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24 September 2014

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

ADDED 20/10/03
B Dently - Your Waterfront

I believe that Jersey needs some form of facilities to draw in a new generation of tourist - the bucket and spade period has gone, and we appear to appeal to an 'elderly generation'

This is fine, but these folks won't be here forever - who is going to replace them ? The Battle of flowers is past its sell by date, as is the Battle of Britain day.Attendance figures confirm this.

These events are great, but will not bring in the younger generation that we need. At the same time we do not want to become the new Ibiza - attracting the clubbing generation that 'Annoyed' wants will not bring in income.

I feel we need to move 'upmarket' and try to turn Jersey into the sort of place that would appeal to "the weekend break" market year-round. Some sort of facility that compliments the new gardens at Rozel would be ideal.

ADDED 06/10/03
Reg - Your Waterfront
The steam clock does not run on steam, it runs on electicity. How or why on earth do they call it a steam clock?

ADDED 23/09/03
John - Radio phone in
I was under the impression that Saturday night TV has always been the lowest common denomenator trash. If they bring back Noel Edmonds I am off to outer Mongolia.

Don't forget there is always BBC 2 and channel four or the good old radio.

ADDED 23/09/03
Simonetta - Smoking and Drinking discussion

I think non smokers (at work) should get extra annual leave if smokers are taking time to have "fag breaks".

This would probably encourage the "smokers" to give up, knowing they are loosing out.

With regard to upping the age to 18 to be sold fags, why don't 16-18 year olds who already smoke be registred as smokers (like addicts are) and carry photo ID with their age on so they can still buy fags if they choose.

Then everyone else would get refused until they were 18, which by that age, I reckon the majority of young people wouldn't wanna smoke anyway (smoking nearly always starts during teenage years).

This may mean less and less smokers for generations to come.

ADDED 13/09/03
Buntyrider- Gull Cull discussion

They have to go, it may be not be fair but neither is having your eye pecked out by a filthy stinking flying rat.

Seriously though, I always thought that if I was rich enough I woul gladly pay for the amunition to have these pests shot, and thats coming from someone who doesnt even like killing Ants.

ADDED 06/09/03
- Gull Cull discussion
Now I'm not one for cruelty to animal or birds of any sort, but I have to say that these are the most annoying of all kinds, they do nothing but squawk, rip open your bin bags and crap all over the place, and I'm sure you've all seen what happens when they have been eating strange foods!!!

I think that every Sunday there should be a Seagulls Shooting Competition, during the week the states round up as many Seagulls as possible, then on a Sunday they release them all at once, everybody on the Island is supplied with Machine Guns and ammunition in order to shoot as many as they can, the person with the highest killing score wins a prize!

I haven’t figured out what the prize should be yet though! Sounds fun to me!

ADDED 30/08/03
Randy Carpet - Gull Cull discussion
I have a solution that will suit both the Yes and No votes...

Remember the Arnie movie Running Man and how the prisoners were controlled?

Yes, that's right. We put tiny explosive collars round every seagulls neck and set up a perimeter in which they can and cannot fly. For example, they can fly over the Channel, or anyones house who is anti-cull. They cannot fly over my house or town. If they fly in a 'no-fly zone' their heads are blown off..........

Problem solved.


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