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24 September 2014

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The Chapel

Your stories of Chingle Hall

A selection of your chilling tales about the haunted hall in Goosnargh...

Fay Donovan...

"I went to Chingle Hall loads of times when I was younger and had a few eerie experiences. I think I was roughly four years old when I first went. At the beginning of the tour, we were in the hall, where the table and chairs are, and I glanced to one corner and spotted a white scotty dog and I told my mum, who thought I was being stupid, but the tour guide then said that one of the women that once owned the Hall had a dog. On this visit I also heard voices in the chapel that sounded like monks. In John Wall's room I felt like something was watching me and trying to drag me out of the room. In Eleanor's room, the tour guide said that Eleanor enjoys playing with blonde haired girls, and with me being blonde she asked for me to sit on the floor and play ith her. Being quite young and practically scared stiff, I said no, then I felt tugging on my shorts like someone or something was trying to get my attention. However, the other people in the room were at least a metre away. A rather funny event happened though. As I was a young child, I needed the toilet at the most awkward times, so my mum took me outside, the tour guide was saying how footsteps are heard in the corridor and the door opens... they were scared stiff when they did then hear footsteps, but it was just us returning to the room! Also, has anyone ever had their camera or watch not work after visiting Chingle Hall, and there be no possible reason why? It's happened to me!"


"When I went to Chingle hall it was still open to the public and my two mates went into the house but within two minutes they came out running and they were white in their faces so we left but on the way back to the main road one of my mates jumped out of the car and started running back to the house saying the gods prayer backwards and the car started heading for the tree and bushes we was told later that day that there had been an evil spirit with us."

Col Hinchliff...

"I visited Chingle Hall as a young teenager in the sixties, with my parents. I remember crossing the bridge, and marvelling at the first Highland cow I'd ever seen. We entered the great hall, with its minstrel gallery - no problem. Three steps up the staircase, I felt every hair on my neck stand on end, and an atmosphere of absolute evil. I turned and ran straight out of the door, calling to Mum that I felt ill. Bear in mind that I knew absolutely nothing about the place before the visit, and nobody had even mentioned "ghosts" or hauntings. In 1999 we moved to Chorley, and while trawling the local history section of the library I came across a picture which raised every hair and made me feel physically sick.... of Chingle Hall. I've driven past the place several times since, always with the same reaction. I didn't see anything, it was the atmosphere that was so dreadful. I'd love to know if anyone else experienced the same reaction!"


"A man walked into Chingle Hall to do some work on a fireplace there. He was fiddling about with some silican glue when he was tapped on the shoulder by something. He turned round and he saw a monk. He ran out of the house and quit his job.He swore he would never go in the house again."

S. Wilde...

"I have stayed at Chingle Hall three times for charity with friends in the late 1980's. I'm afraid I can't remember dates but I can definitely remember things that happened...

1 I was at the top of the stairs with my first wife and our friend Shaun was in the bedroom at the end of the hall. We were trying to get the owner's dog to follow us down the hall but it would not move away from the bathroom door and seemed genuinely petrified. After a few minutes we gave up and were just about to join our friend in the haunted bedroom when the latch on the door at the bottom of the stairs lifted and the door opened slightly and then closed again with some force.

2 We were sitting in the main hall next to the chapel having a smoke by the fire when all of us heard what we thought was some one speaking in Latin in the chapel. We ventured into the chapel and there was nobody there.

3 I was sitting on my own in the haunted bedroom and my friends were in the hall downstairs. I was reading a paper when I heard a lot of banging noises from the room beneath me. I thought my friends were making the noise. After about ten minutes they came up stairs and they asked me why I had been banging about. I told them I had been sitting quietly.

4 I visited Chingle Hall with my parents when I was seven years old which was 1971. I distinctly remember my mother ticking me off for playing with the spit turning handle on the stove in the chapel, which was over a priest hole. The first time we stayed for charity we were shown the chapel and I asked the guide what had happened to the stove as it was no longer there. She told me it had been removed in the late 1960's.

5 I was in the toilet on my own washing my hands when something squeezed my right shoulder and my back went very cold.

6 A group of us were sitting around the table in the main hall playing cards when simultaneously my wife and I heard a women sobbing. It seemed to be coming from the haunted bedroom. Neither of us said anything we just looked at each other and nodded. It was obvious that no one else could hear it. This was probably the experience at Chingle Hall that scared me the most and all the hair on the back of my neck stood up."


"I was given to understand that the Hall was no longer open to the public (Jan 2005) since the new owners moved in. I used to be a guide there in its heyday of visitors and overnight stays, and have experience MANY strange happenings, having stayed overnight many times. I can assure anybody who thought it was all staged it was most definitely not, except by someone in their own party as a prank."

Patricia Wade...

