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24 September 2014

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Juliette W Gregson

Blackpool's top 10 ghosts

Read Juliette Gregson's top ten myths and spooky stories from her home town of Blackpool...

Frenchman's Cove

Frenchman's Cove

Frenchman's Cove

Frenchman's Cove is in the South King Street premises which once housed Duckworth's Tobacco warehouse. Reports from owner Billy Johnson have included that workmen building in the cellar have thought that someone or something have been watching them. Billy got sent an article and photograph from the time the warehouse was built, this revealed that the ghost in question came from Scarborough and was called Laura Schoons. To this day late at night staff still feel that someone or something is watching them.

The Foxhall

Blackpool may owe its early reputation for healing the sick in mind and body to the priests who took refuge in the isolated building of ‘the Foxhall’ in the 17th century. The original building was far from grand. It was a long, low three-gabled residence which resembled a farmhouse. Its three storeys each had 4-5 rooms with low ceilings. The ground floor also included a private chapel. There was a small lead tower on top of the house (Blackpool's first tower?) gained from within by a staircase and the thick walls contained many hiding places (priest's holes) and secret passages. Over the years this house turned into a hotel and public house. Many spirits over the years have been seen that have ranged from priests, smugglers and aristocracy.

Foxhall Pub

Foxhall Pub

The Old Coach House

The Old Coach House is a former vicarage reputed to be the oldest building in South Shore. Owner Claire Smith has been told by guests about the spirits that reside and watch over the guests. Allegedly the guests told her a male figure was staring at them eating  a meal and was wearing a cap and black cloak. A second spectre is female and has the name of Shirley and looks after the dinning room, many guests have seen them but to date the owners have not.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has not one but several ghosts that reside in the world famous amusement park. If you dare, visit the Ghost Train itself where the footsteps of Cloggy, a former ride operator who always wore clogs, have been heard. My late grandfather worked as a joiner there and at times had to repair the track, when I asked him, he said “Oh yes, there was something or someone that watched over us!”
At the Star Pub there have been sightings of shadows and a male figure in the cellar, living accommodation and Morgan and Griffin Bars. He is said to bear a resemblance to Karl Mar. Five years ago two workmen claim to have spotted him. Four years ago a figure was seen at 3am walking through the bar before disappearing.

Other goings on include the moving of pictures on the walls of the first floor in the building, the sound of a woman singing, glasses and bottles being moved and lights being switched on and off - not to mention the disturbing black figure in the cellar.

The ghost of a small female child, aged about nine, is said to have been seen at Sir Hiram Maxim's Gift Shop. Sir Hiram Maxim's Flying Machines is the oldest ride at the park, built in 1904, and about three years ago an item moved itself overnight to a completely different spot.

The Ice Rink claims to have several ‘spooks’, various things have been seen backstage in the dressing rooms, perhaps previous show skaters of year gone by. Late at night I myself have heard someone or something skating on the ice, when I have gone to look, nothing was there. Lights and equipment move of their own accord and doors have been wide open when they have closed with padlocks. Staff working late at night, walking across to the tractor bay, have felt really cold, chilled to the bone and an "awful" presence.

The Eagle and Child

The Eagle and Child pub claims to have a ghost that goes by the name of Murph, apparently sometimes after midnight you can hear him moaning at the bar and scaring away the customers. Rumour has it he was an old highway robber from London who came to hide from his previous crimes. 

Old Coach House

Old Coach House

Carleton Ghost

In December 1936, the Blackpool Evening Gazette carried an article entitled 'Carleton Ghost?' A Layton taxi-driver claims he has seen a ghost with a green face, near the gates of Carleton Crematorium where five years previously a lonely widow had been battered to death in nearby Robins Lane – a quiet area near to Carleton - and perhaps the green face had been this poor woman's ghost? The taxi driver, Harry Hodges, picked up a young lady from North station and took her to the crematorium. He pulled up to the gates and found himself staring into the face of an old man, 'with sunken eyes, long dark hair, a Punch-like nose and prominent chin'. The woman screamed and jumped out of the cab and ran off, Harry watched as the face moved in front of his cab and then disappeared.

