What next?

Key dates:

You will need to submit your application by midnight on March 13th 2011.

We hope to complete our assessment of your application by the 25th March and by 28th March will invite those successful, to our assessment day.  We won’t be able to answer queries about the progression of your application during this time.

If your application is not being considered further we would also hope to be able to notify you at this time.

Our assessment centre takes place between 4th April and 8th April.  We will be making our final decisions shortly afterwards and will notify all candidates by 15th April 2010.

Please note, due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to provide feedback on your application form. If you are selected for the assessment day but not given a place on the scheme,  feedback will be provided  after we have made our final decisions

How to Present yourself!

The STAR approach provides useful guidance on structuring your answers so that they are clear and easy for the person looking at your application form, or the interviewer to follow.

SITUATION: (when, where, with whom?)

  • Quickly set the scene by providing a brief background to the situation

TASK: (what?)

  • Describe your task / what you had to achieve.

ACTION : (how?)

  • Describe in detail what you did to complete the task.
  • What skills did you use? What was difficult? How did you solve this? Focus on your role, use ‘I' not ‘we'.
  • Describe the outcome.

What results did you achieve/conclusions did you reach? What did you learn and what would you do differently?

  • Rehearse your examples aloud. Check that your answers are clear and comprehensive by trying them out on your family, friends and anyone who'll listen!
  • Try and anticipate the interviewers' follow-up questions and be ready with your responses. The interviewer might follow up a main question with probes like: what difficulties did you experience, what resistance did you encounter, what might you do differently?

More tips!

Remember to include the information that makes you stand out from the crowd. Don't assume we know anything about you. Give examples to back up what you tell us.

Read each question carefully. Take time to make sure you understand each question before you write your answer. Think about the best example you have that answers the question and demonstrates your abilities.

When answering the questions, ensure you say what your role was and what you did.

Read over your answers carefully. Have you answered each part of the question?

Remember to check for spelling mistakes or typos. You might want to write your answers in Word first, check the word count and, once you are happy, copy and paste them into the application form.

Please note, our system has a 4,000 character limit and, in addition we provide a word limit. Don’t exceed this. Please indicate with each answer how many words you have written.

Save your application as you go along in case your internet connection goes down.

Once you submit your application, you will not be able to make any changes.

When you have submitted your application, you should get an automatic acknowledgement. If you do not, please contact

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