"I was one of a team of four girls who spent the night at Chingle Hall for charity in the early nineties. Several strange things happened, the first was heavy breathing between two of the girls, as they were about to climb the stairs, the next one happened to me and my friend in the Eleanor Singleton room, we were just walking in and we both smelled flowers very strongly, and lastly; we left a tape recorder recording during the night and played it back in the morning. there were several "tapping at the window" noises on it. Needless to say, we were all glad to leave, and I have never felt the same about the place since. I have since tried to re-visit Chingle but it has never been open!"

Brian Anderson...

"When I went to Chingle Hall with my holiday club the lady who guided us told me and another girl to sit in the room where the girl died, so we did and all of a sudden someone was holding our hand and it was very cold and we played ring a ring a ring a roses then she dragged us downstairs. Later on a boy fainted cos he saw a headless monk and a saw a black cat and stroked it but nobody else could see it so I said can no one see this black cat and the only black cat that lived in the house died the week before."

Pamela Jones...

"My daughter and I and her children, eventually found Chingle hall. When we arrived, a thunderstorm was brewing, but it was not raining as yet! I approached the main
door and knocked, but there was no answer, so I went to the rear door. I knocked, and a lady of Italian appearance told me that the hall was not open to the public, and never has been. She admired my lovely grandsons, and I apologised for being intrusive. I was devastated that I could not visit Chingle Hall and as we left, the heavens opened!"

Andy from Liverpool...

"Feb 2001, my father and a friend had booked to visit Chingle Hall. All was well. They were greeted by a "short but dapper" gentleman, who wore a tweed three piece suit and donned a pencil thin moustache. Upon entering, they noticed a "cheery old lady" sitting in a large chair, besides the roaring fire, reading a book with large print. After passing a friendly wave, the tour commenced. Half way around, my father's friend got a sudden feeling of dread, and insisted on standing besides the large open doorway, with his foot in the door jam for safety. Upon this my father and the guide heard a large item being dragged on the landing upstairs. They ascended the stairs to see a door at the end of the landing closing of its own accord. As they went to investigate, my father noticed out of a window, a group of gardeners tending to the grounds on a sunny day. Dismissing this as nothing out of the ordinary, they proceeded to the aforementioned room. Upon arrival, the room was empty of any persons (except themselves). They then returned to the staircase, after checking the other rooms - to no avail. Sensing his friend's discomfort, my father reluctantly decided to curtail the visit. As they left the guide told them any time to ask for Mr Jefferson (SURNAME SOMETHING SIMILAR) and that there was a coach party due any time now. They bid their leave, and made their way to the car. My father asked his friend how much he owed for the admission, and was told that they were not charged a penny. They also noticed it was snowing, and the garden had not been touched for many years. After hearing this tale, I decided to pay a visit, but to no avail. There was no-one around to let me in. The following week, I recalled all the previous events to a friend and we decided on another visit. Upon arrival at Chingle hall, we saw the house name on a sign laying amongst the undergrowth. Banging on the large strange shaped door knocker for attention, a tall gentleman came around the outside corner of the building, asking our intentions. We explained about my father's visit, but we were dismissed as impossible! Why? What about the "short dapper man". What about the coach party? What about the gardeners? And besides, WHO EXACTLY WAS THIS MAN? This man was the current owner. The hall was only opened on a Sunday between May and September. His wife was very ill and he was not opening any more. The last coach party was the previous September. The garden had fallen into disrepair due to other commitments. And lastly, no-one had been near the place belonging to my father and his friend's description. MR JEFFERSON DIED IN 1932. We left very confused. JUST WHO EXACTLY SHOWED MY FATHER AND HIS FRIEND AROUND CHINGLE HALL IN FEBRUARY 2001?"

Rob from Chorley...

"I have stayed at Chingle Hall twice for charity. The first time when I was fourteen years old. And then again with my brother and a friend about ten years ago. During my initial stay with a group of friends nothing untowards happened during the night except some schoolboy mucking about. In the morning however I placed my tape recorder in the priest hide, pressed record and went down to breakfast. Later I retrieved the tape recorder and we left. I listened to the tape with my friends later that day and while it was playing in the background we distinctly heard an old fashioned lift door latch (I was brought up on a farm and know that sound well). Next, three distinct footsteps and even the sound of clothing rustling. As a grand finale, great noise as if somebody was climbing in on top of the tape. The recording went dead for a second or two and then the tape hiss returned.The layout of the room dictates that you have to cross the length of the ancient creaky floor to reach the hide (not three steps). The doors probably fifteen feet away. There was a door hundreds of years ago that is three steps from the hide and nobody from the hall knew I'd put a tape recorder into it. Although I wouldn't be able to rule out any foul play on behalf of the owners, it would definitely be in their interest. I prefer to think that a dead monk was trying to nick my tape player."

Elaine Tilling...

"I went to the hall a few years ago There were a few things that happened to me and my friends We heard a knocking from the main door when we went to see there was no-one there. In front of the window left of the fire place was a very cold spot, we were told a body in the foetal position was found there. As night came I saw a monk leaving the hall and going into the distance. We were in the room over the main door. What I saw was true, so much it took me a while to speak You see the spirit lives on even though they have gone to a higher place."

