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13 November 2014

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Joseph Delaney

The Spook's County

Joseph Delaney tells us more about his spooky children's books full of Lancashire folklore...

Joseph Delaney is the Lancashire-based author of the best-selling young fantasy series, The Wardstone Chronicles, tales full of ghosts, witches and boggarts...

As a child, Joseph lived in a house in Preston where he had a recurrent nightmare. In the dream he'd be sitting on a carpet in the front room whilst his mother was knitting. Then, everything would become cold and a shadow-thing would come up from the coal cellar, pick him up and carry him back towards the dark. What's even spookier is that his brothers had the same nightmare!

After leaving school, Joseph attended Lancaster University and then became a teacher before setting up the Media and Film Studies Department at Blackpool Sixth Form College, he retired after the second Spook’s book was published to write full time.

The Spook’s Apprentice was the first children’s novel he has written and is partly based on the experiences and memories he had as a child. 

The Spook’s Apprentice has been given the green light to be made into a film. Rights to the film have been acquired by Warner Brothers and it has been provisionally scheduled for a 2009 release. The Spook’s Apprentice will be directed by Kevin Lima, who directed 2007's family movie Enchanted.

Joseph tells us more about his 'Spooks' series that has its roots firmly in the folklore and geography of Lancashire...

"The Wardstone Chronicles Series is set in the ‘County’. In truth, that County is Lancashire but the stories are not located within a specific historical context. This is a mythical Lancashire but one that should certainly be recognizable to natives of our region.

One of the most important locations is Chipenden where the Spook has his main house and spends the summer months training his apprentice, Tom Ward. This is based upon Chipping, a scenic place I often visited as a teenager to climb Parlick and other local fells. Sometimes coincidence plays a part in writing. I decided that the Spook and Tom would fast in order to prepare themselves to face their dangerous supernatural adversaries. However, to keep up their strength they allow themselves small portions of crumbly cheese. It was only much later that I discovered that Chipping is an important centre of the Lancashire cheese-making industry!

Book Two, ‘The Spook’s Curse’ is set in ‘Priestown’. This is in fact Preston, the town where I was born, attended school and worked for a while. The fictional ‘Priestown Cathedral’ is based upon St Walburge’s. The labyrinth beneath it and the evil Bane which lurks behind a silver gate are, of course, invented but I lived close to its tall steeple and went to the boys’ school next to the church.

The third book, ‘The Spook’s Secret’ is set up on Anglezarke Moor where the Spook has his ‘winter house’. I gave my first talk as a published writer in July 2004 at Anderton County Primary School. Whilst there, one of the pupils asked me if I’d ever feature their area of Lancashire. I was only too happy to oblige and ‘Babylon Lane‘, right next to the school is where the spook’s fictional brother has his locksmith’s shop. As it’s a mythical Lancashire I do modify locations if that best serves the interests of the narrative.

"If you hail from Lancashire, one day the Spook will visit somewhere close to where you live!"

Joseph Delaney

Book Four, ‘The Spook’s Battle’ is set within the Pendle District. For this story I did quite a lot of research reading accounts of the 1612 witch trials and also novels such as Robert Neill’s ‘Mist Over Pendle’. In the end I went my own way, inventing new witch clans and deciding that Malkin Tower would be a very formidable fortification indeed. Roger Nowell features in the book and Read Hall but you won’t find ‘Witch Dell’ or ‘Gore Rock’ - they sprang from my imagination.

In Book Five, ‘The Spook’s Mistake’, Tom goes north of Caster (Lancaster) to spend time seconded to another spook, Bill Arkwright who lives in a haunted mill close to the Preston to Kendal canal.  Morecambe Bay features as well as Cartmel and the southern area of the Lake District. As I understand it Coniston was once part of Lancashire. The Spook’s County is reclaiming territory that has been lost! If you hail from Lancashire, one day the Spook will visit somewhere close to where you live!

In this book there is danger from water witches and other creatures that live in fresh water. Not only that the Fiend makes another appearance and Tom is in great danger.

