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13 November 2014

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sweet shop

Space dust!

Add to our list of ten favourite sweeties you used to get from the tuck shop...

1. Spangles
2. Texan bars
3. Toffos
4. Pacers
5. Star bars
6. Penny bubblies
7. Space dust
8. 10p mars bars
9. Flying saucers
10. Cherry lips

last updated: 20/05/2009 at 13:50
created: 27/10/2005

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I remember Old Jamaican bars - They were lovely. I think they sell them at The Pink Sugar Mouse Sweet Shop

Can anyone remember hobo chews

steve watson Aberdeen
anyone remember splicers,the chewy multicoloured bar.It had the crazy tv ad where the guy in asuit took a bite of one and his suit became all multi coloured,bring them back please.

Vera Scanlon
Lucky numbers,sherbet dips, oh so many I cant remember but you never forget the taste

Aztec Bars were my favourite. I too loved Creamola Foam.

does anyone remember cream eggs that the yoke tasted of tangerine, am sure they was made by Rowntrees.

Jamboree bags!!!!

Victory V, they were later sole on small bags

OMG Bones...i thought i was the only one to remember them, they were so yummy!! my favourite..


Caramacs & Bones (in the black bag) mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Bottle of Ice Cream Soda pop!


margaret . edinburg
cadbuys old jamaica num num num creamola foam slurp

sarsasparilla = sarsaparilla

Does anyone remember coffee walnut whips? Can you still buy them or anything similar?

What has a Hazelnut in every bite, pure milk chocolate for your delight?TOPIC !

janet adams
does anyone remember anytime bars two different flavours mint and strawberry, honeycomb middle with chocolate covered on the outside (yummy)

Yes Wendy mentioned imps,small hard liquorice squares that to my amazement, when i put them in the drawer of my mums washing machine and opened it again, used to totaly vanish! Sorry mum!!!

Charlotte Groom
Mmmmm bones,i used to love them, and haunted house ice cream lollys,oh and nutty bars!,reading your list is making my mouth water,thanks for the memories!, Charlotte x

Best bit is when you went into the shop with a shilling for sweets you came out laden down with a huge bag and thought you were a sweeties millionaire!! What can you get for 5p now eh??

Victory V Gums
Loved to chew them, We sold them in our shop. They were loose in red tins. Same as the lozenges.

paul taylor
Does anyone remember nutty bars,plus also there were crisps called Allstars and inside the packet you got a small card with a picture of a footballer on it.

norma baker
rembr lucky numbers

steve grey
anyone remember mint teasers a malteasers spin off from the early 60's yum.

patsy c
Jublees frozen or as a drinkBlack jacks and fruit saladsLucky bags (we called them trebby chews cause made by trebor I think?)Jap dessertsFrys sandwich bars, 3 layers of chocolateShrimpsCola cubes

fruity pops.

Pat Allonby
Penny loafSour Apples - painful to eat but you always bought more

stingers. sour chewy tablet like sweets about 12 loose in a spce dust style package. around 1973-74

opal toffees, out around the mid 60,s

Sherbert, Muli-coloured and plane.

skippy bars cadbury toffee buttons

Tracey from Edinburgh
anyone remember creamola foam?

I used to love flying saucers,cherry lips and star bars!

horlicks tablets,coffee walnut whips,pola bars,chipmunk oxo crisps,tiger nuts,frys fruit creme bars,top ten ice cream,jublies,cider lollies,larger and lime lollies,swisskit bars,spangels,mint cracknell all the good things are gone. why !!!!!

Rowntrees Butterscotch Gums and Licorice Gums. I used to buy a tube of each with my pocket money and they had to last me the week.

M. BROGAN from Glasgow
Take a Biscuit that's no bigger that a button.Take some raisins that's been lazin in the sun.Find yourself a mellow piece of chocolate.Take a TIFFIN ant their all in one!!!!1

How about butterscotch gums? Also I remember a little plastic cup with chocolate in which you ate with a tiny spoon and at the bottom of the cup was some strawberry stuff! Yummy. Can buy coltsfoot rock all over the place now; also seen Old Jamaica around. But you can't get Squirrel dolly mixtures any more and they were the only true ones - Bassetts are rubbish in comparison!

Paul Johnson
I saw Rainbow Drops at and thought of you :))

Chocolate counters - they were like smaller versions of the uncoated Minstrels you get in Revels but with numbers on.

frys six bar

miguel estephan
why can i not get BOVRIL CUBES ANYMORE

banjo (2 diff types) and cabana chocolate bars 4 me pleeeeeeeeeeeeese

Can someone please bring back Squirrel dolly mixtures. The very thought of those distinctive flavours and shapes makes my mouth water and evokes happy childhood memories. I'd like a bowlful within reach when I'm on my deathbed.

rice sticks

HiaI am trying to trachk down wordies ...sweets form the seventies...does anyone remember them..

alan thompson
tic tacs in a tin small bits of strong liquorice also cadburys twentiesindividualy wrapped pieces of choc in a box.

alan thompson
am i the only person who remebers "arrow bars" one old penny bought you this small strip of caramel.also a caramel biscuit bar called "skippy"

Geoff Duke
'Moon Dust' sherbert that popped and fizzled in your mouth and 'Rainbow Drops' that were a bit like Rice Krispies but sweeter and multicoloured. Also, the original Golden Nuggets breakfast cereal were considerably bigger in the seventies; 'Black Bart' who made up the marketting trio with 'Klondike Pete' and his horse 'Pardner' was not written out for obscure PC reasoning at that time.

football puff crisps and galaxy chocolate counters in a white bag with a picture of a giraffe.

I craved Mint Cracknell throughout my pregnancy (and drove my husband mad in the process) but they weren't made any more. It almost killed me!! The "baby" is now 22 and I still dream of Mint Cracknell.

Anne marie
cola bottles

what happened to bits of pizza crisps

please bring back pink panther chocolate swilled down with a bottle of sasbarilla greeeeeeat

Does anyone know if I can still get hold of Salt & Vinegar Bones - the crisps in the black packets. If anyone knows I'd really appreciate any help you could give. Thanks so much Jo

Dave McKay
What about Dinosaur Eggs and Water Melon gobstobbers in it's own little box

roger vaughan
what happened to "Squirrel" dolly mixtures ? nothing in this day and age comes near them! I cannot find them anywhere - have they stopped production ??

jaannette brazier
bliss chocolate bars were fantastic.they were around in the 60s and they should bring them back.can anyone remember who made them?

lester marks
banjo bar the best there was wew want banjo back please

Gwen, I can remember the chocolate bar called bliss,but when I ask any one else,no-one else seems to remember it,it was longish in shape,think had probably 4 or 5 sections with soft centre and hazelnut inside each, I used to buy it back in the 50s or 60s.