Illuminations building

The Illuminations Department building on Rigby Road is an old building which has a history as a donkey stable prior to taking on its current use. Due to the nature of the work, involving a lot of nightshifts, staff are often in the building late at night and, after several of them having had what they perceived as supernatural experiences. One of the fitters, Frank Murray had often complained of feeling cold and of a presence hanging around when he was working in the fitting shop early in the morning and other staff have reported strange noises. A medium has also identified the spirit as a “Ted” who had owned a boat and drowned. After all the regular trams have stopped running for the night, a phantom tram is reported to travel slowly and silently down along the rails.

The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Unknown ghost

In 1994, Blackpool woman Jill Cook called in a priest, two psychics and even a Mormon missionary to try to help her get rid of a ghost which she claimed regularly attacked her. The attacks began in early 1994, when she felt something climb into bed beside her and pull off the towel which she was wearing wrapped round her head. She felt a 'vile' sensation as it touched her – "like tiny needles trying to pierce my skin". While she continued her quest to be rid of the haunting, she discovered that placing an ioniser in her room moved the ghost from one room to another.

Kitty Breaks

In the early morning of Christmas Eve 1919 the body of 26 year old Kathleen (Kitty) Breaks was found among the sand dunes at Lytham St. Annes near Blackpool. She had been shot three times with a revolver. Frederick Rothwell Holt who had been her lover, was arrested and charged with her murder. Holt's footprints together with his Webley service revolver and blood stained gloves were found in the dunes. Many holiday makers and locals over the years have claimed to see the sad wandering spirit of this woman.

Raikes Hall

Raikes Hall was previously a private dwelling and is now a public house in Blackpool. Once a convent, one of its former inhabitants who drowned herself nearby comes back to visit from beyond the grave and move items around the pub. Late at night regulars have heard strange noises from cellars.


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the oracle
i have had a similar experience to psychic Michelle, its nice to know im not the only one who experienced this, michelle have you ever done a spiritual ritual this normally happens after wards

psychic michelle
i am a medium i live in Blackpool, i have experienced many ghostly encounters, i went to the ghost train, that had to be my worst i saw cloggy and he waved at me

im a psychic medium from belfast, last month i was at blackpool with my girlfriend, we were walking across the tram line when i see an old man with a cap on, he just passed us then just dissapered

Blackpool is a ghost town in the spring too

Peter Lewis
I am a genuine South Wales Druid and this is the third time that I have lived in Blackpool. I am drawn back here when I leave. I both love and hate the city (it is not a town to me). I have sensed what certain buildings have been in their past, before finding out that I am correct. I have seen the past unfold before my eyes in one building. Blackpool has more history than written records tell.

just wanted to know is blackpool tower ballroom haunted by ghosts

Lindsay :)
I seen a ghost in Revoe Primary school 3 years ago, i was walking up the stairs one day when i was late and i saw a janitor walk out of the girls toilets.. it looked so really but still so scary. When i tried to tell people nobody believed,Apart from my best freind. Omg -FREAKY-


nick richards & natalie thornewell stayed on the18
i was staying at a hotel called the new hampshire.i just came back from a night out,with my girlfriend then i went to bed,as i lay there,it felt like there was sum1 else in the room wiv us!!my girlfriend natalie saw a shade of light cuming from the bathroom,even tho the bathroom light waz off!!so then i knew there waz a presnts in the room and it wudnt let us sleep,of the the noise it waz making!!then my phone started ringing then when i finshed wiv the phone call,the presents in the room waz gone!!!!! then i waz able to sleep.

Natalie and Nick
me and my bf came to stay the weekend in blackpool and we stayed in the Hampshire Hotel upon reades avenue! after being on a night out on saturday night we got back and got into bed and my bf could feel a presence in the room! the thing is though i kept hearing noises and looked like there was a figure of something in the doorway to the bathroom! my bf's friend then rang him and then the presence seemed to have left! does anyone knosw if that streetn or hotel is haughted as there is a church across the street and down from it!

ye i seen a ghost in the gift shop i saw somethink pick up a mars bars and chucked it ofer the room that was TERRIFYING so i ran out the shop sreaming !!! WARNING NEVER GO IN THERE!!!

