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28 October 2014

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You are in My Island > Gov > Elections > By Election 2004 > live
Senator Dick Shenton
Senator Dick Shenton

Find out what happened during the 2004 by-election and what it all means.

Adrian Lee, Political expert at the University of Plymouth, who specialises in the politics of Channel Islands, on the result and turnout of this by-election.

Was this a landslide victory in every sense?

It's a landslide, yes, in that Dick Shenton had a majority over Juliette Gallichan of over 47 per cent, which is pretty substantial, UNTIL we look at the turnout.

Three-quarters of the electorate didn't vote, so if you work out the figures, this resounding victory was with the votes of fifteen and a half per cent of the electorate.

Isn't the low turnout quite normal for a by-election?

Yes, but what is surprising is that given all the controversy lately of sales tax and other tax reforms, and Dick Shenton's opposition to it, that the vote wasn't higher. In some cases, it was decidedly low, such as St. Helier's 16 per cent.

Why was St. Helier's turnout so poor?

That parish has a very high percentage of privately rented accommodation, and that's always associated with low turnout. There's more turbulence in that housing market. And there's relatively few people, compared to the rest of the island, who are actually on the electoral register, which of course are parish-based.

Would 'party politics' help to increase the turnout?

It can increase turnout, as has been shown in the U.K. where council areas that were independent, but where parties have started to contest, voting numbers have sometimes increased. The evidence however, is not conclusive.

What about the voters in Jersey that think the government works in spite of them rather than because of them?

It's very difficult for somebody going into the ballot box in Jersey to see a direct relationship between who he or she votes for and what then emerges as either the structure of the government, or the policies that the government pursues. There is no clear and close connection because of the composition of the House.

Place Candidate Total Votes
1 Dick Shenton 7144
2 Juliette Gallichan 1715
3 Robert Weston 1284
4 Kevin Lewis 724
5 Robert Brown 264
6 Terry Coutanche 249
  Spoilt Papers 99
  Percentage Turnout 24.7
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You are in My Island > Gov > Elections > By Election 2004 > live

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