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24 September 2014

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Ted's fun stuff

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Fromage with Love!

Grub's up!

What's the best Lancashie grub? Add your favourites to the new list!

1. Black pudding
2. Chorley cake
3. Lancashire hotpot
4. Crumbly cheese
5. Parkin
6. Tripe and onions
7. Eccles cake
8. Butter pie
9. Simnel Cake
10. Wet Nelly

last updated: 22/11/07

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Tomme Tailor
Flaky pasty barm

Butter Pie!!! That shop near the Sir Robert Peel, across from the car sales area, hat has since closed down. It was the best!!

Peter Lax
I love Cissy Greens pies.declerc muffins RIP.Tea Total Tavern (under Yatses Wine Lodge).Royton Store pork pies.

how do you cook parched peas

As an EXPAT living in TEXAS USA can I get Hollands meat pies in the US ?do they still do the Fried Fish at the Tommyfield Market?Barry, Bastrop,Texas,USA

Peter Taylor
Cissy Green Pies without question

Black Pudding from Oldham's Tommyfield Market.

Holland's pies, Tattie hash, sauuce butties, Chadwick's Black Puddings, Potato Cakes, Ribs n "Cabbidge" Hot Pot, Black tripe

I miss and love Crumbly Lancashire Cheese here in France, when I visit family, its the first thing on my shopping list to bring back!!

salma :)
hello. i find your website very helpful. it gives e ideas for my cookng at school... thankyou bbc !!!

Sandra Austen London
Does anyone know how to make John Bulls I have tried to make them but when I go to deep fry them all the mince comes out into the fat what a mess

Sandra Austen
I moved from Blackburn to London 9 years ago and I really miss John Bull chips and gravy,cheese & onion pie chips and gravy and a decent piece of fish and chips from the chip shop

Phil Harker
Hollands Steak and kidney Pudding

who remember my granny cooking cabbage and ribs.luvly

The Spiv
Manchester tart! What a memory THAT is. Always loved it as a kid, and now just last week-end taught my granddaughter to make it. Guess what her fav puddin' is now? As an ex-pat Scouse, I have a constant yearning for meat and potatoe pies but after years of living and searching round the med, I have come back to this country and now have a freezer half full of them to keep me going. They can't make them down south but a visit to Greens in Barrow or virtually any other northern "local" bakery will keep me happy. (Apart from anything else - it's a great excuse to get the bike out!)p.s. Anyone else like ice-cream and evaporated milk over their Eccles cake, or is it just me?

Manchester Tart from school dinners I was thinkin of makin that last week! what a coincidence.

the best pork pies to be had at this time are from grimes at cleveleys

Rick D
moved to scotland as a lad, to this day i still miss butter Pie

black peas in cup on bonfire night-with salt of course

Rag pudding with a gable end on it.
Keeps a cold away, and a supermodel figure!

Steve Barnes
I miss Steak & Kidney Pudding with Gravy

William Fuller
Steak & Kidney Pudding with Gravy

Glyn Macarthur
stew and hard , from nelson burnley area.

peter a hope, tasmania
Dee, born in blackburn 1944 it was called hazlet,but potted hough is almost identical

ricardo ram washington
butter pies and john bull are the dogs for me...

For Dee.The sandwich meat from Lancashire is Oldham.

Chris, Tottington, Lancs
Dee, I think you might be thinking of hazlet? Similar to pressed beef.

Dee,In answer to your question (i think your referring to an answer in take a break arent you?)Question: Split the place in two and it could be ancient sandwich meat from lancashire?Ans - OLD HAM !!hope it helps.

Does anyone know the name of a sandwich meat (6 letters) that was popular in Lancashire years ago.

I lived in Preston and every Good Friday my mother used to make Butter Pie. However this was not a pastry item, but a stew, which consisted of potatoes, carrots, onions and butter. Does anyone have the recipe ?