Martin Lattendale
Response to Laura in Wesham.I recollect an incident in 1953 at Kirkham and Wesham Train Station as told to me by my Uncle who used to work on the station.It was a tragic case where two young local boys (Tommy Wilkins & Arthur Meadows - both aged 12) climbed down from the station to short cut the walk into the woods opposite .The train to Preston from Poulton came into the station at the point they had climbed down on to the tracks and both boys were sadly killed outright .A police investigation and coroners reported a verdict of misadventure over the boys death.The train driver I understand never fully recovered and took early retirement due to ill health .The even sadder part was that one of the boys mother (Kitty Wilkins) was so upset that just months later ,she too was found dead in her house (Railway Terrace- Wesham)- it was an overdsose of sleeping pills .It was never proved if this was intended or just a poor lonely mother trying to console herself with medication that went too far.Both her and her son Tommy are buried in the graveyard at St. Josephs Church Wesham .It may be possible that what you experienced could be connected ?Martin Lattendale - Kirkham

Barry McCann
Laura - if you contact the Lancashire Record Office at the County Council, Bow Lane, Preston, they can advise you on how to trace the history of your house and its area. Maybe you will find the answer there. Good luck.

Hi there. I live in wesham near Kirkham, Quite near the train station. I was watching tv when I heard load running up stairs on my landing. Thinking it was my little boy I ran up to find him fast asleep in bed. Thinking I must have imagined it i went back down stairs and after an hour feeling tired i went upstairs to bed. About 5 minuits being in bed something caught my eye so I looked up at a picture over my bed to see the shape of a womans face with long black hair, no eyes nose or mouth looking at me. I jumped out of bed and turned on the light to find it had gone. I turned off the light got back into bed and faced the other way thinking i had imagined it. I then opened my eyes and caught the reflection of my picture in my wardrobe mirror to see TWO faces. I felt terrified and very uneasy and since then been sleeping in my little boys room. Does anyone have any history off wesham it self or the train station that could help me!

Kaytee Phillips
Ohh gosh.My friend and I have seen cloggy on the train and we have also seen a black figure near the shrunken head in Riplies.

ref: Martin A586. I have seen the man in tweed on two occasions,both at the same time and place. It was about 1.30 a.m. in late spring and he was walking on the path on the right hand side as if you were heading to lancaster.It was just after the long straight at Great Ecc, about the second bend where it sweeps left wherer i saw him on two consecutive nights. I still remember wat he looked like, brown tweed jacket, brown pants, full black hair, also remember that the collers on his jacket were rounded as opposed to being pointed (what era?) and i think he had something on his lappell, a red rose/poppy something like that. I am sure other motorists have seen this figure, i would love to hear.

it's me
I live near watson road and me and my friend were at the top of the bridge near the railway n it was pitch black. When i turned towards the little ally (near the phone box of the bridge) i saw like well it looked like a toddler of summit walking down but with me thinking it was a baby me n my friend went to follow it. It was quite far a head n it looked like it climb thought the railing which no one could get thought that. so we ran to the bit were it went thought there was no hole in the fence n no one was on the road. So it keepd playin on my mind n its really doing my heading.

Barry McCann
Wasn't there once an investigation of a haunting at the Royal Pavillion cinema (now the Crazy Tots play area), Rigby Road? There were reports of strange noises and lights at the back of the auditorium. A psychic was brought in and claimed there was a presence of a former attendant in the building. Another one for Dave, perhaps.

I live on Egerton Rd and strange things happen in my home my dog sits and stares down the hall and wont move for like 15 min staring at the same spot ... he also barks down the hall in the house after staring. also my doors rattle on there own no windows open no wind no-one in the a-joining room the just rattle for about 30 seconds then stop. does not feel bad ... or make me feel uncomfortable so i say they are welcome in my home whoever they are ........ i did read on this page about an ionizer , and if you put it in the room the ghosts move to another room ? anyone know about this?

chris myers
well i have been to blackpool many times since i was a child but in theory i havent heard of the phantom tram i mean personally i think its something that is just a rumour because i tram cant have a spirit i am a medium but one thing i know is when being in the shop of maxims flying machine at the pleasure beach i have senced a little girl in there wanting to cause mischief by moving things and also wanting to be known but i havent managed to come up with a name...but i know that the ghost train is haunted but not just by cloggy the japanise man who designed it under its orignal name the pretzel also resides there not in visitation but is grounded there like cloggy i have tried contacting the pleasure beach to answer my questions but no one was able to comment..but when i have been there i felt as tho cloggy was angry at the japanise man for something

Barry McCann
Dave - St. Mary's College, Layton Hill, has a ghost nun from the building's convent days. I believe the kitchen staff still report seeing it.

Im sandgrown & used to live in Blackpool until a few years ago, & I would like to know when did Cloggy die?& does anyone have a (living photo) of him because I remember this little chap always wearing clogs and passing my house every day, & I wondered if its the same chap.

