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24 September 2014

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Romany Roots: Have your say

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This is an archive of recent messages..

Kathleen Odley
This is my first time on the site and would just like to say that i agree with most of the coments made, there are good and bad, the cleen and the dirty. But some of the coments are just aload of crap to most of us, things like we throw away cups that gorgers have used, we might have done years ago but this is the 21st centry and alot has changed, not all Gypsie familys stick together either, i havn't seen my dads family for over 16 years now, we are happy to live as gorgers, and although im not ashamed of being a traveller i dont brag about it.
Wed Jun 6 22:36:35 2007

I also went to see the land, just like sam and jack, which is at Patterdown and Rowden lane, in Chippenham,Wilthsire that was posted on this board a few days ago, which is abandoned and available for anyone to camp on and claim on a first come first served basis. What a lovely place, everything you could wish for, ideal for about 15 to 20 families to camp. Has anyone else been to see this land ? What do you think ?
Wed Jun 6 22:18:39 2007

Thank you Tobias Stanley for your very kind words, and be sure that one day I will take you up on your kind offer. It would be an honour for me to sit aside your yog, and listen to you sing! I can already feel the warmth of the flames. Good luck to you too!Kindest Regards, ScampetteThank you also to Mary, who has made me feel welcome on this site, and now I know that, I will come again.Thanks also to Cliff, and I will take your advice.
Wed Jun 6 21:45:20 2007

Chris WS.
To Danny Lee, funny story, about Johny Frankham, when they were doing the flim Snath, they went to see him, Grit cooked roast pork, but in the paper after, it said that they had Hedgehog, they never had a bit of hotchi at all, show's you cant beleive what you read in the paper's !! as far as I know he is alright, and living in Reading.Bokt Chris.
Wed Jun 6 14:49:14 2007

bill martin
to chris w s I would feel greatly honoured to receive a copy of your story and poems.Tobias has my address It has been terrific corresponding with you may you have lots of luck with your book bill martin
Wed Jun 6 14:38:17 2007

danny lee
can anyone tell me whats happened to johnny frankham last i see of him was in 1975 on derby day walking around the downs with the lonsdale belt above his head the day after he beat chris finnegan for the british title
Wed Jun 6 13:11:08 2007

danny lee
hello everybody do anybody know baynetlee he was my granfather who used to stay ay ash green traliorsite //
Wed Jun 6 12:57:37 2007

bill martin
to Anna hi I have no recollection of a Noah My gran left my grandad and lived with Peter an irishman off of Arundel st.I first remember my gran about 2yrs before she died .I used to go down to see her on a saturday,Iwas about 11yrs old .I went to her funeral at Milton opposite the hospital.I have been in touch with Tobias ,he thinks we are related but can not put his finger on it .Dannielle says I amnot related to her but her gran knows my grandad there is a Bill Stanley,. Rhodas nephew who thinks she came from Stamshaw danielle met another Bill Stanley who has a sister Cissy,he knew Rhoda but thought she came from Charlotte st area Rhoda had I believe brothers Bill Jack and Dave but not certain Anna I hope we are related my search for relations will be over hoping to hear from you soon kusti bokt bill martin
Wed Jun 6 02:31:38 2007

to mary kent. I come from a long line of travellers and respect that you can't tar every traveller with the same brush, but where i am from and the way that i was brought up there is a huge difference from then and now. my sister has brought her kids up to know right from wrong and all about respect but it's who the younger ones mix with that cause the problems. you are one of the very few travellers today who'd kids are on the straight but never say never.
Tue Jun 5 21:23:16 2007

Nicole Lake
Hello, I have been searching my family tree for about 2 years now since I was 12 and I have got over 2,500 people on my dad’s side of the family tree which does make me happy but I always hate that there is something missing because my mum’s side is almost completely empty. I have got my great grandparents, their names were, Lenoard Eatson (born about 1919) and Ada Elizabeth Alder (born about 1920). Since then I have also come across a old death certificate for a Eliza Ann Eatson, she died on the 27th of July, 1955 in Edmonton at the age of 79 so she was born in 1876. I unfortunately cannot find any other information about these people and I was wondering if there is anyone here who may know something about how I could trace them. Thank you for your time.
Tue Jun 5 18:57:06 2007

i have been reading the post about true full blood romanies..does it really make any difference..the way i see it your either brought up a gypsy or not..the biggest part of being romany is what is passed on and taught to you through your is a way of life. if you have been bought up romany does having a gorger for a grand mother 3 generations ago make you less romany.i doubt it..on the other hand does finding out that you have a gypsy greatgrandfather that you stumbled on when doing a family tree make you a romany.i don't think any case i doubt any one lives life today a true romany we all like our comforts to much..from lena who has only romany ancesters back to great, great grandparents on all sides of our familey
Tue Jun 5 18:31:08 2007