I have three books published this year. The first is 'The Spook's Tale' which tells the story of Tom Ward's master, John Gregory, in his first encounters with the dark. It is part of the World Book Day publications and can be purchased with the £1 book tokens early in March. This year they are 'flip-overs' - you get two books in one. The other writer with me is Mark Walden with a story from the 'Hive Series'. I've recently read some of his earlier work and although a different genre than the one I work in they are exciting page-turners and I really enjoyed them.

In June, the next in the Wardstone Chronicles, 'The Spook's Sacrifice', will be out. It this book Mam returns and Tom leaves the County to travel to Greece, her homeland. There they face a powerful blood-thirsty goddess called the 'Ordeen'. I think it's one of the most action-packed books in the series and it is as dark as usual. Not everyone will survive that encounter.

'The Bestiary' should be out in October. I've almost finished it now and the illustrator, Julek Heller is now drawing the Witches Section.

At the moment I've started writing Spook's Seven (as yet untitled) and will also be writing another book in which Alice tells the story of the two years she spent being trained as a witch by Bony Lizzie.

So it looks like a busy year ahead!

Hope you all enjoy the books!"

Joseph Delaney, 16th January 2009

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Which places in Lancashire would provide good inspiration for a spooky tale?

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any idea when the seventh book will be released??

Amelia Cruickshank
Catterall,Scorton,Cabus,Churchtown,Cuddy Hill,Elswick,Eagland Hill all sound like good names to go in a well-wrote spooky tale.

Joe Elliott
White Coppice, though beautiful it can be quite atmospheric on a dark Autumnal afternoon

Nicole XxXxXx
hey, my nae is nicole scott and i live in ireland. i absolutely LOVE your books!!!!!!!! joseph delaney is a living legend!!!!!!! i was wondering if anybody knows about the auditions for the spook's apprentice film as i REALLY want to audition for the part of Alice!!!!!!!!!! can anybody tell me the info?...... thanks a mill!!! xxxxxxxxxx

j c
Glasson Dock and Sunderlamd Point.Crossing at low tide, marsh creatures.Creatures brought, smuggled from other lands.

I cant w8 4 the movie!!!

Cindy Wood
I saw this serie with psychic Hans Nicola from the Netherlands... When will he be back on tv?

I hope my local library gets the rest of the series. These books just get me hooked into the pages.

Amy Sandford
OMG!!! i love this book series it made me read all his books in a week im readin the mistake for the second time joseph u rule!!!


I think I will die if the sixth and seventh books don't come out soon! I think you are the best writer in the history of the world, and I along with all your other fans really appreciate you putting so much effort into giving us such awesome entertainment. I really hope that Tom and Alice's romance continues to flourish.Thank you

this series is the BEST!!! i cant wait for the 6th book!

The book the last apprentice is the best


I think one of the spooks oldest brothers could be plotting with the devil in ribchester. So he has to chose between good and his brother.

taylor i read somewhere that yes it will be released this year 2009


Im trying to find out if this book will become a movie, but i cant find it anywhere! These books were great and i have a hard time putting them down. Great job Joseph Delaney!!!

An awesome series i like lord of the rings alot but this master seires outdoes even that! it is amazing as i am still young this has boosted my passion to become an author thanks for writing these novels

I came upon the Spook's series of books by chance, coming from Lancashire I'm really enjoying them. As a little girl I always found Ribchester and Skipton magical places - there're a few leftover shadows around those towns.

Pendle Hill we are a non profit making organisation who do charity paranormal events in the NW for Children Today, we are going to be investigating this wonderfully haunted location on summer solstice 2009 see website for details

you could have it as bloodpool a meeting ground for the fiend and trusted which genarals this could be where alice takes on the role of a which general

Josh Thawp
Hi I think a good place would be rivington and also Horwich .

Just finished The Spooks mistake and Now I cant wait for the next book. keep up the good work!

this story is vey good i printed it out for my resource that i have 2 do ................

I can't express enough how great your books are!!! Keep the good work up!

go to sparta in greece. lots of monsters ther

Ernesto Briseno
May the lord preserve Mr. Delaney for many years to come. I love his writing style, and writer genious.I've read all his Last Apprentice series.I crave for more.