Pauline Windsor...

"We have been three times. On visit no one my husband saw the tiles in the chapel move, as if someone had walked across them. We heard noises all night. One of our group saw a cat it turned out to be a ghost cat. Some of us could smell lavender and it was very strong. My daughter in law felt as if she had something pressing on her neck when we were in Eleanor's room. We all felt cold air at five in the morning one person heard monks chanting. Visit no two - my son went to the toilet he came out and said his neck was burning when we looked he had two faint scratches and his neck was very red. I was sitting at the table in the great hall. I am convinced someone sat on my knee like a small child. One of the group had someone pulling on her fingers and you could actually see her fingers move. That again was in Eleanor's room.

On the third visit a teddy was thrown off the fireplace again Eleanor's room, also we heard dishes, as if they were being washed. One of us saw a large dark shadow in the chapel and to finish the night off we were in the John Walls room when two of us saw the same thing no-one else saw it, it was oblong shapes all over the room, purple green and a blue I couldn't describe they were floating all around. I didn't say anything at first and then the two of us said the same thing together, at first we thought it was our eyes playing tricks because we were tired but not when we both saw the same thing."

T Binks...

"I visited on Chingle Hall a number of years ago, i found it very interesting. I called on the hall a few weeks ago, to find it was no longer open to the public. The new owners were very helpful, and have restored it to its former glory. Just very strange to see children playing by the footbridge, as if nothing ever happened there. I wonder if the new family have any tales to tell?"

LunarWater EarthSpirit...

"I have been there a few times in the past, with various people, and have had a number of unusual experiences... On the pictures on the website, the rooms have furniture in, but the times I have been, the public rooms were empty, apart from the table & chairs in the Great Hall, and the odd chair elsewhere... Chapel - Very strong smells of incense..., around the point where the 'hiding hole' is in the ceiling Eleanor's Room - very strong smells of flowers (at the time I did not identify it as lavender, but do know now that that is what it was - now I know the smell!) Landing area - right at the top of the stair - feeling of being touched on the shoulder, but not at all threatening, and sensing a presence.. Landing area - round the corner from the stairs - Very odd indeed - the only way I can describe it, even now, is the feeling of being stood on the deck of a boat & not holding on to anything - I could feel the movement under my feet. All this happened the 3rd time I went - the first & second nothing spectacular occurred, although in retrospect, I did notice some smells, but automatically thought it must have been down to the current residents... The guide who showed us round explained nothing of any previously recorded phenomena, only gave us the history of the place, and the background etc... So afterwards, we went down to this little caravan that used to be in the grounds where the guides were based, I started telling him what had happened, he was THEN, and only then, able to say that others had disclosed similar experiences... and explain how they possibly link to the history of the house... The incense in the Chapel speaks for itself - there had at some time been a place of worship there, and incense was presumably used in ritual... Eleanor's room - I can't actually remember the significance of the lavender, but recall that Eleanor was occasionally allowed out to collect the flowers, or had them brought to her... The floor of the landing, the oddest sensation I can remember, has apparently been picked up by other people, and the guide told me that they had done some research after a few folk had felt this, and the wood used for the floor boards when the building was remodelled (the stairs have been turned the opposite way round) had been salvaged from a wrecked boat... Perhaps this explains the sensation of being on a boat, which I and a friend clearly felt. I must add that the other people I was with experienced nothing on any of our visits - except for the one friend who felt the landing floor. The only other thing was my sister felt a cold spot in the Great Hall, at the opposite end from where you go into the room."

Chris Atherton...

"I visited Chingle Hall about two years ago and was approached by someone on the landing who wouldn't let me past and then eventually disappeared."

David and Sammy Ford...

"My daughter and I had an odd experience at Chingle Hall. We were in the chapel area with about 7 other people including my wife when I heard heavy slow footsteps in the room above, I looked up and expected to see someone or a shadow through the fairly large cracks in the floor but did not see anything. We were taken into the room above the chapel later in the tour and I noticed a dog asleep in a room/office down the hall but saw no people, I also noticed that the floor was not carpeted so I assume that if it was the dog walking around then I would have heard the dogs nails on the bare floor? I also noticed that whoever had walked across the room, had walked from the door to the window and not back again. I thought no more about the matter until later when we went into a local pub for a meal and I mentioned to my wife of what I heard and straight away my daughter said she had heard the footsteps and as I had not mentioned what room I was in when I heard the footsteps I asked my daughter what room she was in when she heard the footsteps and she answered the chapel, my wife said she heard nothing."

Bonnie Singleton Richards...

I am a "Singleton" whose lineage has been traced back to Broughton Tower and Chingle Hall.  I am a U.S. Citizen having been born in Portland, Oregon but have English cousins in and around the Goosnargh and Preston areas and have had the good fortune of visiting there quite often.