Chris WS.
Bill Martin.I enyojed that lil, Bill I never thought you were having a shot at me. if anyone does, on paper, then they have to be more direct then that lol, I have nearly finished a little book, of Romany poems and stories,I thought it would be nice to write true poems, with a story to go with the poem. when it's printed I would to send you a copy, your opinion would be very welcomed. you are lucky to have had your Mum and Grandad to teach you, My Father could only write his name, My Mother could read and write, and was real good with figures, but she never had time to teach me, not having gone to school much, I had to learn what I could myself, but I noticed she taught me how to count vongar lol.Bokt Chris.
Tue Jun 5 18:14:47 2007

bill martin
Chris w s thank you for your kind letter .I was very worried after I wrote to you ,i did not want to antagonise you.I too believe there are no true full blood Romanis left,after a thousand of years the stock would be running low, and with no outside blood would lead to inbreeding. I used to breed horses and you must either change the stallions or the mares.I have gone on in a roundabout way to try and stop this stupidity of iam fullblood you are not.I am not a gorger but the only way to prosper is to assimilate and after all this time plenty of us have not.Ido not believe :Multiculturism: will work without assimilation.When I came to Australia it was the time of the big immigration plan to get workers to rebuild the country and for awhile there were afew shall I say misunderstandings.This country has worked quite well until this new influx of refugees.with the help of God goodwil will prevail.What I am trying to say is Romanis must learn to live in peace with the gorger Continuing bickering will not help.I do not mean to knuckle under just try to see the other point of view.I believe it is time for Romanies to join together as an organised group to try and get a better deal.but also romanies must stop whining about how they are treated. My grandad and mainly my gran said if you hit them fast enough and hard enough but in the long run it does not work.Negotiation not aggravation is the way bill martin
Tue Jun 5 13:15:27 2007

bill martin
Thank you very much Ed for your little service for me you saved my bacon and if I can help you out anytime please feel free to ask bill martin
Tue Jun 5 11:26:48 2007

I notice that to date no ROM has answered Bill martins very relevant question. There seems to have been a good handful or more of ROMS who contribute to this site in no small way and am therefore surprised those same ROM have not been able to justify much of what they harp on about "THERE ROM ANCESTRY".
Tue Jun 5 09:59:43 2007

Lisa Boswell Dameron
To Sindri, After reading your post in which you say that you were "rescued" from the Romani family that you were with, I wonder why the government would do such a thing. I know that racisim and discrimination exist everywhere and I am so sorry that you were yanked away from your family of origin. It has obviously had an effect on you in which you feel that you have been denied your right to your heritage. You are right that knowledge creates more tolerance for that that is different from ourselves. We as Romany tend to be an enclosed group, however, it serves the purpose of preserving our heritage and the intrusion of those who mean to harm our way of life. We almost have an intrinsict instinct for self preservation which goes beyond what non-Romani's would understand.Your experience is every Romani's fear, of the intrusion of other's into the life style we have created for ourselves for fear of their causing it to end in some way.
Tue Jun 5 07:03:29 2007

Bill Martin
to chris w s I was not having a shot at you when when I asked about pure and crossbred romanis Please read the letter written on 3 of June would that be how pure bred romanis talk? In this day and age there is no excuse for being illiterate schooling is free and if there are no schools close by there is correspondance . During the second world war the schools were closed in pompey and my mum and grandad taught me to read and write and learn my tables Iam sure it would make things easier if people could communicate better The young ones today have been brought up in a welfare state and if they had to go back to the old ways to work and feed themselves and no handouts they would starve The times have changed and the days of horse and carts are gone and with the population explosion in England the oldways are disappearing you can not expect to camp on the side of the road with no toilets. I would have thought that in the 21st century the Romanis would own there own land with all conveniences ,but then I would maybe not be counted as a Romany bill martin
Tue Jun 5 00:24:04 2007

Chris WS.
To Bill Martin,Nais Tuke for your lil, but that is a hard one,I have only been able to go back to G-Grandparents, on both sides,the men having the same nav's as their father's didn't help. I feel there may not be any true Romany left, I would like to think so though.I also think that it's not how pure your blood runs,its all about the respect you show for other's,mixed blood or not, when your hearts good, and not wafodi then like Tobias said to Scampette,your welcome round my yog anytime, kushti bokt to you, Chris. PS that may not have been any help at all in answering you question lol.
Mon Jun 4 19:57:38 2007

Mary Kent
To SCAMPETTEMy grandfather (Oliver Chambers) his mother was a Scamp, if you know of him let me know, it would be cushty if you do. I aint posted on here for a long time but all the people I use to talk to are still here and a nice bunch they are too, so I think you are welcome mate. Be lucky. Mary
Mon Jun 4 18:43:32 2007

