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24 September 2014

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Spooky Stories

You are in: Lancashire > Spooky > Spooky Stories > Who was the mystery man at Samlesbury Hall?

A view from the window

Who was the mystery man at Samlesbury Hall?

Ian emailed in to tell us another spooky story about Samlesbury Hall in Lancashire.

"I thought I would tell you this story about my father, Arthur, who used to be the M.D. at Samlesbury Hall several years ago. He told the story many times at dinners held at the Hall...

One night in the mid 19th Century a dinner was being held in the great hall at Samlesbury. During the evening one of the guests had to return to his bedroom to get some more cigars. As he walked through the parlour room he looked out of the window to see a six horse funeral carriage on the drive out side. The gentleman driving the horses looked up and straight into the eyes of the dinner guest. The driver had many missing teeth and a patch over one eye.

A dinning room

A little startled by this, the dinner guest ran back to the Great Hall and asked if any one else had seen or heard the horse drawn hearse - no one had seen or heard anything and laughed at our bemused and a little scared friend, accusing him of partaking in a little too much wine. The guest regained his composure and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

A week later and our dinner guest is in London for a business meeting. Staying at the recently refurbished Hilton Hotel. The hotel had just installed the latest elevators to assist some of the more infirm and aged guests staying there. Being allocated a room on the top floor of the hotel our intrepid friend decided to try the new-fangled elevator and pressed the call button to summon the elevator. Imagine his horror when the lift doors opened to reveal the driver of the hearse seen at Samlesbury the week before, dressed in the uniform of a lift attendant!

The exterior of Samelsbury Hall

He panicked and started to run down the stairs to the lobby. After only a few seconds a terrible crashing noise was heard through out the entire building. On his arrival in the lobby our friend was greeted with a terrible sight. The lift cables had snapped and sent the car crashing to the ground floor. The lift doors had burst open with the impact and shattered several chairs and tables placed in front of them.

Picking his way through the debris to see if the lift attendant had been killed or injured he came across the hotel manager surveying the damage. There was no body or sign of blood inside the smashed lift car. "Where is your lift attendant?" asked our now very scared friend. "Lift attendant?" replied the hotel manager - "We dont have a lift attendant - why do you ask?"

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created: 03/10/2005

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On my return to Lancashire I was given the opportunity to exhibit my collection of sculptures,I knew nothing about Lady Dorothy at the time yet one of the pieces just happened to be a white lady for the next three years I spent several weeks each year in the hall and the cottage Lady Dorothy became an obsession ,I left with an opened mind and a heart full of Love and romance.Several years later friends and I return to enjoy the enchantment

im totally frieked out now but i do love a good ghost story

Samlesbury Hall is a gold mine for spirits and ghosts an experienced medium and investigator who knows the hall and can communicate to its long dead residents is a must if you want to see and experience true ghostly activity,good luck.

these are relly creepy stories

As long ago as history is recorded people have had encounters with ghosts and spirits so no one can deny that fact!Just what they are and why they are sometimes seen is not known for sure and is a matter of ether faith or opinion,but they do exist!I would like to think we all survive physical death as the alternative would be a pretty pointless end to a life of learning and experience.Still there are some great haunted sites in the Lancashire area,not least Samlesbury Hall.

I never heard Toni's version of the story from Ireland, but this one I read some place,really weird.

I read this story from the "Beaver Book of Horror" by Daniel Farson in the 1970s and it's fascinated me ever since. Great stuff.

i would love to spend the night at salmsbury hall i will have to see a ghost to believe in it .

i wish i could visit Samlesbury Hall someday, maybe one day i will and maybe even get to see the lady with my last name :3

ghosts are not real!

when i went there i saw a lady who was dressed in black with a long dress and she had all here face coverd in blooed i ask anybody elce if they sore here nobody did and my freind was next to me at the time the lady was here i asked here she said she didnt see here nobody had

Very enteresting Iwould be scared as Ian but I would love to spend the night.

I would like to spend a night or two there...

John Sinclair
Balderdash. No such things as ghosts. They are the product of suggestion and fertile imagination.

I have captured a very eerie mist on camera on one of the Ghost nights at Salmesbury Hall last March.It had 7 different faces in it, including a full figure of a lady!!!I had it checked out by a medium and have proven it is a genuine ghostly sighting.I feel very honoured that they showed themselves to me.Salmesbury Hall is definitely worth a visit and I can recommend the Ghost nights to anyone, believer or sceptic.

