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28 October 2014

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Taylor, Cassidy, Lilley and White

Loads of Laughs at Lock n Load

By Aj
The Lock n Load Comedy club came to King George’s Hall, Blackburn and on the bill was Geoff Taylor, Martin Cassidy, Richard Lilley and Mark Rough.

Aj with Geoff Taylor

Hosting the show was Ruth White, (also a comedian) who literally got the crowd warmed up, making us stamp our feet and bang the tables to give each act a jolly good welcome. I mean she even had us singing happy birthday for an audience member.

Geoff Taylor was the first act and touched upon autism amongst other things in an amusing manner.  After his act, I asked if there was any subject he wouldn't tackle on stage.  He simply replied: "No.  If it’s funny - I'll talk about anything." 

He also told me the first funniest thing he remembers saying - when he was six. 

Lock n Load

Taylor said: "How do you keep an idiot in suspense? I’ll tell you tomorrow!" 

Hmmm, not bad for a six year old!

Again, White made the audience stamp their feet and bang on the tables as a warm welcome for the Richard Lilley.  All that stamping and banging certainly had me warmed but that wasn't the only exercise I had that night.  My stomach and face muscles got a pretty good workout too!

Lilley’s gloriously named ‘Freaks Outings’, had the audience in hysterics.  I laughed so much my stomach hurt and my cheeks killed.  He had on stage costume changes to reveal his four different characters –Yorkshire Rapper, Death, Jonny Favourite and Lilly Van Crooks.  With smile marks fixed on my face, I went backstage in the interval to talk to this guy.

King Georges Hall

I asked where the hell he got ideas for such weird yet wonderful characters.

Lilley explained: "Just everyday life, films and my home town, Ollerton."

Wow!  Ollerton must be a very funny place.

He said to watch out for him - he'll soon have his own show. You heard it here first!

Lilley was most definitely a hard act to beat but Cassidy did a good job, keeping the laughs rolling.

The final act was Mark Rough, who was actually filming his brand new DVD live that night.  Unfortunately, I didn't get chance to talk to him but the others made me laugh more anyway!

The Comedy Club was really funny and had I put my socks on that night, I’m sure I would have only laughed them off!

If you went - tell me what you thought...

last updated: 17/08/06
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Lock & Load on again this Saturday Night!!!! Ticket price includes FREE ENTRY To Club Tropicana afterwards!! Should be a good night!

Mark's act was by far the most entertaining.. his gag based set had me laughing til tears were rolling down my cheeks. Especially the "seeing her box" joke. Everybody has different styles, this hit the nail on the head for me. Well done Mark.

All she said was that the others made her laugh more. It's a bit harsh saying this review was 'damning'!I went along to the comedy that night and found it really amusing.This article's spot on. All the acts were good, including you Mark,but don't be offeneded by that question,she's only inviting people in.

Mark Rough
Hi AJ. I'm a bit confused! It wasn't a competition, why make it into one? The acts WERE funny I know that because I chose them myself!It wasn't your ordinary Lock n Load. The club doesn't run in August, as I wanted to record my DVD there the line up was given over to me and we got a full house. Like or loath me I'm able to draw a crowd in the notoriously quiet month of August. I chose Geoff and Freaks Outing to support me as they are very funny guys and they compliment my gag based set so well. That's why we work together so much. I'm sorry I didn't have time to chat to you, it was a very busy night for me as I had the film crew etc to deal with. maybe if I had have taken time to chat to you the review may not have been so damning ey?

Chris Cordingley
Hiya AJ, please could you email the pictures that were taken at Lock n Load? Glad you enjoyed it, are you coming next month?

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