How about Dunsop Bridge - the nearest village to the exact centre of the British Isles?

donna lee
i love your books. i read them all the time. I live in lombard illinois

caleb banks
btw for all of u askin i am american and the last apprentice and the spooks apreentice r the same books and is the movie coming state side? and when will the sixth book be here?

Hi. Mr Delaney i was just wondering how many wardstone chronicles are you planning to write and what are your inspirations? I only ask because I would also like to become a writer as successful and as brilliant as you.

Hi Mr Delaney, just read all 5 of your books in just over a week, they're absolutely ACE!I couldn't put them down.I would like to own a boxed set (perhaps when the film is released)??? Please don't stop writing. I am an avid fan, and I am going to be very bored until I can get my hands on The Spook's Sacrifice, but I suppose I could read them all again.Well done, and please write a bit faster ;)Tockholes might be good for inspiration

LUV The Spook
They are the best book ever written on earth im from thailand and the 5th book just arrived !!!i cant wait for the sixth one!!! i wish i could meet joseph Delaney- please hava an asia tour !!! TT-TT

Hi Joseph i was wondering what the next book will be called

Grady Kempson
Hi Joseph My Mum Works With Your Sister In Law And I Have Read All Of Your Books And I Cant Believe That Alice Is The Devil's Daughter ? Does Any1 Think Tom Will Kill Alice ?

i live near pendle and now cant sleep thank but well worth the sleeples nights

joshua jackson
i really like the spooks book and i can w8 4 number 6 mams coming bak and alice is the fiends daughter weird

I've read all five and there the best books i've ever! Is there a film being made or is it just an internet rumour?

I read all five of your books in little more than a fortnight, and I can say that they are by far the best I've ever read!I can truly say a heartfelt well done.I was quite upset when I finished 'The Spook's Mistake' because I knew I'd have to wait till next year to read 'The Spook's Sacrifice'. ):I think that Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire (next to accrington) would be a great place to set a spooky scene.Can't wait for the next book :)Heather

Robert Hesselgren
I would have ta say Pendle Hill there is no place like it and with it's history no better place.

I adore your books and I cant wait for the sixth book and movie, as long as it does the book justice. You are my fave author and a good setting i think would be liverpool because theres that great big cathedral.

I have read the first 4 books and hope to get the 5th. did you know that the americans have an exact same version, with the spook, tom and alice, but they call it 'the last apprentice'

Hi, I´m a Spook - Fan from Luxembourg. I just want to tell u that your books are amazing. I´m reading them in German that´s why I just got until Book N°4, I have to wait a little bit longer than u guys to get the translated ones.Greetings from luxembourg

Does anyone think that John Gregory will die. I hope not! Number 1 fan

margaret miles
what great books l have read them all even though i am in my late 5os i cant wait till your next one comes out .

Aintree & Maghull!

Your books are by far...the best books I have ever read P.S....I'M your number one fan :P

I don't live in Lancashire or anything, but these books are amazing. Seriously, I'd recommend these books to anyone. I have just started to read the fifth book and i cannot wait for the sixth book. Are they seriously working on a film? If they are I can't wait! And when is it coming out?

I loved every book and cant wait fr the next book to come out!!I didint know there was a film but im so seeing it!!!!

Hi, I'm Alma! Our school, Churchill Park School are so lucky that we all get to meet you here in Auckland on Mon 1 Sep, even though you will only be in NZ for 2 days! Can't wait!

Billy Boy Johnson
Love the books can't wait for the 6th book and the movie.I hope the movie does the book justice.

joseph newton
hi joseph delany i am on book 5 i love the books their is a gravyard next to my house look what you could do with that.(i absoulitly love your style)cant whait till book 6 comes out.and the film!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, i'm George. 'm from Westhoughton near Bolton. I've read all 5 books and i'd reccomend that Joeseph Delaney keeps the same setting. There is one thing though, he could use the old house, no 13, the house that was used in the first book. They could have been attacked by the Fiend and his daughter Morwena. I'd also just like to say that he should not trust alice because at the end of the day she's a Dean. She also uses dark magic which could lure Tom to the dark.

