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28 October 2014

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Marine Matters

You are in: Kent > Nature > Marine Matters > The seaside - more than sun and sand

St. Marys Bay

Sunset at St. Marys Bay

The seaside - more than sun and sand

The county of Kent is almost surrounded by water. If you stand on the north east tip in Thanet and turn around most of the visible horizon will be water not land.

Margate is one of the few places in the country where at certain times of the year the sun rises and sets over the sea.

Most people living inland (and perhaps many living on the coast) when asked about the sea will probably talk of summer holidays, sun bathing, perhaps even venturing out onto the water itself.

Indeed an article in the respected shipping newspaper Lloyds List recently reported that boating in one form or another has now overtaken fishing as the countries most popular participant sport.

The sea around Kent is however about much more than inflatable dinghies and sand castles. The seas influence on the region does not stop at the waters edge or when the promenade runs out!

So - next time you look out to sea remember that the significance and importance of what you see does not stop at the horizon.

These short articles take a look at exactly how important the marine scene is in Kent.

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You are in: Kent > Nature > Marine Matters > The seaside - more than sun and sand

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