I lived in St. Annes next to Blackpool till the age of 21 and although I never saw a ghost in Blackpool, I think I lived in a haunted house. When I was a child I used to tell my grandma about a little girl who was always mean to me, I said she told me that she hated me. When my grandma asked why she hated me I said it was because I was alive. This worried my grandma slightly because I she was under the impression that I went to school with a maniac. My grandma then asked where I had meet this girl and I said she was by the cellar door and thats where she always was. I described her as having long straight brown hair, victorian clothing and a mean face. No one else in my house saw her and as I got older I forgot all about her but I would never go near the cellar door and often found it unlocked without reason. My Uncle meantioned that when he came to stay in the room near the cellar he had the worse night sleep ever and hated that part of the house, then everyone else joined in with there stories of why they avoided the cellar door. It does seem there was something there. Our house was at by the sea front and used to by the sand dunes, perhaps a little girl drowned or something grusome?

Natasha and Christina
we was at montgomery high school on a late night on saturday and we walked past t block and there were 3 lights on in a classroom and the disabled toilets we were terrified because as we went up too them the 3rd light went on and then it went off as we went we came back abit later on and the 3rd light was on again as no on one there. then later on one of us looked thru the window and there was a computer turned on and there was no1 there atall.

nick blackpool
20 years ago i worked at the new clifton hotel in talbot square. room 215 was haunted. residents found the room uncomfortable, i hated going in it. recently i was talking to some workmen who were converting the hotel into a travelodge and both independantly stated that room ( now changed) was bad. nobody liked working in it. if you get the chance go and try it out.

when i was younger i would always come to blackpool for a hoilday with my family.i now live near blackpool(fleetwood; a bus ride away)im always in blackpool and i have never seen or heard any ghosts in ani of the places metioned in the comments, im nt sure if i beleive in reading the comments on this page about the ghost train make me want to see it for myself(maybee next time i go to pleasure beach i will)i cant see i have seen a ghost aniwhere really, bt defo had wierd and spooky experiences.blackpool tower where the walk of faith is gives me the sister cries everytime we go up there and goes a bit silent and motionless(she's 17!)has any1 heard of any ghosts there!? x

michelle clare
im liveing in house were i have seen a ghost a old lady with a bun in her hair and wearing a shorl and i was told she lived in the house before me and my family only 6 years ago before she past over me and my partner offen feel cold and if some one is in the room with us i think this could be her what do you think

donna wardle
i experienced cloggy in the ghost chain when i was about 13 (i'm 29 now), he roughly jerked my head forward while on the ghost train, at the time i thought it was a boy behind me and it almost turned into a fight thats why I remember it so well. It was only when Most Haunted visited the ghost train and derek achora mention this sort of things happening, when alarms started ringing! I have also seen a white horse galloping out of an ally on caunce st, clear as anything in broad day light. that was just a couple of years ago and i have the image firmly imprinted in my brain.

Fascinating to read all the comments. Im currently being commissioned by the Council to investrigate the possibility of running heritage walks and bus tours in Blackpool to back up the bid to become a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of the tours would, not surprisingly, given its interest, be a ghost tour. It would include the town centre with Lobster Pot, Grand Theatre, Tower, Winter Gardens,Opera House, St John's Church, Hippodrome Theatre(Syndicate), then out via Whitegate Dv to Stanley Park Lake, Model Village, Zoo, Victoria Hospital and finally over to Pleasure Beach and along the Prom for Ghost Tram. All are haunted it is said. Watch the WWW for further details. So if anyone has other tales, post them on here and with the contributors permission, we could make this a Ghost Town Tour to be proud of. York, eat yer heart out. LOL. Just as an aside, Used to work for the Beeb and thru a prog I met a proffessor at Lancaster Uni, who put forward 20 years ago "The Stone Tape Theory" as to what ghosts are. Basically atmosphere and buildings have a memory, like a tape, (fact) and under certain conditions an image, it is suggested, could be imprinted. Then under same atmospheric conditions, it plays back.. end result..the image recorded all that time ago.. or put another way.. a GHOST!!. Just a theory, but gets my vote. Keep up the good work. Cheers

Kits F
I saw one when i went to see the northen lights it looked like a old man with a beard if any one as seen the same one dont be scared it might be kind and friendly you never know.