I would love Mint Cracknell to return, also the Lime barrel in Milk Tray, mmmm

spanish gold

black jacks and fruit salads

Ice breaker bar

ray T
Penny arrow toffee bar...Caramel wafer buy "Grey Dunn"12 for only One & seven( 1\7d)(£.s.d)

Mel 2
Wasn't that nutty bar called Picnic Mmm my favourite and I had forgotten all about it

Weren't they called Walnut Whips? Pacers used to be called Opal Mints as opposed to Opal Fruits(Currently Starbursts). I also remember Penny Arrow Bars, Jubblies, Traffic Light Lollies, Lucky Bags, .....

does anyone remember a chocolate bar called bliss

Parma violets and sherbet fountain!

i loved the aztec bars. and apple strudels. even remember the advert. oodles and oodles of cadburys strudels.please bring them back!!!

I seem to remember Bliss bar being in a kind of elongated figure of eight.In cross section, choc. outer, mallow, then an orange jelly inner. MMmmm

amazin raisen mint cracknel oh and it was highland toffee bars not holland and u can still get them

In the 70,s we had frying pan lollipops in foil red or orange, chuckles, blobs, glees, apple stroodles which were like chocolate raisins in an apple shaped packet

dalek lollies

milky way with a dark centre
these were the best and much better than the sickly sweet flavour they have now.

I miss Walnut Bliss bars from the early 60s...cant recall who made them but they were super!

aniseed rock, cadbury's supermousse (bit like a milky way) and army & navy tablets. Many of your favourites can be found via

Hmmm....remember Ovaltine bars, yummmmmm.....counters and cabana - I think chocolate companies should really increase their profits and bring them back!!!

alan white
bring back the best chocolate bar of the eighties - Cabana bar

Trebor Mints,like polos but without the hole.

my favourite crisps are tomato wotsits and i'm sad they don't make them anymore

Pat Craig
Hollands toffee bars with a cow on the wrapper. Have I got that right, or is my memory playing tricks on me?

Irene Robertson
no one remembers Conversation Lozengers or Stroudles made by Cadburys, was bits of apple covered in chocolate 1970s

lily somers
nutty favourites and cocoanut ice

Savoury Vinegar Crisps.Hazelnut clusters in the Black Magic box.Trebor Mallo bar.and I also liked the dairey Milk bar .

Swisskit. Remember - "why risk it for a Swisskit" Tasted like cardboard but used to buy a bar cos I thought it made me look sophisticated!

Please bring back Galaxy Counters in the white bag!

wot happened 2 sherbet lemons? they ave all disapeared! everyone had one in their mouth 1nce! now they r all gone! i am in dispair....

sarah hickman
i remember the cadburys bar six they were lovely yum yum yum plz cadbury bring them back

Threepenny Lucky bags, usually with the green man parachutist. also multi-coloured pop corn, in a grease proof tubular packaging, with pale white, geen and pinkish horizontal stripes running the length of it. Yum Yum! :o)

What happened to Treets?

Crispets! They sort of tasted like dog chocolate but I absolutely loved them!

milk tray chocolate bars i loved them except for the coffe one where are they know

pearl serruya
fry's walnut bliss,please nring it back it was georgeous

I'm in my fifties and for YEARS I have thought about those pink toffee spearmint bars that were wrapped in wax paper. They were about 6 inches long and they had little squares imprinted on them. They were my favourite!!!!

Spanish Gold sweet tobacco.Sherbet Fountain.Ice-BreakerPeanut Treets.Golden Nugget Chewing gumPenny ArrowsDouble Deckers.They used to sell Old Jamaica in the supermarkets a couple of years ago.

does anyone remember Old Jamaica Rum choc bars. where can i get some

my nan always used to have boxes of chocolates & i remember the following, weekend, dairy box,milk tray (that used to have the lime barrel in it)also remember AMAZIN choc bars with raisins in it, boiled sweets called blobs in lots of different flavours & an ice lolly called lolly gobble choc bomb, does anyone remember them

soda fountaindouble deckerstrafic light lolliesfloral drops

Little chocolate cups - Were SO nice - anyone know where you can still buy them?? haha

How about the little biscuits like Club, Trio and United? I got a feeling you can you still get Penguins?

NUTTY BARS????why have they never returned and cabanas they were lush!!!!!!


Michael O'Kane
MOJO'sWalkers ToffeesArrow barsOld English flavour Spangles!!

where can I get Five Boys or Five Girls chocolate , or conversation lozengers

where have orange aeros gone?

Adele James
'Cabanas', like a Bounty but with cherry pieces in it , they were lovely !!

I think The Old Tuck Shop nr BRGS in Waterfoot sells most of the sweets on the's a wonderfull place, I put two stone on just looking through the window!

can anyone remember those blue whistling gums?? the packet had a little bird on it.

Remember mojo's half a penny each i bought five pounds worth good times.

Half penny stick of liquorice were fantastic where have they gone? I Loved it bring it back please.

Banjo chocolate barsSmiths crispsFive Boys ChocolateRoy Rogers bubble gumTiffin Bars

Bovril crisps, Spangles, Cola Cubes, Sugared tobacco and Ranchero crisps - bring them back please!!

coconut ice,wham bars & fireball gob stoppers wow they were so hot

Bar Six Chocolate Bar

audrey curtis
bring back nutty bars

Nuttall's soft mints were great.They were hard but melted in your mouth. I've never seen them mentioned anywhere.

How I would love to taste Lovells Plush Nuggets again.Does anyone know if they still make them? Oh, and that lovely Banana and chocolate Palm Toffee!

Tonya ov blakelaw, newcastle upon tyne
pleeze bring back bar six and who remembers football chum chews? mmmm

Tonya walker
bar six

chelle dudley
who rmembers Sharps Buttersnap bar(bit like a daim bar but better and bigger!)Bring back Aztec best bar ever by far. You can still by Caramac. I used to love Cheese'n' onion Fangs and salt and vinegar Bones. Anybody remember Chiomunk crisps and Smiths Bovril....ace, those were the days eh?

What about 'Walnut Bliss' a choc bar from the '50's with bumps all the way down filled with mousse & half a walnut on the top of each bump under the chocolate... mmmm probably the original Walnut Whirl!

I used to love Swisskits - i think it was Cadbury's who made them (remember "I'd risk it for a Swisskit!")

Ringos crisp Cheese N Onion flavour - bought that many as a kid had all the stickers on my dolls pram but my absolute fav were Bovril Crips - bring them back. As for sweets loved the chewing gum that had liquid inside can't remember the name you got a few in a pack, came in 3 different flavours - weren't out for long perhaps only me bought em.


Karen Q. Widnes
Salt and vinegar flavoured fish and chips snack, potato puffs, space dust.

chocolate smokers kit from the sixties can be found in a sweetie shop in howarth yorkshire

frys 5 flavour bar

spangles old english flavour

karen taylor
sports mix

Karen Hull
Anyone else remember those lollipops, may have been made by Rowntrees. they were the size of your hand, flat and almost oval shaped with raised 'ribs' running down the whole lolli, so fruity, wrapped in wax paper?

Angela Colby
I remember salt and vinegar Bones as i collected packets and sent off for a t-shirt with my name on, that was about 30 yrs ago and still got it as it is my pride and joy. Where did Banjos go? How yummy was they!

Lion's Fruit Salads,Midget Gems,Pear Drops and Butterscotch Tablets were among my favourites...Memories of growing up on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border.

I used to love mint cracknel, it was my favourite. It´s a shame they don´t make them anymore.

