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28 October 2014

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Big Weekend 2008

You are in: Kent > Entertainment > Big Weekend 2008 > The Maidstone BW - your say

The Maidstone BW - your say

There were always going to be thousands of people disappointed not to receive tickets for the Big Weekend. But whether you watched at home or made it to the main tent, have your say on our message board.

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last updated: 13/05/2008 at 12:26
created: 15/02/2008

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I went on the saturday and i thought robyn and scouting for girls where amazing, aslo madonas performance because i dont really like much of her music.
Fri Jul 4 08:32:16 2008

i won tickets for BOTH days hahahahaha me and my mum went sat and sunday with my sister. it was an amazing day. i loved paramore,, i also met kelly osbourne
Thu May 22 14:48:33 2008

I live in maidstone, and out of everyone I know (about 100 peopple) most were able to make multiple applications as they would apply under other people's names etc. Only two people got tickets. It's not to do with chance, there was some ** up here with the allocation. Also I would have thought under the BBC's new code of conduct they should be stating your chance of winning?
Fri May 16 23:32:37 2008

I live in Sevenoaks so quite near maidstone and manageded to get tickets for sunday, was amazing nelly was the best! I understand people being angry but I think some peopel have blown it slightly out of proportion, its only a music event at the end of they day!
Fri May 16 15:27:57 2008

I went to the saturday gig, and one of the things I noticed was the number of families and groups of 3,4,5 plus people that had turned up together! If so few tickets were distributed amongst such a large amount of people who applied, coming with a bunch of mates surely should have been nearly impossible.
Thu May 15 03:50:03 2008

i know of someone who bought a ticket for £75 at the gate and got in no question of id or anything, also there is someone in the km this week who im sure come from croydon and they got tickets for both days plus went to aftershow party,doesnt sound like r1 were as strict as they could be re id and number of tickets, wherever it is next year i'm gonna apply - seems to be the only way to get lucky!!!
Wed May 14 14:26:25 2008

I don't know what all the fuss is about. I live in Maidstone and managed to get two pairs of tickets for both days.I had a fantastic weekend.Great music, great food, great drink, great weather. What more could you want, BBC Radio One rocks.
Wed May 14 13:03:25 2008

Would be interesting to know how many tickets were allocated to friends and family of the radio DJ's. Have already heard Moyles and Lowe bragging that most of their family were there!
Wed May 14 09:15:03 2008

I got tickets, and I live in ME16 - it really was just luck of the draw. Statistically they couldn't possibly allocate enough tickets to allow everyone in Maidstone to go. I know it sucks if you couldn't go, and I'd've been gutted too, but you can't go blame Radio 1 for the fact that by the time everyone had registered there was only a 1 in 35 chance of getting tickets, in Maidstone postocdes alone..... there's not much they could do about that!
Tue May 13 17:03:15 2008

I live in the ME16 postcode, just round the corner from Mote Park, and didn't get tickets, neither did my housemates. Big mess up radio 1 - won't be listening to your station anymore!You promised Maidstone a massive event and gave the people of Medway, Dartford and the rest of the UK tickets! Thanks a bunch!
Tue May 13 13:41:59 2008

i have been told that you could buy tickets for £50.00 each to get in on sunday. The information came from a reliable source, apparently the people on the main entrance were selling them.
Tue May 13 13:13:58 2008

Colin Walker
It a pity that not many local people were allocated ticket as I do not know of any of my freinds in the Maidstone area got ticket & people from the far raches of the Empire got them.Radio 1 got it wronge again.
Tue May 13 12:37:40 2008

I got tickets and so did loads of my friends, i live in a da psotcode and i knw loads of ppl wiv an ME postcode who got them as well. As they said, there was only 30,000 tickets so even if they had given to everyone who had a ME postcode, u prob still wud of missed out! As Mitch said u shud of listened to radio 1 and not the local stations for info!!!
Mon May 12 13:40:56 2008

Y don't we all apply to the bbc under the freedom of information act for the results of the ticket allocation !!!!!!!
Sun May 11 19:55:51 2008

So that is relly unfair that maidstone was deprived of tickets, it's our town, we deserve to go for free
Sun May 11 19:11:05 2008

