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From web assistants, producers and production managers to broadcast engineers and studio managers, it takes all sorts of people to create the kind of programming we do for TV, radio and online. This is why we’ll have opportunities at all levels. Some will require significant experience, others will require very little. What they’ll all need, however, is people with creativity, ambition and passion for the media.

Below we have videos and role descriptions which will give you a better idea of what skills and knowledge we're looking for regarding the jobs in this area.  We would recommend you watch the films and read the information before you apply as it will give you the insight you need about we'll be looking for in your application.

For an insight into a day in the life of a Studio Manager at the BBC please click the following link:

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Our people in Broadcast & Content Production


Jemma - Senior Content Producer,
BBC Learning.

I’ve worked for BBC Schools online for nearly six years now. I started as a Web Assistant for Bitesize, and I’m currently the Senior Content Producer for the Teachers and Parents web team in Learning. We look after over 20 websites, so I manage some pretty large and complex projects. I’m also responsible for delivering our Learning strategy.

Managing a team of six takes a lot of energy and organisation. Strong leadership is important, and communication skills are essential as I’m often called upon to represent my team in meetings and presentations. My job isn’t always easy, but I relish the challenge of creating content for children. It means that we constantly have to think of innovative and creative approaches to education, which is a lot of fun.

I really enjoy the passion and commitment within the BBC Learning team. It’s great to work with like-minded individuals. And I love the fact that our content includes something for everyone. The BBC can be a really exciting place to work, and there are loads of opportunities to develop your skills and learn new ones - there are so many directions where your career can progress.

The move to Salford will be a fresh start for the department, and we can take the opportunity to make some positive changes for the future. Plus, of course, the new offices look great!


Johann Le Calvez
Senior Content Producer, BBC Learning

The best thing about my role is how varied it is. I’m responsible for managing BBC Languages’ website, which means that I work with content producers and a specialist researcher to ensure it’s as relevant and user friendly as possible. In the last two years I’ve overseen the complete technical and visual redesign of the site, and I’ve also been to conferences to present our content and resources to leading language specialists.

Editorial and technical skills are very useful in my job. When it comes to creating content, open mindedness is vital too. You’ve got to be comfortable sharing opinions and discussing ideas with others. Being a team player is also crucial, as the success of a project is rarely down to just one person.

You can find yourself working on any language, and if it’s one you don’t speak then it becomes quite a challenge. Here’s where working with such a talented and dedicated group really helps. I also love the fact that there’s always the encouragement and support to innovate and try new things.

Moving to Manchester’s going to be exciting. I’m looking forward to being part of a new beginning, and I’m up for the challenge of starting afresh.


Michelle Ackerley
Studio Researcher , Blue Peter

As a Studio Researcher on the Blue Peter team, I get involved in all kinds of stuff. Much of my time is spent developing new ideas which I then pitch to the rest of the team for forthcoming studio shows. I’m also responsible for managing contributors, filming VTs and working closely with the Assistant Producer to refine ideas for the show. Studio days are always a lot of fun, as this is when all the hard work of the team comes together and you get to see your ideas come to life.

To do a job like mine, you’ve got to be enthusiastic and imaginative. The ability to keep light and have fun is also important, as is creativity. Oh, and of course you must have a genuine interest in children’s programming.

It’s hard to say what the best thing about my job is - there are so many to choose from. I get to meet loads of new people, and I love the fact that no idea is a bad idea. There’s always the chance to one of my ideas could end up being transformed into exciting content for children. And being in touch with the youth of today keeps me youthful too.

The move to Salford makes this a really exciting time to be working at the BBC. We’ll be sharing skills and knowledge with all kinds of new people, which will help us to continue making some of the best programmes on television.

Typical roles and job specs

This area can be split into two main sections – production management and content making roles. Children’s, Sport and Learning are the departments where most of these opportunities will appear.

Production Management

The Production Management teams ensure the delivery of high quality and compliant content on time and on budget. The roles within Production Management that we will be recruiting for are: Production Executive, Production Manager, Production Co-ordinator and Production Management Assistant.

