Brain Test Britain - Results in-depth

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Everything you need to know about the experiment, from how it was designed to a full breakdown of the results.

For a quick summary, read 'The results: Brain training games don't make us smarter'

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Experiment design

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Find out why we did the experiment, how it was designed and who designed it.

About the benchmarking tests

Image of benchmarking game

Find out why we used benchmarking tests in the experiment, and what those tests were.

About the brain training games

Image of training game

Find out why we had three training groups and what the games were designed to do. You can even have a go at the games yourself.

Benchmarking results

Image of benchmarking game

A full breakdown of the results from our benchmarking tests, and the scientific conclusions drawn from them.

Training results

Image of reasoning training game

A full breakdown of the results from our brain training games, including the scientific conclusions drawn from those results.

About the participants

People putting their hands in the air

Find out more about the people who took part in the largest ever study of computer-based brain training.

Further research into over 60s

Man over 60 using a laptop

We ran a second phase of the experiment with participants aged 60 and over. Find out why.

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