Mary Kent
To DannyMy girl is 19 years old and she works! She’s training to be a hair dresser, she’s already done 3 years training and she’s got 1 year left. I’ve also got a boy and he will go to collage when he leaves school and he will get out to work as well. Both my children respect there elders weather that be gorgers or not, so before you talk about hand that feeds them, well let me tell you, no gorger feeds my family and you shouldn’t tar all young travellers with the same brush, not ALL are disrespectful. I meet a lot of gorger people who have no respect but it doesn’t mean all are like that doses it?
Mon Jun 4 18:24:19 2007

Mary Kent
To John Smith My mother and father also stopped at Corkes Meadow, St Mary Cray in Kent, which was better known as ‘Corkes Pit’ before moving on to Crittals Corner in Footscray. Me mother and father was on Crittals Corner when me two older bothers was born.Most of the people that lived on Crittals Corner got moved into a house in Windsor road, also in footscray and that’s where I was born. We stayed there until all the places got knocked down, and we all got split up, that was about 19 years ago.Windsor road was fall of our people, most of us got moved there, cushty it was, if you wasnt 1 of us then you couldn’t come in the road. hahahaMy place where im living now backs on to footscray meadows and that’s where your grandfather was talking about I spose, maybe it had a different name all them years ago.A lot of the Smiths and Bakers stopped on a site in footscary, it’s called powercroft site, just a stones throw from Crittals Corner.Sorry I can’t help you much mate, me father died 15 years ago at the age of 49 and I don’t talk to me mother, so I can’t find out more for ya. Be Lucky Mary
Mon Jun 4 17:58:54 2007

Roberts Wales
Hi Eugene, if you email the editor giving permission to pass your email to me and i do the same we will be able to get contact that way. Are you from Boston ??
Mon Jun 4 15:22:41 2007

jonn talor
hi can someone tell me do they know danny lee a traveller from the old abbey wood site if so is he still alive and still chanting as i think he was a good singer amongst travellers giorgious alike
Mon Jun 4 13:54:26 2007

Who r you Roms on dis site saying you dont like usinge horses or dogs in sports?they was bred for it & highley valued for it,i no dont tell me you keeps them in stables & barns or the likes ! well you is just playing at being a Romeny i supose you once went to a appleby or wickam gatherigs & are now made up big about all things of travelling or Romi would prefer to be a Lakeen than a make belive Rom
Mon Jun 4 11:50:08 2007

bill martin did your gran have a noah stanley in her familly, we may have the same line anna
Sun Jun 3 23:41:46 2007

Miranda Johns
Please can someone give me some information on the Johns family of Romany Gypsies. I believe they were in Wales/Forest of Dean/Gloucestershire/Somerset...and they travelled with Butlers but that all I know..Please help if you can !
Sun Jun 3 22:19:43 2007

Hi, anyone know of the Deightons and Balls in North Kent. Deightons was of Romany stock and the Balls of the fairground. Alfred Ball was married to Lovey (Lavinia) and they had 6 kids....Lennie, Billy, Lucy, Alfie, Lumas and Louise. They stay in 'The Pit' (St. Mary Cray) during the winter and travelled Kent picking anything from hops to apples during the Summer. I'd love to hear from you if anyone remembers them.
Sun Jun 3 19:29:39 2007

Sam and Jack
I went to see the land at Chippenham, Wiltshire, that was posted a few days ago, that was supposed to be abandoned and available. I saw the land and it is abandoned and a lovely spot to camp for a few months or longer. I spoke to some locals, and they were quite supportive and did not have any objections provided there was no noise, or conflict and any animals were teathered. I am thinking of moving to this ideal and sheltered location.
Sun Jun 3 17:11:48 2007

nicole n chantelle
me n my sister r needys n think its wrong the way gorgas treat us its out ov order we r full romanys, sum ov our family r half breed but we dont treat em any different so why do other people treat us bad? we jus wana b left alone 2 liv our lives. i av 10 bruvas n sisters but hardly c them cos we av 2 keep movin from place 2 place.
Sun Jun 3 14:36:54 2007

had a lacho divvus at epsom had the winner frankie finally done it kushti bok to all romanys wherever you are god bless
Sun Jun 3 10:36:55 2007

hi who went to eapson i didnt think it was that good.still had a laugh with the girls and boys. cant wait for cambridge.x.x.
Sat Jun 2 23:08:21 2007

I am a seventh gen.descendant of Abraham Wood.I would dearly like to contact any of my kinfolk.Thanks Eugene 2/6/07
Sat Jun 2 20:19:19 2007

Interesting debate about how a "real Rom" looks. As a North American Indian we have the same debates. We also are documented by the government and have ID cards, but some are not on the lists. This does not go by looks but some tribes and bands (which are groups of clans) want to restrict by blood quantum. There is a loose blood quantum for Natives in Canada and US but residence sometimes plays a part. The issue is so confused and many Native people go by self-identification and acceptance by a clan, band or tribe. Big debate in US among the Cherokee Tribe-some who are trying to exclude Cherokee with black ancestry. (But get this, not exclude Cherokee with white ancestry.)
Fri Jun 1 22:44:51 2007