On one such visit, I and my husband were invited to spend the night at Chingle Hall.  This was just after its purchase by the current owner, Trevor Kirkham.  The early part of the evening was spent visiting with Trevor and we retired about 11:00 p.m.  Nothing unusual had occurred throughout the evening.  I was awakened at 2:00 a.m. however, by something that was brushing against my neck.  I thought it was a spider or some other insect but it wasn't.  The sensation was like a feather being passed back and forth over the back of my neck.  This continued throughout the rest of the night, happening again and again just as I began to fall asleep.

The next morning at breakfast, I was shown an article that stated the "ghosts" liked to delicately touch people.  Some years prior during a visit, I was looking through my camera lens at a priest's hiding area when I saw a door in the lens.  When I looked at the small area with my naked eye, there was no door .. but the guide told me one used to be there."

Zinc Orbie...

"Well, this is really my brother's story. My wife and I took a vacation with him back in 1991 and flew to Britain - we lived in Southern California. My brother had some business to attend to there and we decided to make a two-week vacation of it; driving from Gatwick all the way up to Edinburgh, then back through Wales, ending in London. All of the castle-stops were planned and we decided to visit the "most haunted house in England" on the way to Wales.

It seemed somewhat out of the way to get to, and the outside appearance of Chingle Hall was disappointing considering its reputation, but we took the tour since there weren't any other people there to wait for. The woman guide was fascinated with our SoCal accents and seemed eager to show us around.

Anyway, the house was quite small and I wouldn't have remembered much about it except for the fact that my brother suddenly wanted to get out of there. My wife and I were perfectly willing to stay the night and I thought he would have been as well. But something was wrong. He took a few pictures and then wanted to leave. He said he'd find a hotel to stay in if we wanted to spend the night there, but he wasn't going to. So we all finally left. On the road back to the Motorway he said that something in the house had made him feel dizzy and it didn't go away until he got outside. He was convinced that there was something wrong with that house.

We didn't talk a lot about it afterwards, until, after we got back home, he called me and said there were strange things going on at his house. He lived alone so there wasn't anyone to corroborate his story, but he was always rational so I had no reason to doubt what he was saying.

One thing he said was that there were ravens congregating on his roof. Lots of ravens, very noisily tapping and pecking on the roof at all hours. He said he'd never seen them before and no other house had this problem. He went up and threw things at them to get rid of them, but they'd always come back. While this was going on he'd hear loud bangs and raps on the walls and windows. Sometimes he was sure the window would be broken, but it never was. He could never find anyone or anything making the loud noises either. It was the phone call he made to me later when he said the doorbell had rung a few times and no one was there that he said he hadn't felt right since leaving Chingle Hall, and he thought it had something to do with all of this.

The noises and the ravens and the doorbell went on for a few more days until he prayed that it would all stop before he went bonkers. The prayer evidently worked because everything did stop at the same time. And there hasn't been a recurrence since. He now lives up north and doesn't talk about it much anymore."

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shaun hatton
I stayed at the hall some years ago and found it a fascinating place.I dared myself to go into the bedroom with the pictures of holy men on the wall and shut the door and turned the light of, i sat there waiting for the door to burst open which was reputed to happen but unfortunately the only thing i saw was my eyelids drop! I think i slept for an hour or so until another member of my party awoke me, i did feel very relaxed in that chair. Does anyone recall beig told that the childrens spirit was following them, by the guide? Our guide said that they where following me around and i hoped that this would manifest something but them spirits are a bit shy! All in all a great night in a great place, i'd have no problem living there! I hope i can visit again.

What a great spooky and haunted building this is unfortunately the hall has been closed to the public for some time now and in 2009 the new owner has said its now a private home and he has no interest in opening it up to public viewing or visits of any kind not even for charity groups. maybe one day this will change but for now its off limits. so where to? Samlesbury Hall? or one of the many haunted buildings in Lancashire there are lots to choose from!

Barry McCann
I visited Chingle Hall during the 1970s and remember Mrs. Howarth telling us about sightings of a black monk. She said she would be sat down watching Coronation Street and become aware of the noise of the front dorr openening, followed by a hooded figure gliding through the living room towards the stairs. If the figure was that of a browned cowled monk, her two dogs would enthusiasticaly leap up and follow him. If it was the black monk, they would cower under the chair. During my visits to the place during the late 1980s, I never heard the black monk being referred to again. Doews anyone else know of him?