Tis an absolute joke!Can't believe I didn't get tickets. They MUST of mucked up somewhere because I know SO many people in Maidstone that did not get tickets! I know someone in Scotland that got tickets!!!
Sun May 11 18:59:57 2008

I got tickets! All those locals moaning it wasn't advertised, you should be a Radio One listener, not the locals only station.
Sun May 11 15:00:41 2008

Loads of people around Kent didnt get a ticket because they all went because the people made a mistake about the tickets so most of Kent didnt get any tickets! How unfair!
Sun May 11 11:11:44 2008

I hardly know anyone in kent who got a ticket and it seems the whole DA postcode was missed out. Was that because it was too close to london or what. allocaton was mucked up.
Sat May 10 22:23:10 2008

what time do the gates open????
Sat May 10 19:21:34 2008

Why is it that no one anyone knows in Maidstone got tickets?? Did they mess up? i heard that most went to ME1 and ME2 because they thought that was maidstone
Sat May 10 14:29:01 2008

We have an ME postcode and both myself and my husband applied but guess what? no tickets. No-one I know here has. We should make an official complaint as it seems people were making multiple aplications and succeeding when the website said specifically this wouldnt be allowed
Sat May 10 09:57:37 2008

Mrs M.C.Fleming
We like to wacth,and we dont no were to get the ticket,didnt advertise long enough in the Kent unfair to us we miss that.
Fri May 9 23:13:40 2008

Michael, Kent
It's a complete joke. Out of 500 people I know in Maidstone, I know of only TWO who were successful! Where are the tickets.. They DID NOT prioritise people in Maidstone. I've heard two stories - One that they got the postcode wrong and allocated to ME4 instead of ME14 another that large allocations went to outer London. LET THE BBC COME CLEAN AND SHOW A MAP OF THEIR REAL ALLOCATIONS!!!! Own up BBC, you messed up and gave the people of Maidstone NOTHING, but an influx of visitors from other parts of the UK.
Fri May 9 22:56:01 2008

I've lived in Maidstone 20 years & I have got Saturday tickets, so there you go all you moaners you do know someone in the town who got tickets!
Fri May 9 22:36:34 2008

The things pretty much in me backgarden and did I get tickets ? Noooo. Rather silly. Also whats with the big fencing it off ? Guess it's scaffolding & camera time ...
Fri May 9 21:25:19 2008

Lizzie Glover
I think Tickets for this event have been distributed very unfairly. Maidstone residents appear to have lost out completely. A radio one great big **** up!
Fri May 9 20:53:51 2008

if radio 1 was giving away free tickets why not let the rest of the public go in as the tickets werent fairly handed out
Fri May 9 19:57:39 2008

Doug Cottham
Why did Chatham get the bulk of the free tickets when Maidstone only got a few. We are not happy as we live here!!!
Fri May 9 19:55:41 2008

i am really annoyed that i didn't get tickets and live locally.i live and work in the "ME"postcode area as well,and don't know a single person out of 100's i deal with that actually got any tickets!!if it is a local event how about restricting it to the local area only and give the golden tickets to people from outside the area.if anything,it's left a bitter taste in a lot of peoples mouths and won't bother listening to radio 1 anymore after this.enjoy the traffic chaos in maidstone over the weekend!!
Fri May 9 19:16:53 2008

will lingfield
i got tickets heray!
Fri May 9 19:11:16 2008

i live in a house right next 2 mote park. the one next 2 da gate n i ddnt get tickets. this is not fair at all.they wont stop me going 2 ava look tho. oh yh n da council said we not aloud out the house for da weekend??????
Fri May 9 17:18:48 2008

i applied for tickets and live right next to the park but did'nt get any, most people i know that got them live in medway
Fri May 9 16:30:48 2008

Madonna is being screened live on bbc 3 21.15 to 22.05 and moyles v's judge jules 3pm.
Fri May 9 15:31:57 2008

dee Ryall
hello radio one , looking forward to Sunday, Kent have booked the sunshine for you ope you all have a fab time here in the garden of eden
Fri May 9 15:21:22 2008

we live in Maidstone right next to the park, neither my son, nor any of his friends either locally or from music college got a ticket, I have not heard of anyone locally getting them. perhaps its been organised by the same company who organised the tv awards and the vote-phone-ins.... two words come to mind the second one is brewery.. seems just typical of bbc standards these days... on the plus side - I cant stand Madonna!!!
Fri May 9 15:06:22 2008