Someone mentioned an Evangelist Smith. There is Roderick Smith, who cofounded the Salvation Army with William Booth. Sally Anne was originally for Rom and Travellers and was first established in London. There is alot of info on him online.
Fri Jun 1 22:38:47 2007

I consider myself a North American Indian (Anishinabe-qwe)even though my mother was an English Rom (one of the Smith clans). She married my dad in WWII. I am still interested in the Rom or Romany people, especially of England. My mother's ancestors travelled from Cambridgeshire to the Green Man pub and had Kent connections.
Fri Jun 1 22:27:04 2007

hi im lookin to talk to anyone who is related to the lee's in kent hope to hear frm someone sn xx
Fri Jun 1 19:33:10 2007

can some one tell me y young travellers of today have no respect for gorgas of today .the hand that feeds them
Fri Jun 1 19:22:29 2007

john smith
hi im of romani decent my grandad was full rom his parents traveld till 1912 when they setteled down in foots cray kent my grandad told me lots of stories about his life and tort me to speak patrin(romany) he told me where in foots cray he lived but as he died 11 years ago at the age off 69 i cant ask him anymore he said that the place were he lived in his vardo(wagon)was called the brick field also nown as the medows hurst common foots cray this was in the 1930s and also where my great nan lived witch is now where the the fyl over is at crittals corner but there seams to be no recognition of it any where but there is information on corgis pit where my uncle was born 10 mins up the road and they was both around the same period if anyone can help me to solve this problem it would be kushti if anyone has information on the smith family or the brickfield or the medows 1930-1960 it would be a great help
Fri Jun 1 18:26:32 2007

TINA do a search on this site for Lee Sparrowhawk he might be able to link you with your family.Regards Colleen
Fri Jun 1 17:12:37 2007

To Bill Martin - you have asked a very good question. Lets see how many of the Full Blood Roms will answer it
Thu May 31 13:32:04 2007

i have met with many roma and i mean true full blood roma in uk and also europe they are still dark and speak fluent romani and i am not full blood only from my grandads line do i have romany blood and most of my other family are blonde haired blue eyes or green eyes my grandads lot were dark i am the only one out of me and my sisters and family to have dark hair the dark skin and eyes and when i was a kid i was severly bullied at school not because of the romani link as noone knew but because i was dark i was called pa**ki kid and all sorts my mum had to pull me out of school .again my little boy is very dark like me .when i first met other full blood roma they thought i was a full blood to and luckily i did understand some of the language because my mum taught me but they treat me as an equal to them and i am even soon going to be doing some singing with a traditional romani band.they include me in so much and bare in mind that i am only a quarter romani and i grew up in a house and my mother kept it a secret from me about the romany line until i was 14 yrs old .There are traditional songs and language they share with me and teach to me and it is all totally genuine its almost like they are bringing back the romany in my family by doing this .what do you all think of this i am thankful and greatful for the love of these people in my life and to you all also for talking with me about all of this .much love ves-tacha romanies xx
Thu May 31 12:36:40 2007

Thu May 31 12:33:40 2007

Scampette. You're welcome to sit yourself down by my yog anytime, you'll get a gillie and a cup of tea Too! You being a Lee or Scamp is good enough for me! kushti Bok, Tobias Stanley.
Thu May 31 11:24:08 2007

Thu May 31 06:12:22 2007

Lisa Boswell Dameron
To Mark Stanley, I will read what I found that had been written in 1903 by Johnson S. Worton and copied in 1939 by a relative of mine named Harry Brewer:Genology of the Stanley's-Grandfather John Worton's oldest daughter, Harriette, married Owen Stanley. Old King Stanley of Dayton, Ohio, and they had Levy, Henry, Skinner, and Ned, Phillie, Bettsy, Macey,(Tilly or Tulley} and aunt Lovey or Laney, Janey orGeny or Jovvey, and all that gang is our relatives. Harrisons and Jefferey's are our second cousins.This ends the verbatim copy of this that was written by my great uncle Johnson who was my grandmother Fener's brother, I believe or her uncle, I am not sure. I hope that this is new info for you. I have often read that these names are forever being reintroduces to us over and over again, as my brother David married a Tammy Stanley, my sister Susan married a Henry Lee. I have a feeling that you might know my family. Are you in Pa.? If you are the person I think, than I want to thank you for your friendship with my brother before he passed, he spoke very highly of you and your words brought him much compfort in his last days and for that I am forever greatful!
Wed May 30 23:40:54 2007

bill martin
chris w.s after reading a lot of garbage on pure & part romanys. You sound like an educated and knowledgeable person could you please tell me your definition of a pure bred romany.Is a fullbred traced back to when romanys first came to England or since Britains multicultural revoluton bill martin
Wed May 30 23:40:10 2007

