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28 October 2014

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Candidates K to S

Terry le Sueur

Terry Le Sueur Profile

As part of our election coverage BBC Jersey interviewed each of the candidates about their election platform. This is what Terry Le Sueur had to say.

Election 2005
Terry le Sueur
Parish Votes
Grouville 921
St. Brelade 1328
St. Clement 995
St. Helier 1599
St. John 485
St. Lawrence 752
St. Martin 666
St. Mary 284
St. Ouen 593
St. Peter 579
St. Saviour 1185
Trinity 589
Total Votes 9976

Each of the 15 Senatorial Candidates took time out of their campaign to speak to BBC Radio Jersey's Home Affairs Producer Hamish Marett-Crosby about their election platform and what they would do if they were elected.

Name: Terry Le Sueur
Party: Independent

Read a transcript of the interview with Terry Le Sueur below or listen to it using Real Player.

audio Terry le Sueur Interview >
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Why are you seeking an island mandate?

Well I’ve been a senator now for 6 years and served the states for 18 years. I’ve put forward some policies which I believe are the right things for the island and I want to develop them and see them through.

What are those main plans and policies? Why vote Terry Le Sueur?

I suppose from the policy point of view I really go back to the States Strategic Plan.

What I’d like to see is a more inclusive society, I know there is always going to be those that have more than others, but I want to see a Jersey where people actually get on in the community.

I want to see a thriving economy so that there are jobs for everybody, jobs suitable for those people as well, and that those jobs provide the revenue to enables us to provide the schools, the houses, the hospitals and the other services that we’ve come to expect.

I think I want to see a tax system, because obviously, tax is going to be an issue as far as I am concerned, which is fair to everybody.

We acknowledge, I think, that there is going to be increased burden that we have to pay as islanders, but that should be fair to everybody.

And finally I think that we need a society where we can appreciate the rule of law and order, but perhaps more than that, a set of moral values which we can all adhere to and all for the part of that community.

Those are your main issues, as it were. What do you think are the problems the States will be facing when it comes to reassembling in the New Year assuming you are a member of it?

I think the states and the island as a whole is facing a period of change. We often see change but I think the pace of change these days is far faster than it ever used to be, and some people I think, are more reluctant to change than others.

The Jerseyman is traditionally reluctant to change too quickly, but I think if we are not going to get left behind in the international race we have to keep up with the times.

Keeping up is quite difficult and I think that is going to be one of the challenges that we face as a new states community in a different environment with a ministerial system.

In all this, in all the things that the states face, and all the things that you have laid out, what is going to be your number one priority in the event of your getting back into the States Chamber?

I think my number one priority has to be to continue the fiscal changes and financial changes that we have been seeing over the last couple of years to position Jersey in the right way for the years to come.

I think I am very much more of a long term vision person than an immediate issue person and I want to make sure that Jersey future is secure not just for the next year or two but for ten years or twenty years so that my children and grandchildren can have a secure future.

And are your tax changes, the tax changes that the States have approved, do you see these as central to that? Just run through them.

Yes I do see them as central. I think the States members themselves have seen that as the case.We as a community are going to have to pay more in taxes.

We have lived for several years on the benefits that we have received from people outside the island, now I think we have to shoulder the burden ourselves, and that’s always a painful thing to do.

I have to make sure that that is as fair as possible to everybody, but I also think that we have to appreciate that we’ve been very reliant on income tax and the move around the world is to move away from the reliance on income tax and direct taxes, to more reliance on indirect taxes, such as, in the old days fuel duties, but more recently VAT or the good and services tax.

So I think what we are doing in Jersey is slowly following the trends that have been around in the rest of the world for years, and having a society where we can compete on equal terms with those people around the rest of the world.

Amidst all these policies, they have to implemented, there’s going to be the new council of ministers and indeed the system of opposing them, for want of a better word, do you see this as really being able to work and deliver?

I do, I think when we debated this three or four years ago there had to be reasonable scrutiny of what the council of ministers were doing.

But I think in terms of the pace of life and the pace of change we need to make decisions more quickly and more informed than I think we have done in the past.

I think the new system will enable us to have the better informed decisions, but the proof of the pudding, as ever, will be in the eating.

And of course the first thing that you will be doing as a Senator is reassemble and vote in a new chief minister. Have you come to a conclusion yet as to who you would prefer to see as the chief minister of Jersey?

Until I know who is standing it is difficult to come to a conclusion, but I do believe that this is a time to build on the strengths and the policies that we already have, and now would not be the time in my view to have radical change in direction.

last updated: 23/11/05
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