Editor, BBC Kent
Hi - line-up times are not being published prior to the start of the festival. It's a case of turn up and find out I'm afraid...
Fri May 9 13:52:35 2008

Where are the line up times???
Fri May 9 12:51:11 2008

Total joke the way it has been allocated. i have not heard of anyone getting any tickets from Maidstone. Me and my Girlfriend applied early and did not get a look in. I will be expected to be on duty as a special Constable to police it for free but they won't be getting me bring back the river festival at least it was for all the locals.
Fri May 9 12:42:04 2008

John (Maidstone)
I also applied for tickets along with many of my friends. I live in the ME14 postcode and neither myself or anyone I know have got tickets where as people outside of Maidstone appear to have had no problem.Seems that there has been a big mess up with the ticket allocation and most of Maidstone’s local people have lost out on an event which will be inconveniencing them hugely. I think both Radio 1 and MBC have a lot to answer for. So much for bringing opportunities to Maidstone….
Fri May 9 12:04:29 2008

This is a great thing to bne happening for maidstone, just a shame that most the people that live im maidstone didnt get tickets.
Fri May 9 11:47:36 2008

I dont think tickets were allocated that fairly.. I live in Snodland and i got tickets for Saturday but all my friends around Maidstone were rejected! lol!
Fri May 9 10:54:41 2008

Well happy cant wait. toooooooo bad those who couldn't get tickets. My first radio 1 roadshow.
Thu May 8 20:57:20 2008

I have lived in Maidstone for 35 years and live right next to Mote Park and am very angry that I didn't get tickets, yet a friend of mine from Northampton managed to get her hands on 2 sets of tickets as she applied twice. How can this be right when I was lead to believe that this was for the local area? I think this is an absolute farce and I'm afraid will no longer be listening to radio one.
Thu May 8 09:19:08 2008

I cant believe why this venue has been chosen in such a built up area first of all. Crazy. I feel for the local people inconvenienced by it. What about them? I would be really pissd especially if I wanted to go and didnt have a ticket. I have a pair for saturday and live 15 miles away.
Wed May 7 22:52:47 2008

BB.. In Beckenham.
I've got 2 tickets and my best mate in Coulsdon, Surrey also recieved 2 tickets.. I Think the allocation was 45 in Maidstone Postcodes, 40% Kent postcodes and the final 15% rest of England.
Wed May 7 22:45:42 2008

I got a pair of tickets for saturday.I live very close to the park to.WELL CHUFFED :o)
Wed May 7 16:02:01 2008

good luck
good luck to all th people trying to get into maidstone, the roads will be jammed there will be no where to park and public transport will be a lot worse than it already is!!
Wed May 7 15:38:16 2008

I live in maidstone as does my bf and all my mates, none of us got tickets, yet people we know who live in the surrounding areas got tickets. how is that fair? i dont think they were alloacted fairly.
Wed May 7 15:35:58 2008

Dave Marsh
I was lucky enough to get a pair of tickets for saturday after registering loads of times. I only know one other person from Maidstone who got tickets. Shame really, that the biggest thign to happen in Maidstone, probably for a long time, and most people cant go. Not the best organised event I dont think!
Wed May 7 13:26:48 2008

Ben Clarke
Why are you people Moaning so much about not getting tickets. calm down it is only live music. ok yes i have tickets but come on. your moaning about how unfair the bbc is well it will be on the radio and you people should be proud that sucha big event is held in your town in our county so don't complain
Wed May 7 10:54:40 2008

sean kemp
ive lived in maidstone 40 yrs and didnt get ticket tho i hear people from surrounding towns did .as a tv licence payer and a council tax payer i think its unfair that many of us didnt get angry that our very own river festival was cancelled due to the fact it was going to cost 40 thousand pounds to police yet the party in the park was not a problem thank god i dont listen to radio one .
Tue May 6 20:18:03 2008

s. trafford
got sunday tickets cant wait newtons gunna be imense
Tue May 6 19:42:55 2008

