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28 August 2014
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Level 2 Assignment


This assignment is designed to provide evidence for level 2 Communication, Information and Communication Technology and Application of Number in Key Skills and is based on material available in the BBC's Contenders programme featuring Hannah Peaker. With a few small changes it could also be made subject specific.

A summary of the programme, along with a selection of clips, can be found in the Key Skills Gallery.

Case Study

Hannah Peaker thought she had all the key skills to go places in advertising - but had she?
Hannah was given the opportunity to find out just what it was like to work for one of the UK's leading advertising agencies. She soon realised why key skills are important and how she could develop them in order to do well in business.

In the following assignment you will be asked to carry out tasks similar to those that Hannah had to fulfil to for St. Lukes Advertising in London. You will be able to claim against the following Key Skills criteria.

Communication Level 2

C2.1a Contribute to a discussion about a straightforward subject
C2.1b Give a short talk about a straightforward subject, using an image
C2.2 Read and summarise information from two documents which have three or more pages with graphics

Information and Communication Technology Level 2

ICT2.1 Search for and select information for two different purposes
ICT2.2 Explore and develop information and derive new information, for two different purposes

Application of Number Level 2

N2.1 Interpret information from two different sources, including material containing a graph

Assignment Instructions

Task 1

When you have watched the video of the programme split into groups to discuss how you think Hannah coped with working in the world of advertising.

Remember in order to fulfil the criteria you will need to really think about what you are going to say. It might be a good idea to make notes about some of the points you want to raise. Really listen to what others have to say and don't be afraid to question other's opinions. After you have finished talking write down what you talked about, summarising all the main points.

Task 2

The second part of this assignment is to give a short talk (5 minutes) about how you could promote your school or college canteen.

Remember in order to fulfil the criteria you will need to do the following:

  • Decide which aspects of your canteen you wish to promote
  • Research the topic thoroughly. You could do this by referring to the Contenders programme for some ideas and by using some of the notes that you made after the group discussion. You will need to include images and also some extra research. You could carry out a survey of students asking them what they like about the canteen, what they don't like etc. You could speak to the staff as well and even find out how much food is purchased and what sells best. You will also be able to use the internet and see if you can find even more numerical information about what people like to eat and even perhaps some information about school/college dinners. You might also be able to use a CD ROM.
  • If you have the time and would like to extend your ICT usage the talk gives you an excellent opportunity to do so.

You can use your research to print handouts for your audience, it might be useful to give some of your audience material that has been printed up as a table or refer to data in a spreadsheet. You might want to gain some feed back from your audience by printing a questionnaire - or you might like to use Power Point.

Task 3

When you have given your presentation, think about how it went. Did you get the message across? Did you grab the attention of your audience? Did you have too much/too little material? You can write all of this up and add the information to your portfolio.

What your teachers will be looking for

You teachers will be looking for evidence that you have hit all the criteria necessary for the Key Skills noted in the assignment.


  • You need to show that you can listen and respond to what is being said by the others in the group, summarise what had been said and add to the discussion
  • You need to show that you can keep the conversation going if everyone goes quiet
  • Prepare your talk thoroughly, structure it well and use cue cards to prompt you
  • Don't forget to ask if your audience understands what you are trying to say

Remember your teacher's will need evidence of you giving your talk and may film or record you. You can also provide witness statements from your audience which must include the name, date, signature, contact details and details of where and when the talk took place.


You need to

  • Use research material that has graphs, direct measurements or observations and that you have found and used this material all by yourself
  • Always note down where you found the material, how you made your choices and put copies of the research material into your folder
  • When you carry out the calculations necessary to give your talk make sure you note these down. For example you might have found out just how much food your canteen orders in a month and how much it costs. You could then divide carry out a simple division to work out weekly consumption and costs
  • Perhaps you could enter all your data into a spreadsheet, or use a simple formula in order to predict what the canteen might need to purchase if student eating habits changed
  • Your teachers will be looking for all this evidence and for notes of how you checked your methods, corrected any errors and made sure that the results made sense.


You need to

  • Make sure that are aware of all the safety issues when using computers and make a note of them
  • Know how to minimise the risks from viruses
  • Be aware of copyright restrictions: so in the case of this assignment if you are going to use an image from the web make sure you credit where it is from
  • See evidence of use of tables and spreadsheets

Assessor Notes

As an assessor you will need to make sure that you make sufficient notes during the observed performance to cover all the Key Skills requirements. If you have an opportunity to video the presentations this can then act as the evidence.

The students can demonstrate their ICT skills within this assignment and printouts of their research will provide useful evidence.



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