in Barton Avenue flat a there was this door in the little room and every single night i heard noises and i opened the door in the small room and the noisegot louder and louder the ghost was coming to haunt me

peter jones
i wood like to no if any one knows of any ghosts on watson rd as we lived at 154 an some times we wood see a old man in the window and my baby girl wood look in the corner oe the room and smile then 1 day she wood not go in the room at all

i went to blackpool last week and i went on the ghost train in the pleasure beach and i heard footsteps of cloggy as u get in the spinning tunnel he walks up and down tht tunnel as even if the ride isnt in motion u can still hear him walking there 2day

I used to work in poulton at night and captured orbs on film and a mans voice saying stir well.In the teanlowe center a man hung himself near the old cinema does anyone have any info on this

I have been an holiday to Blackpool every year when i was small and have never seen a ghost before. I am 16 now and i live in Blackpool and still have not seen a ghost, i would like to see one but i am not sure weather they exist or not.

Not Telling
Ok, so I have never seen a ghost in Blackpool, I have been about 50 times. But.....anyone know any ghosts in fairhaven lake? I go there all the time, and I'd like to go searching.

It was me that touched you Elizabeth !!!!


Andy James
there is a ghost of the old general manager at the metropole hotel on the prom. seen it loads of time.. not that scary, just walks around and looks at you.

Omg Lol I Have Seen A palatine high school it was a figure of a little girl she was standing in the girls toilet she was so clar i said hello are you in the wrong toilet she didnt say enythink i turned to wash my hands i turned bac to look at her and she was gone but she didnt go past me because i was standing buy the door and if she did i would of hear it open ? x

ive been on the ghost train at pleasure beach havnt seen anything , but i would love to see something to believe it.

all pubs have spirits. i prefer beer though hahaha

I once saw a spirit of a nunat night at a church in St. Annes. We were going past in the car and I saw her she just floated along and disappeared.

i seen a ghost while i was at Blackpool when i went on the grand national there was a white figure a male i think at the back of the ride as soon as the ride stopped it dissipeard

Not in blackpool but on the A586 on the way back to blackpool between st michaels and gt eccelston infact on the straight stretch just after st michaels the figure of a man dressed in tweed just appeared in front of me the vision was so clear... i ran straight through him and swerved bouncing on to the curb. I got out but there was nothing to be seen however there was a very odd chill to the other wise warm august night. The time incidentely was approx 11:45. I have more to post bout a flat i lived in next door to a funeral home in thornton. Back soon.

i have seen a ghost at palatine high school

Sarah from Cleveleys
what about the grand theatre ? No mention here of this and its doing loads of ghost hunts now

i was going to the toilet in calypso hotel on the way back i saw a girl ghost ansers of the name of sopie

tom jones
when i was on the ghost train i heard a groan right next to me and i felt like i was being watched

Scot Dobbie
I stopped at the gardenia hotel room 17, it is quite spooky

Jennifer long
i own the gardenia hotel with my mum and room 17 was my old room i couldnt even stop in there only a short time the ghost really took over my body it was so frightening but it made me believe there is an after life after all +there are still some ghost in but most of all room 17 was frightening felt it was a male powerfull couldnt breath few off my family members felt it aswell use to come down stairs into the kitchen and make a sound like tapping sound on the side went into my mums room at one time i felt the spirit i thought someone was coming in and held a knife at me it was so power full room 7 got me aswell making a noise opening the door so powerfully but i dnt feel scared with him its the one in my old room but now has gone to the other side but still we got few ghost xxxx

i saw a child in the waxworks , it was only there for a second then went, it was in the james bond section

i live in blackpool in moore st and i am down the The Old Coach House st 3 houses

heya Chelseaaxghosts can come in all shapes and sizes some are just orbs bubble like objetcs than hover around the room others are just shadows that hover and some are transparent or just figures and then theres the poltigiests they can scratch whisper throw objects knock move things write in your mirror i dont live in blackpool but near and me and my family have experienced things like the above. you get used to it after a while x

Jonathan 786
i have not seen a ghost in blackpool

alycia and manda
i saw a white women with black sharp teeth and red blood down her clothes

alycia and manda
i saw a white women with black sharp teeth and red blood down her clothes

chelseaa x
i am 16 and have lived in blackpool all my life i have never seen a ghost (what do they look like) ?? i have also been on the ghost train and have never experience any noises or anything touchin me ... i am goin to the pleasure beach next week if i experience anything i will tell you :) xx

Re the skater at the ice drome. He and I were at school together and his real name was Peter Hilliard, he used Julian Scott as his stage name. He died on Saturday 14th September 1970 at the age of 30.