John Trehy
I like Denis Hargreaves miss his brothers lancashire pies and mushy peas and I'm in Muscat Oman and can't find them if he were in business today what an export opportunity! John Trehy Hi Denis check in from Berlin.

Timothy Wells
john bulls

pie barm

Pilky from Leyth (Leigh)
A gurt big bowl of steaming hot lobbies (to you Wiganers a pie bawt crust !!)

Holland's Steak Puddings,Meat Pies,Meat and Potato Pies etc and Mushy Peas,Freshly made Pressed Beef or Beef Paste from the local markets with fresh teacakes,are still just the tip of the iceberg,after years in the USA.

Stephen Fox
Mum from Oldham, Dad from Middleton - one thing they agreed on was roast cows heart, lovely especially cold with stuffing 0n an oven bottom muffin. Live in Kent, work once a month in Salford - shipping order of black puddings and pies.

David Entwistle
All of the savoury Lancashire food listed here will taste better with a splash of Lancashire sauce

norma hill
Butter pies and parched peas. Someboby must know the recipes. I live in Canada originally from Preston. Used to work at Studio Cards. always went to the bakery on New Hall Lane, but can,t remember its name. Delicious.

Joanie Faddol Gruber
Miss all the places in Bispham, Blckpool from early 1980's, eapecially miss meat and potato pie and mushy peas. Now in Cincinnati, USA and would give a bomb to DEVOUR a good hunk of lancashire crumbly with wholemeal bread.

Tony Dean
Thorpe's Bakery In Hyde & then Dukinfield did the best meat & potatoe pies. He sold his shop around 4 years ago. I remember queuing on the street to order two of his pies at 77 pence each. The best and most savoury meat & potatoe pies Iv'e ever tasted . Where are you now Mr Thorpe & who's got his recipe ???

Stuart Morgan
Oddie's T-cakes, you ask for a t-cake up hear and you get something with icing on it. Proper black pudding. Chips and gravy. Hollands steak puddings. Ribs and peas, pickled eggs over T chippy counter. Meat Pies. and lovely crumbly Lancashire cheese. as well as cheese pies, hot pot. and tripe. I live in Newcastle now and the only traditional dishes they have here is Peas pudding (which is quite repulsive) and a giant T-cake which looks like it's been sat on by your dad for two hours, (A.K.A. a stottie).

Butter pies are delicous. However I live in Hampshire so I can't get them here :( Will have to look on the net for recipes I think.

our favourite shop
butter pie

chips wet with scraps - its a bolton thing !

David (Toronto Canada)
Bangers and Mash with fried onions and a poached egg on top...

Hot pot - made properly and with a crust. Best at Heskin Hall.

BarmcakesParched Peas

laura blackburn
as so many seem to be asking for the butter pie recipe im gonna try out a few varieties over the next week then will postthe gentleman who wanted lighter whiter steak puds invest in some ground almonds just 2 tea spoons will do and they work fantastic in dumplings too they make them sooooooooo light


Mick, from Preston
Oxtail, wi shinbeef, onions, carrots `n chips....heaven...Ridings fish & chips (proper silver hake)...Pickerings pies, (to die for), and Parched peas on the Whitsuntide fair...(incidentally, does anyone know how to cook parched peas?) I would be grateful for any info.

Michael Brindle
Butter Pies rule

Ronald knott
I am 70 years old and lived in Bolton frombirth to my late teens, my favourite food memory is of the meat and potatoe pasties. They were the epitomy of what is now called fast food. A meal in your hand! I still hanker for them and in my infrequent visits to Bolton I make a bee line for the pasty shop. Wtiting this I can smell and taste them. Ron

peter william ormerod
orange peas

oat cake

Ian Watkins
One of the best things I look forward to when I return to Bolton from the Midlands is a Walshes peppery pie Never mind one I have three.

Sam from Oldham
Cheese dip with a fried egg on top, buppy milk (bread, lightly sugared, with warm milk poured over).

Sam from Oldham
Cheese and onion pie from Bella's or Green's (bakeries in Mossley. Meat pies from a bakers on Lees Rd in Clarksfield (Oldham). They poke a hole in the top and put gravy in (well, at least they used to).