Yes Gwenn, I DO REMEMBER MILK MOTORING and you are the only other person I've come across who does too. I'm one of those correspondents who should be saying "I thought I was losing my marbles..." Milk Motoring came in a red slip cover and was a milk chocolate bar laced with raisins and nuts. It was the most valued of all the bars in Christmas Selection Boxes, and I was a Turkish delight fan! Can't find any reference to this bar anywhere else on the web. Why not?

Clare Price
What happened to floral gums, i used to love them?

i remeber Tooti frooties i loved them as a kid where did they go too and Paatato puff crisps

does anyone remember vitafruits. they had a passionfruit centre. would love to taste these again

karen seaton
tom thumb drops were one of my favourites

does anyone remember chelsea whoppers

le Fromagier
Moose bars, Opal Mints (before they were Pacers and had the green stripes), Cresta

black jacks 12 for 1d ! fruit salads same . Potato puffs can you still get potato puffs?

brian campbell
o to be young again

jill summers
aztecs 1960s purple wrappers

does anyone remember the creamy taste and texture of Lovells plush nuggets? mmmmWhy don't they make them anymore?!

penny choc tools

Gosh youve helped me no end. Ive just started up a mobile sweetshop and in the process of going online soon. I have some great idea. Gosh i loved axtec bars.Julie

Sarsasparilla fizzy drinks(in bottles, sorry to say not in the old Simpsons stone jars ) sold in a little sweet shop in Skipton near the castle and couple doors down from the best pork pie shop. Does anybody remember penny Dainties?

w dolly
does anybody know where you can get (probably on-line for me) Sarsasparilla fizzy drink now? not the dilutable. My dad used to get it in the stone jars along with vimto - magic

julie faulkner
cabanas- coconut,cherries,caramel bring them back please

Paul Downham
Super moose was the best ever. I used to buy one every day on the way to school around 1970. I collected all the Famous pets cards which you got from the sweet shop when you bought a bar and still have the completed Trebor album!

dave r
2 comments about drinks i bet nobody can remember a drink called space special and can you still get lime milkshake [i remember it in national milk bars in the 70s]

Lime cracknellold fashioned spangleschocolate teacakesjap desertsatin perfumes

sad sweetie lover
Alison, I remember the old fashioned spangles....and the cola flavour.Loved Lime Cracknell bars myself and the Milk Tray Bars- a little piece of heaven .Toffee treets were grand ,also.Anyone remember Glees? They were the original version of Skittles but better.

1/2d Spanish and 2d worth of kali.

sherbet pips can beat em

lush bar and bar six yum please bring them back.

Hey Patrick! didn't you know they re introduced then in 2000 for a limited run? I had a few but they just didn't seem like the orriginal!

Yum, reading the list makes me feel so old. There is a tiny old sweet shop in Stafford where you can buy loads of the thing listed.

rancheros crisps

Aztec - the essence of Cadbury's

alex moir
Splicer bar

Rick Moore
Black Jacks, Fruit Salads

cabana bars they were like a bounty with caramel on top and cherries in the coconut wish they would bring them back

Alison N.I.
Does anyone remember olde fashioned flavour Spangles I really loved them as a kid. I also remember the Milk Tray bars, Tiffin, sanwhich bars and chewing nuts

Baz (again)
Just found another online supplier I might try - They only seem to sell in large quantities, but they do stuff like sweet tobacco, candy watches (I think I read a message where someone describing them)., jazzies (chocholate drops covered on the top with multicolored "hundreds and thousands" and snowies - same but white chocolate.I haven't found anywhere yet selling Aztec bars or similar, but I have recently found coconut mushrooms. Heaven!

Pineapple chunks, sarsaparilla drops (and now dandelion and burdock drops), pear drops, barley sugar, etc. - try Where can I buy McCowans egg and milk chews? I remember caramac - very sickly if you ate too much. Cinder toffee - delicious but like most stuuf, not good for your teeth.

I had my last Aztec bar about 35 years ago. I still can't forget it! They were the best tasting thing I've ever eaten. My family think I'm making it up.

Oh my goodness me I thought I was going insane - I remembered an advert for Big One (which I originally thought may have been the name for Curly Wurlys). It went Big One - Sticks Out A Mile!

does anyone remember the Black Beauty frozen lollies and the Fantastic packet of crisps?...bring them back I say!

Whisper bars of the 80s back again limited supply yummy my favourites were gob stoppers lasted for ages changed colour and tasted so sweet yummy and colts foot rock and sasperella tablets were good as were pear drops and chocolate drops and pink panther choc bars were cool too as were kali and choc lollies and bangles

scented satins

American cream soda, rainbow crystal, and gold bullion

Tudor Pickled Onion Crisps - Ye canny wack a bag o tudor!

where oh! where can I get the chocolate smokers kit from the 60's. Chocolate cigarettes, chocolate lighter, matches and pipe.Someone help!!

Andrew Wilson
Skull crushers? Press the nose and the "blood" came out the eyes.

Does anyone remember Minty Nibblers?They were a chocolate flavour chew bar and you got a free sticker of a mouse with every purchase.i used to get one every day on the way to school in the late 1970s.

can anyone remember cadburys milk tray bars.all the different chocolates on a bar not in a box?

Bruce Roberts
Floral Gums were my favourite, they were very small and very hard but superb and I wish I could get some now.

Secret bars! I wish they'd bring them back!

10p Meanies pickled onion, does anyone know where you can get them from ? if so please let me know

Sweet memories of Rye
We are an old fashioned sweet shop in the high street of rye in the historic town of rye and we stock 90 per cent of the sweets mentioned here all sold from the jars and weighed in old fashioned quarters or 100 grams your choice come and see us you will be made very welcome

Jelly beans!!

jay johal
...what about toffee teats??

Ralph in Oz
Humbugs. Nuttall's Mintoes.Murray Mints. Motoring chocolate. Palm Toffee. Sharp's Bluebird Toffee.Barker & Dobson's Cruising Chocolates. Fry's Crunchie @ 2d each. Fry's Five Boys.Remember them all !

lots of old fashion sweets available on internet searh for 'old fashioned sweets ' and enjoy reliving your youth. i been trying to track down crispets , may have found very close i hope

malcolm findlay
the sweet i loved the most was frosties, a cola flavoured red sweet that was sugar coated, they were fine!

Its really interesting to read all the comments and nostalgic remarks but I still sell 75% of the products mentioned sweet tobbacco, chewing nuts, coconut flake, sarspilla tablets giant blackcurrant & liquorice humbugs, invalid toffee,coltsfoot rock and absolutely stacks more in fact over 250 jars from my shops so if you fancy a nostalgic treat visit humbugs old fashioned sweet shop in rural Wiltshire

Anyone remember Milk Motoring? I also miss Triple bars and Cremola Foam (1950s). I remember that some things were only sold in certain parts of the country and not in others so it's possible some things that people are missing are still actually sold but outside their area.

Franky B, Bolton
Strwaberry flavoured Bon Bons, Chocolate Chewing Nuts I used to buy a Quarter of each when studying and only allowed myself one if I remembered the formula - they lasted ages !!!!