I recently took a trip to Blackpool where myself and my family entered the amusement park.we went from ride to ride until we got to the ghost train i was a bit standof ish at first until my cousins convinced me to get on the ride that every thing was ok .my were shut as i heared the rumers at first as i saw the most haunted special .as i was on the ride i felt a cold tip on the shoulder .i thought it was my cousin but it wasnt because he had his eyes closed and i could tell that he was just as scared as i was so i basically froze until i had to get of the ride but all in all it was a frightening trip to england

Has anyone stayed at the Gardenia Hotel on Adelaide Street? Blackpool.I was lucky enough to be asked to do a Vigil/Haunting there a couple of weeks ago.We got a voice of a young boy using EVP.Orbs in a couple of rooms and we did a Spirit Rescue.There is also a male spirit staying there, he is very friendly!It is worthwhile going, if you are put in Room 17...then make sure you have a goooooood night's sleep, the night before!!!!!

i rember in a hotel in blackpool when i was a sleep i felt something touch my leg and so i stoped and got all my things and left i still feel like i can still feel the touch on my leg

ray graham
whilst on a bus heading to the tower me my wife and daughter sat on the back seat downstairs, the rest of the bus was full. I turned to my right to find a boy 9 or 10 suddenly appear from nowhere dressed in 1930s clothes he started to talk to my wife and all he talked about was how sorry he felt for the people who drowned of the pier and was going to try and help, he then started to cry and no one turned around to say he was with someone. My wife and I got off the bus early, he said he was getting of the next one, but as we watched nobody got off. To this day I am sure we spoke to a ghost

i remember myh dad saying that my 3 times great grandad owned the field where the pleasure beach is he sold it to the tompson family on the condition they name a road after my grandad which is watson road i want to know if there has been a ghost sighting anywhere near the road i love to know anything if its my grandad or not just interested i dont know his name

i love these ghost stories but never been on a ghost hunt i would love to go to one just to find out anything and to know does life exist after death

Caroline x
I go to Blackpool every month that it is open... Sometimes even twice or three times a month. Thats how much we love it. I do get scared when Im going on the ghost train because I watched 'Most Haunted' When they went to Blackpool. The Ghost train is my favourite ride and every time I go on it I hear footsteps really loud and feel breathing on my cheek. I thought that the footsteps were just some special effects to get you scared and the breathing on my cheek just a draft. But obviously i was just comforting myself. I still love this ride though and wish me luck for my 12th Birthday on the 12th of April when im gunna be going on the ghost train as many times as i like (around at least 20 times)x Luvv you alol and good luck when you goto blackpool x Keep your eyes peeled at the circus ring in the tower x Ive heard things there aswell x

we lived in a very haunted house in coop street blackpool in the late 60's early 70's ,, wonder if its still haunted ?

i live in blackpool n i went to palatine high school sum of the teachers sed that one of the frech rooms which used to be a music room on the second floor was haunted coz a kid from that school fell out of the staircase window n thats y they now have barriers across em. Which it used to be known (dnt no if it happens now!) but chairs n tables used to fling across the room without anybody touching them.

when i first went to blackpool i went on the ghost train and i knew nothing about it (i was seven) and all the way through i kept saying to my sister cloggys here i dunno why i said it.then our ride stopped when i went this year and i heard someone breathing next to me and i just shut my eyes and then the breathing stopped and the ride carried on.i think cloggy just wanted to say hello?

Emzzzzz .......
Singleton Mains HallI Went Here When I Was Little For A Wedding Of One Of My Mums Friends, I Went Upstairs T0 Use The Bathroom And In The Corner Of My Eye I Saw A White Blurd Image and Ever Since I've Been Scared Of Going There Again Xx

Julia Witrylak
Im from Blackpool and I am 20. I am a born again Christian like bobby ball! Im workin 4 a church this year that is held at the Solaris centre called The Well Church. It is really crazy to hear all these stories! I really believe if you ask the prescence to leave in the name of Jesus then it will go! Hope every one is alrite from their experiences!

georgia m
i have been on the ghost train myself recently and heard some footstep noises on the ghost train but it was more like clogs or boots rarher than trainers and shoes.


