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24 September 2014

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Who needs proper words?

Take your word for it!

You've been sending in the words you use for certain things. If you have a different word for something already listed - let us know.

We'll take your word for it.
Click on a letter to see what words are already in our dictionary
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GLOSSARY: What would you say?
Slang word Word or meaning Sent in by
Ackel It won't ackel (work) Marie, Erith
Adam's ale
Water Darryl, Sevenoaks
Alans (Alan Wickers) Knickers Jan, Canterbury


The proper word for an ant Frank Page, Maidstone
Baggin' hook Sickle George, Teynham
Banjo Sandwich Elizabeth, Folkestone
Bit of fresh

New Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Beverly, Barming
Blag To steal or pursuade someone that something's true when it's not Chris, Maidstone
Blank To ignore Anon in Ramsgate
Bodge An apple picking bucket Sue, Medway
Bogging Something filthy or disgusting Sean Gaffney, Crawley
Bori Hard Dave, Canterbury
Boy friend or mate - no implications regarding age e.g. "You alright boy?" = "How are you mate?" Jude, Faversham
Bread & Cheese Hawthorn Hoops, Erith
Bread and pullet Bread & cheese Peter Fox, East Peckham
Brief Driving licence Karen, Faversham
Brucie An unexpected piece of good fortune James, Northfleet
Brumple Mixed fruit Lesley Walker, Dover
Home Darryl, Sevenoaks
Bugle Nose Peter, Conyer
Bunk off Play truant Hilary, Sittingbourne
Buppy A slice of bread and butter  
Buzz (to buzz) To pinch something Ashley, Teynham nr. Sittingbourne
Cadge Borrow Alison, Elham Valley
Canister Head Darryl, Darenth
When something is positioned at an angle, rather than flat against a wall Darryl, Sevenoaks


A good-looking person Vixi, Maidstone

Any benefit office

Bernadette, Rochester
Chat Dole Steve, Rochester
Chavie Child
listen.Hear more about the word chavie
Dave, Canterbury
Chaw/chav To steal
France from Faversham and Rachel from Chatham
Chimleys Chimneys Peter Ashby
Chippy Cold outside David, Rainham



A letter, also used for letter from a teacher to child about detention. Sue, Medway
Chokey gaol/jail Josie, Faversham
Chop chop Hurry up Steve, Rochester
Chowlin Paper Pusher/Office Worker Roger Meely, E Peckham
Chuffs Cigarettes Paul Fick, Hadlow
Cluck Feeling unwell Sue, Sissinghurst
Cludgie Toilet Rob, Orpington
Clifftemple Beach hut Terry Fuwitt, Sheerness
Connaught Not local Karen, Teynham
Coordinates Contact details Paul, Gillingham
Crodster Naughty child Roger Meely, E Peckham
Crottinge Gas cooker/stove Geoffrey House, Barming
CrawlyBob Woodlouse Hoops, Erith
Cough and sneeze Cheese Karen, Faversham
Custard and jelly Telly (TV) Ruby, Conyer
Dabs Shoes Nobbler, Dartford
Dabs Fingerprints Eileen, Hoo

Something you can't find a name for

Hilary, Sittingbourne


The remote control for a piece of electrical equipment e.g. a TV
Lucy, Tunbridge Wells
Farmers Piles Pat, Teynham
Flats Native oyster Mark, Whitstable


Wise one Peter Fox, East Peckham
Flash Over the top Linda, Dover
Flashbox Camera Bernie Chook, Barming
Flender Friend Pol O'Kitshonn, West Peckham
Fliberygibbet Scatty women Peter Fox, East Peckham
Flick The little bits of fluff and dust that accumulate on clothing Kath, Maidstone
Flittermouse A bat Elizabeth Lonkhurst, Folkestone
Flobbydobby The feeling you have when you see something gory and it feels like your head and hands are going to fall off Sue, Birchington


Anything that wobbles. Doug, Ashford
Flooders Taps Paul Fick, Hadlow
Fraps Moorings Mark, Whitstable


Home Dan, Plaxtol
Galbad Firework Dominique
Gargle A pint in the pub Sonny, Darenth


The police Bernadette, Rochester
Gatta Any alcoholic beverage but usually lager Carly, Chatham


Drunk. for example 'I was gattered out of my mind last night' Vixi, Maidstone
To laugh helplessly, e.g. "She fell over and we just gawsted". Darryl, Sevenoaks
Geckle Holiday maker
Lesley Walker, Dover
Gel on/jog on Get out of here Kirstie Fill, Chatham
Goesunder Chamber pot Karin, Canterbury


A person who has just made a fool of themselves. Vixi, Maidstone
Goose Old person Rob, Orpington



Peter Ashby, born in Deal, raised in Ashford but living in Canterbury


Tea leaves.
"Did you use bags or grouts for this tea?"

Alan, Gravesend
Growler WC Peter, Conyer, Kent
Having his/her airs A sulking or bad-tempered child Frances, Faversham
Shopliter George, Teynham
In the money Karen, Faversham
A car that is in disrepair, or very slow Mike Ling
Hovered To look cold, for example describing a person coming in from outdoors.
Darryl McCarthy, Sevenoaks
however Darryl, Sevenoaks
Floury bap  
Huggle a cross between a hug and cuddle
Mel, Gillingham
Hull To shell peas Mr Gifford, Deal
Iffy Anything a bit underhand Zippo, Dartford
Jasper Wasp Steve, Rochester
Jekyll and Hydes Trousers Peter, Conyer