I used to drive past their every night and when i got home i had that weird feeling somebody was in the car with me

Darrell Smith
It is some years since i visited Chingle Hall but it is still vivid in my memory. We were a group of work mates all there for a laugh some who believed in ghosts and some who didn't. I was and remain scepticle. On arrival we were given a tour of the building having all the scary bits that are believed to be haunted. We made it to the room over the entrace hall and this was explained that when you walk into this room you will notice a significant drop in temperature. We all trooped in and the door was closed behind us. The room did not have the light on and we were having the details of the room explained to us and the temperature was significantly cooler than the corridor outside. Whilst in there i noticed a small flashing near the floor and wondered if anyone else had noticed it the hairs on the back of the neck stood up cold shivers down my back wondering what the hell this was did the guide know about it had she sshe seen it as she had not mentioned it? I was just about to mention it when she opened the door and light flooded in from the corridor and i realised that she had brought her son in and he had those flashing lights in the heel of his trainers that flash every time you move your foot. ''Did I feel stupid'' This was proberbly as eventful as the evening got although we did have some unexplained footsteps on a pocket tape recorder left on the upstairs landing when none of our party were upstairs. I would recomend a visit just for the experience whilst remebering that this is somones home.

t mullooly
i went there twice with my friend and as soon as we stepped in my friend was pushed ove is that scary or wat ?

anne lambert
when i was 34 i visited chingle hall with a friend as we were in the room at the top facing the road i felt someone nip my bum i thought it was my friend but no one was behind me at all . would love to visit again but sadly the hall closed when the owners wife died .

eleanor sloan
i went to chingle hall with my mum and dad at the age of 11 i have blonde hair and when i went into eleanors room she took a shine to me. My mum said she say a faint mist flowing around me my mum had taken some pictures of me in her room and when they where developed i could see very faint girl around me as if she wanted me to stay with her

Alison from Leyland
During the mid nineties I worked as a guide round the hall and fell in love with the place. Slept there many times overnight and conducted many tours. Like all the other guides I can assure people we NEVER planted scents or faked anything. I had days when nothing happened and others where lots of things happened. It was chingle hall which turned me from a sceptic who loved the place for its history into a beleiver who has been invovled in psychic investigations and have enjoyed developing my psychic scenses.I felt many presences at chingle,but I never felt any threatening "spirits",but can see how some people would get scared by this place. Such a shame it is not open anymore. I vividly remeber doing a tour one bright, warm sunny day. I stood in front of the priesthole in elenors room doing my talk about the history etc when I felt like a child ran behing me and 2 small hands pushed me from behind and I almost fell over.A second later my head cleared and I realised all those on the tour were in front of me on the other side of the room and there were no children lol.Hope it reopens again at some point.

Anne Rushton
Im afraid my story is very uneventful. The first part is actually my husbands part. His parents had taken him to Chingle hall on several occasions on days out. They tell me that two old ladies lived there and that one of them had been married to a seafaring man. That at the time you could get cream teas and such along with the tales of ghosts etc.So years later when my husband and I were courting they decided to take me along. At this time from what I can remember the two old ladies had passed on and the atmosphere in the house was just one of damp and neglect. We were guided round by a very likable man who looked a bit odd. I later regretted this thought because he informed us 'im not sure of the accuracy' that he was a Polish pilot and had been shot down in the war. The people who lived in the house stayed in a room off the chapel and never came out to us. He regailed many a tale of spooky happenings. Not the ones of the family except for The one about the hung drawn and quartered monk whos head had not been found. He also told of how a Roman road passed nearby. and of a monastry that had been near by in past times. He expalined about the priest hole and the wooden cross in the wall being found during renovations. He also mentioned that Granada reports had gone to do a piece on the hall with the late Toni Wilson. He said they couldnt get there cameras to work and had given up and of course as soon as they left they worked again.At this time the place did have an atmosphere of sadness for me but I put that down to the fact that it looked neglected with mold growing up the legs of wooden chairs that had obviously once been prized posetions of the old ladies with wmbroidered cushions woth anchors on and such.The next time we went was even more of a dissapointment. We had a friend staying with us from East sussex and we decided to take her out for the day. I was at the time pregnant with my son who is now nearly 18. This time the rooms were empty almost. Things had changed and Ther was a caravan with a guide on the car park. He wasnt half as interesting as the guide we had had before and mainly talked about the history and architecture of the building. I remember sitting on a single wooden chair in the room supposedly haunted byt the girl. The guide said she used to sit there making something with lavender, I thought this was a cheap ploy as i was pregnant and sat in the chair and there were stories of the girl having miscarriages from inbred pregnancys etc. We could all smell the lavender as it had been polished with lavender polish. Dont get me wrong. Im not saying the place isnt haunted by any means. Maybe im just not a sensitive. There was an atmosphere about the place and I know people who have stayed the night and experienced very scary things. I would have liked to try myself but by the time I had thought to do it, it wasnt open to the public anymore. But its nice to know that the people who have it now have looked after the place. Maybe thats just what it needed. A happy family atmosphere and someone to care for it for future generations.