Wed May 30 22:41:36 2007

I'm very new to this site, but have found the common thread in many messages about can people with only a bit of gypsy blood be included in the gypsy circle as it were. This is a difficult question to answer. I am in kent, I'm a Lee, with Scamp on my maternal line. I have the dark eyes and dark hair. I sleep outside under the stars as often as I can in the warm weather. I love sitting around a camp fire, listening to someone sing, or tell a tale. i know some of the lingo coz I'm no dinlo as my mum would say. Do I belong? I doubt it, its a very closed shop from what Iv'e read and I probably would'nt be welcome.
Wed May 30 16:57:22 2007

I am full blooded Rrom, but adopted by an Italian couple and raised in Australia..Learning Romani for me, means discovering more about my roots, about the culture the government "rescued" me from when putting me up for adoption.. i think all people should be allowed to learn Romani, regardless of "how rrom" they are.. it would help with ignorance towards Roma issues.Take for example in Australia, my university is trialling compulsary Nyungar classes, it leads to much more awareness about aboriginal issues.that's just my two cents
Wed May 30 16:00:28 2007

Is it true that trailers are not allowed on Epsom downs at derby time any more? If not they should be!Traverlers are as much a part of the derby as the horse racing and the fair.
Wed May 30 10:03:50 2007

Chris ws.
To Anon, I feel everyone, full blood or not, has the right to know all they can about their people, and learn the languge, but I think it's a shame the language was by- passed at some stage, and wasn't spoken to the young one's for them to learn, dont let it die, help keep the languge alive !!!Kushti Bokt, Chris ws.
Wed May 30 09:26:19 2007

Thomas O'connor
There are two peices of land, which are available in Chippenham that are unregistered and unclaimed. They have apparently been donated to the travelling community for free on a first come basis, and provided that any traveller claiming the land, respects the local residents, peace and quiet and no trespass, and stays there until the end of 2007, i.e 31st December, they can have a right of title to it. They must stay close to the Brook which devides both sections of land. Directions, First land, Take A4 Bath road through Chippenham, to the viaduct railway bridge and turn towards patterdown, the unfenced land is immediately on your left with a long road frontage. The second land take same directions, turn opposite garage, by Rowden Arms public house, into Rowden lane, the entrance to the land is immediately opposite the pub car park. The area of land that can be camped on is close to the brook and no person or vehicle/s must be placed more than forty yards from the grass area next to the brook, i.e keep below the buildings on the second peice of land and anywhere on the first peice at Patterdown. The opportunity is there, enjoy.
Tue May 29 22:17:01 2007

To Anon. You raised some good questions. I am not a full blood Rom and can relate to what you said "some people feel restless etc all there live and then find there Romany connection and then for the first time in there lives they feel they have an anchor and have something to relate to." Unless you have been in this position it is hard for people to be able to understand the restlessness and not being able to fit in with anyone just what it feels like. Some on this site yell from the rooftops about those who are not full rom and in some instances amounts to verbal abuse. I can only say to such people have a look in your mirrors and see how full ROM you look. Some of you are so fair you look more like Scandinavians than Rom.For goodness sake there is enough uglyness in this world so lets stop all this cheap bickering and pull together for the good of our cause and share what we do have in common.
Tue May 29 21:23:06 2007

Chris ws.
To Amanda Stone, we are sure to be related if your G-Granny was a Penfold, and your Grandfather a Richard,s from Cornwall. could you tell what their first names were, My Father was Eddie Penfold, have your heard of Jessie Richards?Bokt Chris.
Tue May 29 17:16:39 2007

my grandfather was Rubin Harris from Bexhill does any body know about his family conections, he was married to Margret
Mon May 28 16:26:26 2007

my grandfather was Rubin Harris from Bexhill does any body know about his family conections, he was married to Margret
Mon May 28 16:22:28 2007

nat gough
i often wonder if my family came from a gypsy background, my maiden name is curtis, and my grandmothers maiden name was grace, apparently one of the women in the family used to know all herbal remedies for illnesses, and one of the men used to do juggling, my gran on the other side of the family swears that my dads side come from gypsy stock, but i really dont know how i can find out for sure, have always been fascinated in the gypsy way of life, long before i found out this stuff, any good websites that i could use, does anyone know? not genes reunited though, found them to be a headachethanks
Mon May 28 11:50:04 2007

do you think its right to deny people who have romany routes but are not full blood the right to learn romany language or even understand there past and culture and what makes them who they are .i have known many people who spent most of there lives not knowing that there grandparents or parents are romany and have felt really lost ,but when they find out about there routes they say that all deppression and the feelings of being lost disapears .tell me what you think ? and do you think that makes them wannabes or just justice and understanding of there bloodline .
Sun May 27 21:47:57 2007

Amanda Stone
Message for Danny Michell. You left a message back in June 2006. My Grandfather was a Cornish gypsy, Richards was his name. We might be related. My Great Granny's maiden name was Penfold.If you are still out there, please leave a message. Amanda
Fri May 25 20:35:31 2007

