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24 September 2014

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Saturday 17 May, 2003
UFO film sparks fresh ET debate
What is it?
From lights in the sky to flying saucers - UFOs come in various guises. But are they the product of alien life, natural phenomena or just a vivid imagination?
The Disclosure Project
UFO hoaxes
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Many people say they have seen "something strange" and some claim that what they saw was a spaceship. Others say they have met aliens.

Nonetheless, scientists remain mostly unmoved. They say that although some UFO cases merit investigation, it is not because they could be alien craft.

The images captured over the south coast were filmed by a police helicopter. The UFO was spotted travelling across the coast and was followed for about 10 miles.

None of the crew members on board the helicopter had seen anything like it before or since.

The footage has aroused the interest of UFO enthusiasts. So what could it be? Well, some people think it could be a balloon or some other simple explanation...

  The footage has aroused the interest of UFO enthusiasts. So what could it be? Well, some people think it could be a balloon or some other simple explanation...
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Why is it only Americans have added comments - because they are more gullible than the rest of us?
Bob McInnery, Lincoln

This is true. We don't know what this object is. However, of one thing I am certain is that I have seen many flying objects during the course of my life. While some have performed this type of manoeuvre, others have suddenly stopped dead on their tracks and have gone back without making a turn. I have seen the "flying saucer types", the "silver spheres," and the cigar-shaped objects. I don't know what they are, or where they come from, but I have watched them zoom through the skies at homogeneous speeds, hover in mid air without the slightest trace of movement, while others have descended towards my car, then vanished without trace. No, I do not need new glasses, nor am I feeble-minded. I am above average intelligence and was not having a "senior moment" when I saw them. I have been seeing these objects since I was a child. Another thing. Why aren't I surprised to see all the pundits and nay-sayers respond negatively to sightings of objects of unknown description. ! With all the secret societies and self made millionaires in existence, isn't it possible that one of them has stumbled upon a secret technology and has found a way to build unconventional flying objects in some discreet location? (Besides Area 51, that is.) Think about it! Then again, we could be the object of study and speculation by a superior race of unknown origins. There are many intelligent people out there who are not within the mainframe of the business or scientific community. That old phrase, "Beam me up Scotty, there's no life down here" just doesn't fly.
India, Philadelphia, USA

Well, I suggest they check records for air traffic within the area at that time, there must be some. I hear that there are in fact many Unidentified Flying Objects that are detected by radar in the world everyday. It doesn't mean it's a space ship. However, I don't disagree the fact that there may be another intelligent life form out there, it is quite possible and a lot of earthly evidence suggests so, such as the Egyptian hieroglyphics. But before I would truly believe that alien space craft fly over our planet, I would have to see the life form inside it. Human or Alien? Who knows?
Luke Hammond, Chatham

I'm an expert on experts and I've seen a few experts in my time, especially balloon experts and video hoax experts. After studying the comments of both of the experts I can definitely state that they are not real experts but fake.
Wild, Bournemouth

After seeing this, all I can say is that I'm a believer now. I believe that people need new glasses.
Doug Koch, Philadelphia, PA, USA

After my viewing the recorded data in question, it is with absolute certainty clearly a "UFI" Unidentified Flying Idiot. Actually It is Bigfoot and the Six Million Dollar Man (of course they are friends in real life silly,) and Bigfoot is probably driving, (geeesh, don't they know apes can't drive?!!!!) Also, on a more logical note (not much more ); it is the police following them. Why don't they try the obvious and PULL THEM OVER!!! They WERE in fact weaving! Someone needs to put that dam ape in jail before it's too late for us all. Sincerely, Son of Kong :) Peace.
Skelapus, USA

The only interesting thing about it is it shows again that all the silly believers of this ridiculous story are.... yes, the American `Aliens` themselves!
Jurre, Cochabamba, Bolivia

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