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Am I eligible?

You must be disabled under the Equality Act 2010 and should expect to have at least one year’s service in your present position. You also need to have not been on attachment in the last 12 months.

What contract will I be given if I am offered a placement?

If you are an employee, then this will be treated as an attachment for 8 months, after which you will return to your substantive role.  For more information, please see the Guide to Attachments.

Do I need line manager approval?

Yes, you do need to gain approval from your line manager.

Will the scheme cover my relocation costs?

Employees who are offered a placement which would incur additional residential and/or travelling costs may be eligible for attachment allowances. This will be agreed with you before the placement starts in line with the Guide to Attachments.

If I’m on a lower grade, will this go up?

In some cases, the placements may provide you an opportunity to act up in terms of grade and/or salary or may involve the offer of different conditions of service. We will discuss this with you prior to starting your placement and you maybe offered ‘acting’ terms and conditions. When the placement ends, you return to your ‘parent’ department and your substantive terms and conditions

Does that mean my salary will be increased?

Salaries for the placements have been calculated in line with the role, responsibilities and grade. As above, we will discuss this with you prior to starting your placement and you may be offered ‘acting’ terms and conditions if appropriate.

I currently receive a flexibility allowance, will I lose it?

Flexibility allowance will only be paid if the placement role requires it, in line with BBC Guide to Flexibility and Unpredictability Allowance.


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