Derek Fitton
Boiled Bacon Ribs with Mushy Pease( Ribs from Len Butchers Accrington Indoor Market)are the best!!!!

joanne lunt
butter pies are the best thing in the world

trish canada
meat & taty pie mushy peas gravy with heinz salad cream on top at the majorca cafe scotland rd nelson. yum

roy halton,canberra,aust.
I left Chorley in '66,visited a couple of times and made a b-line for Reuben Marsdens just to taste again their delicious pies.The best fish and chips for me were undoubtedly from the Savoy near the Wigan 'bus station as it was in the late '50s.

david lancaster
Keanies fish and chips from harewood road circa1950s- never met their match!

David J Morris
Parched Peas



I remember Russels delivering their pies outside Horrocks's cotton mill in the '50s and they were absolutely wonderful! only pies I used to eat everything including the pastry, which was really yummy! ex Prestonian now living in the midlands! My dad used to call them 'Russels Tusslers' Paula XX

alan wild
fish chips peas and a steak pudding was named simmons special after the lancashire cricketer

joseph martion
my top 10 are:1)cheese and cucumber sandwiches 2)BUTTER PIE aND FINALLY LAN CASH IRE HOTTOP

dennis Hargreaves
Does anybody remember Ratcliffes meat pies from Widnes. They are closed now but that recipe would make someone a millionair

nigel sykes ,salford
in the early 1980's i worked next door to lancashire county cricket ground. the local chippy sold fish chips and mushy peas topped off with a steak n kidney pudding, delicious! trouble is i cant recall the name of the cricket player it was named after.

Ian Davies, Blackburn
There use to be a pie shop in Mill Hill that did gravy and peas that was put in a jug the shopper took with them, could'nt resit sipping some on the way home.

Steak & Kidney pudding cooked in a Rag - any one have a recipie. My Dad used to make it and the pastry came out white - I've tried but the pastry always comes out the browny suet colour.

Meat & Potato Pie & Mushy Peas in an Oven Bottom Muffin

I dream of Eccles cakes!

Pepper Lane pie shop in Standish do THE BEST butter pies, but get there early, they'll be sold out!!

you need to be able to do bread 'n' butter puddin

vera howarth
my mothers favourites which I remember.pea soup & bacon ribsox -tailtrotters.tripe.pigeon(from our pen)brawn heartcowheelprater(potatoe) hash.beef broth &pearl barleybutter & onion potatoes.prater pie &suet crustpobs (bread & hot milk &sugar.condensed milk butties.goose,duck. chicken(OUR OWN)egg-custard pie.singing lily(left-over pastry with currants&bakedsticks of rhubarb eaten raw &dipped in sugar.collups-bacon &sliced potatoe -fried.freshly cooked pork crackling.jam &cheese butties.home made rice pudding with grated nutmeg &a blob of strawberry jam.HP sayce butties.golden syrup butties.treacle butties.this list is not exhaustive but all I can think of right now.It`s full of my childhood memories!

Peacocks Pastys , at the bottom of Vale street in Darwen .Never had a pasty that comes close to the flavour .Pity it closed down , the recipe was always thought to be a sercet .Mmmmmmmmm memories :)

Paul McMahon
I live in Brazil and boy do I miss M&P pies. My favourite to this day comes from Greens bakery in Barrow in Furness. ( I know its not Lancashire but the pies great)

Dennis Hargreaves
I am normally overseas and the biggest thing I miss from Lancashire is the pies. I often think about meat and potatoe with gravy and mushy peas, nothing like it in the world. I am in Berlin at the moment and we can get some pies but not M & P fresh and hot.

Frank in Canada
John Bull's from Sandersons (Sandy's) Fish & Chip Shop Ewood Blackburn.Savoury Mince between two slices of potato,battered & deep fried' Should have franchised it.McDonald's would never have got a look in.

