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28 October 2014

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You are in: Lancashire > Coast > Queen’s Terrace

Queen’s Terrace

Queen’s Terrace

At the end of Pharos Street, turn right onto Queen’s Terrace. This run of elegant houses was completed in 1844, again designed by Decimus Burton.

Both Burton and Sir Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood lived here whilst the town was being developed. Since then, the terrace has been used for a variety of purposes including a school, a hospital, wartime consulates and railway offices.

The Stena Leader

On the opposite side of the road to the terrace, is the site of the old railway station. It’s long gone now, but in its heyday, people came into Fleetwood on the train where they could then catch a boat to their final destination. In the days before package holidays, when people holidayed in the UK, the Isle of Man was a very popular resort, so thousands of people came through Fleetwood to get to the island.

The most famous visitor who left by train, but arrived by boat, was Queen Victoria, in 1847. Local legend has it that she was “not amused” as she was pregnant at the time and she had come down from Ardrossan in Scotland to Fleetwood in bad weather. She spent the night on the ship with Prince Albert and she got off the next day where a huge marquee had been built.

Image of a boat that has been docked

 The station was further up the river then, so the tracks had been extended to bring the royal train in. She got off the ship, went into the pavilion, shook hands with the huge number of dignitaries that had been brought in from the four corners of the world to meet her, got on the train then left and went to London! Although she didn’t actually walk around the town, it was very good publicity because the London Illustrated News covered the story which helped put Fleetwood on the map as an emerging town. 

You will often see the Stena Leader docked here too. It’s a large ferry that takes freight and passengers from Fleetwood to Larne in Northern Ireland. It’s quite a spectacular sight when it sets sail out of the estuary.

Carry on walking along Queen’s Terrace until you get to Fleetwood Museum on your right.

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You are in: Lancashire > Coast > Queen’s Terrace

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