OMG I can't wait till i meet Joseph Delaney next week. :O I love his books!!

Hello Mr Delaney,I think that you have done a brilliant job with the spooks books.they are the best books ive ever read in my life.When i pick the spooks mistake up i can't put it back down again its just you manage to come up with all those is=deas is beyond me.i cant wait for the other books and well done.

mrdelany i live near pendle and i think that u sholud feature blackburn in one of your books the name blackburn colud be changed to black stream because thats what it actully means and it would also be good place for old nick to call all the witches there. i hope u like my idea!! it is for the good of the county that tom and his master visit black stream the good of the county is in your hands!!!

i'm for a very far country but i must say i always wanted to visit G.B. i readed the 4 books and it was the best book i ever read in a long time and it had maked me to like reading again i truly hope the 5 book it get here soon :D ,hope toi see the movie soon to ^_-

heyyah mr delaney,I love this series of books ive been totaly hooked and i have read all 5 that are ou now within 2 weeks!when will the next book be coming out??

Heather Magnier-Ashton Age 12
Hi my name is heather you recently visited my school where i bought signed copies of your books and after reading them all, and crying at the end of the spooks mistake :), i would like to know what plans do you have for Alice's future? Will she simply never return or will she come back in the next books? Great read which i think is the new harry potter 10/10!P.s. I think that in the future Alice should return to finally ward off the fiend maybe sacrificing herself to kill him like in tibbs prophecy,(even though i would be devestated if it happened!).

When is the next book coming out after Spooks mistake ?

i love mab . is she coming back into the story?

lotte cowan
Hi Mr Delaney, I met you at Waterstones in kendal about a month ago.I have read the whole series of spooks books and cant wait for more to be written.I think that the way you use the names of towns and cities and change them is absolutely fantastic.I think that Morecambe would be a good place to base a spooks book because it is so deralict and would be a great place for boggats to wait and scare people.I cant wait for book 6 to come out and I would like to see the movie on the big screen.I cant believe that I got all my books signed by you, One day they may be worth millions (but I would never sell them ). I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting you again, from Lotte Cowan

hey Mr Delaney,im 19 years of age n been in and out of trouble with police, fighting,detention centers,alsorts you name it ive been there...but since reading ur first book given to me to try and calm down i have been hooked and cant wait for many many more to come.These books have been the first steps to keeping me out of trouble and by engrossing me within the stories u keep on producing! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every single one and could comment on them all! These books have had a massive effect on me and have taken my interests else where!!!I have just finished ur new book just been released "the spooks mistake" and am devastated the spook has gotten rid of Alice, but am also glad to see that Toms mums back home and cant wait to see what goes on within the next book! Pleeease Pleeease Pleeease keep on writing more books iv heard u are only going to write seven and do a harry potter on us and probly kill Tom Ward off in the end to save the world, and complelty disagreed with the person who has told me this. thankyou for taking ur time to read my comment :D ry.

I cant wait for book 6 to come out. I'm still reading the series, I'm up to book 3 but from what i hear book 4 sounds pretty good. These books are really well written and i cant wait for the movie!

hi guys im a bit confused because there are also other books called 'the last apprentice' and i think this is based on the same idea...but im jsut wondering if you could help me out...and fill me in after 'the spooks battle'

I Love All Of The Books! They're Awsome. Im Just Always Disapointed To See Them In The Childrens Section In Book Shops Whereas I Normaly Just Look In Young Adult :(

Personally, i don't think the films will do the books justice. The way Delaney uses description would be hard to match on the big screen. still, can't wait till book 6!

whens the next one coming out after the spooks mistake

Lisa Kellet
It was my daughter that got me to read your Wardstone chronicles. As a Lancashire lass it has been a great source of entertainment to us both tracing Tom's steps around Lancashire! So much so that this Summer we intend to do a Wardstone trail - I even managed to get the place names right which amazed her! Even visited the alledged witch grave in Woodplumpton which is covered by a boulder because she kept getting out! Looking forward to the film - just hoping it does the books justice. Just one thing, where is Anglezarke Moor?