Sharon Turnbull
Real shame that those greatest inconvenienced by this event seem to be those that missed out on ticket allocation, know loads of people from outside the area who received more than 1 pair of tickets, sadly same cannot be said for those living in the supposed "preference area of Maidstone", think this is a complete con on Radio 1 and MBC's part.
Tue May 6 18:32:58 2008

I only know one person that got tickets, noone else i know has and most of those people are from bearsted or maidstone, it sucks that i live 10 mins from mote park and didnt even get a look in, those people selling on ebay should be banned if they only applied to make a profit, they have ruined it for those that really wanted to go. I'm so angry i'm not even gonna be in maidstone on saturday, it would seem to me that residents priority is bull, i heard a rumour that the postcode allocation went wrong so most have gone to medway people!
Tue May 6 14:39:50 2008

Kirstie and emma
we got tickets for saturday!!! cnt wait!!!!!!!!!
Tue May 6 13:22:21 2008

i got tickets fro sunday cant wait to see newton
Tue May 6 12:19:55 2008

neither me nor my husband got tickets, nor any one else in our close vacinity of friends. Now they are being sold by people who want to make money!!!
Tue May 6 11:49:50 2008

Why did hardly any Maidstone residents not get tickets?
Tue May 6 09:52:09 2008

Not weii thought out resident*s not a priority couldnt get tickets. Girlfreind gutted
Mon May 5 10:58:46 2008

i live 10 minutes from mote park, a load of my mates live nearer than me and didn't get tickets. it is an absolute joke.
Mon May 5 08:33:45 2008

Registered but didn't even get email about ticket allocation. Still waiting stinks...
Mon May 5 00:02:33 2008

I think its stupid...i didnt get tickets...and yet a girl name kristina who applied 15 times with the same name managed to get 6 out of order...radio1 u need to get ur act together
Sun May 4 20:12:11 2008

I've not even had an email to tell me whether I got tickets or not!
Sun May 4 18:59:35 2008

Not happy didn't get any tickets and don't know anyone who did in my part of Maidstone. But hey those of you who are travelling a great distance be prepared for no parking and crap facilities and a very bad bus service.Hopefully Network SouthEast wont be doing any engineering work that weekend. Not that I'm trying to put you off!!! Seriously hope you have a great time you lucky....people. It's just a shame we had to sacrifice our annual River festival for this.Any donations for my council tax payment gratefully received as I expect we will pick up the bill for policing!!!!
Sun May 4 12:04:50 2008

mrs pearson
i tryed to get tickets but had no joy
Sun May 4 06:28:58 2008

I think it's grossly unfair that many people who live in the area immediately surrounding Mote Park who will be having their roads closed on the weekend of the event have not been allocated tickets.
Sun May 4 02:18:28 2008

Am i the only person under thirty in Maidstone who didn't apply? Parking won't be good enough and the gates will be surrounded by people who didn't get tickets and therefore are angry. However, i will admit the disisive factor was the fact it clashes with the last day of the footy season for me. all the same though, i think we will have a situation where we'll have people complaining about the organisation of the event afterwards
Sat May 3 18:17:31 2008

well i live next to it and i was refused. so how close do you have to be?
Sat May 3 13:25:38 2008

I've got sunday tickets and i can't wait- i've told my friends whoever proves they love me the most can have my second ticket
Sat May 3 09:47:55 2008

Upset I didn't get tickets
I live 2 roads from Mote Park. I will have people parked outside my house and have to listen to the whole event and not even get to go. Immediate residents should get tickets.
Fri May 2 23:37:33 2008

Im goin on sunday, cant wait!!
Fri May 2 08:20:14 2008

I live next to Mote Park and have not got tickets, obviously p*ssed off. I vow to be miserable all weekend.
Fri May 2 00:38:32 2008

tis crap .. dint get tickets =[
Thu May 1 23:02:23 2008

great, we've only got one e-mail address so could only get two tickets for a family of three!!! Who's getting the short straw?? Somebody advise how to stop WW3!!!!!
Thu May 1 14:49:59 2008

It's fantastic something like this is coming to Kent, I've got tickets for the Sunday, can't wait
Thu May 1 12:57:12 2008

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