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24 September 2014

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Spooky Stories

Mains Hall

Ghost hunting at Mains Hall

By Janet Baron
Janet tells us about her evening ghost hunting with Carole Turner from BBC Radio Lancashire and Jason Karl from Most Haunted!

"My usual Sunday night of TV and BBC Radio Lancashire was spiced up recently by a Ghost Hunt with BBC Radio Lancashire to Mains Hall near Blackpool. Not just any Ghost Hunt but one with Jason Karl of Most Haunted fame as well as various mediums and psychics.

Driving up the long, rather grand drive, I began to feel more than a little apprehensive! These feelings were alleviated on entering the house. It was warm and cosy with a "christmassy" feel helped by a roaring log fire. I began to relax a little only for this to change when we left the warmth and entered the library. The atmosphere noticeably changed here with a very claustrophobic feel. Lo and behold, the room has a hidden Priest hole, as in lots of Tudor houses, the family were Catholics in dangerous times!

Entering the Priest Hole, the claustrophobic feeling returned again. I was glad to leave this room! However, I soon realised that we were entering a corridor with a horrible, scary feel with spots of icy cold air! A very interesting door gave some people strange feelings. Later, we discovered the door may have been used to lay out the dead! And, at the end of the corridor, a few of us felt icy cold spots for no apparent reason. The bedroom at the end of the corridor had a strange spooky feeling with again, cold spots.

"At the bottom of the stairs, one of our party experienced a strange light, and felt a door open behind her. Problem was, there was no door there! "

Next, we headed upstairs. At the bottom of the stairs, one of our party experienced a strange light, and felt a door open behind her. Problem was, there was no door there! Upstairs, the Tudor Hall had a spooky feel to it, where there was at one time, a Priest Hole and a window where a lady often stands staring into space.

Then to the top of the house for a vigil in total darkness! This was probably where Carole Turner wished she wasn't in our group as by this time, I was very jumpy, grabbing anyone nearby! The atmosphere was very scary and in the top, back bedroom, Carole, myself and another of our group felt the floor moving. Carole actually moved as a reaction to this! The cameras, one of which was very high tech and a good one, would neither focus nor work properly! The photos which were taken had orbs which were not visible to the naked eye. One of our group also saw a face at the window when there was no-one there!

After that, we went outside to use dowsing rods to help us find ley lines which are there. There are 12 monks buried there and they have been seen by various people in the grounds! Next was the Ouija Board for anyone who wanted to use it or watch. Facts emerged and questions were answered which only the people asking them could know the answers to, which I found quite scary but fascinating! It was at this point when I was leaning forward to observe that I felt something touch my back! I whipped my head round to look at who was nearest to me. It was Carole, but she was sitting on the arm of the large settee and I was in the middle. There was no way she could have touched me, especially since she was sitting motionless, watching the events! There was no-one else on the other side!

The evening finished with a seance with Veronica Charles. The whole evening, despite all the scary events, left me with a nice warm feeling. I didn't feel too scared after, just curious! I would love to repeat the experience. The owner of Mains Hall, Adele, was helpful and friendly and very informative.  Thank You Radio Lancashire for inviting me and thank you to everyone who arranged the event. The whole thing was very well organised and, although a little scary at times, one had the feeling of being "in safe hands!". Well done!"

last updated: 17/10/05
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Dressing up in black capes and wigs...this is really good fun:-)


Margaret Kelly
I stayed at mains hall when it was a hotel and although nothing connected with the supernatural occured during our stay I have to say it was a quaint place.I've been back recently only to find that the people who live there now, as it's a private house, have distroyed all the original character by building onto it and adding high fences. If there were ever any ghosts residing there, they would be very disappointed with the changes.

Mrs A Taylor
Ive lived in Lancashire all my life and have always been interested in the supernatural. For many years people have known about Chingle and Samlesbury Hall being renowned and established haunted houses. I've never heard anything ever relating to mains hall....

while i was staying at mains hall I had a scary experience at the dinner parlor and i heard a rumor that some people haunted the hotel and i truly do not believe in ghosts but then i saw a ghost that scared me out of my pants it was so scary

I never had 'A SPOOKY EXPERIENCE' at Mains Hall in all the years I lived there. It was my family home and I can't believe that the people who live there now claim it's haunted. I've never heard such rubbish!

in reply to Mike's comment, I too have been on many ghost tours and I never expect ghosts to 'preform' but the tour of mains hall was just uneventful and sadly disappointing.

I have to agree with J G Dawson about orbs being nothing more than dust, pollen or any other airborne debris. Remember these old places tend to be very dusty indeed.

In response to Norma's comment.... get double glazing and a cleaner!


My aunt owned mains hall in the 70's. It wasn't full of ghosts and ghoolies then!!

Remember..ghosts dont 'perform' at will, no matter what some may think. I have been to a ghost hunt night at Mains Hall,[and other places too] and whilst we did not see a 'ghost' at Mains Hall, a man caught some amazing things on his video camera, including moving blue lights and solid large balls [not going to say] I personally enjoyed the whole experience, it was scary but fun too. They never tried to tell me that we would definitely see a 'ghost' - if you expected to see one on the night you were there, the odds must be quite high against you actually seeing one. Just my opinion.

i paid £55 to have an unusual experience at mains hall and i can honestly say it was a waste of money.

