such a gruesome song could be made nowadays - is that why Gerald hasn't played it yet?Here's another in a different genre late 40s or 50s King Porter Stomp a really rocking number, before it's time!

Stan Howard
Hi Judy Rigg,the record track that you are looking for is actually called,,CHIP CHOPPER CHARLIE,,and you were correct it was recorded on a cd track 11 by Max Bygraves in Munich Germany Dec. 74/April.75 on the Pegasus (Pinnacle) label and that cd was released in the uk 2005

judy rigg
Put Away The Chip Chopper Charlie,We're Frying the Guvnor Tonight - I wonder if it was Max Bygraves?

Stab Howard
John O,Civilization was recorded by Danny Kaye in 1947 and in the same year he did it again with Andrews sisters it was this version that got to number 3 in the billboard charts for 10 weeks.Bongo Bongo Bongo i don,t want to leave the congo,oh no no no no no.Bingle Bangle Bungle Im so happy in the jungle I refuse to go.I have the record on Decca,happy memories.

John O
You'er right Stsn Howard,itdo come to them that wait.Several records on wednesdaynight I've waited for,played Gerald ",Danny Kaye'sCivilisation"or his,"Way Down in Wongo Wungal All theNative's In The Jungal,Sing"sorry O've Forgotten the rest?

Judy Rigg Preston
Love this programme and am amazed at some of the music still available! I bet you've never heard of this one though it's called "Put away the chip chopper charlie - we're frying the guvnor tonight" Don't know who it's by but remember my grandparents having a copy in the fifties


denis from Farnworth
hi Gerald,thank you for mr., b's blues lastweek.Ihave now bought the c d.Please thank Stan Howard for me for his contribution

Don from Orrell
Danny Kaye's "Lobby Song" is really entitled "Manic- Depressive Pictures Presents" and is the first track on a 2-disc set(48 tracks for under 9 quid!) by Jasmine Records (JAS CD 148). The track you played on Monday is track 2! Hope this helps -Regards

Stan Howard
Denis Burbridge they do say everything comes to he who waits,finally after Gerald stated that your request for Mr B,s Blues could not be traced in the BBC library it suddenly appeared in this weeks programme monday 27th April i hope that you was tuned in and enjoyed the record.

Dorothy Paterson
I love them all. Would love to hear some Billy Mayerl.

kev looker
eddie parker im gone my mate lewie bought it at wigan and had it framed.a few years later lewie dissapeared from home that was 18 yrs ago,miss him so much what a mate

Don from Orrell
The boy singer in "Rainbow on the River" was Bobby Breen. Title song was, I think, Perry Como's first record when he sang with the Ted Weems Band.Incidentally, the Danny Kaye track -enjoyable as it was- is not the Lobby Song requested but another song from the same film -Sorry!

Kathleen Smith
Thank goodness for "Hear It Again!" We are going to my sister's in Spain for a week and I do not want to miss the programme. Could you play The William Tell Overture (or as I prefer it the Lone Ranger, Hi Yo Silver Away"

m savoini
somebody asked about stan freberg records cds are on the web,at, can be downloaded

John O
Gerald!Another Good MondayNight.How about"O My BelovedFather"performed by "Joan Hammond" in English for Father's Day please Gerald. "One Fine Day"For Dame JoanSutherland, "The Nun's Chorus" by Anna Frind


Joe Powell
I Like to hear songs from the past that i heard as a boy and have not heard for years,eg Iwould like to hear 'A bird in a gilded cage again and how about 'Idon't care what you used to be iknow what you are today' or 'Ramona'.thanks from Joe.

Stan Howard
Denis Burbridge/I loved your line,, Do the bbc have a library,,I do and i can tell you that you can buy the cd ,, Mr B,, by Billy Eckstine the label is ASV, LIVING ERA.originally released in the uk 28/08.01 And track 13 is MR B,s BLUES .I hope you get this message. Stan.

Gerald Jackson
Message for Denis ... very sorry not able to trace Mr Bs blues in the library and sadly Sam Brown is missing too! Please request another song for a future programme.

John O
Stan Howard.many thanks,didsee them on stage at Blackpool "Winter Gardens"& TV,but Ron Culbertson I Didn't know about."Frankie Lane- Tell Me AStory"! would begood, or "Waltzing Matilda" sung by Peter Dawson

have you on every day on my computer

Bernard Tidman
Love is so wonderful the second time around sung by Dusty Springfield.

denis burbidge
hi gerald i really do like your programme even though since you started broadcasting "unforgetable" i have requested many songs but never had one played. My last request was for Billy Eckstine singing Mr Bs blues. Are you sure the bbc as a music library?.May i try for Sam Browne singing "Looking for yesterday" thank you Denis from Farnworth

Stan Howard
John O,in the record master catalouge the Smith,s were listed as MR & MRS SMITH,S FIVE LITTLE BOYS,when the group went touring there billboard read ,,Five Smith Brothers,,but did you know that there was only four brothers ALF,ROY,STAN,AND HAROLD.the fifth member of the group was RON CULBERTSON who was a mate of HAROLD when they were in the forces together./The groups biggest success was there appearance in the Royal Command Performance in 1950.

