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How did you get into the BBC?
After working as an unpaid intern at my local BBC radio station I decided to apply for the Vision Intake Pool in Birmingham. After a demanding interview process I was accepted into the Pool as a Runner, but have also worked as a PMA which has given me a greater insight in to the management side of a Production.

What is the best thing about working as a runner/PMA?
You get the chance to work on a variety of different programmes, helping to set up shoots, and assisting the Production Team before, during and after filming. Its a fast paced and exciting role, and it's a great feeling to be a crucial part of a big production, which will be watched by thousands, if not millions of people around the UK.

What is the worst thing about working as a runner/Runner ?
Be prepared to work long hours, and under stressful circumstances at times. There is also a lot of paperwork that comes hand in hand with a programme, which can sometimes become a bit tedious. However, when the programme comes together and you see the final outcome, it makes all the hard work worth it.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into the BBC?
The VIP is a brilliant way to start in the BBC and allows you to work on a variety of different programmes throughout the year. Alternatively, if your unsure as to what exactly you want to do within the media try a BBC work experience placement. This will help you decide what kind of role you’d like to aim for within the BBC, and gives you a chance to meet people who will give you great advise in how to progress in the industry. 

What qualities do you think are essential to be a good runner/PMA ?
A good work ethic is imperative. Always be enthusiastic and willing to go that extra mile, no matter how mundane the job. Flexibility is also a huge aspect of the role, there are times when shoot dates and locations change at short notice, and you need to be able to easily adapt to the alterations.

What are you currently doing now and describe a typical day?
I am currently working as a Post Production Coordinator for To Buy Or Not To Buy, which involves overlooking and managing everything from the when the tapes come back from a shoot to when the programme is completely finished and ready to be delivered to London for transmission. I also spend a lot of my time using editing software to clip each of the 90 programmes in the series to be put on the shows website.

Where do you see your next role?
I’d like to expand the skills I’ve already gained during my time at the BBC over the next few years, and hope to try out more challenging roles in a variety of different genres.


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