In reply to Joan's comment,I think that mains hall is very haunted and the owners are doing a fantastic job. I only wish I could live there.

My friends and I went to a ghost investigation at mains hall but unfortunately the only spirits that we encountered were the ones behind the bar.

Lyndsey Nuttall
Sorry about this JD dawson i took note of what you said about orbs being dust particles,and decided to experiment with my digital cam and a very used duster. I did not see anything that looked like orbs to give evidence of what you are claiming. i have been going on lots of ghost investigations and have caught many orbs some with 10 or more orbs and have also snaped pics of the same area only to find that the others had no orbs. I find it hard to belive that they are caused by such things other than spirits over the years i must have used a cam hundreds of times and never caught any orbs so why do they show up when i visit huanted locations? my view is that they are caused by spirits and im sure many more will agree maybe when you have used your duster to come up with this,there was a spirit also presant.

Lyndsey Nuttall
We went along to a ghost investigation to the great hall at mains. The event was through jason karls ghost research foundation,we had the chance to use ghost hunting devices,which were fantastic we actually caught a lot of ghostly voices, lots of orb photos this was a fantastic night and i will be going again mains hall is very haunted and the spirits are not afraid to let themselves be known.

J G Dawson
Sorry about this - but just to set the record straight and hopefully improve the quality of ghost hunting in Lancashire. Orbs are the product of dust particles, pollen and other out-of-focus airborne debris caught in the direct or reflected flash of hi-tech digital cameras and nothing whatsoever to do with the paranormal! The orb phenomenon has proliferated since the introduction of digital photography and cannot fail to be connected. Doubters might like to try this experiment. Take a well-used duster and shake it high in the air - using a digital camera immediately take a photograph of the same area and the resulting shot will be literally full of so-called mysterious orbs. Futher fun can be had by using larger grain particles - try suger, salt and powders such a talc or flour etc.

Nigel Bennett
About 20 years ago my parents stayed at Mains Hall, when it was a hotel, for a New Year mini-break. New Years Eve they went to bed but my mother was woken by a child crying in the bedroom. She called out but there was no reply, so she called my father's name who was lying next to her; he did not answer being sound asleep, she assumed. Next morning she reported what had happened to my father, who said he knew as he had been awake after all. She demanded why he had not spoken to her, adding that she had been afraid. He said he had not dared speak because at that moment he had felt a child climbing on his back!

Frances Green (nee Cookson)
I lived at Mains Hall when I was a young girl from about 1950 for some few years. The property was then in the ownership of Arthur Hall. My mother was a housekeeper to the Bailiff of the estate. I had a wonderful childhood there and roamed free in the woods and fields for years with my dog, Bob. I am very, very amused to see that the current owners are claiming the story of the 12 lay brothers and their burial beneath the trees. I made that story up when I was 12 years old to frighten the kids at school. They once played a game in class at school to guess the person they were discussing and for my turn the person was 'the Ghost of Mains Hall' I later made the story up to impress them. As no one thought the Hall really haunted then. I was there when the priest hole was disconvered during alterations. There was only one place where I was nervous and it was on the top floor of what was an annexe, a small bedroom. Despite my mother and Arthur Hall furnishing the room beautifully, I totally refused to sleep there. It is a very strange thing, but I have developed into a pyschic and 'do;' readings for people in Hertfordshire. I used to play with a boy called Cyril who used to come to work on the farm after school, if he is still alive he must live locally. I went to St John's RC school in Poulton le Fylde. Another strange twist is that in recent years 'doing' my family tree I have found that my ancestors who were Gradwells of Old Salwick Hall were related to the Singletons who owned Mains. Perhaps I had more right to be there than the previous or even current owners? Who knows. I do know one thing that if there is an option of being a ghost after death and choosing a place to haunt then I will return, as it was the only place I was ever happy. By the way, whilst I lived there, there was a suicide and that may have left residual energy on the property.

Michael Woodier
I lived at Mains Hall for about six months, and have had a lot of experiences. I have seen doors open and close on their own even ones with the old type of latch (this being the one into the dinning room as it was in 1975). I have sat in the front sitting room to the right of the entrance hall and smelt a very strong perfume for a short while but nobody living there at the time used it My parents slept in the fourposter room on the landing opposite the main bathroom and felt somebody get into bed with them, we used to put first time visitors in that room and wait for their reactions the following morning. If you go upstairs between the open landing area and the two bedrooms and bathroom at the other end of the passage there used to be a set of steps crossing the passage about halfway down in the middle. One night my mother wanted to use the bathroom, she opted to use the one at the end of the passage, she put the light on at one end walked down to bathroom but on her way back for some reason turned the light of at that end and walked back in the dark . All of a sudden the passage lit up in bright light. She unknowingly was about to walk into the steps so she ducked under them and walked past, the light then went out again.

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