Andrew Macleod
Cant wait till book 6. Book 4 is probably my favorite with the Feind returning and Grimalkin chasing tom. The Lamia witches also rock.Just hoping that the movie will be a Lord of the rings and not an Eragon which ruined the Eragon series.Cant wait to find out if Alice becomes a malovelent witch or not.

Joseph Delaney totally rocks! His books have inspired me to write my own, man i really dislike Mab. Alice is my fav, if only Tom were more interested in her...

Louise Noel
Hello Mr Delaney, I don't know how I happened on your books but I'm so glad I did. Although born in 1950, I have been an avid follower of Harry Potter and my favourite films are those of the Lord of The Rings. Your books have been so very enjoyable. I am rather a wuss and I don't know that I would be able to watch them in film-form. Your graphic descriptions and ability to take me into your books have frightened me enough!! Once my friend has read them I shall then try and persuade my husband to have a change from Andy McNab!Can't wait for the sixth book!

Audrey Quinn
Hello Mr Delaney,I am a 38 year old mother of two and I absolutely adore your Spooks Books. I read the first four last year in under a week and waited patiently for book five which I got as a gift for my birthday. Just great stuff! You are a truly great writer. 'Not to be read after Dark' - well, your books have terrified me to death at times to such an extent that whilst reading book four about the Pendle witches I had to sleep with the light on!!! These are honestly the best children's (adults also?)books I have read in years. Steeped in atmosphere, darkness of the rural landscape, creepy beyond belief, imaginative and scary, scary, SCARY!! Keep up the good work Mr Delaney, you are a truly gifted writer. I applaud you many times. I loved the chapter in book one when Tom is in the empty house at midnight and has to face whatever is in the cellar. Just brilliant writing. So well written the reader at times becoming so immersed in the story that they actually feel they are there at any given moment, experiencing what Tom is going through. Great stuff.I hail from Scotland and there are plenty of places that are steeped in folklore and ghostly goings on that could provide good inspiration for a spooky tale.

lilo 2ndto0fan
i was so upset wen i couldn't find your 5th book because i luv em!!!!! keep it up plz!!im researching about your books and i can not wait until the film cums out! i hate reading but i have to at school and i looked at ur book and it was rite up me street!i used 2 read in like2-3 mounths but u av helped me read in just 1 week!plz hury with ur next book!!

Vincent, from Chambéry, France
no were please make them travel to Savoie, in France. There are some beautifuls mountains and some nice citys, like Chambéry or Aix-les-Bains.I'd love Tom and the Spook went to Savoie!

no were please make them travel to ireland to deal with a goblin or somthing very irish pleaseP.s leaful book i have read all of them so far

great books love them all cant wait for the next one all rated 5/5 for me!

phil connah
i love the wardstones chrons. they are the best books in the world and nothin conpares 2 them. i hav all the books (apprentice, curse, secret, attle and mistake) and cant wait til sacrifice cums out. come and vist Brisbane, Qld AUstralia sum time.

Fantastic series of books. I am enjoying them more than Harry Potter (this comparison is unavoidable considering the latters global domination!)Let's have a new book in the series every year for the rest of your life please. After that it would be reasonable to let you off!

Naomi Thomas 15
I LOVE the books! I'm on The Spooks Battle at the moment and my Mum's on The spooks Curse! We both love reading and discussing the books, i cant wait to read the next one!

Good on yer deserve your success.We worked together in our former lives.....but escaped through the tunnel....whoopee doo..!

Stewart (adult fan)
I met Joseph Delaney the other day, and the sixth book is now in first draft and is with his editor - he hopes it will be out some time next year (2009). He also told me that the title is to be "The Spook's Sacrifice" and that he currently expects a minimum of seven books in the series, but perhaps more if he continues to enjoy writind them, and also if he doesn't run out of ideas - he's also thinking about a prequel featuring Alice and her training as a witch before whe meets Tom and gets involved with him and the Spook - for me - I can't wait having devoured the fifth book in about five hours.