You should

  • Be able to accurately prepare, manage and monitor production budgets, and proactively forecast - reporting progress in line with best practice.
  • Have a wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of multimedia end-to-end production processes.
  • Keep up-to-date with the ever changing tastes, trends and demands of the target audience
  • Be aware of key objectives for the team and feed into future developments.
  • Consistently develop and produce creative and original ideas, inspiring others to contribute and deliver the intended vision.
  • Sound decision making and judgement

The level of experience required will vary depending on the role – so for example, more senior production management roles will require skills in people management and are responsible for delivering multiple projects and shows.

For Production Management Assistants and Production Co-ordinators, even if you have not worked in production, we’re always keen to hear from people with relevant and transferable skills.

Content Making

The roles withing Content Making that we will be recruiting for will include: Editor, Executive Producer, Senior Producer, Producer, Assistant Producer, Researcher, Production Team Assistant. This will be across TV, Radio and Online platforms.

You should

  • Be able to create original ideas and tells stories that are accurate, engaging and accessible to a wide variety of audiences across a range of platforms.
  • Have knowledge and awareness of multi-media production processes, to maximise cross platform content
  • Possess good knowledge of different target audiences, their changing tastes and trends, with an understanding of how to shape and deliver content to meet their needs.
  • Have the ability to develop and maintain collaborative working relationships with colleagues and a diverse range of contacts.
  • Be resilient, flexible and adaptable in the face of rapidly changing circumstances and long shifts
  • Have good editorial judgement and legal awareness.

The level of experience required will vary depending on the role - for example for Researcher positions we would expect the above skills to be evident, but not as developed as a Producer. More senior content making roles will have greater editorial accountability and responsibility for output delivered by their team, monitoring and reporting the reach, quality, impact and value for money.

There will also be specific knowledge and skills required depending on the role and department, some details are provided below:

Specific departments

Children’s, Learning and Sport across all roles require strong focus on their particular audience and understanding and knowledge of editorial/compliance issues.

Children’s across all roles:

  • Ability to apply/demonstrate the Children's values: Enabling, Curious, Can Do, Inclusive and Hungry

Children’s Drama:

  • High quality scripting experience – be able to shape and adapt narrative structure, script and story.

Sport across all roles:

  • Travel and flexible working is a key aspect of the role – working at weekends is normal

Sport – Producer:

  • OB experience including live/fast turn round of events
  • Capable of running VT operations for a large event (Olympics/World Cup)

Learning across all online roles:

  • Interest in eLearning, and broad knowledge of the UK education system and current issues within it.
  • Excellent writing skills, including the ability to adapt styles to different online audiences.
  • Strong understanding of audiences and of how people learn as well as what makes them want to learn.
  • An understanding of online user groups, and an awareness of the editorial and compliance issues around making online content.

Learning – Language Teams:

  • An interest in languages and how people learn languages.
  • Excellent language skills and, ideally, fluency in a second language.

Specific roles

TV Researcher

  • Some knowledge/skills in FCP/Z1 and other TV production tools
  • Logging

Assistant Producer

  • Z1/FCP self op and working with other TV Production tools (directing craft editors and PSC shoots etc)
  • Experience of making fast turn round highlights edit and long form edits
  • Film making for TV
  • Writing skills for TV, for example scripting for a presenter


  • All Assistant Producer qualities
  • Skills either as a director (studios/OBs) or an editor running smaller strands or in a programme gallery
  • Long form or creative film making at the highest level


All production roles for web will require a sound working knowledge of multi-media production processes, to maximise content, cross platform:

  • Exceptional web literacy
  • A well-developed understanding of web design principles and digital production technologies.

Online Assistant Producers

  • Experience of producing a range of content for digital platforms.

For Producers and senior Producer roles:

  • A track record of producing compelling content for digital platforms.

There's lots here, so don't stop looking

There may well be other areas or departments in BBC North that suit your skills or ambitions. Careers at the BBC are many and varied, so even if you’ve found something you like, we'd encourage you to keep looking. You could end up working across different job areas or specialising in one – the choice is yours.

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