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24 September 2014

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Terry McWilliams. This Video
Film maker:
Terry McWilliams

Length: 1'49''
Date: 15th Dec 2005
Subject: Hedges
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Title: Hedges
Terry and his family have just moved over from the United States. He loves driving his family round the county but hasn't managed to see very much of it because of all the hedges. How does anyone really know that Kent is the Garden of England?

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Now you why so many people in the country dirve 4x4s. To see over the hedges. Can't think of anothe reason.

Ha ha i love it, how nosey is Terry! . Trying to look over people's hedges. hedges are there to split up the farms , unlike america where the farms are so big no wild life has any chance of surviving.

I live in the USA but come from Kent and return every year to enjoy the beautiful Garden of England. I have never heard such drivel as this particular American speaks. He obviously would like to turn our county into yet another boring mid-west state where all hedges have been destroyed in the name of the mighty dollar. Wake up Terry, stop insulting your host country and realize that it is because of these hedges that Kent is one of the most maginificent counties in the UK. GET OUT AND WALK.

Terry, thank you for demonstrating the exact attitude that has got this planet into such an environmental mess... Get out of your car, if you don't like the environment you are in then move rather than tearing it down or changing it, and finally appreciate that you are a part of this planet it's not a toy, it is what keeps you alive.

Never underestimate the value of a good hedge Terry, ever, or we'll come and get you and make you plant beloved hedges for the term of your natural life (;})

I was born in Kent, and now work overseas for the majority of the year. However I love returning back home to go walking and to enjoy the sites that kent has to offer. Maybe instead of viewing everything from a car, they should get out and walk and enjoy what beauty there is around.

As an American living here in Kent, I find it a bit odd that Terry seems so upset by the hedges in the South East. Surely it's a natural landscape quite different from back home, which is part of what makes it beautiful and interesting to see while on the roads. I appreciate the hedges as a little intriguing- mysterious to view from ground-level, awesome to view from above. Not to mention their historical/traditional usefullness in dividing property and grazing lands in a non-obtrusive and environmentally-friendly way. And I can't imagine just where he's driving where the entire stretch of roadway is walled-in by hedges. I see great views of the Garden of England even from the motorway, which last time I checked was 100% certified hedge-free :-)

The Kent countryside is not a theme park but more a 10,000-year development of human, animal and plant life interaction. Those hedges represent a major wildlife resource. Perhaps Terry could learn to appreciate the trees, shrubs, ground flora, birds, insects and mammals that make hedges their home. There is also the joy of catching beautiful glimpses of the countryside through and over the hedges.

I was looking for references on Sonic the Hedge Hog and came across this video. Good work.

Way to go Terry, p*** off the locals by knocking the hedges. Clearly Kent loves Hedges. You have only been there a few weeks. How do you know that Kent isn't the Hedge capital of England, or Europe for that matter! In fact after watching your video, I have decided to build hedges in my backyard. That way if you ever come back to the States and visit my house it will feel more like Kent.

The hedges are a wonderful refuge for most of our small animals and minibeasts. Hedges are also the last area that is home to a wonder of wild flowers. If this gentleman wants to see the garden of England perhaps he aught to walk some of our footpaths and bridleways.

How does anyone really know that Kent is the Garden of England? Because of all the hedges, that's how! If they really want to see our beautiful county, then they should stop driving round and use the public footpaths! There are hundreds of miles worth of footpaths and bridalways to see the other side of the 'Hedge'.
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