Salut à tous. J'ai déjà lu les quatre premier en français et suis entrain de lire le en anglais. Si vous n'avez pas lu le premier lisez le au plus vite. Si vous aimez les livres avec des sorcières des gobelins surpuisant, vous allez le dévorer. C'est une des saga les plus fantastique que j'ai jamais vu.


James Delaney
Hey I'm Joseph Delaneys grandson lol. I'm just gonna tell you that the books are a great read and you should buy them all! XD

jamie b
hey i cant wait to read your new book i've started reading through the old books to get back into the story hope it good.

Book Freak
hi, i just absolutely love the spook books and i'm 17! i've also got my 10 year sister reading them aswell - and she thinks they are fab! we cannot wait 4 the film 2 b released. There's a place called witch wood in Lytham which is near Blackpool.A horse belonging to the Clifton family was buried there in the 1800s called the witch and grave is situated in the woods. I've actually visited it and it's kind of spooky. you could let your imagination run wild with a place like that.

Garstang is a small village in Lancashire that has many old historic ties, and I think was then called Garston(Don't quote me). I have lived there all my life and there are great places to set things, such as Garstang Castle and the river bend. Its an interesting place with old history and would be great!

paige copeland
hiya, i love reading your books but no afence but the reason why i started reading them was becasue i love harry potter soooooooo much and i read them all and then i reread the seventh 1 like 6 times, so then i fancied reading something else and then i found your books and ordered them at the library and loved them. because although there similar with withches and stuff they're completely different soo original.i would like you to know you have inspired me and also helped me with my novel opening in my english coursework and hopefully i will get a good grade. luvs ya bbz xpaigex

the wardstone chronicles is a set of books were when you are reading them it is as if you are there with them as they go out on their official spooks buissness its a set of book that you really enjoy

Kelly and Tara
We love the wardstone chronicles.Wigan would be a good inspiration for a spooky tale. The ghost of Lady Mabel at Haigh Hall, The tale of George Lyon, Highwayman buried at Up Holland. The Poltergeist at Up Holland. The various stories about Red Clogs ghost of a miner and the Gantly Farm Boggart although they did find an explanation for the strange goings on there.

i would call a spooky place crook village

omg da new book is amazing youve gotta read it its the best so far!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully the movie will be good cuz most movies based on books suck!!!!!! anyone now da name of the 6th one?

Wardstone chronicles fan...
Iv'e read all of the wardstone chronicles books. the movie is coming out in 2009 and its called The Spooks Apprentice. The spooks mistake is the next book out in the series and it's coming out soon.

i still don't understand why it is still not as well known or publicised as harry potter. I hope they make the chronicles into a movie!

i just love the entire series they're all great and i was wondering if joseph delaney has a sister named kim delaney

!!!jack jack!!!
oh my god these are actually the best books ive ever read i read them all in a week and i never ever put them down!!! i got in so much trouble with my teacher!!! cant wait till book 5 comes out, it should be brill!!! and is there really a movie coming out?

peanut. BEST BOOKS EVER #1 FAN #1 FAN!!!!
these books are the most amazing books ever. a zillion times better then harry potter and any other book !!!!!!!!! hope the movie is just as good !

hannah #1 fan
i love your books. my mom never reads & you got her reading. you inspired me to become a writter. i hope you keep writting. i love books but i love your books the most. i wish i could write like you. I AM YOUR #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, your books are great, plz keep writing! Your also my favourite athor.

Samantha Scott
I think you should bring the Blackpool VI Form College into it. My alma mater, although there wasn't a Media & Film Studies Dept back in my day, when "Doris" ruled the roost!

