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28 October 2014
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Visual Arts

You are in: Kent > Entertainment > Visual Arts > Christopher Diedo

Christopher Diedo

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What do you think of Christopher's photos?

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Joe/Charlotte North Carolina/USA
Wonderful, truly gifted, heard on EWTN also. Thank you Chris.
Wed Dec 30 14:09:55 2009

Jeremy Newman
After listening to Fr Joseph Mary on EWTN Daily Mass where he talked about Christopher and his family i decided to look at his work. What an inspiration you are Christopher. Very enjoyable.
Tue Dec 29 20:00:16 2009

Alissa from Iowa
You are a great photographer! My favorite picture is #21.
Tue Dec 29 14:06:57 2009

Clare Hart
My introduction to Christopher came from one of the priests on EWTN from his homily today I have the privledge of working ina residence for our special guywithh special needs on Long Island N.Y. U.S.A. I know how blessed Iam to e able to spend all my working hours with MY special guys Chris
Tue Dec 29 07:22:14 2009

Very cool. Enjoyed them.
Tue Dec 29 05:39:36 2009

I live in California and think that your photo's are awesome, keep up the good work...
Tue Dec 29 03:52:10 2009

Donna I.-Troy NY
Chris, in your photographs you capture the hidden message and beauty so many fail to see. God has blessed you with much talent. Thank you for sharing your photographs.God Bless you !
Tue Dec 29 00:45:01 2009

Joan Buckley
Very talented young man, delighted he has achieved his hearts desire. May God Bless him in his future work. Joan
Mon Dec 28 18:45:42 2009

Cecilia Scigliuto/Largo, FL
You have an extra special "seeing thru the lens eye" and with feeling too of what your looking at. Keep up the good work and God Bless, Cecilia
Mon Dec 28 17:17:29 2009

Interesting. Something Metallic in almost every favorite Photo: #17.
Mon Dec 28 15:55:24 2009

Elizabeth Finnigan--Canada
Ingenious titles for these images. Thank you Christopher for helping us see in 3D. Keep on photographing!
Mon Dec 28 15:31:59 2009

Sheila Hagan, Venice Fl. USA
Christopher, your photographs are awesome and composed beautifully. My grandson Samuel, who is 15 and also has Down Syndrome, has recently begun to photograph, and his main area of interest is garbage and trash trucks and receptacles. Hopefully, one day, he will be able to have a display like yours.Good luck and God's Blessings to you, and may you continue to bless others as you do.
Mon Dec 28 13:44:49 2009

Grace Cassar Bugibba
Chris you sure have a good eye for photography, keep it up !
Wed Aug 19 16:03:05 2009

Doris Diedo
Well done, Chris. A great set of pictures. I am very proud of you. Nanny Doris Diedo
Fri Jul 10 13:49:48 2009

Chris Diedo
Thank you for all the comments on my pictures which make me happy and want to pick up my camera and take more photos.
Mon Jun 22 14:29:44 2009

Nancy Fulton
I am going to London to see your photos tomorrow. I can't wait to see them.
Thu Jun 11 17:22:06 2009

bob bowring
well done christopher would like to see more of your work have you a web page

Hi Bob, Christopher does have a website. There is a link at the top right hand side of this page. Cheers, Hamish. BBC Kent

Fri Jun 5 08:46:38 2009

Chris Tedman
Chris you never ceace to amaze me with your many talents, apart from this wonderful exhibition you are also a great dancer, singer and actor are their no ends to your talents?keep up the good work. XX
Thu May 28 17:30:38 2009

hi christopher, i love the photos of my little shop on the beach . I had no idea that you were a photographer, your work is inspiring.
Tue May 26 10:03:42 2009

Carole Morris
Inspired! My daughter enthused about your photos, Chris and forwarded this link to me. i'm so pleased she did. You have an eye for composition.I look forward to seeing more. Thank you
Mon May 25 21:10:00 2009

Christina Chenery
Beuatiful photographs - you are very talented x
Tue May 19 17:47:16 2009

Amazing work Chris!You must recognise that you have a great talent! You are to be commended!
Tue May 19 14:28:50 2009

A different view of the everyday world. I liked the Ramsgate Sands enormously. More sea photos please!
Mon May 18 09:28:38 2009

I think Christopher's photos are fantastic. They are really interesting.
Fri May 15 17:24:49 2009

Cecilie Mackinnon
Magnificent real works of art. Enjoyed every one. Great perspectives.
Fri May 15 17:03:40 2009

Absolutely fantastic. Well done Chris. Good luck in the future, you're a great photographer.
Thu May 14 08:05:55 2009

Lorraine Manser
Hello Chris, I believe these photographs are absolutley outstanding, my favourite is the 'The Fashion Launch', I hope you have much more success in your marvellous work.
Sun May 10 11:23:51 2009

