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25 July 2014
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Spooky Stories

Brindle Village

Brindle Lodge

Carmel tells us about her experiences one night at Brindle Lodge near Hoghton...

"Between 1988 and 1990 I stayed at Brindle Lodge, Hoghton for a NHS training course.  I was between 18 and 20 years of age.

The accommodation was part of what was a stable block (I think) with the five or so stables converted into single bedrooms running off a corridor.  The door to the stable block had a lock on it, but the bedrooms had a latch on each door.  My room was the last room at the end of the corridor.

I must have gone to bed around 10.30 p.m. or so, and unusually felt uneasy.  I read for a while and then turned the lamp off.  Feeling a bit scared (for no particular reason), I turned the lamp on again.  I  then turned it off again, feeling stupid, but as soon as I lay down I was had a strong feeling that the door was going to fly open.  Ridiculous really, as the door had a latch and someone would have to lift the latch....and I would hear that wouldn't I?

Bang the door flew open!  I jumped up, ran into the corridor.  There was no one there.  I knocked on the room next door, where I knew Maureen was sleeping - could she have done it?  It was clear she had been fast asleep and had heard nothing.  I told her the story, sat with her for while and then feeling a little foolish, went back to bed.

I sat with the light on until dawn and on hearing a train in the distance, finally fell asleep.

The next day, I asked someone at Brindle Lodge if it was haunted.  They said that to their knowledge it was not, but that some people did sleep with their lights on!.

My strange but true spooky story."

Carmel Fenning

The views expressed on this page are those of the contributor and the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the BBC.

last updated: 07/02/06
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I live more or less next to Brundle Lodge & one day i were walking threw around 0330 and i could see things in the distance as i gt closer i shone my torch in that direction and to my suprise there was nothing there, so i shone my torch over the surrounding feilds and there was nobody to bee seen!

When I was in my teens, many years ago now, I used to go to a youth club in Farnworth, Nr.Bolton. After we used to go and sit in an old condemed house which was called Darley House,I know it was silly and dangerous but you do those things when you are teenagers. One Sunday Afternoon I was just looking round and I saw a pair of legs walking up the staircase, I thought I was seeing things no body attached, just legs. I have never ran so fast out of that house, never to return.

no name
i was with my friend at my house, when we heard footsteps. we thought it was a family member, but we heard them getting closer. no one was there. we ignored it, but then we heard a man talking. We screamed as it came from right behind the door. We got inside a cupboard, and hugged each other with fright. Spooky...

when i was younger about 9 or 10 my mum and dad got my a cd player for a child i was over the moon with it. it wasn't until about 4 weeks after x-mas i went to bed and found that it was switched on. i thought nothing about it and turned it off quickly so my dad didn't shout at me for leaving it on. then the following years it happend more and more. at first i could turn it of myself then,i would go to bed and it was on, i'd try to turn it off and i couldn't so i went for the plug and even then when it wasn't pluged in the cd or radio would still play. even my mum and dad were freaked out.

when me and my friend had a sleep over and she had a 4 poster with certains and i night she closed the certains and they got back open again

Shauna Smith
on my 20th birthday i went to cheack on my son and he was floating in mid-air.i move as soon as a could.

I went to bed once and I turned the lamp off and suddenly it turned its self back on!Then I saw a white figer!

Lee Carberry
In the summer of 1983 i was walking through the local cemetary late at night with 3 friends. About 100 foot in front of us we clearly saw a family walking together . There was a man,a woman,a child and a dog.The little girl and the dog were chasing in and out of the gravestones . We could hear the girls laughter . We had the family in our sight for a few minutes as we continued walking.Then one of the guys said something and we all looked at him for about 5 seconds....when we looked ahead once more....the family was GONE ! There was NOWHERE they could have gone.It was open flat ground surrounded by a wall on all sides with only one entrance/exit.They wer gone ! Needless to say we hurried out of there sharpish and were all left shocked.However, here's the sting in the tale....years later i was browsing a book in the library and i came accross a story that described an old newspaper report from the 1970's tha told how several people had reported seeing the same ghosts ! Now that sent shivers down my spine .

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