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24 September 2014

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James Newton. This Video
Film maker:
James Newton

Length: 2'38''
Date: 22nd July 2005
Subject: "Success"
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Title: Success
James is now 29 and his life isn't as he thought it would be. He talks about success, what it means, how you get it, and what pressures do you face to get there. What criteria is our success judged on?

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You're not alone I think alot of people's feelings and opinions reflect what you've expressed in your video. In a society thats becoming totally revolved around consumerism and commercialism we can't be allowed to feel any satisfaction with our lives unless it revolves around buying the latest gadget/outfit/car ect. Sometimes I wonder if I'd just be happier living in a field then consider how bored I'd get, a campfire every night would be a treat though (:}) I suppose you have to just meet a happy medium where you learn to filter out the BS. I'm still confused about my life although many of the things I really want have become clearer to me, I hope the same goes for you, good luck (:})

Spot on James - it's true - of course, woman possibly face even more intense pressure to "be a certain way"
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You are in: Kent > Video Nation

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