Sarah Rivers-KANSAS,USA
What a wonderful perspective you have! I enjoyed getting to see your pictures.
Sat May 9 20:28:47 2009

gary rivers - kansas usa
your photos are truely art they draw you in and ask you to look closer. very relaxing and beautiful. thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Thu May 7 22:44:56 2009

Margaret Swan
What a talented young man you are Christopher. Keep it up, who know's where it will take you. Well done
Thu May 7 17:42:32 2009

Jacqui Overend
Chris: I think your photos are very moving and your compositions who great talent. I particulary like St. Clement's Church, Nature v Brick Wall and Second Chance. Good luck with future exhibitions.
Sun May 3 14:13:59 2009

Rosemarie, Lisa and Michael Burrows
Dear Chris, we were "gob smacked"! God has blessed you with a natural talent - inspired and imaginative. Look forward to seeing more!!
Sat May 2 11:54:31 2009

Tony Calleja
Each picture tells a story. I hope you continue with your work Christopher. You have an enviable talent - Well done.
Fri May 1 09:37:44 2009

Ivy E Zillioux
I am so excited fro Chris. I love his images. I cant belive that I am lucky enough to know theDiedo family. Keep on shooting Chris. The stars are the limit
Thu Apr 30 16:04:00 2009

Vivienne Rice
Great Photo's & I'm going to be lucky enough to own one!! Hope to get to the exhibition in the next few days.
Wed Apr 29 16:30:56 2009

Miriam Cacopardo
Very impressive. A truly talented photographer.
Wed Apr 29 16:29:45 2009

Marta S E Berska
Very talented young man, he has the eye for the unusual and I'd like to see him do well. I like his work and I'd buy it.
Wed Apr 29 07:55:23 2009

Carmel Cacopardo
Chris : Your photos are ispirational. Good luck for your second exhibition !
Wed Apr 29 05:06:24 2009

Karen Thompson
Hi Chris your photo's are absolutely brilliant! Heard about the exhibition on the radio. Looking forward to seeing the next potfolio.
Tue Apr 28 07:03:53 2009

David Garner
Brilliant sense of colour. Some striking compositions. Great images.
Mon Apr 27 18:58:26 2009

wanda garner
The photos are beautiful...very impressive!
Mon Apr 27 18:32:17 2009

Greg Thompson
really good composition of subjects. well done Chris
Mon Apr 27 13:57:05 2009

Fiona Allison
I visited Chris' exhibition on Saturday and had a personal tour by Chris and Andrew - what can I say, truly amazing photography - they are all fabulous and my favourite was "fashion show". Chris, we are very proud of you and hope to see more of your work soon!
Mon Apr 27 13:01:32 2009

Having worked with people with Learning Disabilities for thirty years in institutional settings Chris's achievements are remarkable
Sat Apr 25 21:53:17 2009

Mum and Dad
Your photography and indeed your life is inspirational to us and we are immensely proud of your many and varied achievements.
Sat Apr 25 12:26:05 2009

Helen Smith
Christopher I am very impressed by your photos,I feel each one tells a story and made me think about the subject. Well done and I hope to see more of your work in the future.
Thu Apr 23 18:19:36 2009

vivian alex cachia
excellent! very professional. We were very impressed. keep it up Chris!!!
Thu Apr 23 18:03:59 2009

vivian cachia
excellent astonishing
Thu Apr 23 17:56:48 2009

Wow what an inspiration you are.Thank you for making me smile today.You link us all together as one with such beautiful and insightful photography.
Thu Apr 23 07:51:02 2009

George Bonello
Very professional as they are taken with patience showing every minute detail.
Thu Apr 23 04:11:52 2009

Sunny Micallef from Malta
Well done Christopher you are going to be better than your dad.Keep it up and God bless
Wed Apr 22 19:20:20 2009

Im very impressed nice work and subjects keek up the good work John.
Sat Apr 18 22:59:26 2009

sylvia munns
they are great thanks for sharing them
Sat Apr 18 12:33:09 2009

jude smith
really great and interesting photos, glad to have seen them.
Fri Apr 17 15:24:23 2009

becky diedo
great work from chris, so talented!
Fri Apr 17 06:27:43 2009

John Paine
Keep up the good work,BRILLIANT.
Thu Apr 16 19:22:46 2009

Karen Hadaway
WOW amazig pic's i love them
Thu Apr 16 18:12:32 2009

Joyce Inguanez
Beautiful photos. Great potential. Keep it up Chris.
Thu Apr 16 17:59:38 2009

Freda Grehan
Great work!!!!I intend to visit the exhibition over the next few days, after seeing his work on here I can't wait!!Excellent!!!!
Thu Apr 16 13:24:00 2009

Wed Apr 15 23:22:15 2009

Mia and Manuel
We visited yesterday the exhibition and we were amazed by the professionalism of each image! Chris has such a talent!
Wed Apr 15 21:16:19 2009

You are in: Kent > Entertainment > Visual Arts > Christopher Diedo

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