Chris Holden
Back in the early 1990s myself and six work colleuges stayed the night we did it for the special baby care unit at Burnley General Hospital, we arrived quite early so we went down the local pub for a beers you do, the back to the hall where we sat in the great hall we were told a few stories and then left on our own, not much happened a few noises around the chappel in the end we went upstairs to our rooms to our chairs there were no beds,at about 3.30 in the morning i heard noises outside my room i could see shadows under the door, i knew it was some of the boys and i said come in the door opened and stood in front of me were two monks pointing at me deep down i knew who it was but they kept walking towards me i let out a very loud shout then eventually they took there masks off, but the funny thing is that i took them to a fancy dress shop a few days earlier and it did not even click to me,As for the house it was a poor night for ghosts but a great laugh overall well worth it.

I went there when I was 11 and i am 13 now, when I went i was scared stiff so i never went in, I got frightned that a ghost would be watching me or touch me! So I stayed in my dads car in the car park thing whilst my dad was looking inside the windows, so I decided to take a picture of the house to see if anything would come up and when I looked (this is no joke)there was a figure floating in the air and i could tell it was a man as it had a brown beard and moustache he looked a bit like jesus! and he had a long powder blue dress/nighty on! I was absolutly TERRIFIED so i showed my dad and I made him delete it because i was to scared and it was on my phone! I'm going there tomorrow thats why I was looking it up on the internet!

Linda M
I went there a good few years back with my now husband and had a tour. There were a number of things which didn't feel right but nothing we could put our finger on - just an underlying sense that it was an unpleasant place. We were both rather sceptical, until that was when we went in to Eleanor's room. The guide had mentioned that there were reports of the smell of lavender. We were the last couple out but just as we approached the door there was a very intense smell of lavender. My initial thoughts were 'oh eye, a quick spray into the room' but the very next moment there was not a single trace of lavender in the air. There was no way they could have faked it and both myself and my husband had no doubt that we had experienced a very strong smell of it! I always quote this incident when the topic of ghosts comes up and would love to visit again.

Karen Ticehurst
I went to Chingle Hall one Halloween night in the 1980's with a coachload of people from work. As part of our tour we went in to Eleanor's bedroom and I was overwhelmed with the smell of Lavender, a smell I can't stand as it reminds me of old ladies (no offence). No one else in the party could smell anything but it was so intense I had to leave the room. The tour guide told me later that other people had smelt lavender too but only faintly! I was quite spooked for the rest of the evening and stood in front of the roaring log fire in the main room. I suddenly went ice cold despite a thick jumper I got goose bumps! I was told I was stood in a "cold spot" and once again a few people had reported the same feeling as me. I could not wait to leave! I went back during the day some ten years later with a few friends and again I was the only one able to smell lavender and to go cold when stood on the cold spot! The place is most definately spooky and haunted. Please re-open it!


i went to chingle hall with my boyfriend, his friend and his girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, me and my boyfriend got out of the car to have around, (i had my car keys in my pocket) i heard the doors lock on the car, i asked my boyfriends mate if they had locked the doors from the inside they hadn't touched them and i could tell they weren't lying cos of their faces they were terrified! they went to pull the locks up and they wouldn't budge so i tried to use the fob on my keys, that didn't open it so i told them to wind the windows down in the back and crawl out, they did once they got out of the car i tried my fob again, the car unlocked? i will visit again but make sure there is nobody left in the car!!!

My husband and I visited Chingle Hall in the Easter of 1991.As we entered the hall my husband's watch immediately stopped.I may just add, we'd been trying for a baby for seven years with no sign of ever achieving our dream. Close to the priest hide-hole, I prayed my hardest.February 1992 our little girl was born.I am certain I have Chingle Hall to thank for our beautiful daughter.

i stayed there with my dad and i went to the toilet and i heard a young womans voice shouting help

well, while there are a number of well documented cases of phenomena at the Hall i have it on exceptionally good authority from a former workmate who has worked on TV productions there that the guides are not above putting lavender pot pourri around as the tours arrive and while i have personally experienced some odd events there i would say that for genuine hauntings Hoghton Tower is hard to beat

Some very interesting stories! I went to Chingle Hall I'd say it was May 2006.. I walked over the bridge with my partner and we knocked on the door and waited for a moment.. The door soon opened, with a young woman stood at the door. We asked if the place was still open to the public and she said yes.. Happily we ran to the car, got our stuff and entered the house. The woman has gone, so we put our bags down in the main seating area and waited.. And waited some more. Until eventually a man, late 30's I would say asked us to leave, and that we were trespassing! I explained what had happened, and he called us a liar.. Explaining no woman of the description given worked here.. Still to this day we are confused to who that woman was.. A real person, or a ghost?