This sounds very much like one of the stories from an old ghost story.."Room for one in side sir". was the tag line.

We visited the hall July 06, on a Ghost night, It was Excellent I got two faces on camera in the main hall, This happend after the Midnight Seance. We also heard alot of banging and creaking sounds. when we went in the preist room A few people and myself felt dizzy.

i havent been but have heard funny storys about the white lady

carri ann
Omg salmsbury hall is totaly scary! I went there, and i stood in the fireplace, and got the weirdest feeling, i felt really cold, and strange. It totally creeped me out when i came here!

I been lucky enough to have encountered three sightings of ghosts at samlesbury hall.My first was when i saw a man smaartly dressed and with a bullet hole on the side of his head and he fell off the side of the balcony in the hallThe second was in the preist hall where a man was laying dead on the floor then he began to float throwgh the floor. lastly i saw a white figure next to the witches tree.

I have been lucky to have had sole access to the hall of an evening and late at night inc early morning,year round,and I have to say I have never seen anything like the ghostly figure Ian describes in his story.I would say however I have so far seen many ghostly figures in period costume from old men and women to young children,monks,soldiers,workers and heard the foot steps of the old long dead residents as they walk around the hall over the years.Could it be explained by something natural or perhaps someone else in the building? No I was the only person in the hall and I had to ensure the alarm system was activated and the building was empty of any living persons,the ghosts and spirits that still live there I can do nothing about.My last comment is seeing is believing,no one else will believe you anyway till they experience it first hand too! Until then I will probably be thought of as mistaken or a bit crazy?The Ghosts and Spirits all seem frendly enough but I would not want to provoke them just in case!I am sure that Samlesbury Hall will continue to be very haunted for many hundreds of years from now,its just one of those places I guess? Who knows you might see something one day too?

when i was staying at my friends house. i woke up at midnight and saw a manly figure so i got out of bed and walked to him but by the time i got there he was gone .this happened all weekend

Lauren 9 years old
When i went to the hall we went to see henry the 8th ,he told us to go to the preist room.there i got locked in and saw the ghost!and just faded into the wall!

i would believe this... as i visited this place about 9 years ago and I felt it to be a bad place.i was glad to get away from it

C'est Moi
I visited the hall with my Grandad when I was about 10. When we went into the Banquet hall, I also had a horrible feeling and begged my Grandad for us to go. It was only a few years later that I found out this place was aledgidly haunted.

im a local and my mum drives down there at least twice a week but i have never seen anything but there is a story of a bus driving down preston new road and stopping for this white lady and when the bus stoped there was no one there.

my freind and i have seen the ghost woman that walks across the road it passed over his garden she hovered it was really odd!

Claire in Clitheroe
I visited the Hall in 1994 and had a strange experience in the banquet? hall, I had the strangest feeling, like something bad was going to happen. I felt quite dizzy with it! Went into a smaller room - and didn't find out until afterwards that this room had been the scene of much unpleasantness years before. Whilst standing in this room, felt very depressed and doomed. Horrible. I think old buildings absorb people's feelings.

yes this is true because i know there is a white lady there

rob turner
the hall sits on preston new road, several times have driven down there and seen a white figure floating across the road into the opposite field, scared the pants out of me.

gordon grier
no i haven't,but I'm a local lad and have heard the stories

i belive in ghosts when i see 1 i tell my mates they think im mental so i just keep it in my heart.HELP ME!!!!!!!

james howes
i dont belive in ghosts because iv never seen 1 if i ever hear a rumor i will go up for the fun and scare the ghost my self!!!!!

william E. Ferguson
This is a very old story and could be a scenario from the Ealing film about 'Ghost Stories.' I think the film was called " Dead of Night."

Never seen him but I belive in ghost's, After reading that story I'v goosebumps all over.

Mark Beckett
This idea was done in the 1945 film Dead of Night, the only difference was that it was a bus that crashes but the conductor is the same as that seen driving the hearse previously

I've heard another version of that story... It happened in Ireland in late 19th century. It was night and a man had trouble falling to sleep so he decided to go for a midnight stroll around his estate's grounds. Outside, he saw a man with a coffin digging the ground. He went to see what was going on. Suddenly the mysterious man looked at him and vanished to thin air. Years later, in a fancy hotel in Dublin, the man was about step into the lift when he saw the same mysterious man as a lift attendant. He refused to go in and moments later the lift crashed down.

You are in: Lancashire > Spooky > Spooky Stories > Who was the mystery man at Samlesbury Hall?

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