I have been reading all the comments on how a romany should 'look' coloring of hair, eyes skin. When I saw the comment from bill martin about aboriginies being fair and white I remembered something. I'm a fair skinned, redhead with brown eyes. I live in Australia. When I had my eyes tested for glucoma. the optometrist said 'it doesn't matter how fair a person is i know if they come from a non-European background or have black in them from their eyes'. I told him my family were Scots-irish what did he mean. He got a bit flustered and said don't worry about it. I realised what he could see. I told him my family were from romanies. He said "thats it, you know romanies are from India. doesn't matter how many generations ago it will show in the eyes".So there you are want to know if you've got romany blood -get your eyes tested :)all the bestLillian
Fri May 25 11:50:59 2007

Chris ws.
Mark Stanley. I have had a look through my family rookers lol, and found a Samuel Stanley that rommerd Mary in 1821,kushti Bokt Chris. ROSE,YES! DAVID ESSEX WAS BORN DAVID COOK,HIS FATHER WAS A DOCKER,HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY IS A KUSHTI READ.BOTK CHRIS.
Fri May 25 08:37:37 2007

Chris ws.
Selina, I dont know of a Carnation in the Frankham side of my family, my G-mother was Carnation Penfold. on my Father's side,I know Coppers and Hughes, but not Hibbs. the Penfold's from Devon and Cornwall are sure to be relations. the Frankham side of my family come from Hampshire,Sussex and Kent.Bokt to you and yours my cousin lol, Chris.
Fri May 25 08:28:36 2007

bill martin
I have been reading post on this site about the debate of red headed and white skinned romanys I was watching TV in Australia today and an aboriginal girl at yale uni came and she was china white and blue eyes so why cant a romany have red hair
Fri May 25 07:46:06 2007

My 80 year old Grandmother is Romany and from the Medway area of Kent. As a youngster she went with her large extended family to pick hops in the fields in Kent. I was hoping somebody could recommend good books about Romany Gypsies in Kent, with some coverage and photos of them hop picking: this will bring nice memories back for her and I want to give the books as a gift. Thanks very much
Thu May 24 15:55:29 2007

to chris ws. i am pleased you found the website interesting, i have read that you are related to the frankhams. my grandads people the hughes/coopers are somewere down the line mixed into the frankhams, have you got a carnation frankham in your family? she was known as nation be good to hear from you also my other grandads people were the hibbs family, they spent time in devon one of them married a penfold and had a family selina
Thu May 24 09:32:39 2007

YOU at the bbc why dont you post me messages ?
Thu May 24 08:09:57 2007

billy king! where are you ?
Wed May 23 21:08:40 2007

Mark Stanley
Levi Stanley & Matilda left England in 1854 arriving New York July 1 1854 & John Harrison rummered to a Pricilla & their family too. Their father Owen Stanley married to a Harriett Warton coming over here to New York in Nov 14 1856 any information on them would make for a Kusti Davias for mandy... Thanks mark
Wed May 23 17:24:13 2007

TO JO.. i think you will fnd that david essex's was not born a lee..befor taking the name essex his surname was cook..
Wed May 23 17:20:29 2007

Charlie Harris
does anyone know the wilson sisters who are stoppin at swindon at the moment ?
Wed May 23 16:51:30 2007

Wed May 23 15:16:00 2007

minnie girl
i am really bored can anyone tlk 2 me and did anyone ere hear bout dat young traveller boi dat he got beaten 2 death. i no him he was a really good frend wid me cozin jack. every1 misses him. he didnt diserve it. he was only a joung boi, he had a life to live like everyone else. i think non-travellers should learn bout us gypsy/ travellers in School and they shouldnt judge us the way they do, they should treat us all the same, we aint nuffin different. except we live a different way and we have a different culture than everyone else. i do think there should be summink done bout it. the gorjas (non-travellers)should leave us 2 the way we wana live and they should live the way they wana live. we should all be treated the same.will sum1 tlk 2 me and help me get this across 2 other people like the police, councillors, and so on.plz rite bak x x god bless you all x x
Wed May 23 15:01:43 2007

trish my husbans granfather was called john smith he worked on fair grounds and ran and owned his own rides in the time period you mention noone knows of his history before he married a dexter not saying he s youre john smith but wonder if there may be a connection in some way he settled in nottinghan but his rides were at the famous nottingham goose fair let me know
Wed May 23 11:26:34 2007

Chris ws.
To Selina, thank you for puting Sue's webb site add on this board, I have posted to her, and your right she does deserve praise for that amount of work, I found the site very interesting, so thanks again, Bokt to you, Chris.
Tue May 22 19:52:48 2007

Hi looking for my maternal grandmother born 1888c Eliza Bint, mother Charlotte Black, father Charles Thomas Bint can anyone help please
Tue May 22 13:49:10 2007