Pam in Thornton
Fish and chips in newspaper from Russells chip shop in Poulton 1950s

graham bruce
Walsh's Lancashire pasties every time I visit Bolton, which is not often thse days. A real treat. Would like a bar meal at the Old Man And Scythe but Walsh's is across the road. Lunch in the car. Every time! EVERY TIME!

eric brough
meat and potato pie together with a glass of the finest claret

Susan MacGregor
Can anyone give me a recipe for a butter pie that I recall eating every Friday when I was a child. Also a hotpot with just potatoes and a pastry lid made in the deep brown eartherware dishes

Wet Nelly is a delightful pudding, made from pastry and cake scraps soaked in syrup.

lyn gostridge
I make my husband john stew & dumplings over chips.

Phil Nuttall
Greenhalghs pies. Egg n bacon muffin with brown sauce on (has to be daddies, fish finger butties, and whi remembers Hunters meat puddings in a tin?

Phil Nuttall
Pea n ham shank soup with carrots and dumplings & seven slices of heavily buttered bread to dip it up with!

Ken Shaw
How come a meat pie let alone meat and potato which is unavailable outside of our great county, be let out of the top ten. Furthermore, an oven bottom muffin(aka barm) is a lanky speciality!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Overum
My grandma's buter pie without a shadow of a doubt. oh yummmmmmmmmmm.


chicken neck soup
a winter warmer and cost nowt

Simone from Skipton
mushypeas and vinegar butties parched peas homemade delicious pie n peas a nice sunday roast dinner and finally chocolate roulade with brandied black cherry compote or applepie and custard

Sharon Molloy
Parched Peas - an exile for many years I yearn for these! Where outside of Preston can I find them or cook for myself please?

Steak Pud, chips and mushy peas. Live in Yorks now and cant get them for the life of me!!!

patrick barnes
meat and potatoe Pasty barm from ye olde pastie shoppe in bolton. The best!

John Eagle
Can anyone tell me what a butter pie is?

Sylvia Hansen
Old English dumpling recipe for stews & lentil soup. Self raising flour, 2 pinches of salt and water to mix. Cook on top of stew or soup for just a few minutes - turn once.

Hayley S, Longridge
There's nowt like corn' beef hash with beetroot n red cabbage. Sticks to your ribs does that!

pat young farnworth
lamb& chorizo its gorgeous

broth n dumplings,stew n hard.puddin chips peas curry sauce on topmmmmmmmmmmm

chris malo
BUTTER Pie I remember from childhood and found several receipt- google butter pie

Becca, Preston
Beef Stew n Dumplings. My great-grandma always used to make it. Gawjuzz :P x x x x

Danny Crook
Cissy Greens Meat Pies From haslingden are great!

Billy Cayman
Lancashire Pasty

Howard, Blackburn
Does anyone know where I can get a recipe for butter pies - I love em too!

manchester tart i remeber this fron school dinners 30years since

Joyce from Adelaide
Cabbage & Ribs...

home made tomato soup from our greehouse home made lancashire hotpot with oysters made with cow heal apple pie with cream

David From Burnley
Homemade (Samosa Pie)& Gravy mmmm Delicious!!!!

Gary's friends
Please can you tell us what Butter pie and Wet Nelly are?

cliff from ormskik
curried porridge well why not you use oats to thicken stew and soup make it thick and spread it on any meat sandwich that`ll warm the cockles of your heart on a cold winters day

rita, cherry tree
steak & cowheel pie with a suet crust. The gravy just sticks to your lips, yummy.

Gill, Lancaster
Hodgson's Chippy.....the best fish n chips in the country......and they have the national award to prove it!! They are blummin good...yum yum :oP

Gill, Lancaster
Summat me grandma always med on a sat'di .......corned beef hash. By 'eck it's gradely!

Pea soup and chips - home made pea soup that is with a ham shank in it and carrots - nice and thick but not so stiff as it won't pour nicely over the chips. Or cauli cheese and chips - with a nice strong thick cheese sauce made with lots of er Cheddar cheese - Lancashire just wont do a sauce.