John O
Gerald! Another good mondayThe"Smith Brothers"?Whereintroduced as"Mr&Mrs Five Little Boys to Sing to You "One of the Best was"My GrandFathers Clock" Gerald!another good Monday Night

Kathleen, Blackpool
Just been thinking about old radio shows and came across Journey Into Space on the web. I know it had great music but cannot remember what it was. I was only 6 to 8 at the time! I found out the theme was written by Van Philips and performed by FRANK WEIR AND HIS ORCHESTRA. There are, supposedly, three recordings. 1. 1955 78rpm F10435,2. 1978 33 1/3 # REH 324 BBC Space Themes AND 3. 2005 Digitally enhanced #CDLK 4266 Frank Weir and His Orchestra. If you could play this theme I may still be able to picture the whole family, Gran, Granddad, Mum, Dad, Uncle Tom, two big sisers and big brother listening intently and watching older sister Pauline with her hands covering her eyes. She thought it would keep her safe from the Martians! Anyway it will bring back good unforgetable memories. Thanks Gerald.

terryhowse Lancaster
Hi Gerald, Thanks for your reply to my Donald Peers request. Sorry it's not available. Please could you play When your old wedding ring was new by Jimmy Roselli, I think thats how his name is spelt. Look forward to hearing it. Many thanks, Terry & Irene.

Terry Howse, Lancaster
Donald Peers singing Birthday of the little Princess. Donald Peers was the top of the tree at the time.

martin from colne
please could you play im glad there is you by tony bennett for my wife brenda

denis burbidge
hi gerald,can you please find billy eckstine singing mr bS blues .thank you .denis from Farnworth

John O
Many thanks for the Infomation Micheal Massey,We got married 1955

Ron Reading
That you so very much for playing Betty Smith’s There’s A Blue Ridge Round My Heart Virginia.I’m glad your granddaughter liked it. It seems a lot of the younger up coming generation are liking our sort of music.I was an avid listener to Dance Band Days on BBC Radio2 from the start when dear Alan Dell presented the programme and Malcolm Laycock took over after Alan’s untimely death.Owing to that wonderful programme being axed without warning, I looked round for an alternative and was lucky enough to find your excellent show and the bonus of three hours of it.Please don’t think I’m being greedy, but if sometime you have a spot on the programme free, I would like to hear Tommy Garrett 50 guitars playing ‘My Little Grass Shack’ I believe it was on an LP called Fifty Guitars Visit Hawaii. But please only when you have a spot to spare.Many Thanks.Ron Reading. (pronounced as the town of Reading)

denis burbidge
good evening gerald,can you please find and play billy eckstine singing mr bs blues thank you .denis from farnworth

John O,i think that Eric Taylor was just winding you up.If you want to please Gerald Jackson and get your requests played make it easy for him to find and send him all the info required,,,The Yellow Rose Of Texas,,recorded by Mitch Miller his orchestra and chorus,available on Sony cd ASIN b0000026mm released in 1988 the album is titled ,,16 most requested,,and for your knowledge Yellow Rose Of Texas was a big in in 1955

John O
Another great show Gerald,eric taylor.Robeson & Company(other records playedGerald," Yellow Rose of Texas" by Mitch Miller Please

Jean from Bolton
Please could you play 'Careless Hands'by Des O'Conor.Many Yrs ago I dreamt I was walking down the steps of Bolton RailStation with Des singing this song to me. Awoke tofind it only a dream.MyFamily think it so funny.

david savage
how about some tunes from larry adler harmonica

eric taylor
I like Jo Stafford and Mario Lanza just like John but can who are the artists called Coall and Yusat.

Gerald Another great showJolson-Jo,Stafford-Lanza-Rackmaninov-and Robeson&Coall on same show. Good on Yusat back Enjoyed It

Ron Reading
Super programme.Betty Smiths Skiffle PlayingThere's Blue Ridge Round My Heart VirginiaThanks.

Ians sisterPam & bro in law Bill
Ian (jordison) is 70 next sat 14/02 valentines day. We,re all out to lunch with him. Please wish him a great day.

Gerald, Many thanks reguarding the request,just loved "The Old Bazzar In Ciro".Your show is like "Dick Barton Special Agent".A Must Hear before Nightschool at B.T.College monday nights 6/45-7pm.

Gerald Jackson
Thanks to you all for your lovely comments ....John "I remember the cornfields" was by Evelyn Knight. I have it and will be very pleased to give it a play for you soon.

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