Dave McGrath
The Solaris Centre has it's own ghost. Usually manifesting in the cafe area in the early morning. The cafe is outside of the original Solarium. I apologised to 'him?' once when I 'thought' I bumped in to him in a doorway. He has been known to rattle cutlery in locked cupboards and bang doors. We have no idea who s/he may be.

Ben C
The Carleton Cemetary ghost is completely true! On the night after Hallow'een, two years ago, me and some friends went to Carleton Cem to give ourselves a little good-fun scare and we certainly got more than we bargained for! We'd just climbed over the gates of the cem and just near the bushes on the car-park side of the gates there was this dark figure with a vaguely green face. One of my friends screamed and it turned straight into the bushes without rustling them at all, which would have been inevitable had the 'thing' been a human. Another Carleton ghost, which quite a few of the locals have reported to have seen is on the right-of-way into Carleton park off The Avenue. Me and my friends have seen a PITCH black figure, darker than the night, trundling slowly down in towards the park and turning right. This ghost is always reported to have turned right! :-/

Elaine Gaffney
Have you made enquires at Blackpool Zoo, as it was once the site of B/pool Airport there are said to be a number of ghosts there. Contact Jude Rothwell at the zoo they had a ghost hunt last year and found some of them. Good luck

i live in the princess pub foxhall road blackpool i have been here 6 years this pub is full of spooks . i was in the cellar when i turn aronud to a woman holding her hands out to me i just ran upstairs. after that i started to have nightmares about her. she had her hands round my neck i woke up to notice that i had hand prints round my neck . lots of people in the pub and bar staff have seen her.sometimes at night time when i am upstairs we hear childen playing in makes my dog go mad .

what about the grand theartre ghost

i was 2 years old and saw a ghost in my bedroom called alice and she knew our family and she came and vist us [i am 13 years old]

i have never seen any while i've been on holiday in blackpool as i am every year but will be keeping an eye out xx

maybee some of us dont know how to spell maybee as good as you but i bet we have all got better manners than you have,you dont now the reason ,behined the mistakes,so dont be quick to judge,if you dont believe in the supper natural then dont be rude to those that do,

i have lived in blackpool all my life i am now 20.i have been on the ghost ride and i hear running and walking all the time in the for the beach its got all kinds of ghosts from a little boy of about 7 or 8 and a man and a woman holding hands ive seen them befor

Lynda Cooper
about 8 years ago me and myhusband were on the prom late 1night,when we saw what looked like someone with a metaldetector walking on the sand we looked at eachother for a moment and said what a fool on the sand this time of night,was about 12.30,when we looked back there was no one insight we looked by the edge and all over the prom ,and there was only us in sight .no way could someone move so fast,any ideas to what we witnessed,we still look every time we go to blackpool but not seen it since,

I have seen something very scary. I think it's called the ghost of the English language. The comments on this site are written by people with appalling spelling and grammar. Maybe a little more time in class & less watching Most Haunted......

Charlotte Littler - palatine sports college :P
no a haven't seen any of the spooks but i hate ghosts and i hate that there are this many in Blackpool ! i feel well scared now that ones going to get me :( lol iiLYL x and yet again i haven't seen any of theses spooks:):S

yes yes many.

Jemma swainston rainford
I havent seen any of the ones you have mentioned but me and my friend had a spooky experience at a hotel when we were younger. The name eludes me but it was on the sea front, rather big and grand and more north of the town. As we both tried to sleep we heard a tapping ( and eliminating the fact it was neither of us ) we listened as it seemed to tapalong the wall behind us then along the wall tracing the coridoor! we thought it still could be explained and it stopped for a few seconds before our door handle started rattling ( this couldnt be explained as we had a front door and a space before the bedroom ) ive had other experiences too but thisrelates to blackpool ( anyone know which hotel im talking about?)

when i was on the ghost train in the pleasure beach something grabbed my arm and i watched most haunted and a man cloggy haunts it

I have skated at the ice rink since i was the age of 5 and i am now 16. I do the children's xmas show every year. Last year my friend left her dressing room door open whilst she was in my dressing room. When she went back it had closed and locked from the inside. The key wouldn't even open the door. It is the opening night of the show tonight let's just hope nothing goes wrong :D . . . . Also to the comment about the man who died there called julian. . . my figure skating coach told me the story that he was trapezing above the ice and he fell. He died before he reached the hospital. There is also a story that a young girl got locked in the attick of the ice rink and when it is really quiet you can hear her cries. Jodz

no sighting as such, but i wish more information on the former childrens home on lytham sands (thursby home?) im from out of town but have a strange pull towards this spot, have visited and somthing isnt right, something terrible has occured here, i need more info please.