Natalie Barbosa
Cheeeeeeeese of course

Sue now in Dorset
Black Puddings; potato hash; potato pie and peas; Ribs and Black peas; Sad cakes (chorley cakes) fruit cake with a hunk of Lancashire cheese. Warburtons bread. Chicken, chips and gravy

Caroline Finch
Its got to be parched peas from Preston market - in a polystyrene cup with vinegar - yum. I also take pies back to London - Carefoots pies in Longridge

Butter pies! My work mate is obsessed with them.

simon walsh
Butter Pies from Preston indoor market for me. They are well lush. I take 20 back to london with me everytime i visit.

Black Pudding Barm Cake

sugar buttys

Lancashire Hot Pot, Black Peas cooked with ham, Lancashire cheese, Pork Pies, Tripe

Black pudding,Eccles Cakes,Crumbly lancashire cheese,Hot Pot,Parkin,Meat Pies,

Lancashire Blacksticks Blue Cheese,fresh crusty bread and a pint of Lancaster Bomber.

Alan Rigby
Lancashire hotpot red cabbage and a pint of Pendle Witch bitter,Wow!

Butchers Lancashire cheese and branston pickle on Warburton's white bread

sue rowley
homemade cheese and onion pie with baked beans

Butterpies from Mr Stone in Bury, Lancashire,mmmm to die for

wigan meat & potatoe pies

Irene from tasmania
steak pudding and mushy peas.makes me home sick

Greenfield's creamy Lancashire cheese - yum!

James Whalley
Tasty Lancashire Cheese from Preston Market Chips and Gravy

Apple pie and cheese

Tater Ash
To be found in sunny Salford - potatoes meat in stock -wonderful

Kevin, Bolton
Lancshire crumbly cheese & blackcurrant sandwiches. fried banana with fried egg & bacon

Danny Cutts
Nice Bowl of Scouse Stew

vince cox
Grilled Black pudding on a bacon sarnie!! good hang over fodda!!

Danny C
Has to be a Hollands Meat & Potato pie butty for me, with HP sauce. Grand stuff!

Davina Huntingdon
Lancashire crumbly cheese and oat fav

Davina Huntingdon
Black Peas!!

Cheese & onion pastie from Greg's bakery

Rick Bradley
You just cant beat tripe and onions washed down with a pint of robinsons best mild.

potatoe cakes and steak and kidney puddings

christine duncan
best lancashire food is chicken tikka masala

Parched Peas (normally found in Preston!)

Bread and butter pudding... with sultanas and currants and lashings of custard. Mmm,yummy!

Cissy Greens meat pies from Haslingden - lovely!

Chicken Balti Pies - probably the worlds best pie.

Laura Peter
Mrs. Kirkham's Lancashire Cheese, quite simlpy the best there is !

Black peas/Parched Peas

Creamy Lancashire Cheese - it's the best.

christine harrison
heinze tomato soup on chips

alan in cheshire
willis street pies from warrington especialy the small fresh meat withthe lovely sweet hot meat juice

John H.
Curry and Kebabs!

marie carr
pork pie with mustard and a cup of tea

Eric Butler
Bacon on a nice fresh Barm cake with good cup of tea

Meat and potato pie with mushy peas.

D Thomason
Rag puddding was my most looked forward to meal when I was growing up.

Barbara Robinson
Extra Tasty Lancashire Cheese - delicious.

Brian Harper
PIE FLOATER Meat Pie in a dish of cooked peas

naomi rawcliffe
meat and potatoe pie in a barm

fish & chips

Alan Rigby
Black pudding eaten out side on Bury market

Lancashire cheese on toast..done under the grill.Then topped with Wouster sauce

Penny Eminson
Ham and Pea Broth with dumplings

Anne Cunningham
Beef stew and dumplings

Chips & Gravy

For a start, what is a wet nelly? ------ My selection is: Meat pie Also: spotted dick

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