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28 October 2014

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Sporting People

You are in: Kent > People > Sporting People > Parkour: from street to classroom

Parkour: from street to classroom

Free-running is exploding in Kent. Requiring no equipment, the sport turns streets into playgrounds. Watch our videos of one young group of Parkour practitioners from Dartford.

BBC South East

Coming to a town centre near you, it's boom-time for Parkour in the county.

Parkour in Kent

From L to R: what?; Marcus; how? and ?*!

Parwhat? Parkour - or free-running - is the sport that requires no equipment, just the desire to get from A to B as quickly and as stylishly as possible. Oh, and the space between A and B just happens to be strewn with obstacles - walls, railings, buildings, whatever.

Parkour in Dartford

Back to school

One group of young Parkour practitioners who call themselves 'Ultimate Freedom', have decided to take their jumps, leaps and vaults from the streets and back into their school, where they're now running an after-hours PE class.

Watch our report about the boys who are bringing free-running into the classroom:

Film maker:Robert Leslie

If you liked some of the moves you saw in that video, take a look at the following clip - more moves and also Marcus' dad tells us what he thinks of his son's antics:

Film maker:Robert Leslie
Length:2 mins

Want to have a go at some of the moves yourself? In the video below, Marcus takes us through some of the more basic moves - the precision jump, the cat leap, the 'kong vault' and the 'lazy vault':

Film maker:Robert Leslie

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You are in: Kent > People > Sporting People > Parkour: from street to classroom

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