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24 September 2014

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Spooky Stories

Alston Hall

Footsteps in the Hall

David Summerville from Poulton Le Fylde tells us about his spooky night at Alston Hall...

"During the 1970's, for several consecutive summers, I was the residential pottery teacher at Alston Hall in Longridge near Preston. The weeks course enabled mostly retired people,to enjoy the basics of ceramics and everyone always enjoyed both the hospitality and surroundings of Alston Hall. The principal of Alston Hall at this time was Mrs Ann Lightfoot.

The pottery, was situated on the upper floor, in what I believe was part of the original stable outbuildings. It was a long room, reached by a series of wooden steps. The week was frantic from my point of view as the teacher, the kiln was always on, and more often than not, after a long day teaching, I would spend most of the night catching up on sleep sitting in front of the kiln which needed constant attention. I didn't mind I was fit and in my early twenties. My room with comfortable bed and shower in the Hall was rarely used!

One night, it must have been in the early hours, I heard heavy footsteps downstairs walking along the corridor which led to the flight of wooden stairs leading to the pottery. Thinking that one of my mature students was about to sit with the firing kiln, and give me a few hours in a soft bed, I went to the top of the wooden stairs to greet them. It was quite dark at the foot of the stairs, and I distinctly remember listening in total amazement to the sound of footsteps on each wooden step coming directly towards me - but no one in sight.

I must admit that I stood there for a while, contemplated the idea of packing up for the night, switching the kiln off and going to my room in the hall. Not unduly alarmed, I do remember smoking several cigarettes in quick succession, trying unsuccessfully to explain to myself what I had just experienced.

To this day, almost 30 years later, I remember the incident well. Was I tired, was my imagination working overtime? Whatever the answer, I firmly believe that something came to see what was going on in their stable that night!"

last updated: 12/10/05
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I have had many a scary night at Alston Hall. The place is riddled with spirits!The first time I stayed I was visited by a Victorian servant who was standing by the side of my bed. She was looking for her baby which was taken away as she was an unmarried mother. I encountered her presence again when I stayed on another occasion. I asked our tutor to clear the energy in my room and to help her move on.We were told not to talk about the clearing as the lady had been asked to go the light and to where her son was. Last time I went back to Alston Hall (the other week in fact)my tutor was staying in the room which I had previously been in. Apparently she has not moved on due to people talking about her in the house, which has caused her to continue haunting the top floor.Also my recent visit proved very interesting as I encountered another entity. This time a male who walks along the corridor at the side of Alston Hall and through to the bar area. I also picked up strong energies around the kitchen from the said corridor.On our advanced dowsing course we had to go down to the cellar, to see if we could pick anything up. We were not told anything by the tutor, but we were encouraged to use our intuition. Whilst down there I had an experience of a supernatural nature. Something which I can't explain and proves there is something out there. We encountered a spirit called George who was employed during 1850's. George was in charge of the servants and had a strong attachment to the house, which is why he hadn't moved on. He was a smoker, we smelt tobacco smoke in the passage way of the cellar and picked up that he had died of lung cancer. I saw mist in the passage way and the energies were so strong I couldn't stand up properly. Apparently spirits can project their signs of illness (when they die) on a " sensitive". In effect that's what I experienced whilst I was down there, George taking over as I couldn't breath (which is how I know He died of lung cancer) Wooooh scary! I have never been so petrified in all my life and although I know alot about the paranormal I never thought anything like this would happen to me. All the spirits that I encountered have been confirmed by members of staff, so I'm not telling porkies!For all you who don't believe, trust me never dismiss what you don't understand, you never know something might happen when you least expect it!Derek Acora eat your heart out!!

yeah likely story. come on there is no such thing as ghosts

i work nights in an old house In Hambleton, Lancashire, now a nursing home. i believe there are ghosts there. the house used to be owned by a Doctor and his wife who used to carry out illegal abortions. Many residents have heard children crying and laughing. there is a lady who wears a long Victorian Grey Dress (grey lady) who appears when a resident is close to death.There is also a man with long hair who goes around the halls and appears in the windows. All of these have been seen by staff, both during the day and at night.

I believe it was just your imagination there is no such thing as ghosts

I believe that the haunted old buildings must be demolished now to stop some many people getting mad and thats it especialy those who have and some cats will frighten a life out of some elderly and the. Children in this old building like some old. Victorian hospital, which are very scarey indeed. in the future those old. Hotels must be demolished now and thats it.

Juliette W Gregson
About 2 years ago I attended a counselling weekend as part of course there. On the first night I did explore and had a walk round. On the first floor I saw a young boy in a period outfit, perhaps victorian or edwardian. Later when I asked a member of staff about this it was indeed confirmed that a young boy had been seen by the staff and other people visiting!

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