C Nichols, Aylesham
Jockey's whips Chips Ruby, Conyer
Joobs/ Lodgers Nits Leah, Chatham
Karsy Toilet James Peall, Margate
Keekee Daughter Nobby, Dartford
Khasi Toilet Elizabeth Lonkhurst, Folkestone (formerly Romney Marsh)
Kiddle Wooden fish trap Mark, Whitstable
Kilter/skew-wiff Slanted or crooked Vivienne, Capel-le-Ferne
Lagging Very drunk Eileen, Hoo
Lash To borrow Emma, Tonbridge
Lay Meaning settle, as in snow: "Is the snow going to lay?" Mary, Canterbury
Leggo (chatting leggo) Nonsense (talking a load of nonsense) Leah, Chatham

Very wet and muddy -As in you can't walk that way its too lishey. used by my mum originally from Faversham
listen.Hear more about the word Lishy

Sue, Medway
Lodge Shed  
Loopy Juice Strong lager Terry Fuwitt, Sheerness
Lughole, (don't pronounce the H)


Alison, Elham Valley
Ming Disgusting Laura, Maidstone
A butcher boy
London pig
Cheesey bug
A woodlouse From the Deal area
Steve, Rochester
Marian, Thanet
Tracey, Sittingbourne
Elizabeth Lonkhurst
Jenny, Swanley
Marsh mist When you can see the backs of the sheep but not their feet.
Elizabeth Lonkhurst, Folkestone
Meyler Takeaway meal Gary, Welling
Minging Something ugly Sean Gaffney, Crawley
Molly dishwasher Pied wagtail Mr Gifford, Deal

Monkey's birthday

Meaning it is sunshine and raining at the same time Wendy Cousins, Shepherdswell near Dover


To cruise around in your car Jess, Gravesend
Moosler Diesel train Colin Card, Hadlow
Mort A girl Bernadette, Rochester
Mosy malt Wife/girlfriend Eileen, Hoo


A girl Bernadette, Rochester
Noggin or bungole A small piece of cheese From the Deal area
Noggin Head Rosina, Canterbury
Oggin The sea Mark, Whitstable
Okkard Awkward James Peall, Margate
On the sands On the beach Marian, Thanet
Packing up

Packed lunch

Becca, Faversham
Pied wagtail Elizabeth, Folkestone
Pani Rain Dave, Canterbury
Parky/Taters Cold weather outside Bea, Dover

A holidaymaker who's had too much sun

Claire, Whitstable

Recycling center aka the dump

Chantel Whiteman, Chatham
Pinchywig an Earwig
Keith, Canterbury
Pog To have a look (a butchers) Kat, Rainham, Medway


Meaning full from eating
Roger, Chatham
Pokey Relating to a car if it can go fast! Joanna Robinson, Five Oak Green
Pony Rubbish Iya, Faversham


Dominique, London
Pungering Catching shore crabs Mark, Whitstable


Darryl, Swanscombe
Raj Crazy Tim, Dover
Rattler Train Karen, Faversham
Red petticoat Wild poppy Mr Gifford, Deal


Dominique, London
Roker Skate/Thornback ray Mark, Whitstable
Salmon and trout Cigarettes Sonny, Darenth
Sausage Cake Toad-in-the-hole Lesley Walker, Dover
Scabby eye Meat pie George, Sittingbourne
Scrage A graze, usually of the knee, very common when I was a lad - 'I've scraged myself' Dick, Swanscombe
Scud To go for a drive in the car for no other reason than to scud about Kat, Medway

Low cloud rolling in from the sea

Saunders, Broadstairs

A long thin piece of woodland dividing 2 fields.

Dan Tuson, Lydden
Shrapnel Small change Karen, Conyer

Shucky or Shuckey

Chilly and cold - as in it's shucky outside. Used by Mike's mother from Thanet (not a term he's heard in Herne Bay)

Sir Staffords

Fried potatoes Linda, Faversham
Skank Disgusting Dan, Plaxtol
Skanter Lamp Geoffrey House, Barming
Skiver Someone who avoids work Colin, Thanet
Smerk Anything from low cloud to fog Sue, Medway
Sotchelling Describes how you move along when having to carry several heavy bags. Darryl McCarthy, Sevenoaks
Splindered Wood Chip Bernie Chook, Barming
A stick or other sharp object used to clean a pipe
Mike Ling
Steamy Foggy Bob, Darenth
Strig a stalk of a flower or fruit
Keith, Canterbury
Swampie Often used to describe a person born and bred on the Isle Of Sheppey. A user from Sheppey

'Going tats' going out for a walk said to a child

Sandra, Chatham
T Bone Telephone Pat, Teynham
Thander WC/Bathroom Geoffrey House, Barming

Tommy Handley's

Sausage Rolls Ian, Herne Bay

good fortune

Leanne, Rainham
Through the slips Escaping work early Pippa, Darenth
Ticketless Slightly Bonkers! Colin Card, Hadlow
Tin Bird Aircraft Terry Fuwitt, Sheerness
Tin Chin A Strong person Terry Fuwitt, Sheerness
Trap Toilet cubicle Sean Gaffney, Crawley
Trick box Computer Will O' Barnk, formerly of Sevenoaks
Trolleyjog Trailer Will O' Barnk formerly of Sevenoaks
Ubbs Shoes Pauline, Maidstone
Wad Sandwich Barry, Chatham
A holiday maker Charlie from Broadstairs


When you can't remember the proper name. Shirley, Canterbury
Wilk Whelk Mark, Whitstable
Wirret Meaning to worry, fuss or concentrate over a job to the exclusion of all else. A user's grandmother in Sittingbourne
Wols Owls Peter Ashby
Wooden overcoat Coffin Charles, Bapchild
Woswold A swelling on a tyre Doug, Ashford
Yak-catcher Tea Strainer Peter Goldup, Wye
Yoink To take something from someone Carly, Sevenoaks
Zapper Remote control Emma, Deal
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