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24 September 2014

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Architecture Week

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Architecture Week 2007

Architecture Week was your opportunity to find out all about buildings and architecture in your area.

Here at BBC Kent, we're a nosy bunch. So when the people behind Architecture Week suggested not one but five buildings we could have exclusive access to for a series of special reports, we jumped at the chance.

We asked The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to help us find Kent's most interesting building. Now, we know there are hundred of interesting buildings in the county, so we had to narrow it down to ones completed in the last few years.

RIBA suggested one residential building (an ultra-modern house conversion in Sandgate), a workplace, (the Marlowe Academy school in Ramsgate), a modern building, (a rubber-clad beach house in Dungeness), a historical building, (Ightham Mote) and a public building (the Romney Marsh Visitor Centre).

All the buildings are unusual, quirky and worthy of the attention we're lavishing on them.

They are so different, we could never begin to compare them to each other. Instead, buildings were chosen on a variety of criteria, including how well it fits into its environment, the materials used, whether it is suitable for its specific use and whether it will still tick all those boxes in a few years time.

Now it's your chance to choose which is the most interesting of them all.

Five Radio Kent presenters visited the buildings, and revealed why they think their building is the best.

Click on each building's page to see for yourself why we think it's so great.

We asked you to vote for your favouite and here are the results:

1st: Rubber beach house (148 votes)
Joint 2nd: Marlowe Academy and Romney Marsh Visitor Centre (137 votes)
4th: Ightham Mote (74 votes)
5th: Private House in Sandgate (50 votes)

And let us have your comments too - what do you think of the buildings we've chosen? Are we totally off the mark, or do you agree they are among Kent's most interesting? Or do you have your own suggestion?

last updated: 25/06/07

Have Your Say

What do you think is Kent's most interesting building? Is it one of these or do you know of another one we could feature?

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

shorne wood visitors is nowt more than a burden. it has endless issue. the turbine has had its blades replaced last week and the solar panels had to be resealed. all it will take to resolve these issues is a kid with a match
Fri Jul 6 19:04:48 2007

Ricky M
Dover Castle should be mentioned it is the greatest building i know. it is a very old building and is well built and has stood up for god knows how long.
Wed Jul 4 23:00:51 2007

chris bennett
manston control tower
Sat Jun 30 18:58:22 2007

Rick from Westgate
Just wish the place was like this when my kids went there. Well done Julie for adopting this one - very innovative.
Fri Jun 22 19:57:44 2007

Jason in Rochester
This place looks cool
Fri Jun 22 19:51:44 2007

Tony - Thanet
Personally i feel that such a good objective has been completed within the marlowe academy, and Julie has done a fantastic job promoting it. Education should be the main concern of our daily lives. So i would everybody should consider the marlowe academy as either a vote, or just an opinion. Thanks.
Fri Jun 22 16:53:24 2007

Ken P. Dartford
Didn't know anything about the Romney Marsh centre until you featured it. It just shows how resourceful people can be. It certainly gets my vote
Fri Jun 22 11:00:26 2007

M Dunn
Now fully restored after 15 years work. Ightham Mote is a hidden treasure and worthy of John Warnet's suppotr.
Fri Jun 22 09:42:35 2007

Carol Price
How can you compare a rubber shack to the beauty of Ightham Mote - history!Carol
Thu Jun 21 12:06:05 2007

peter from westbrook
the very charming ightham mote...and if they added a small hotel, it could be the very charming ightham motel...
Wed Jun 20 17:01:14 2007

janet from dover
a rubber-clad beach house in dungeness
Wed Jun 20 12:02:45 2007

A. Presenter
Romney Marsh visitor centre is a winner. It gets my vote.Thanks.
Tue Jun 19 22:28:59 2007

Ightham Mote
6 centuries in one house !
Mon Jun 18 14:10:51 2007

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