I love all your books Mr Delaney they are so descriptive you are along side tom in battle and your own imagination conjures up the scenes await in anticipation your latest book i think Whitby Abbey and the stormy sea cliffs great location.

i think blackpool would be a good place to set one of you'r books in . ihave notist that he has allredy used layton but i wont to see more of blackpool in it plzzz from your biggest fan shane age 13 from blackpool

Luke Webster,14
your books truly are amazing, can't wait for the next book and the one after that. keep writing. for all you fans there wil be a film in 2009

Daniel Fagan
I think alot of sppoky tales tales could be generated from Speak hall in Liverpool. It's got loads of stpries surrounding it, from the white lady in the tapestry room up to the man on werewolf who roams it's surroundings. I think alot of these stories would do well in a spook book,

Please keep writing your books rock they are the best books ever! :-)

christopher williams age 10
i love your books if you didn't write them i would be really bored. will you write another one after the spooks mistake?

the books absolutely rock! thanks joseph .d for signing my books! i think that fleetwood is a brill place to write about, because james .d lives there (and so do i :)! ) .i hope there's a film about them, although they wont be as brilliantly dark and sinister like the books. ALICE IS THE BEST CHARACTER EVER!!!!!

saige hall age 14
i love your books...i cant wait to read the fourth one .... my mom and my little brother are reading your books and they really mom is on the fourth and i cant wait to get my hands on it.... she said it was much better than1-3.... i really enjoy reading but your books made me want to stay up till i could not keep my eyes open... my friend got me into reading them and she got mad at me because i got to read the 3&4 before her...she cant wait till the rest of them come out ...PLZ KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph D is amazing!!!We Love The Books and love the beistary idea. Shame it will only be out in a year though. Though the only thing i could possibly amagin adding to his enthralling storys, is the return of Bony Lizzie! She was my favourite and shes not dead is she, shes only imprisoned! Anyway its amzing! keep it up Jo x

bleddyn jones age 13
I've just finished reading the spooks battle and in my opinion its just like all the other books, totally awsome. i've never red anything so detailed and discriptive. i have also read the Harry Potter series and in my opinion compared to the Wardstone Chronicles there childish and light hearted. ecspecially the spooks battle whitch in parts are very dark and low. thanks for reading this. excuse my terrible spelling and pleas comment me back.

Rhidian howarth age 14
hi i would like to say that your books are amazing and the place i spent my life as a toddler and frequently visit colne is featured quietly during your books. i would also like to say that i have an idea for a book it all takes place when they revisit pendle just to check up on the work they did and alice is taken by the local inquisitor and it's a race against time for tom as he has to deal with the fact that the inquisitor is his step uncle but his love for alice helps him other come the obstacle and save her. it's a bit daft but i like it and good luck.p.s your books wipe the floor with harry potter bahh boy wizard dont make me laugh

The real #1 fan
i still need to get the fourth book but i think it is going to be really good.

Susie Harrison, age 12
I think that a place called Levens Hall in Kendal, Cumbria would be a great place for a spooky tale, because there lives the ghost of a lady who got turned away when she begged for little food. She died and put a curse on the people living there. They soon had to move for bad things were happening to them all the time. She still wanders the grounds and outside in the road. If you see her, let her in.

Joseph .H
I think your books are the best in the word. but i think the picture on the book is wronge! the guy is using his right hand and not his left! why's that?

your books are brilliant can't wait for the next one

J. Delaney's #1 fan
I truelly love your books, keep on writing about the spook, tom and alice 4ever!!! i have read all books except the spooks mistake, can't wait till it comes out!!! Joseph delaney = best author ever!!!

youre books are fab - my whole family loves them - never stop writing about the spook,Tom and Alice- they are the best- cant wait for book 5 :-)

Yeah, the spooks books are the best books that i have ever read, well im waiting for the spooks mistake to come out because i have read all the others!!! i cant wait!!!!!

Micah - Australian Fan
In all the illustrations of the characters in the Spook books, theres hardly any facial detail. Was that a special request you made to David Wyatt?I mean, it gives readers an oppurtiny to picture there own character, which may be ruined when the movie comes out (2009).I would like the move to be made, but I guess you can't argue with an authors request.Anyway, I really love the books, I have the first 3, I'm buying a signed copy of the fourth soon and preordering the fifth from Goldsboro. I'm a huge fan since 2006, I've re-read Spook's Curse and I'm starting Spook's Secret again before I buy Battle.The Wardstone Chronicles are the only books I've ever really become this absest with that are longer then 50 pages, haha!Also, please don't take it as an insult, what I said about making up the characters yourself. The books are very discreptive.Yadda yadda yadda, I'm your number 1 fan. :)

betty wood
i dont know !!!! but the apprentice ive read wow!!!!!!! and im staying up all night reading the curse, there so good. ive got the next two and im going to get the 5th later on when ive finished them !!! there a-maze-ing !!!!