Maria Hearne
Hi I am looking for my Granddaddad Hearne. My interest is that I am doing my family tree. My Grandmothers name was Draper, if anyone could help in anyway I would be most gratful to them.
Tue May 22 12:07:42 2007

jo where was youre gypsy rose lee basedand was it the one who read for queen victoria ?
Tue May 22 11:44:43 2007

Mark Stanley
To Lisa Boswell Dameron, I was reading a post you wrote on an article of your relatives doing research on the Boswell side. The geneology tree showing a gr. gr. granfather of John Warton rummered to a Fanny Stanley they had six children. One being Harriette Wharton my family here in the US goes back to a Owen Stanley married to a Harriette Wharton . reading your post did not say whom she married hoping this ties may family tree together even more. Oh yes my mother is a Lee and has hear of a Nation Lee also.. Lost my father last month just trying to see my roots on the same tree lot of ties .. Thanks for any info Mark..
Mon May 21 23:39:32 2007

Danny, Berkshire
Im not a romany but believe to have gypsy blood flowing through my veins not because i say so but with what true gypsy or travelling men tell me, i respect the romany way of life and have been brought up to respect others i am not ashamed to call myself a gypsy even if i am not noan to others as one, and to be true i look up to such great gypsies such as Gypsy Johnny Frankham and Danny Smith.
Mon May 21 22:09:58 2007

tryin to find dad or family mum told me dad was romany but she also told me he died on or near railway lines late 40s early 50s she said his name was john smith and he was around the staffordshire region at that time does any one remember anything please mums name was gina or georgina dawes i was born in burton on trent work house {the andressy }
Sat May 19 14:30:44 2007

gypsy rose lee was my great great granmotherand david essex is my 3 generation he also was born lee as i believe and took essex as his stage name my family have traced back years and the photos we have show the likeness my dad looks like him and its his side he comes from i hope this helps you.
Sat May 19 07:02:59 2007

Are there any Romany Familys out there that have any Information or Know of the Romany Smith family last known living in Lancaster ?.They did have some kind of connection with the Lee!s.The Elders Names where Fred/Danial/Blanch/Elisa/Ethel and George,Georg was my Grandfarther.Fred,George& Danial ect Had an other Brother who was an Evangilist Smith who whent to the States and lived there. Any information would be of great help for me as i have been looking for them a number of years now( There family )as not many of us on Georges side left now.Thanks for any help.I can not find any Romany roots in the north West can you help.
Fri May 18 16:03:53 2007

Duz eny 1 no de Buckland boyz from Abingdon,moved to Swindon bowt 15 years ago,if yu c dem giv dem mi best regards pls
Fri May 18 15:43:12 2007

STORM: The name kill i have no knowlege of & havent seen it in any Irish phone books you may find the following of some interestIn Irish gaelic the basic meanings of kill are ---kill=maraigh=market or Maru=killing/slaughter now kildare=cilldarakilkenney=cillchainnigh In galec cill =church/graveyard,cemetary or cillin=cell [prison] there are problems translating between Irish/English a place in Dublin called DunLaoghaire pronounced -dunleery/dunleary/dunlira
Fri May 18 14:41:21 2007

L Boswell: I would tend to agree that regardless of who or when research has been conducted it is not likely to be 100% as with most subjects & the passage of time constantly brings new discoveries & developments in science brings new enlightenment & understanding to many subjects,or a total reversal & fresh part to the equation.I am led to belive most of the theories are based on evidence from several sources eg language/written documents/archaeological & historical records or evidence etc along the migration route.This obviously cannot be called total proof .I guess theories is all that will ever be possible with a complex subject as Romany history.The best estimates of the amount involved in the great migrations is in the millions an approximate starting time line of AD1000 this could be just the tip of the ice berg.A small groupe [how manys small? ]had definatley gone to Iran before AD1000 as vouched by the Arab Hamza.In a book about Greek history there is mention of Alexander the great of Macedonia332BC he takes Egypt & became 1st Greek pharoh then takes 1oo,ooo warriors eastward crossing the HinduKush on a 3yr campaign of Northern India his army would most likely have taken & used local people as warriors or slaves,eventually when it was over its possible some of them were taken back to Egypt with the army,then when Alexander died the Macedonia empire was divided among his generals who referd to themselves as Diadokhio meaning the successors, a similar word to our Romany but of a diferant meaning & spelling perhaps just a coincidence.A book of the 1st thouroghbred horse The Byerley Turk based in the late 1600s & stretches from Istanbull-battle of the Boyne has refferances to the Ottoman empire & historical campagnies regarding refugees& slavery etc.In the great migration yrs of 1000/1200 the following places were past through Afghanistan,Turkistan,Iran,Armenia,Asiaminor,Palestine,Egypt & other parts of Persia,dont forget offical dates are only of when first appeared in records in doesnt mean no people ever whent before.
Fri May 18 14:29:48 2007

bill martin
tobias rhodas father was bill stanley she had a brother bill jack and dave they came from stamshaw and had land near whale island where they had horses if you are interested I have some photos danielle taite got in touch with me bill martin
Fri May 18 13:06:15 2007

any information please on the rossiters
Fri May 18 00:25:55 2007

My nan was Lily Matilda Sparrowhawk - anyone out there know of her?
Thu May 17 22:54:16 2007

if anyone is interested in their family history and the history of Gypsies go to romanygenes. my mate sue in bournemouth has put this site together and its fab. please leave a message for her on her site, she has worked for hours and hours and deserves praise for it. she has got loads of information about the different families, aint often that you will come across a website like hers god bless you all selina
Thu May 17 22:18:43 2007