Peter ,Jersey C.I
I'm just a Big Kid,The three things I want brought back are Pink Panther bars,Bovil Crisps and Beef Chutney Monster Munch.Who can we ask to get these back.

paul miles
golden cup pacers cadburys five centre cabana list goes on wish all these would return only bar i like now out is the wispa bar so glad that has come back out after all this time.

yssy knapp
i saw a wisper the other day. arent they basically the same as an aero??still utterly tasty though =]xx

sally wilkinson
vice-versas! they were like minstrels brown shell and white choc inside and white shell with brown choc inside! cant find them anywhere will they ever come bk?

Well you can still buy texan bars, Starbars are already out In the stores, Cadbury`s` Whisper Is coming out soon...

Kim, Southport.
Those long toffee bars with chocolate running through them, Tiffin, Five Boys. And I think there was one called Sandwich Bar with milk chocolate on the outsides with dark chocolate sandwiched in the middle.Our local paper shop had three boxes in the back one with penny lucky bags, threepenny ones and if you were lucky you could go to the sixpenny one, usually on your birthday. Happy memories.

Lovells Chocolate Nougat was just devine, are they still made?

Please please Nestle bring back Coffee Walnut Whips, more so now that there is a huge interest in Coffee.

Fiona Jones
How about Splicers? They were fruit chewy bars.

Keith in Warrington
Does anyone remember Cadbury's challenge to the Mars bar? It was called Aztec

Just google "a quarter of" and quite a few of your dreams will come true!

Piggy in Oldham
Remember Fizy Lizzies anyone ? Me and my mates used to trough on these on the way home from Lyndhurst Junior School in Oldham, late 60's early 70's.

please please lets bring back coffee walnut whips

Nutty bars

who remebers fish and chips white choclate with crincle cut chips 3p each

betty smith
lucky tatties

Fiona. Mid glam
Steve from Bristol - I thought I dreamed Splicer, it was real then! Who made it though, I want to email them to make me some!

Lin, Liverpool
Lovells plush nuggets they were delicious, also cabana, mint cracknell,and the original galaxy bars in blue and cream wrapper.

gen williams
duncans walnut whips-pure heaven! and lucky bags

Claire g
Chelsea Whoppers! recently found a shop that sells them, bought them all!, they aint changed one bit! Mmmmmmm

Where on earth can you get Lime Crusha Milkshake mix. I'd happily pay £10 a bottle for the stuff.

lucky numbers wrapped sweets.Galaxy counters after swimming lesson used to tip them all out 42 and eat one at a time.curly wurly used to be a foot long and nearly two inches wide.mars bars and aztecs were real chunky bars.

To: ChoccyholicYes, I remember Mint Cracknell, thought there was only me and my brother who remembered it.Does anyone remember Rancheros, they were bacon flavoured savoury snack in a brown bag with picture of a cowboy on. Also cocounut boost bar.

big dog

My Mums favourite were the WigWam crisp type thing,they were triangle and salty!!! :D


Pat Brown
Can anyone tell me where I can buy the sweets. when I lived in crawshawbooth many years age used to be able to buy they were the shape of "herbal tablets" no suger on. can't buy in shropshire.nor cordidal.hollands pies.coltsfoot rock how sad. still a lancashire lass even at 60 !

No, you didn't imagine them,smoker's kits came in liquorice or chocolate, and those cigarettes, they weren't actually sweets, they had some sort of powder in the tip and you could give the illusion (or so we imagined)of real smoke !! The good old days.

egg and milks, walkers, mojos, black jacks, fruit salads oh the joy

Bones were fab.BTW Crusha have stopped manufacturing Lime, Cherry and Pineapple crusha.This is a poor state of affairs.

Hi deb fairclough/rainhill that was called Spanish Gold,does anyone remember jubilies,Orange juice looked like a triangle we use to buy it frozen, always made your lips go numb I though Black Jacks & Fruit Salad were great,8 for a penny great value.Rhubarb stick it use to stick to your teeth like evostick! Original Liqorice sticks looked like a pice out of a hedge you would chew the stick and suck on it to get the taste, and whistlers they were made out of chewing gum and when you blew through them they would whistle

Bar Six

Thanks Avis I'm not goin mad Big Ones really did exist!!How about Chipmunk crisps 2p a packet? and Toffee kippers?

gill fincher
five boys chocolate bars

texan bars???? no!!!! aztec bars were the greatest chocolate bars ever!!!!!why did they stop making them???old english variety spangles just shaded the acid drop variety

deb fairclough/rainhill
i liked chewy nuts and what were those drawstring bags of mis-shape nuggets of chewing gum called??

Dan Shaw
I used to buy a quarter of 'licko' from the corner shops near the local swimming baths. It was basically MnM's, Smarties and other choclate ground into a powder, which often created a sticky mess.

anyone remember salt and vinegar bones in a black packet. they were my favourite.

Vic Whittle
I loved Sherbet Lemons as a kid.I tried not to crunch them, but nibble the end and suck the sherbet out.Years later I bought a quarter in a sweetshop, but for some reason the magic had gone.Mind you, if I had a choice, I think I would rather have my teeth.

Rainbow Drops, they were like bright coloured Rice crispies Gob Stoppers Palma Violets, Yum Lippy chick, Cherry flavoured chew bars - made your cheeks laugh Wham chew bars

david coleman
I'm a caretaker and have just been digging out an old fence in the school grounds. I found a wrapper for a @tip top 2d@ juice bar so if it's as old as it seems you can see how plastic doesn't biodegrade!!

junior smokers kit
Did I imagine this?

'Jawbreakers' and 'Hundreds of millions'

i really LOVED cola flavour lazer bars?

Does anyone remember Nutty Bars by Rowntrees... a fudgy centre covered in Peanuts. Also what about Milk Tray Bars of Chocolate... I contacted the makers of both these bars recently and they both told me that they are too expensive to produce!!!

mad bird
can anybody please remember the chap to advertised the "old Jamacia" cadburys chocolate, all i can remember is he had a parrot on his shoulder and the choc wrapper was bright orange with rum and raisin in it.

germaline bubby with free tattoo

Glyn judd
I remember arrow bars with an indian on the wrapper, black eye chewing gum, tiger tots, jelly tots, candy tots and teddy tots, nutty bars, jap desserts, polo gummies, polo holes, pyramints, astro's, wispa's and pacers.

