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28 October 2014

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Philip Page. This Video
Film maker:
Philip Page

Length: 1'52"
Date: 17th Nov 2006
Subject: "Culture Clash "
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Title: Culture Clash
Philip wants nothing more than a bit of space for the arts in Margate. The problem is, there are more closed doors than open galleries.

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Now now, not a mention of our somewhat predictable, but never the less, spectacular pyrotechnical displays!

The Exodus Project sums up this patronising metropolitan attitude to regional arts. Well-paid Islingtonites come to Margate and expect local proles to work for nothing on their project. "Local artists, designers, film makers? We'd rather not have you. Or maybe we can fit you in, but you won't get paid.

Kudos to Philip for shining the light on bureaucratic incompetence. Margate is already beautiful and a flourishing art community can only make it more attractive to outsiders. Philip makes for an entertaining investigative correspondent.

M.A.R.G.A.T.E. Mismanaged Arts Regeneration Grabs All The Equity. Great film, more power to Mr Page's elbow.

Indeed Mr Page, well put, Margate badly let down at every turn... by outsiders who know everything about art and nothing of mixing with the locals and heaven forbid 'local artists'.

As usual, Phil says it like it is. The self funded IOTA Gallery in Ramsgate is an excellent project. Its a real shame that the local council don't do what they can to help Margate, rather than slapping their own backs over what little has been achieved.

This is a great little piece which typifies just how incredibly inept the local "Regeneration" effort is in Thanet.

Philip is spot on. Millions of pounds spent on a non-existent Turner Centre and no-one apparently accountable for this scandal. The locked exhibition/information centres add to the farce. When one has to submit a legion of forms ( appliction and evaluation) and account for every penny spent(if one is lucky enough to get any)of arts funding for individuals, the Turner project as it stands is nothing less than an outrage.
If I didn't live in Margate, I might be able to see the funny side of Philip's video and the whole Turner fiasco.

Excellent. Pithy. Informative and amusing. Arts Regeneration like this needs to begin with, and be carried by, the local artistic community. You can't import a community and expect it to be relevant. Well done on the video. Now show it to the Arts Council Cliques who refuse to support local groups but instead look after their own.

Well said, Philip! Ten million pounds spent on a non-Turner Centre is a total disgrace. Poor old Margate.

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