My great grandfather,Frank (not Frances) Ednor Gilliland, born in Christ Church, Barbados circa 1898, was believed to have cescended from English gypsies. Old photos revel him to be dark complected, very dark eyes, very black straight hair and dark skinned even after living decades in NYC. Any info re: Gilliland surname amonsgt gypsies?????
Thu May 17 21:16:52 2007

kate bensberg
we are searching for all the families of ayres and hariis and rose linked into surrey and kent we have discovered links to vanzloe cooper does any one have any info willing to swap family trees thanks
Thu May 17 20:33:55 2007

jimmy connors
to storm by the sea, kill means church in irish.
Thu May 17 19:56:23 2007

Hello again Bill, Do you know what your gran's father was named? I can't say that Rhoda rings any bells with me. At the turn of the twentieth century, there was three main families of Romany Stanleys in and around Pompey. They were to be found in Stamshaw/Marylebone, Eastney and the IOW. There were also part of one of these families over toward Fareham. I'm of the opinion that you may be related to those who based themselves along the canal at Eastney. There is no Rhoda down my line and I don't know of anyone with that name in the other line. Would any connection with the merchant navy mean anything to you? Kind regards, Tobias.
Thu May 17 18:50:47 2007

Hello Carol, I belive we are related, Nathaniel was my ggg grandfather. I was always raised with the Romany way of doing things, I would dearly love to hear from any of my Romany family also. Blessed be to you allx
Thu May 17 17:33:23 2007

Sue Dori Thomason
Does anyone know any of the traveling peoples from Kent. via Somerset. with the names. ForestWilliams. Ware. Carter. my birth name was Dorothea Williams. was given up at birth(In Margate) as my father was not a romany. my mothers side was. Ware. Forest. Carter all from somerset.any one who knows can you let me know can find out nothing. all secrets went to the grave with the family concerned.many thanks
Thu May 17 14:29:19 2007

Sue Stone
I am trying to find out about my Gypsy background my Grandmother was Amy Johnson from Oxford does anyone how I can find out her I believe the Johnson family are still in Oxford.
Thu May 17 12:55:55 2007

L Boswell
I have been following the posts regarding language as a way of tracing our history and have always found it ti be interesting. However, if all written language originated from Sanscrit, then it is not conclusive that our origins are from India. Actually, if you want to get to the origins of all language were from cavemen reproducing sounds in nature in order to communucate with one another. I do understand the study of linguistics to trace history, but I have also come across an interesting point made by a scholar, and I cannot remember who, as it was found while surfing the net, that our common belief systems also traveled with us from place to place and still remain to this day. I am not referring to religous beliefs, but rather our ways of thinking , such as the way we wash our clothes and the things we eat in different places and there are many others that we all do or remember our parents would scorn if they knew we washed our hands in the kitchen sink. The scholar thought that some of these things sounded as if we came from Israel. Many people were sent away from there and went to India, so it is possible that we were one of them. I am no scholar in all of this, but my interest has been piqued by some of the research done by others. I am appreciative of those who have spent a great deal of time researching such things, however, I still remain skeptical of some as they are theories of which some hold more water than others.
Thu May 17 12:11:18 2007

bill martin
to tobias my granma was rhoda stanley she married henry martin in early 1900 they lived in belgrave st pompey she died in 1942after being bombed she is buried in kingstone cemetary I was hoping to get in touch with any of the family bill martin
Thu May 17 11:39:23 2007

My great grandparents were Davy Bow(es) and Harriett Docherty their children were Harriett, Caroline, Jimmy, Christina (TIni), Elizabeth (Lizzie), David and my grandmother was Annie Bow all settled in glasgow turn of 1900's. Annie Bow first married james Bennett (soldier) They had 6 children when widowed she married Robert Patterson. They had 6 children: Robert, Jacob, Ann, Caroline, Robert Henry Wilson and William Fredrick, We were told my grandfather Robert (bob) Patterson was brought up by The Wilson's and he was called Bob wilson. When my Grandparents seperated 1938c it was said he went back to his first family to wife 'Kate'. My mother Caroline Bow Patterson always wondered what happened to him. Perhaps his other children recognise the names or story. I would really appreciate any information. We have so many photos and stories of their life together traveling. My mothers happiest memory was when they lived in Winnithdale. Godbless & thanks lillian
Thu May 17 08:46:00 2007

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