Hey When will the Wardstone books be coming out on film?

Rae Moran
amazing books, i wish they were real, even when you've finished you should right other smaller books like philip pullman did with his dark materials. They are really well writen books, they should make a movie. They send my imagination mad with stories and seem so real when your reading them. Every time i read them i get a new amazing image in my head ( i've read them all 37 times). Thankyou so much for writing these amazing books. I love your booksRae Moran xxx

Lindsay Smith
I thinthat Clitheroe would make a great location for spooky stories.

Lauren Wright
I'm not from lancashire, but i love reading your books. I think that in one of your new books you should have him meeting up with his mam again and sort of having a family reunion, except she does not want to come home. I'm a big fan love lauren Wright xxx

John Hurst
Wonderful books! My late father, a schoolmaster and writer of children's drama, would have been enthralled by them. We spent may, many hours together on and around Anglezarke Moor, although knowing what I know now, after reading these tales..................!!!

hi, Joe Delaney came to my school!He said that ther will be a book on the life of our favrooiute witch Alice and that ther should be many more books.The Wardstone chronicles are also coming out on film!


You shuld do boloton -le-sands its a creepy place everybody is always looking out theircurtains and in the distand feild ther is a randomhole about 100m wide 60m ..uhh the other way and 30m deep it has trees that look like they're older than time itslef and the hole is covered in slopes bush's and local's say that its whee a meteor struck and killed dinosaurs...unlikely but a nice thought.

The dude
The book will be realesed on the 5th of june 2008

anyone know a date for when book 5 is coming out??Thnx 4 ur time wb x

yes thats right thats its name

Hi Jamal
We believe it will be called 'The Spook's Mistake'

this has nothing to do with the your question but i am very desperate to ask what book 5 will be called. thanks

i have a good idea make tom come to grasscroft near saddleworth moor. its definitely spooky up there.

At Roach Bridge near Samlesbury there is a derelict mill on a river. A very strange place that looks like it has a mysterious past.

Lisa McDonald
Darwen Tower, set upon the moors overlooking Darwen its an excellent location for spooky goings on with its view sall over darwen.

Margaret Morton
Definately Morecambe Bay sands. All the spooks sucked down by quicksands!Cartmel Priory also for spooky monks/nuns. maybe Black Combe - very atmospheric!

when will the fith book on sale

do one bout polton le field

sweet :)cant wait till the next book. its made me run off with some of my brothers pens and papers :)Oldham - its a pretty cool place with lots of old broken down stuff. Mills,Churches and Schools.ive been in some of the mills and one of them is really creepy and it felt as if something was like breathing your air......also the hundreds of dead birds and massive spiders didnt help none too either....dont know the name of that mill all i know is Elk mill and Maple mill Another spooky place is my old old primary school its called Eustace street primary school and its pretty much wrecked and creepy :)

I wouldn't say lancashire but a trip down to tower of london or tower bridge would be cool and interesting to write a spooky tale about.

Whalley Abbey- very spooky old ruins now and just near a river to ward off those witches with the flowing water... and the view of Pendle! Or even Downham..

whats the fith book called

Paul and Miao
Blackpool of course. The "Black pool" itself rather than the newer town.

Can you tell me where I can buy all the Spooks books from

What about Haigh Hall and it's grounds which, legend says, are haunted by Lady Mabel. Ps. in tonights feature about the wardstone Chronicles, where are the stone graves that were shown?

Andrew sells
Clitheroe castle is very spooky at night with the old trees which have seen the town and surrounding area develop through all times and hold all the secrets of the pendle witches as they watched over pendle hill and peggy nell at waddow hall.they have seen all the strange going on's as they came to the attention of the locals but still today they hold all these secrets and only whistle them in the wind of a dark and breezy need to experience it to get the real feel so you could write it wel

My 5 year old niece says Darwen Tower is a rocket where a wicked witch lives!

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