Billy Quinn
As a child my favourite sweets were Squirrel Dolly Mixtures. Bassetts also made Dolly Mixtures which were not a patch on Squirrel. So does anyone know if SDM sweets are still avaialable IN THEIR ORIGINAL FORM as I know that Bassetts bought them out

Steve W Scott (Bristol)
Texan Bars - (Chocolate covered, white chewy centre)Star Bar - (Disappeared in the mid 80s and returned mid 90's)They were and still are my favourite.Aztec Bar - My recollection leads me to believe it was a breaktime biscuit for school, like the Taxi, Club, Blue Ribbon, etc..Pacers - Green & White Striped, Minty Opal Fruits (Opal Mints).Splicer - Opal Fruit type chew but in a bar and five colours, five flavours.Kola Spangles & Fruit Spangles - Memories go back to Christmas morning and selection boxes.Caramac - Tan coloured, thin chocolate bar. Admittidley, it didn't taste too much of chocolate.Space Dust / Moon Dust - Popped on your tongue, sounded quite loud in the ears and was supposedly taken of the market because there was reports of kids having epileptic fits after eating it. It briefly reappeared on the market in the mid 90s as moon rocks, the Kellogs Rice Krispies gave them away free in promotional packs in the late 90s. They called them Pop Rocks. They were 3g packs X 3 sealed in a little plastic bag. I've still got the packs. Best Before 8 2 2004 L87639There are many more sweets from my childhood that elude my memory but once in a while they pop in there and ooooooh! the memories of childhood. We had the best days compared to todays poor kids. Even their sweets have no excitement to them.Oh! another memory... Sweet Tobacco - Strands of sugar/coconut and in a little white packet with a ship on it, folded just like todays 12.5g Tobacco.Hobo's, Bazooka Joes, Black Jacks, Fruit Salad, UFO's (Rice paper filled with Sherbert).Cabana Bars - Chocolate covered Coconut and cherry filling.I could probably go on all night.By the way, I'm only 40.

David M
I'd love to get hold of some CHELSEA WOPPERS, love those things, benn trying for ages to find some.

Ian Davies, Blackburn
Blackjacks, fruit chews, refreshers, highland toffee, wham bars, bazooka joe, pontefract cakes, liquorice whips, liquorice wands, drumsticks, milk teeth, spearmint chews, toffo, cinder toffee, love hearts, victory V, parma violets, bulls eyes, rhubarb and custard, winter nips, flying saucers, kola kubes.There is a website called "a quarter of" that sells traditional sweets.

super moose bit like a milky way, oh yea old style milky way were lush

Lorraine, Hull
Penny Danties, Penny arrowbars especially banana split ones, swizzles, liqourice pipes, and mojo's. Happy memories!!

Penny Danties
Toffee in a green and red plaid type wrapper, lovely when they were old stock, soft and chewy instead of being hard!

Icy Cups- them little chocolate cups you could get wrapped in coloured foil

I agree sarsaparilla, pacers and Texan bars

and jelly babies that had the consistency of wine gums - not the usual ones you find now

Actually, i tmay have been banjo bars I loved - had peanuts in twin choc fingers.Also, football chum chews and Red Invigorating alc&guarana

Taxi bars

Gary Hamer
Midget gems

Margaret Hamer
Squirrel Dolly Mixtures

Nigel in Oz
Rainbow crystals and American creaming soda(sherbet)with a stick of spanish mmmmmmmm!!!

Roger in Winchester
Great sweet shop in nearby New Forest sell most nostalgia type sweets (including Tiger Nuts and Liquorice Root - we called it Spanish Root back in the 60's). I remember a very hard sweet that had string thru it and you looped it around one finger on each hand, twisted it then pulled the string thus getting the thing to continually spin in alternate directions at high speed. At the end you had a very hard sweet to suck on.... great fun.

Crispets, with the word stamped on each one, sweet potatoes, which had a small plastic toy inside, McCowan's Selection Box on Christmas day(especially the egg and milk caramel), chocolate tools made from cheap chocolate which had a great taste, Fry's Milk and Plain sandwich(Think the milk one had a blue wrapper and the plain had a red one- both were divine !).Bourneville chocolate in thin bars, with little rectangular pieces which you could break up and make last for ages. Coffee crunch sweets which were sold loose from a jar.

Aztec Bars and hard Traffic Light lollies. Sweets just are'nt the same anymore!!

steven davies
banjo choclate bars loved them

Football Crazy, Ringos (recently revived then stopped again), Fruity Families, Pink Panther Bars, Horror Bags

nowt beats the mint cracknell. anyone going to aussie, please bring me one back. ta. :)

Do you remember Tiger nuts? Not sure they could be called "sweets", but my Mum used to get them at the sweet shop although I thought they were vile!

barry bracknell
i really liked old jamaica,and that coconut stuff that looked like tobacco

Sherbet dips

Reading through the lists has sparked my memory. I remember them all - and I want them all - NOW! Cabana bars, Aztecs, Golden cup bars - Why don't they bring them back? There's clearly a market, listen to all of us!

Puff candy, Nutty bars, spangles, Beta bars, assorted chocolate tools, splicers, Tudor pickled onion and pacers

Gob Stoppers - Came in a variety of colours. I remember they took ages to eat, hence the name.

Spanish gold tobbaco

Steve in Canada
Licorice wood - as a kid I loved it. Found it a few years back and it was awful! Not quite how I remembered it. Did anyone else get cinnamon sticks from the chemist and smoke it?

Joyce Bra Detective
Black Jacks and Fruit Salads 4 for 1 d

I remember Frys 5 centres, glees, mint cracknell, icebreaker, nutty bar, potato puffs, Galaxy in blue wrappers, bournville containing 2 thin bars of chocolate.........the list could go on!

Neil M
Agree with you Stuart, Splicer bars were the best...Does anybody remember pacers, mint white with a green cross, the same texture as opal fruits, I think they were originally called opal mints..

Peter Remmer
I used to love Caleys choc bars, six different chocs in a bar, also Frys Cream bar, this was in the fifties

I can get CHELSEA WOPPERS if anyone can remember them? Can anyone tell me the name of the mint puff candy???

Paul Dickinson
It has to be POTATO PUFFS!!! Where can I buy them????? Oh please bring them back....


Hard but chewy licorice stick were about 6inches long. Originally one old penny rose to 10p over the years now cannot find then anywhere

Spanish Gold


Jason Harmon
Yep,, defo bring back those Bones crisps. GREAT!!!!

old english spangles, potato puffs, coffee walnut whips, jublies, raspberry ruffles (i can get these), lucky bags, aztec bars, apple sweets? they were red and green and round lol.

potato puffs. please please please bring them back!!!

Peta Woolley
my brother and I remember kali lumps - a bit fizzy and they took the skin off the roof of your mouth. Also cinder toffee. Does anyone remember what you got in a lucky bag?

victor holbrook
last year my daughter found horlicks tablets on sale in singapore! apparently they are made in malaysia and someone in america has them for sale i would love to know where to buy the hard genuine liquorice sticks (they cost a ha'penny in 1959, and were wrapped in liquorice leaves) nearest taste is lion liquorice gums (no aniseed in them thank goodness)thoughts- liquorice must still be available as lion use it for these! Can anyone remember when victory v gums contained chloroform? wow! recently visited the british lolly shop in queentown nz and got some old favourites from glass jars. there is a website called britishlollyshop but yahoo cant find it- maybe the spelling is slightly different.

