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28 October 2014

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Candidates B to J

Jim Perchard

James Perchard

As part of our election coverage BBC Jersey interviewed each of the candidates about their election platform. This is what James Perchard had to say.

Election 2005
James Perchard
Parish Votes
Grouville 773
St. Brelade 1270
St. Clement 918
St. Helier 1605
St. John 378
St. Lawrence 610
St. Martin 594
St. Mary 254
St. Ouen 469
St. Peter 491
St. Saviour 1229
Trinity 407
Total Votes 8998

Each of the 15 Senatorial Candidates took time out of their campaign to speak to BBC Radio Jersey's Home Affairs Producer Hamish Marett-Crosby about their election platform and what they would do if they were elected.

Name: James Perchard
Party: Independent

Read a transcript of the interview with James Perchard below or listen to it using Real Player.

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Why are you seeking an island mandate?

States members make decisions that effect the whole island, the quality of the decisions made I believe would be improved more if elected island wide. If people were elected island wide I believe the island wide mandate to be probably more democratic and probably more representative.

I think a Deputy elected with maybe two hundred votes doesn’t really promote the democratic process very well, and Hamish, I have to say, I am interested in island wise topics.

Ok so you are seeking an island mandate, but what are the main planks of your electoral platform, why should we vote Jim Perchard?

Well I am not a single issue politician; I will endeavour to get my manifesto details into as many homes as possible over the next few weeks. Those that are interested in the meantime can go to my website, and the issues that I stand for will hopefully be well known by the electorate by the time of the election.

But things that really concern me and where I think my strengths lie are in challenging the size and cost of government, tax reform, and attempting to deliver to the taxpayer real value for money. However, with tax reform I am concerned and call for the protection of the less well off, and will fight to protect them, particularly the elderly in need, from harmful tax measures. This won’t be an easy task Hamish, but I mean what I say here, the reason Jersey seeks prosperity surely is to improve life for all in its community.

On the basis that you get elected what do you think the main problems facing you and your colleagues will be in the States for the next three years?

Well there are some challenging times ahead; the looming black hole that we are all being made clearly aware of is of great concern. Fair taxation, I think, I am very concerned that low earners that will face an unfair burden of tax, an income support system that is very effective and a system that does not allow abuse of it.

I also feel that Jersey is loosing its identity a little, and people when I am out on the election trail seem to be a little disillusioned, which is very sad. We need to somehow promote pride in our island and try to re-establish the community atmosphere and uniqueness that Jersey is well known for.

Reduction in number of States members is something I feel is important, and of course the Waterfront also seems to be a big issue when I’m out on the election trail.

What will be your priority should you be elected?

This is a tough one, I did anticipate this question, I have many areas of interest in the political arena. I feel my first priority probably would be to establish meaningful, not cosy, but respectful relationships with my fellow States members.

I hopefully can ensure them that I do not tend to participate in personality politics, and I will work towards achieving a mutually respectful relationship with them all. We can then strive to make quality decisions for the people of Jersey and their future.

Were you to be elected the first task you would be called to undertake would be to elect a First Minister. Two have so far declared, have you decided for either of those or are you waiting for a third?

Yes out of the two declared I have a favourite choice, and I hope that during the campaign candidates will be pressed to nail their colours to the mast. I think it is important that the electorate know the type of cabinet we are seeking to support.

Of the two candidates so far declared we’ve got Senator Stuart Syvret, whose tenacity is not in doubt, his work ethic is not in doubt, but I think Stuart needs more experience and time in the States, and perhaps need to evolve into more of a team player. I like Stuart but I don’t think I’ll be able to support him if they are the only two candidates.

The other candidate is Senator Frank Walker who I think is probably well equipped to get the ball rolling in the first three years of ministerial government.

last updated: 23/11/05
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