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BBC Lab UK experiments were designed and approved by scientists and academics at the forefront of research in their field. Each yielded fascinating results that were placed on a common database.

If you have a proposal for a multiple data-set analysis, we'd like to hear from you.

Thousands of the same participants contributed to many Lab UK experiments over the life of the project.

Since 2001, hundreds of thousands of people have participated in online experiments from the BBC.

One of our biggest success stories was the Sex ID experiment in 2006, in which 250,000 people participated. Sex ID formed the basis of a BBC One television series, 'Secrets of the Sexes', and an entire issue of the journal 'Archives of Sexual Behaviour' was given over to the publication of the scientific papers derived from the results.

Lab UK built on this legacy and brought BBC experiments together in one place. It was launched on the BBC website in September 2009, with the aim of encouraging citizen science.

Lab UK experiments included tens and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of participants. As they promoted content on BBC TV, radio and online, they reached larger numbers in broader demographics than would have been possible using conventional recruitment methodologies.

Thousands of the same participants contributed to many Lab UK experiments over the life of the project, which has created interesting opportunities to explore correlations between experimental data sets.

For instance, over 10,000 people participated in both The Big Money Test and The Big Risk Test. As all LabUK experiments used the same anonymised unique identifiers for participants, it has been possible to create an 'uber-dataset' from both experiments for further analysis.

If you have a research question that you think could make good use of the available datasets, and would also employ rigorous scientific methodologies, we'd like to hear from you.

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