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28 October 2014

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Candidates K to S

Paul le Claire

Paul Le Claire Profile

As part of our election coverage BBC Jersey interviewed each of the candidates about their election platform. This is what Paul Le Claire had to say.

Election 2005
Paul le Claire
Parish Votes
Grouville 294
St. Brelade 773
St. Clement 585
St. Helier 1433
St. John 156
St. Lawrence 330
St. Martin 193
St. Mary 129
St. Ouen 284
St. Peter 309
St. Saviour 773
Trinity 154
Total Votes 5413

Each of the 15 Senatorial Candidates took time out of their campaign to speak to BBC Radio Jersey's Home Affairs Producer Hamish Marett-Crosby about their election platform and what they would do if they were elected.

Name: Paul Le Claire
Party: Centre Party

Read a transcript of the interview with Paul Le Claire below or listen to it using Real Player.

audio Paul le Claire Interview >
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Why are you seeking an island wide mandate?

I’m seeking an island wide mandate because I believe that is the most democratic position in the island. For far too long I think people have run major committees in the States having being returned by very small constituencies or in some cases being returned uncontested, and in many cases running unpopular positions within those presidencies and within other major committees of the States.

I feel an island wide mandate is an accountable mandate and based on the last 6 years if the people have not been satisfied with what I have done then the entire island can make that judgement, and they are not forced to put up with me if they are unsatisfied with what they have seen so far. If they like what I am doing so far they are in the position where they can go out and see me continue.

What are the main planks of your election manifesto? Why Senator Paul Le Claire to be re-elected?

Well I think what we need to establish in Jersey in this move to a ministerial system is a party political system. We’ve had covet party politics in Jersey for a number of years, with the establishment being that covert party politic. I believe now it is important for people to realise the truth of the fact that there is a hidden party in there, they have been voting their own way and it’s time for people to identify that we need overt party politics, and I am standing to try and get that off the ground.

I’m standing on my past record for speaking out against projects for the people of Jersey, looking after I think the widest spectrum, but at the same time not being afraid to be a critic of the establishment. I think that’s why people should consider Paul Le Claire as a Senator, we’ll see on the 19th of October whether or not they agree with me.

Well let’s be optimistic and think that come Janurary you are looking ahead at a New Year in the States, what do you feel will be the main problems that the States are going to be facing are come the New Year?

Well I think actually getting to grips with the new system is going to be the first thing after an election. After an election has taken place ,and up until that election, there’s a number of horse trading moves that go on. People are put into different groups and the new States members find themselves in a strange environment within a strange structure, but they are normally guided through that structure by their colleagues who have been there before, and there is a certain continuity to that.

In the new system I think that we are all going to recognising that the vast majority of us are no longer in the government but just in the States, and the Council of Ministers will be making executive decisions. The difficulties will be for the States to get their heads around that fact, that they have been elected, and some of them may find themselves that they have very little to justify their political seats for.

So that’s the overview, in terms of Paul Le Claire as a hopeful Senator what would be your personal priority in the new States?

Well I think that it is going to be to bed in, if I am successful, with my colleagues in getting this political party, bed in an alternative group of policies. I think we do really need to seriously to  relook at migratory issues, the immigration policies.

I think we need to look at the taxation issues, and I think we need to look at the fact that we are teaching people in schools and they are leaving school and leaving the island. I think we need to invest not only in their education but also in the employment side of things.

The challenges for Paul Le Claire, if re-elected, is to make sure that the children that are coming out of our schools have jobs to go to, and don’t leave Jersey to find employment on the other side of the planet, away from their families.

So basically you are saying immigration, taxation and what we might loosely term ‘the brain drain’?

Yes I think it is important, we can’t really compete as a small island on an international level man for man or woman for woman, we have some high intellects here and we have some highly motivated entrepreneurs and we have a great spirit; we are a very kind island, kind people, but we also have to give them opportunities, and we’ve got to nurse them through the formative years and I believe those from the ages of sixteen to twenty three are the years in which we have to instil confidence in the youth of Jersey, and give them opportunities.

And the final question, one of the first jobs that you are going to do as a member of the new States is to elect a Chief Minister, have you made up your mind who you want to vote, and if necessary, why?

Well I haven’t actually made my mind up who I am going to vote for as I don’t know who is standing, but I do know that I will not be supporting Senator Frank Walker in the position for Chief Minister.

I believe that there is a hidden covert party politic within the States and that they are being lead by Senator Frank Walker. And as a party we are standing openly, in my view, to look for somebody else to lead us, I personally will not be supporting Senator Walker for the Chief Minister. 

last updated: 23/11/05
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