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24 September 2014

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You are in: Lancashire > Coast > Pharos/Upper Lighthouse, Pharos Street

Coast: Fleetwood

Pharos/Upper Lighthouse, Pharos Street

Back in the late 1830’s, Sir Peter Hesketh decided to live his dream and create a new Victorian town using his mother’s maiden name, Fleetwood.

He also adopted the name himself and became Sir Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood. One of the first things that needed to be sorted was a harbour, so Sir Peter hired a Royal Naval Officer to work out a way to navigate in and out of the River Wyre.

Pharos Lighthouse

He came up with the idea that Fleetwood should have three lighthouses and it’s still the only town in the UK to have three lighthouses. The Upper or Pharos Lighthouse is what you’re stood in front of now, designed by the architect Decimus Burton. Later on in the walk we’ll have a look at the Lower Lighthouse.

The idea was that as ships came down the river, they lined up the lights on each of the two lighthouses so that they appeared on top of one another. That meant they could then navigate in a straight line down the river.

Those lights still operate today and the system still works.

Sometimes rare birds nest at the top of the lighthouse which are monitored by the RSPB. Whilst you won’t be able to look at these birds up close as they must not be disturbed, you could try using binoculars from standing a bit further down the street to see if you could see them.

North Euston Hotel

If you look behind you, you will see the North Euston Hotel in the distance. This used to be the place that people would stay at if they were travelling from London to the west coast of Scotland. In those days you couldn’t go direct, you travelled from Euston to Fleetwood on a train, you spent the night in the North Euston Hotel and then the next day you got on a boat and you went to Ardrossan on the Clyde.

Walk down Pharos Street, towards the sea front.

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You are in: Lancashire > Coast > Pharos/Upper Lighthouse, Pharos Street

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