Ray Kerr
Opal Toffees: I did not dream these up - circa 1965. I can remember the TV ad: "Wotcha chewin'?"; "Opal Toffees"; "Opal don't make toffees"; "They do now". Help me out on this one - they were not around for as long as Opal Fruits (Starburst) or even Opal Mints (Pacers) but I can definitely remember them!

please bring back bovril flavoured crisps

Terry's Oliver Twist chocolate - hard and dark. Caley's Cuba - a roll of chocolate covered coconut chocolate cubes that disappeared when Castro arrived. Milk chews (2 a penny), Black Jacks and Fruit Salads (4 a penny), Refresher Chews lemony and fizzy. Anyone remember Sonnets? - eclair like toffees of many flavours available by the quarter pound or by the roll. Heavily advertised but still disappeared quite quickly. Rowntrees gums - liquorice, butterscotch, blackcurrant or fruit - made a change but done a bunk! A whole host of Spangles flavours plus Weekend Assortment and Newberry Fruits. Whirligiggs, liquorice sandwiches, Chicago bars, everlasting caramels (pulled out my filling). The nostalgia is endless.

My Favourites - Space Dust, Fizz Bombs, Splicer Bars mmmmmmmmm, Goldrush Chewing Gum, sherbert pips and little coloured fizzy triangular things that i cant remember the name of, bring them all back x x x


does anyone remember seceret chocolate bars? and what about 10p meanies, pickled onion flavour?????????

Does anyone remember Duet bars which were lovely but did not last long?

kerry Kelleher
I miss Cabana bars

josh in marbella
i remember nutty bar and i want to know if any one knows where i can get K Cider from

Ruth in Boston
I had virtually decided I must have imagined Aztec bars as no-one I know remembers them! When one appeared on the 30 years Swap Shop celebration the other night on TV I let out a shriek of excitement and ran to get my Dad to show him the 'proof' on the screen!! I should have known some Radio Lancashire listeners would know not only Aztecs but also Ice Breakers. Anyone remember the luscious Midnight Mint choc-ices with the owl on the wrapper?? I loved those too!

spanish gold, golden nuggets bubblegum{looked like sweetcorn in a little cloth bag!} spangles,aztec bar,walkers cheese and tomato puffs,curly wurly with free badge!midget gems ,sherbertpips cabanna, country style chocolate and ice breaker bar yum yum yum!!!

Susan Bullock
That yummy sweet tobacco was made of shredded coconut and cinnamon sugar. I remember stuffing my mouth completely full of it. I also loved those sweetie bead necklaces on elastic that you could wear and eat at the same time. Rainbow sherbet, Rosey apples, pineapple chunks, potato puffs and lattice crisps.

Old English and Acid Drop Spangles, MB Bars, Lucky tatties (potatoes), Five Boys, Aztec Bars, mmmmm... Hey you guys - you can still get lots of the things listed here - Caramac, flying saucers, space dust,cherry lips. etc. Does anyone remember a sweet (bought loose I think) which was shaped like a small cube, had soft toffee on the inside and an outer crisp candy coating in different light colours?

sue Oatham
counters, traffic light lollipops covered in chocolate, pleeeeease bring them back!

Lesley Walker
Dolly mixtures made by squirrel confectionery much nicer than the ones you get today, and of course gob stoppers.....

Helen K
Counters, like you find in packs of Revels. The only difference was that they had a number on each. Glad other people remember them too and I'm not imagining them!

Please bring the old fashioned spangles back they were the best. would love to be able to buy them again.

Steve Wilkinson
All of the above where lovely. Bring them back!!!!!!

Simone C Wearne
Gob stoppers that changed colour and lasted for hours palma violets pear drops toffee cigarettes and jelly babies and bubble gum which you could blow bubbles with and make pop and milkyway bars etc etc etc

Gordon Ferrie
Everlasting Strip toffee Great at the ABC minors saturday morning picture club about 35 years ago

M Harrison
Where can I get Bovril Crisps? Pleeease!

Stuart Lord
Where can I get the really hard licorice

Roger Beetison
Can you remember liqourice sticks about the size of a cigarette,they were very hard you could not bite them you had to suck them.they lasted for ever and were very popular in the forties and fifties

what happened to mint cracknel? nestle please bring it back!

Ramsbottom Sweet Shop
Nice to see people are still looking for the old traditional sweets. My wife and I run a Traditional sweet shop in the heart of Ramsbottom Village (Steam Trains passing through every weekend, and alll through December - Santas Special). We sell all of your favourites including sarsparilla sweets and drinks (Cordial and fizzy version). Traffic light lollies a great favouriite with the kids. Most of the list people are requesting are still avalable. Five boys are no longer made by Fry's. Of the Top Ten, Spangles aren't made any more, Texan bars recently made a come back, for a limited period only and have since been stopped. Toffos are still available, as are Anglo Bubbly, Space Dust (Equivalent is Fizzwizz or Sparx), Flying saucers and Cherry lips/Floral Gums made by Squirrel (Label only - previous manufacturers of your Favourite Dolly Mixtures, now taken over). Most of the sweets have a slight difference to the original taste due to EU regulations asking for particular ingredients to be removed from the recipe. Most of our elderly customers act as our tasters, reflecting on how they remember the original sweets. What my wife and I are trying to give back, is the nostalgia of the original sweet shop, the smell of all the sweets as you walk in, the old fashioned brass till (that the children love to play on, asking what 2d means? Another nostalgia trip in the shop is Tin toys (Spinning Tops, Robots) and wood toys - toys built to last, that are future collectibles. I remember going to the sweet shop for my dad every other night for tobacco and quarters of sweets. I used to spend all my allowance on beechnut chewing gum. We still have a machine from my child hood, but alas you cannot get the chewing gum any more - or win the chance of any extra packet every now and again, Still kept the old 1d piece to put in the slot machine. You usually gauge the age of the shopper by the sweets that they remember.

Linda Archbold
Kayli and spanish - my Grandma used to post it out to us when we lived abroad - gorgeous soft sherbet and hard bitter liquorice - where can I get it now???

Jo Calvert
I'm with Sarah B, where are the horlicks tablets!!!! They were great. Also sweet tobacco, yum and a long toffee twist with chocolate running through the middle, you could get a barley sugar one, but the best one was the toffee one, lasted for ages,....ooh, oooh and i remember the frozen Jubblies too!!!!

Margaret Fulljames
Cadburys Lucky Numbers - lemon log was one of them! And Jamboree bags.


Yvonne Woollams
does anyone remember traffic light lollies

Aniseed Balls, Colesfort Rock, Marathon Bars, Mint Cake, Penny Arrow Bars, Frozen Jubblies (they came in a strange packet made from Cardboard and asbestos!),Space Dust, Pontefract Cakes and dozens of others!

stewarty sheriff
pink panther strawberry chocolate bar and beta bars from laura gentile

Wendy Barton
Everlasting Strip Palm Toffee Aniseed Balls Tom Thumb Drops Five Boys Chocolate

mint cracknel

Im glad im not the only one who remebers cabana bars any one remember a bar called Take Two?

A Ellis
Horlicks Tablets - where have they gone to??

shaun owens
When I were a Lad aaiee. we used to have "Penny Arrow Bars" and if it was your birthday your mum would buy a whole box for you to share with your school chums. Oh and whatever happened to "Potato Puffs" yummy.Oh and milk lollys.

Those licorice imps were pretty nice.

Does anyone remember a wrapped creamy hot pink sweet confection sugar candy. Wrapped in plastic and gold ...twisted on the ends?

john ny
stcky lice mmmmm

joanne gradwell
coffee walnut whips yummy!!!!

