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28 October 2014

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You are in: Lancashire > Coast > Lord Street

Tram running up and down Lord Street

Lord Street

Lord Street is the main high street in Fleetwood and alongside the hustle and bustle of the people and road traffic, you’ll see trams running up and down tracks in the road.

Every July the Fleetwood Transport Festival (also known as Tram Sunday) takes place when you can see vintage cars, buses and trams trundle up and down all day between the ferry loop and the top of Lord Street.

St Peter’s Parish Church

On your right you will see St Peter’s Parish Church which is another design by the architect Decimus Burton. It was opened in 1841 and was built with a spire which had to be removed around 1904 when it became unsafe. In the church grounds there is the town’s original war memorial to those who died in World War One.

Carry on, staying on the right hand side of the street, past Warren Street and Kemp Street. You will see St Mary’s Church on your left. Then turn right up London Street.

London Street

London Street leads up to the Mount, which you should just be able to see in the distance. The Mount sits on a natural sand hill and the story goes that Sir Peter and Decimus Burton stood on the top of the hill to try to work out how to get all the streets to radiate from it. They got a local farmer with a plough and a team of horses to go off in different directions, drawing furrows so they could get the idea of the streets running off. One of those furrows became London Street that you are on now.

On this street you’ll see houses that were in Decimus Burton’s design for the town which were built not to house the wealthy, but the less wealthy. Sir Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood was inspired by a Scottish millionaire called Robert Owen. He owned some mills near Glasgow and had built good housing for his workers and a school for their children.

Having been the MP for Preston, Sir Peter knew what the slums of an textile industrial town were like and he didn’t want his new town to be anything like that, so he created wide streets and well-built houses. These houses were almost demolished in the 1970’s as they had got into such a bad state of repair, but after efforts were started to preserve Fleetwood, they were modernised instead.

When you get to the top of London Street, cross the road and go through the entrance into the grounds of the Mount.

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You are in: Lancashire > Coast > Lord Street

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