Louise Foster
My first experience was in the 60's, I went with my school but didn't know anything about the hall untill I heard the guide explaining some of the history and strange phenomena in the hall. I and some of my class mates went up the stairs into a bedroom, all I can remember was a spinning wheel turning around and of course we all blamed each other for doing it, then we suddenly felt a little spooked, so we went to leave, but something slammed the big heavy door shut and it hit one of the boy's in the nose, lucky it didn't break it, we were all frantically trying to get out but the door would not budge, but then mysteriousely just opened up on it's own and there was nobody near it. My second story isn't about me, but my brother. He and some colleagues went to stay the night, my brother said it was most uneventfull, they all waited patiently for something to happen but it didn't, so my brother decided to have a cigarette, smoking was banned from the house and he couldn't get out so decided to open a window and lean out of it for a fag. He said there was a lovely full moon, and as he was getting very bored and dissapointed decided to take a photo of the moon. When he got home he sent his photo's to be developed. When he picked up his photo's he brought them to my house where we sat and looked at them, suddenly my blood ran cold, the photo my brother took of the full moon on a lovely clear night only turned out to be a figure in dark robes with head bent and hands clasped together. We showed the picture to my then very young daughters that knew nothing of ghosts or hauntings, they didn't even know what a monk was, but when they saw the photo they were curious why my brother had taken a photo of Santa Clause, spooky.

i went to chingle hall last year with a few friends to stay the night. the guide showed us round the house and she explained she normally left after the tour but she could feel that a tall man was following us around and wanted to make certain he wasn't going to cause any trouble for us once she had left. she thought he had found something better to do and finally left at about midnight. The tall dark man made himself known to us all through the night, messing with the door in john walls room and standing infront of me (i couldn't see him but i could definatly sense him!) in eleanors room when i was trying to get some of the children to come out, but they did not make an appearence, we left at 5am before the guide came back to see how we got on. If i ever get to go back i hope whoever that was doesn't put in an appearance again!

Linda Reddy of Wigan
I went to Chingle Hall in the 1970's. I also was frightened by the guide, we could'nt make out if he was a man or a women. I remember going into the living room, the day we went the world cup was on,and the previous owners were watching it, we had to stand quite and listen to the National Anthem, then we began the tour, none of us experienced anything ourselves. But the guide told me to stand in the cold spot,still nothing.It was a very interesting house, I would love to go back there sometime, if it is still open to the public. There was also some people there from UFO Society's. The guide told us also that Dennis Wheatley the writer had been there visiting the week before us.

Joe Strain
In 1994 We went to chingle hall for a overnight stay I heard a bell [possibly a cats] by the stairs.I seen three monks [with cowls up] going into the chapel, these where just shadows on the wall walking into the chapel.Two bright orange lights in elnors room they appeared out of nowhere and went around the room three times before disappearing out of the window ,with that the room filled with a thick musty smell, although the lights were off the room seemed to get brighter although the lights remained off.In the priests room someone or something opened the door at eleven oclock there was nobody on the landing outside the room and noboby came into the priests room. Apart from pens not working in the hall but working perfectly outside the front door. Cameras getting the battery covers twisted off int the great hall while we where all sitting at the table,the cameras where in the middle of the table at the time and no-one messed with them. The strong smell of incense in the chapel Knocking on the windows both sides of the great hall at the same time, nothing could be seen at either window and on going outside there was nobody by the windows or any of the plants hitting the windows.A couple of video camers getting drained of their battery life plus a couple of torches not working for no obvious reason, all where checked and where all working perfectly before we left and were all fully charged.We had a good night in all it was very interesting and informative, we asked the guide to tell us the history of the hall as opposed to the paranomal side as for the power of suggestion so if anything happened on the night it would be a suprise to us all, it was a good night and we were all very tired by the morning as none of us had been to sleep. ref-:Lunarwater Earthspirit lavender as far as i have been told had healing properties, as for the floor upstairs you do get the sensation of being on board ship its by the doorway that used to go into elnors room, [its blocked up now] and the cold spot in the great hall by the window i was told deep down in the ground there is someone buried in a fetal position with a shield and spear possibly Goosnargh? this is what I have been told I dont know how true this is.

I visited the hall when I was 15 with my local guide unit. The hall was still lived in as a home,it was both beautiful and very spooky. I nearly fell over on the spot by the fireplace. Many years later I was a tour guide for a short while. During the training, one session carried on a bit late into the night. It was 11pm and I had to cycle home. I tried to get both my cycle lights to work and they wouldn't go on. So resigned myself to a long walk home in the dark with the bike. As I got out onto the main road, off the farm track, both lights burst into brightness. Weird. That was one of many unusual things that occuured. A very special place.

Rick Bengle
Chingle Hall is a place of great importance. It was also the home of my beloved sister Judy...The experiences Ghostly and Otherwise make this an outstanding home. I pray the best to the current owner.

I wouldnt dare go to chingle hall despite being a working medium. Ive been told by a very good friend that no matter who has been in there seemed to end up with mental problems and health issues at some point in their lives? Fact or fiction? Er.... i am not going to try to find out!

