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28 October 2014

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Beryl sorts through the past. This Video
Film maker:
Beryl Gregory

Length: 2' 34"
Date: 17th Jun 1996
Subject: Clothes
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Title: Clothes
Beryl's doing a job she's been dreading - sorting out her mother's clothes. For an 83 year-old she had a fascination with clothes and had some lovely things - sorting them will be upsetting. She bought new shoes even when she knew she was very ill. Beryl takes various garments out of plastic sacks. If she took them off to a charity shop it would be like bundling her mother into a sack, and she can't do that - which is why it's taken her so long to get round to this.

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Dear Beryl, well done. I know how hard it is. I had the same with my mum's clothes. Many brand new and others kept ironed ready for a dressed up occasion. i persuaded her to wear some of her best suits when she went for her chemo sessions and some of her lovely nightdresses when she was in the Hospice. Why wait for the best occasion when tomorrow may never come. That was in July 2001 and my husband died May 2002. I still have lots of their clothes. Part of life's rich pattern of experiences for all of us.

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You are in: Kent > Video Nation

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