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24 September 2014

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Blackburn Rovers

You are in: Lancashire > Sport > Football > Blackburn Rovers > Rovers interviews - 2006/2007

Mark Hughes with Andy Bayes

Rovers interviews - 2006/2007

Listen to all the interviews BBC Radio Lancashire have done in 2006/7 season with Blackburn Rovers FC including Mark Hughes' post match verdicts.

Click on the link below to listen to all the interviews:

last updated: 01/08/07

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Tony Barton
over the years john Williams has shown good judgement in the appointments and Blackburn have usually made shrewd decisions with selecting managers especially with Mark Hughes. I am confident he will again make a selection that will provide fresh impetus after the departure of Mark Hughes. But please not Steve Maclaren!

richard eccles
Iam a Canadian fan of Blackburn Rovers The most consistant player in the team is without doubt Brad Friedal. The rest of the team are not too bad either unless they are playing a team at the bottom of the table .Then the out come is doubtful

welcome back Morten!!!!great game againts bolton. well played lads!

Paul Bulmer
Any Rovers fan who thinks that today's game at Derby County will be a stroll in the park should remember the following:-Since 2001 when Blackburn came back to the premiership, their away results against teams who were subsequently relegated each season read :-Played 18Won 2Drawn 6Lost 10Likely to be the worst record of any club in the league.

denise procter
good football all time


Up the rovers! Can't believe how well we're doing at the moment. Daring to believe we can take all 3pts against Liverpool. Hughes has done a great job of instilling fighting spirit in the lads, and has signed some quality players. Santa Cruz is made for the premiership and Samba has been a revelation. Bentley is proving his worth and taken up the slack from Pederson's disappointing displays so far this season. Ok so we're some way of challenging for honours but if Souness had stayed we'd probably be playing Sheffield United and co in the championship.

you have got lots of infoation but you need some infomation about matt deabyshire and brad fridel

John Dea.
I think the team in the last two games before the brummie match were losing that fighting spirit which was showing as we did not recieve as many cards as normal. bring back the cards, would rather have 100,000 fines every year, than less points on the table. massive blue and white fan. Dea.

Rovers is my life

c'mon rovers!

hi my name is danielle. i like the rovers...I like to watch them on tv.

isaac geddes
rovers where not good at the beging of the season but they where great at the second half of the season

I bet blackburn will lose the pre cup

blackburn did proper good against arsenal mccarthy goal was ace

denise procter
i hope they win the pre cup

i feel ashamed when huges say were the most hated team in the premiership its nothing to be proud of. his it all the yellow and red cards we have. im not happy at being at top of that table but thats the way hughes played it not nice to watch

Gt Harwood lad it's brillient to see dunny back and the getting rid of neil i think is a good thing least we have players that want to play for us and are not after money. Stephen Warnock from liverpool mmm we will see what he can produce

denise procter
football is good sports

i think blackburn are a great team!

Gareth McCleery
I am a blackburn supporter from northern ireland, and i kno we can do beta juding from last seasons display. i do see some promising things in the team. come on rovers

stuart culley
last saturdays home game against oldham a disaster?the squad looks good but half the players are picked wrong or are playing out of position, we have nw four strikers? and still have a goal difference of -3? lee jones is hopefully back nw , so lets see him back in the side, as evans will not come off is line and i carnt understand why we bought him as swindon went down last season,in a strong word summary grayson has to go no doubt, let us see a more experienced manager involved,

im a 15 london based blackburn rovers supporter nd after seeing what blackburn were capable of last season i am xtremely dissapointed at our terrible start to this nu season however i hav seen promisn thingz from benni so far come on rovers!!

thank the heavens for hughes he nows what hes talking about

You are in: Lancashire > Sport > Football > Blackburn Rovers > Rovers interviews - 2006/2007

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