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28 October 2014

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Ben Barton This Video
Film maker:
Ben Barton

Length: 2'53''
Date: 25th Mar 2004
Subject: Poetry
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Title: No one reads poetry
Ben is a published poet who hankers to make writing his occupation. But no one reads poetry anymore - well that's what Ben says anyway. So he has to work in an office to pay the bills and finding time to write is getting harder and harder.

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Firstly, there is always a solution that can be found. I am putting on a poetry event in Lyminge, Kent not far from you featuring a chap called Thom the World Poet, he has all the qualifications and dropped out to pursue his craft, he is mid-50's NOW I am not suggesting thats for you, but it is worth seeing him in action & having a word, he's been there. Thom is an Aussie, living in Texas who is over for the Cheltenham Literature Festival and pops down to see me when over in the UK, hence a FREE poetry event. Thom has supported Bob Dylan and Roy Harper. Have a look at for details. Waiting is a fair idea, active engagement may well be more productive, speak to people who have broken free!
Dave Sheppard

My advice would be to attend a good university and major in english literature.

take a few creative writing courses and possibly get a masters degree in english literature. try writing novels, short stories, and poetry.
I'm the same, baring I write short stories and not poetry. I have to earn my living by scrubbing toilets, but someday, one day, it'll happen. You just have to wait and find what little time you have to do it, that's what I do.

Interesting I agree everyone writes poetry no one will buy it they may borrow from libraries but are reluctant to buy I have changed to short stories people will buy these and to get a start self publish. Cheers Marj Busby
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You are in: Kent > Video Nation

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