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28 October 2014

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Ivor. This Video
Film maker:
Ivor Staples

Length: 2'43'
Date: 15th May 2006
Subject: Broken Brain
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Title: Broken Brain
Ivor had a nervous breakdown. Everything had got on top of him and he was 'at the bottom of life itself'. So did he manage to mend his broken brain?

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Good on you mate it great to see you tell your story and what it is realy like, There needs to be a lot more education to all the communitys around the world about mental health AND HOW IT CAN DISTROY A PERSON LIFE AND ALSO EVERY ONE AROUND THEM. WE NEED MORE IMFORMATION ABOUT EARLY WARNING SIGNS AND MORE COMMUNITY SUPPORT AND AWARENSS WHO KNOWS MENTAL HEALTH PEOBLEMS CAN AFFECT ANY ONE OF US IF OUR CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE OR WE ARE PHYSICAL OR PYSCHOLOGIAL OUT OF WACK. DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON PERSONS WHOS WORLD IS NOT RIGHT INSTEAD ENCOURAGE THEM TO GET HELP BE PATIENT AND KIND AND GIVING ACCEPT THIER SITUATION FOR THEY NEED AS MUCH COMPASSION AND LOVE.PERSON WHO HAVE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES ONCE AGIAN Irepeat weneed more education to the communitys and acceptance some people do recover very well but only with the right medication and good treatment plan and lots support fromthier familys and friends and community at large. It is my view with out this approach nothing! much will change for these persons.
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You are in: Kent > Video Nation

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