i used to work at the pleasure beach, and have seen a ghost in the attic, it threw a glass at me

On the ghost train i seen a scary ghost that tried to attack me.

i went to blackpool and sore her too

i went to blackpool and sore her too

the articles i have just read about places in blackpool was very interesting i live in blackpool myself, and the wife we have felt a presence in the house wher we live and i have two pictures that i took one night or images i have seen and things have been moved from time to time yours trailboss1

I used to live near whittingham, (lancashire), and it ws 300 years old, and we always heard footsteps, saw shadows, smelled pipe smoke, heard things being dragged, and one member of my family actually saw the ghost.

my dad used to work at the superbowl in town and when the place was empty you can hear someone bowling on the thrid floor and no one was there and the next day there would be balls in the pits. people say that it used to be a place where after the war people hung out. u can hear noises. and this guy used talk to someone freaky

Laura Clarke
I Was At Blackpool Pleasure Beach For The First Time And I Was On the Ghost Train With My Mum And IWas On The Lef Hand Side Of The Kart And I Felt SomeOne Tap My Left Shoulder And I Turned Round And There Was A Little Boy Sat Next Me On The Kart. IWnet On it Again And Never Saw The Little Boy Again.

ionce stayed at the cavendish hotel in pleasant street and in the twin room situated on the second floor i took a photograth of the rooms interior using a ditigal camera on veiwing the picture it has a faded ghostly picture of a man and woman and two small children one boy and one girl in victorian clothing as though they had posed for the camera do anyone know the history of the cavendish hotel it would be interesting to learn more .regards steven.

my high school is very haunted it is st.marys in blackpool. How i know? in the art room there was glass orniments on the shelves and they would sometimes fall off anda nun died at the school because she fell down the stairs

in my home town of fleetwood, i awoken early in the morning to the muffled voices underneath my pillow, to this day i can still hear them and still sence that iam not alone in that room or around the house, i still hear the running above my head in the upstairs rooms and on the landing ,and stairs and also see the misshaped figures that loom in the hallway ,some times i consenplate moving as 1 of my daughters did become a target for ,them but as iam on my own now it has become normal to me ,and belive that they are here for a reason, so for the time being i stay and share my home with the visitors who are adderment on staying.

after reading all the top ten spooky stories, I do overnight ghost hunts and filming and looking back to 1960s whilst on holiday with my parents at the south shore in blackpool my dad caught a ladies head with a beehive hair style coming through the pillar under thew south pier, we do not know who she is, maybe an actress from the pier theatre. spooks have been a round along time.

Gemma Mortimer
I have visited Blackpool many times as a small child (I am 26 now) and i regularly used to feel a presence on the pleasure beach late on an evening when it was closing time!!!!!!

It is good to see such a respected parapsychologist as yourself posting here, Prof.Horn. I would like to know if any other readers have read any of Prof.Horn's books on the subject?

that was not a mop it was peter dixon of the avalanche

Andy B
I used to live in Blackpool.. I too have heard the ghost tram at Bispham Station and seen a figure of a man carrying a lantern walking toward the tram station from the beach!!

carlie liddle
me and my mam went on the goast train and just as we went down the dip my mam felt somthing blow in her ear we both screamed and went round with our eyes closed and wont go on it any more!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Laycock
I 've heard a child crying in the tower ballroom but there was no sign of anyone.

On a more serious note does anyone know any thing about Vance rd & weither or not its haunted there as me & my best mate had a strange experience there a few week back

kayleigh and beth
we saw a ghostb in the ghost train it looked like a young boy with old fassioned chlothes (spooky)

Geoffey Bowen-Thomas.Llanelli
many years ago I was at bispam tram staion about 2.30am when Im sure I could hear the sound of a tram coming towards me,the overhead wire was "singing" as though a trolly was running along it,but I never saw a tramcare and the sound just went

Me again The Man who died in the Ice Drome was called Julian , I know they filmed at the pleasure beach for most haunted I was a researcher !!! Thanks for all your lovely comments ! Check out my site for more !

Blackpool is a "ghost town" in the winter..

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