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24 September 2014

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Kate in the BBC Radio Kent studio
Kate in the BBC Radio Kent studio

The Next Level

When you were 14, what was your dream job? Fashion designer, racing driver, or maybe radio journalist?

Well the last one is exactly what one teenage girl got the chance to do for a week - at BBC Radio Kent's Tunbridge Wells studios. You can see how she got on right here!

Kate's mentor, Rose
Kate's mentor, Rose

CBBC's "The Next Level" programme spent a week filming as 14 year wannabe journalist Kate was put through her paces. She was set a daunting task - to learn the skills needed to go out and produce a report on an event happening in the county for broadcast at the end of the week.

Each day Kate was accompanied by journalist and mentor Rose who guided her through the process, and told her how she was doing. She was set a task to do each day which, by the end of the week, would give her all the skills she would need to produce a high quality piece for the Dominic King show.

The Big Boss, Will
The Big Boss, Will

There was no guarantee that Kate would be good enough to deliver a piece that would be suitable for broadcast. At the end of each day The Boss, Will, who can make Alan Sugar look like a softie, had to assess Kate and give her  honest and forthright feedback.

Day One:

Kate is introduced to Rose and shown round the BBC's studios and offices in Tunbridge Wells. Her first task was to chose which of the day's stories would make up a news bulletin that would be broadcast on BBC Radio Kent.  Would it be good enough for The Boss, Will?

video Programme One >
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Day Two:

Would you answer back to Will?
Would you answer back to Will?

Kate is sent out on the road to ask people about a subject: the Vox Pop. The next task is to interview an up-and-coming pop star. Would she pass the test or would The Boss spot her mistakes. Surely back chatting Will can't help, can it?

video Programme Two >
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Day Three:

Kate goes out to record some sound effects. Rose iss impressed with her work, but it's Will's opinion that matters. Does he think any of her work can be used by the radio station, or will it all end up on the cutting room floor?

video Programme Three >
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Day Four:

Rose is very impressed by Kate's editorial judgement once she starts to edit. Today the task is to edit her interview with the pop star down to just over a minute. With only 45 minutes to go she thinks she's home and dry, but there's plenty of time for Will to reject her work as just not good enough.

video Programme Four >
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Day Five:

It's not going well
It's not going well

The Boss, Will, decides if Kate has made the grade to go out and produce her package for the Dominic King show that afternoon. It's starting to look doubtful as the interviews are all sounding distorted and Will thinks the piece's structure is weak.

Will Kate remember everything Rose has taught her, or will the pressure to be perfect coming from the Big Boss be more than enough to make Kate crumble?

video Programme Five >
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last updated: 04/08/06
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