Cabana bars! My mum and I used to walk to the shop for 1 each and eat it on the way back home... Please bring them back!!!


old fashion pear drops, when you cracked them in your mouth , the acid in the middle made my eyes water, pure heaven

Sim Wood
PS! Small individually wrapped slabs of solid sherbet like a 2" tile in different flavours....and just remembered WIGWAMS, {Potato triangles really, but tested so much better)and of course Potato Puffs in salt and vinegar flavour.

Sim Wood
Anybody remember Buttersnap?, a really thin brittle toffee slice, the size of a playing card, a bit like a dime bar...and of course old english spangles. Cherry lips, sherbet pips bought in the conical paper bags twisted at the top. Couldn't somebody make a small fortune recreating these sweets again........please! Anybody remember the rainbow corner shop in Ramsbottom?

Stuart Middleton
Pickled onion flavour Bones Crisps

Theresa Ford
Lush Bar They were sold at my Infant school at break, mid 60's They were a chocolate covered wafer, with icing between the wafers.

Sue Himycz
AZTEC BARS. A bit like mars bars but in a cool purple wrapper. Yummy!!!

SKY BARS- They make them still in the U.S.

i wish they can bring back the banjo chocolate bar

Aztec were great; Mint Cracknell was superb; and those Milk Tray Bars where you had to break off your own individual chocolates were very sophisticated! Also whatever happened to "Amazin' Raisen" bars?

Joe Taylor
i wonder if you can still buy kali lumps ?

Steve Crossley.
Bags of Crisps that were full! Fizzy Lizzies! Sarsaparilla Drink!

texan bars, can you still get them? if so, where?

Icebreaker (mint cracknell) Fabulous stuff and sorely missed

Billy Elliott
Peanut Brittle - ruined me teeth but it was worth it

srawberrys and cream toffees

anyone remember tiger bars or mint crackneland im someone else who thought she was going mad aztec best chocolate bar ever

rosie apples and traffic lights lollie pops just heaven

Angela Hughes
My favourites were Cadbury's Ice-Breaker, Mint Cracknell, Peanut Treets & the Milk Tray chocolate bar. The best crisps were Tudor Pickled Onion and Brown Saucy flavour.

Rob from Out Rawcliffe
Aniseed balls and Uncle Joes mint balls. I installed ventilation at the Santus factory where Uncle Joes are made, and I can still recall that glorious smell thirty years later

Daniel in Canada
Really, really hard black licorice. Had to suck it - too hard to break! Wonderful!!!

Daniel in Canada
Pear drops & Pineapple chunks

Ken. Burnley.
Anyone remember a Sky Bar?

Sarah Brown
But can we find any Horlicks tablets in the UK???

jane in bamber bridge
Ive just opened a sweet shop called sweet reminders I stock... flying jacks, fruit salads spanish gold or sweet tobacco as some know it space dust is now called fizz wizz

Deb Clemans
Pink Panthers

Gail S...Bolton Lancashire
I remember Penny dainty's.Penny arrow bars pineapple chunks.Kayli and spanish..Knickerbocker glorys[little plastic cones with choc dip inside ]I used to go to Connies corner shop near to school and buy spanish gold,it was like sweet strands of sugar coated tobacco... Black Jacks..not pc now :)and flying saucers..

Old fashioned spangles where the best, will they ever come back???

John McErlane
Tomato flavour wotsits were great!!!

moose bars

Mairi :)
Wham Bars!! Double Dips(the one with the swizzel sticks)!! and most importantly Edible Toilet Paper!!

Sue B, Hastings
pink shrimps, sherbet pips. rubbard & custard squares which used to make the roof of my mouth sore, potato puffs,bazooka jos, gobstoppers, and I remember the sweet tobbacco you could buy and chew, How disgusting it that now! Sweet cigarettes,1/2 penny chews. flying saucers, the list is endless.


Can anyone remember Splicer's, the multi coloured chewy bar, tasted a bit like opal fruits(starbursts), the advert showed everyone that ate a Splicer their clothes would into turn multi-coloured stripes. Anyone??

Olwen Radcliffe
Cream soda with spanish

Paul from Blackpool
Imps, Fizz bombs, but the best of all were Texan Bars!!

Hugh McCollam

Cadburys Big Ones: If you like your nougat to last a long time Big One sticks out a mile!

ian ,skipton
drum sticks


Honey B
Chocolate Counters (mrs Mac), I thought I was the only one to remember them, they have them in bags of Revels!


Les , Manchester
Cornish Mivvies , Sherbert Dabs , Barley Sticks

Five Boys Chocolate was my favourite

Aztec were great. Thank goodness some-one else remembers them. I was beginning to think I was losing my marbles.

Andrew Parker
My favorite was Caramac

Mint Cracknel

bazooka joe - pink bubble gum. treets which became minstrels. Spangles - the old english ones were best. Pacers, Texan bars, the stuff that looked like worms/tobacco. chocolate cigarettes - very un pc now but delicious

Fire balls (mega-hot gobstopper) Nutty bar, Ice Kool, Mr Feeze Ice Pops, frozen Tip Tops in the summer, Football Crazy crisps (yum!) and Galaxy Counters

kirsten linaker
penny arrow bars -where can i get them for my dad if anybody knows tell me please

Karen W
Texan Bars and Bacon Rancheros were my favourites and the old Opal Mints that became Pacers. ah the good old days!

I'm so glad i'm not the only person who remembers & loved nutty bars. I'm just searching for a photo to prove they did exist. Last year i jumped for joy when i saw a box of texan bars on a shop counter, i felt 10yrs old.

Lucky Bags;Kali lumps; sticky lice; sweet cigarettes; snowballs (2d each);Triple bars (milk, white & dark chocolate?);Mojos were 2-a-penny & Fruit salad 4-a-penny I recall;Pear drops; Iced Poles; Jubbleys & broken biscuits. I am from Liverpool & as a child used to visit family & friends in Kendal.When I was once asked "Do you want a toffee?" I replied in the negative, as I never particularly liked toffee.Imagine my chagrin when a tube of fruit gums or the like was passed around. In Kendal all sweets were "toffees". I soon learned !!

timmy boy
what about 1/2p mojo's

kathleen kempster
sherbert fountains

please bring back old fashioned spangles - a pot of earl grey and packet of spangles will be the first thing i eat/drink in the otherworld

Nutty.. gosh i can still remember what the wrapper looked like. this was THE most delicious thing ever! i would be addicted if that ever had a re-launch.

Patricia Latham
McGowens Toffee Bars scrummy



Jane Fitzsimons
I want mint cracknel. It was great. Hmmmm

paula brooker
bar six were lovely texan bars you can still buy from woolworths

hard liquorice sticks blackjack chews 4 for an old penny

jane and neil
aztec chocolate bar

fuse bars

super queens
Remember Cabana bars - moist coconut and cherries in them. Pink panther bar- pink coloured candy. half penny liquorice sticks.

Please bring back Nutty Bars, I'll buy 10 boxes of them.

