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24 September 2014

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Adam Finch, This Video
Film maker:
Adam Finch

Length: 2'17''
Date: 20th Feb 2006
Subject: "Mountain boarding"
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Title: Mountain boarding
Adam runs a mountain boarding club and website. He and his mates love to rush down hills and through woodlands, and test their agility over jumps. Are there more thrills, or spills?

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u seem really good on a mountain board is there any places u would recomend in northern ireland i just got a mountain board 6 weeks ago and it is amazing how long have u been boarding for

This is great, as are the videos on your site, you guys should think about shooting some mountain boarding DVDs professionally and release them, I think they will sell well as lots of people are getting into this lately. Anyway that was a wicked 2 minutes but I have to get back to work now. Ride on brothers!

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You are in: Kent > Video Nation

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