We went as a family about 30 years ago. I understand that it has burned down since then. I had 2 very strange experiences. We were standing in the main room waiting for the guide. \there was a young man next to me who suddenlt started screaming "My head!My Head" He than ran out of the building with his mother chasing him. I suddenly realised that I felt as if I was standing in water half way up my legs. I felt very cold. Everyone else was standing to the back of the room. The Guide came in and asked if any one felt as if they were staning in water. He proceede to explain that I was not the only person that felt that way. We then started the tour and I felt fine. At least ,I was until I reached one of the bedrooms that had an alter at the end and a priest hole in the wall. Excavations had begun on the fireplace and they thought they had found another priest hole. While this was being wxplained , I began to feel quite uncomfortable. Firstly very cold, then hot,severe palapatations, sweating and a bad headache. I couldn't wait to get out of the room. We then went to the bedroom where cameras won't work etc and the guide said" You O.K now - you you are only the 2nd person to react in that room" I should tell you I was in my late 30's at the time and a school teacher. My brain told me that this was a load of rubbish. To prove it , I went back to the first bedroom, walked up to the alter looked down the priest hole nothing! Walked back to the newley excavated chimney and couldn't get near it! I should have said that while in the room initially,I was standing near the chimney. I have great respect for the hall but I don't know if the fire altered things

Sarah from barrowford near burnley!
I went to chinge hall in 1995 and at this time i was only 15 years old. But the experiences i felt that day will haunt me forever. I had been interested in ghoasts and supernatural experiences for quite sometime,so my dad and best friend chloe decided to pay Chingle Hall a visit! We went with a coach ful but we had to take it in turns to go round the housein small groups. In my group there was 2 old men, my father, me and chloe. As we entered the house chloe burst into tears saying she suddenly felt very ill! The tour guide said this was a regular occurance for many people! As we were walking upstairs i got a sudden smell of strong flowers! We reached the corridor and at the end of the corridor there was one door that was open, as we walked into the first room we were all quite scared even my father who said he didnt beleive in anything of this sort. When we came back out of the room we went back onto the corridor and all the doors were now shut apart from the one that was shuit before we entered the first did this happen? Also as we entered Elenor Singleton room i felt someone pullin me back out of the room! After this happened i insisted of leaving the house because i couldnt handle anymore! I was only 15 and i was scared out of my senses! My dad still talks about that visit to this day and chloe wont even mention it...she claims if she does then all the hairs on the back of her neck stand up!

Paula Davies
I went to chingle hall some years ago, we found nothing disturbing, when it was time to leave we assembled in the porch. Suddenly one of our ladies said she could smell something, another lady said the same a third lady said she too could smell something and it was a medicinal smell. We all looked at one another waiting to see what would happen next, then one of our quite elderly ladies said in a small tremulous voice 'I'm sucking a Fishermans Friend'!

My Nana took my mum and her sisters there when they were young. When they were in one of the rooms 3 vases fell off a sideboard and smashed. My Nana went to yell at my mum for this only to realise she was stood right behind my Nana at the opposite end of the room.

does anyone know if vigals are still allowed here i tried 2 yrs ago and the owner said he didnt allow it any longer

i do like your story

Linzie Coppull
Is it stil possible to visit Chingle hall? People keep telling me it is but dont know how to get in contact.

I have heard that Chingle Hall has re-opened. Has anyone else heard this? Does anyone have a contact no. to find out?

Shirlie from Blackburn
Stayed at chinlge a while ago with my sister inlaw Karen and two friends. To our dissapointment we didnt see anything but we did capture a voice on audio tape which seemed to whisper (who are you). Myself and my sister inlaw both felt uneasy and quite unbalanced in the John Wall room and during the night at the back door we both smelt sulphar which is a known phenomena at Chingle. Its a very creepy place but haunted? who knows...

ade lupton
I stayed overnight at chingle hall with three friends in about 1990. the night was littered with strange sounds,knocks and smells, but the event which really stood out was when i went upstairs to retreive something from our bags which we had left in lady Eleanor,s room. upon entering the room i had left the door slightly ajar, then while searching through the bags i was surprised to hear quite disdinct footsteps coming across the landing from the priest,s room on the left. as the steps reached the door i was shocked to then experiance the door slowly open and felt a sudden drop in the room temprature. As i stood in the centre of the room watching the door intently i then felt a soft tugging or stroking of my hair ? i could sense i was not alone in that room but it was not an alarming encounter ? more a pleasantly stange experiance !!.

Kaye Freestone
I visited Chingle Hall in 1991 with a few friends. Although I didn't see anything I had 2 very strange experiences there. The first was when the guide, who was showing about 10 of us around in the main room downstairs. Just as we were about to move on, I asked him where the cat was. All through his speasking, I could hear a cat mieowing pitifully. Only one other member of the party had heard the cat which was unusual considering it was very loud. I don't remember where we were upstairs but when I walked up the stairs I suddenly felt as though the floor were rising and sinking. It made me quite giddy. I was very glad therefore, to read LunarWater EarthSpirits' comments.

re fays story;my dads camera would not work at all in or after coming away from chingle hall. does anybody remember the guide?in the early eighties,he frightened us before going in the house,just by his appearance!! and looking back now i realize there were no children in that house,yet i saw a girl,

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