John. A.
Lucky Numbers chocolates;1950s

mark hudson
sarsaparilla tablets (please excuse spelling)


Les , Manchester
Cough Candy !!

Paul S
What about sarsaparilla??

Mint Cracknel. mint sugar strands inside coated chocolate. GORGEOUS

parma violets,floral drops bulls eyes,sour apples

S Shrive-Morrison
Bovril Crisps and Puffs - what about Football Crazy (bacon) tuck shop crisps

S Shrive-Morrison
Mint Cracknell

Mrs Mac
Chocolate Counters - much better than minstrels thornton
aztec bars were excellent black jacks & fruit salads

mega shockers

Aztec bars Spanish

fuse bars were divine. Where are they now???

Jon Lee
Penny Arrow :Chewy Bars in many flavours. Bannana Split Was my fave) Fruit salads : Chews Simmilar in size to the Blackjack liquorice chew. Anyone remember the name of edible tobbacco,type of shredded candy ? Around in the late 60`s/70`s ? Tip Top: penny frozen treats, many flavours.

Bar Six & Mint Cracknel ! Whre are they now ?

How about Texan Bars, Five Boys chocolate bars, Potato Puffs and Toffee Cups(chocolate bars with a soft toffee filling)???

Andrew Marsh
Penny Arrow Bars - especially the banana ones!! Yum yum!!

Martin, Bromley
I'd like to add to Phil Smith's comment of Billingtons, Rawtenstall - this shop used to sell the best Strawberry mivvies ever - I haven't had one for years, but can remember the taste as though it was yesterday.

Martin, Bromley
How un-p.c but Invalid Toffee - now bought as Werthers original! I remember buying 2oz and it came in slabs that had to be broken with a toffee hammer - lovely !

how to make "pineapple nutty bar"

McCowan’s Milky Chews – I used to spend my bus fare on these and walk home. Black and white mints – like liquorice allsorts but minty Coltsfoot Rock Barley sugar twists Liquorice root Blackcurrant lollies Rainbow kayli

Anyone remember 2 for a penny Mojo's?

Uncle Joe's Mint balls, sherbet filled space ships, fruit polos. Treats, 'melt in your mouth not in your hand'!

fizzy coke bottles, sherbert dabs, sugar mice, white mice, mojos

D Kerins
Sherbert Dips!

I remember Everlasting Strips (a long strip of toffee that was really chewy).

Sherbet pips

Cremola Foam Palm Toffee Murray Mints (the too good to hurry mints) Trebor Mints (a minty bit stronger) Sweet cigarettes Jelly Babies Fox's Glacier Mints

What happened to Ringos?

Nutty bar. It was a caramel or toffee bar covered in peanuts.

Traffic light lollipops Banana and custard Arrow bars and Five Boy chocolate with the faces on the wrapper!!

D Jones
Cola cubes were my favourite, along with pineapple chunks

Michelle Loftus
Dip dabs Refreshers Space Raiders Onion rings Snaps Chipsticks Drumstick lollies

I remember scented satins - tasted like perfume!

Tomato flavour Wotsits, anyone? Someone must remember these - I'm only 29!

texan (simply the best choc bars ever) but what about midnight mint ice creams, banjo choc bars, bright babies (chewy jelly men) old fashioned humbugs, vampire teeth (still available) sweet comforters (suger covered jelly dummies) they were all lush and real filing pullers!

Curly Wurlys Rainbow Crystals Mighty imps Army & Navy Tablets

Ann Langham
Monkey nuts, Walnut whips, licorice root spearmint chews, dolly mixture

Tom Judd
Fruit Salads, Black Jacks, White mice, Pink Shrimps, Sweet necklaces

Suzanne Thompson
Sherbert Lemons (took the roof of your mouth off) Shrimps & bananas Drumsticks sweetie necklaces fruit salads Caramel Chocolate logs Dare Devils Refreshers (chew with sherbet inside)

Mal Walker
Pear drops ...... shaped like little pears, pink & white, made your cheeks pucker up Slices of apple on a stick dipped in chocolate (don't know name) Triple sandwich ...... Dark, white and milk chocolate ..... yum Peanut brittle .......... really worked your teeth over Fudge ..... all kinds Kendal Mint Cake ......... what a treat

Paul Steele
Shrimps Black Jacks Flying Saucers with sherbet inside Fry’s Five Boys Jelly worms Pineapple chunks Toffee cigarettes

jolly lollies

Trish Currie
ha'penny spanish kali traffic light lollies coltsfoot rock sports mixture lipstick rock floralgums chocolate chewing nuts midget gems coconut mushrooms bournville arrowmint p.k

Eileen Thirling
Ruffle Bars

Wack Walker
1. Bazooka Joe's 2. Little Imps 3. Cola bottles 4. Barretts sherbet fountain 5. Amazin chocolate bar 6. penny arrow bars 7. Curly Wurly

Samantha Roberts
Jazzies Kayli & Liquorice Fizz bombs Candy Cigarettes Winter mixture Cola cubes Penny wafers (my Mum had to buy them all the same colour wrapper to stop us fighting) Gob stoppers

Caramac Pineapple Cubes Sweet Tobacco Coconut Mushrooms

Kerry Hoskyn
Wham bars

Frank Ellison
torpedoes acid drops sasparilla drops sherbet dab coconut mushrooms jellybabies pontefract cakes wilko mints coltsfoot rock edinburgh rock

penny chews triple bars (loved those - three types of chocolate) sherbert dip, hot mints, which used to be sold by the ounce, and kept in tins on the counter. penny Arrow bars those long, slender bars of Cadbury's chocolate - 2d a bar, I think Uncle Joe's Mintballs (those sold loose, without any wrapping).

parma violets love hearts bazooka joes gum aniseed ball's (lasted for ages) white mice rainbow drops highland toffee bars (pulled the fillings out )

Mint Kracknel..two flat squares of mint 'shards' wrapped in chocolate.

Andy Mac
Penny Dainties. Chunky lump of toffee in a green wrapper.

Nikki Billington
What happend to Cadbury's Wispas, Mintoes and rainbow sherbert?

Aztec chocolate bar.

Brian Harper
Horlicks Tablets Holland Toffee Black Spanish (Hard and Soft) Glacier Mints Liquorice Root Little Red Crescents Uncle Joes Mintballs

Ian from Skipton
Banjos and coffee flavoured walnut whips

A Tiffin bar

Tic tacs. Little black liquorice squares in a tin. Mmmmmmmmm. The last few would stick in a clump.

Mambos (triangular ices) Liquorice sticks (like real twigs)

How's about.... Rhubarb Rock Metal Mickeys Atomic Thunderbusters Cough Candy Twists Kopp Kopps Red Hot Devil Gobstoppers

Allan Greenbank
How about Uncle Joes mint balls, any of the Victory V's and Yorkies.

Lorna Naylor
Liquorice toffees

My fave sweet is sarsaparilla tablets and aniseed balls. P.S I'm 10!

Phil Smith
Sarsaparilla Tablets. My Grandad used to take us to Roland Billingtons, the Tobacconist in Rawtenstall to get these and other such delicacies as Pontefract cakes when we were Kids back in the 70's

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