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28 August 2014
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Level 2 Assignment


This assignment is designed to provide evidence for level 2 Communication, Information and Communication Technology and Application of Number in Key Skills and focuses on the subject area of travel and tourism. The main aim of the assignment is to produce a promotional leaflet.

For Task 1 of the assignment students are asked to research a tourist destination they have visited. Task 2 requires students to format their research and Task 3 to develop a leaflet which promotes their chosen destination focusing on the changes they have made in order to improve the existing marketing. Task 4 requires that the student present their work to a group with the final task being an evaluation of the assignment.

The following tasks must be completed to fulfil the Key Skill requirements in the core areas of Communication, ICT and Number.

Communication Level 2

C2.1a Contribute to a discussion about a straightforward subject
C2.1b Give a short talk about a straightforward subject, using an image
C2.2 Read and summarise information from two documents that have three or more pages with graphics

Information and Communication Technology Level 2

ICT2.1 Search for and select information for two different purposes
ICT2.2 Explore and develop information and derive new information, for two different purposes

Application of Number Level 2

N2.1 Interpret information from two different sources, including material containing a graph

Assignment Instructions

Task 1

Carrying out Research

Think about some of the places that you have visited - this can be in the UK or abroad.

Why did you choose to go there? Was it the price, the things that you could do there or the interesting things to see? Just how did you make your decision and were you able to find lots of information about it before you went.

To complete Task 1 you must research your chosen destination. Look at books, brochures, leaflets and the Web and make a careful note of where you have found that information. Keep examples from your research (print off from the web, keep the brochures and leaflets and make notes from books detailing the title, author, ISBN number etc.)

Task 2

Collating Your Research

It is now time to order the initial notes that you have made. Type up your notes so that you will be able to refer to them. Illustrate your work with drawings and graphics and collect together any leaflets.

When you have completed your notes think carefully about your findings - were the brochures telling the truth - did you get enough information before you visited your chosen destination. Write a concluding paragraph about this.

When this is complete it is time to think about how you could promote your chosen destination is a better way....which aspects of the destination would you highlight.

Task 3

Producing the Leaflet

Now it is time to make your leaflet. Think very carefully about just what information you are going to include and what you will leave out.

Remember:A leaflet is made up from a single sheet, usually A4, often folded once or it can be folded several times vertically so that it forms several panels.

Your leaflet needs to have high visual impact on the front cover - save your more detailed information for the internal panels

It might be a nice idea to develop a logo for the front of the leaflet - think about checking on the web for ideas.

You will also need to consider your audience.

Task 4


When you have got some ideas for your leaflet - you can produce a draft copy and test it with other groups in the class. You can make a questionnaire. Market research is important. Make a note of the feedback - it will be useful later. Keeping the feedback on a spreadsheet will help you to claim against your ICT Key Skills criteria.

When you have got the feedback and implemented any ideas or changes make your leaflet.

Task 5

The Presentation

Now is your chance to demonstrate all your hard work. Think carefully about what you will put into your presentation. For help with your presentation you can look at the Key Skills Communications modules on 'Effective Presentations'.

Hint: You can explain your research process, why you chose to include what you did in the leaflet and of course ... you can show everyone the leaflet.

Task 6


This is the final task of the assignment. Write up your reflections on your presentation - what went well - what didn't, how you would improve the next time. Then include everything in your portfolio.

Assessor Notes

As an assessor you will need to make sure that you make sufficient notes during the observed performance to cover all the Key Skills requirements. If you have an opportunity to video the presentations this can then act as the evidence.

The students can demonstrate their ICT skills within this assignment and printouts of their research will provide useful evidence. Keeping a web log might also prove useful



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