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Job description

Job Description

Job Title: Trainee Broadcast Journalist (BBC Journalism Trainee Scheme)
Grade: TNW1D
Contract: 12 month Fixed term contract
Works to: Scheme Director
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The regional salaries are £19,281 per annum. For those working in London, the salary is £23,484.

Job purpose: To find, research, write and broadcast news stories to the required standard and within agreed deadlines for any of the following, TV, Radio, Online.



Key tasks
To find and research news stories and programme items.
To write voice pieces, bulletins and programme items, exercising editorial judgement, maintaining professional standards and sticking to BBC editorial policies.
To interview and report, in both recorded and live situations, in the studio or on location.
To prepare and present bulletins for local TV and radio.
To prepare online and interactive stories.
To produce live and recorded items for TV and radio.
To suggest news story and programme ideas on a regular basis.
To operate technical equipment for all media to the required standard.
To develop and maintain contacts and to respond professionally to enquiries from the public.
At all times to carry out duties in line with health and safety guidelines.
At all times to carry out duties in line with BBC values and editorial guidelines

NB  There is variation in the above depending on the particular placements you are selected for.


Person Specification

Skills, knowledge and experience
This scheme will train you to the level where you should be able to compete for broadcast journalist jobs within the BBC. We are looking for evidence of your skills and potential in the following areas:

Excellent writing skills with the ability to tell a story in a clear and engaging way.
The ability to find good stories and come up with ideas for programme items and explain them in a way which suits a variety of audiences, within agreed deadlines.
A good broadcasting voice (i.e. clear, authoritative and well-paced)
Ability to work co-operatively as part of a team.
Ability to demonstrate resilience and flexibility with a willingness to learn new skills.
A passion for news, current affairs and sport with an awareness of/interest in what's happening.
Ability to exercise good judgement when selecting and writing stories, mindful of BBC editorial policy and legal issues.
Accuracy and attention to detail.
Ability (or willingness to learn) to use broadcast technology.
A keen interest, knowledge and awareness of local radio and local issues
Understanding of audiences

Competency is a term used to describe the skills, knowledge and behaviour required to do a job successfully. We are not looking for you to demonstrate all of these now; we are looking at your potential to develop your ability in these areas

Understanding of diverse communities/Audience awareness
The ability to show a knowledge, interest and understanding of diverse communities and how to make programmes which serve them; identify story treatments and ideas, ability to focus those stories to wide variety of BBC audiences .

Written and Verbal Communication Skills
Writes pieces which interest listeners. Has excellent grasp of English and is able to write creatively, clearly and concisely. Demonstrates engagement by enthusiasm, can view from another’s perspective, combined with editorial judgement, including keen interest in news and current affairs, sport and regional news.

Self Development
Desire or willingness to develop, giving recent examples of what they have done so far, learning from mistakes, demonstrating actively seeking and acting on feedback

Managing relationships/team working
Working co-operatively, flexibility with roles and working across different platforms ie TV, radio and online, and collaboration across boundaries. Able to build and maintain effective working relationships with a range of people. Team working

Technical skills
Some evidence of ability using computer based technology and potential to translate into using broadcast equipment, stays up-to-date with technology.


Trainees Omari and Ross filming in Leicester market

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