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24 September 2014

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Election Blog

Find out who has been elected in the 2005 Deputy Elections or read our Election Blog.

View results by Parish

Who's Elected
SH 1 Paul
le Claire

The candidates elected here will join Carolyn Labey, Roy Le Herissier, Bob Hill, Colin Egre, Anne Pryke and James Reed who were all elected un-opposed.

Turnout: 33.9%
Spoilt Papers: 56
Completed Counts: 11

View results:
> By Parish

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BBC News reports:
>Dorey Disappointed
>10 new faces


SH 2 Shona
SH 3 Jacqui
de Faye
SS 1 Rob
SS 2 Alan
SB 1 Sarah
SB 2 Sean
SC Gerard
SJ Andrew
SL John
Le Fondre
SMy Juliette


Could low turnout lead to changes?
24/11/2005 - 11:08

It's thought the low turnout at last night's Deputies Election could force another review of the electoral system.

Only a third of those registered to vote decided to do so - a drop from 2002. Channel Island political expert Adrian Lee from the University of Plymouth believes the result is likely to increase demands for a general election in 2008.

Tell us what you think could be done to solve the voter apathy problem in our message boards.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 11:08 on 24/11/05

"Severe disappointment" for Dorey
23/11/2005 - 22:25

In an interview with BBC Radio Jersey Jerry Dorey said it was "Severe disappointment" and that this will be the end of politics for him. He feels that joining planning affected his chance at election success.

Jerry Dorey was beaten in St. Helier 1 as Paul le Claire, Patrick Ryan and Judy Martin were elected.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 22:25 on 23/11/05

10 New Faces
23/11/2005 - 22:09

Julliete Gallichan, Ian Gorst, Kevin Lewis, Andrew Lewis, John le Fondre, Deidre Mezbourian, Shona Pitman, Alan Maclean and Sean Power, have all been elected to the house for the first time, alongside Anne Pryke who was elected un-opposed Trinity.

When the new house returns in December there will be 13 new faces in the house with Senator Elect Freddie Cohen, James Perchard and Ben Shenton elected last month being joined by the 10 new Deputies.

Of the 29 Deputies that will be sworn in to the new house there are 10 women and 19 men.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 22:09 on 23/11/05

Sean Power tops St. Brelade 2
23/11/2005 - 22:03

Sean Power and Peter Troy have been elected in St. Brelade number two. The turnout was 40.6% with 9 spoilt papers and 1910 votes cast.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 22:03 on 23/11/05

Southern returned for St Helier 2
23/11/2005 - 22:01

Geoff Southern retains his seat in St. Helier number two with 547 votes but newcommer Shona Pitman topped the poll with 625 votes. Alan Maclean was also elected with 434 votes.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 22:01 on 23/11/05

No change in St. Helier 3 and 4
23/11/2005 - 21:38

All currently sitting deputies returned in St. Helier 3 and 4. Jacqui Hilton topped the poll with 1417 and she will be joined by Jacqui Huet (1285), Ben Fox (1144) and Guy de Faye (836). There were 2070 votes cast, 7 spoilt papers and 27.1% turnout.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 21:38 on 23/11/05

Dorey out in St. Helier 1
23/11/2005 - 21:34

Paul le Claire topped the poll in St. Helier with 644 votes as Jerry Dorey fails to retain his seat. Judy Martin and Patrick Ryan will also return as deputies in the new ministerial system. There were 1103 votes cast, 5 spoilt papers and 25.7% turnout.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 21:34 on 23/11/05

Two sitting returned for St. Saviour 1
23/11/2005 - 21:15

Again no suprise in St. Saviour number one as the sitting deputies are returned. Rob Duhamel topped the poll with 622 votes and Celia Scott-Warren took second with 551. Turnout down with 33.2%, 7 spoilt papers and 894 total votes cast.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 21:11 on 23/11/05

Two new for St. Lawrence
23/11/2005 - 21:11

No suprise as John le Fondre tops the poll in St. Lawrence with 1000 votes followed by Deidre Mezbourian who took the second position with 610 votes. There were 1271 votes cast, 3 spoilt papers and 40.3% turnout.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 21:11 on 23/11/05

Andrew Lewis for St. John
23/11/2005 - 20:57

Andrew Lewis has been elected in what is St. John's first regular deputy election since 1996. There were 1104 votes cast, six spoilt papers and 62.4% turnout. Although it won't lead to a seat in the house second place was very close with Chris Taylor getting 290 votes and Mike Cottilard getting 284 votes.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 20:57 on 23/11/05

Lewis new for St. Saviour 2
23/11/2005 - 20:54

Alan Breckon has been returned in St. Saviour number 2 and newcomer Kevin Lewis joins him. Alan Breckon topped the poll with 508 seats and Kevin Lewis took second with 348 votes. There were 783 votes cast, 8 spoilt papers and 31.6% turnout.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 20:52 on 23/11/05

Mike Taylor first out in St. Clement
23/11/2005 - 20:52

Gerard Baudains (974 votes) and Ian Gorst (930 votes) have been elected as deputies for St. Clement. The result was announced at 20:50. There were 1435 votes cast, 0 spoilt papers and a 27.1% turnout. St. Clement is the first district to see a new deputy as Mike Taylor is out.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 20:52 on 23/11/05

Fergusson for St. Brelade number one
23/11/2005 - 20:38

The Jurat for St. Brelade number one announced Sarah Fergusson as deputy for that district. Sarah Fergusson added a couple of hundred votes to her last result with a total of 605 compared to 232 for Peter le Maistre. Total turnout was 38.4% down on last time.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 20:38 on 23/11/05

Gallichan for St. Mary
23/11/2005 - 20:32

No suprise in St. Mary as Juliette Gallichan takes the single seat in the parish with 428 votes compared to David Richardson's 98. There were 2 spoilt papers and a slightly down turnout of 46.8%.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 20:32 on 23/11/05

Honest Nev predicts 'humdinger' of a battle for St. John
23/11/2005 - 20:29

Honest Nev forecasts a very tight result between the three candidates in St. John but by a slight margin favours Chris Taylor.

His predictions for the successful candidates in the other parishes are as follows:

St. Helier No. 1: Dorey, Ryan and Martin

St. Helier No. 2: Travert, Tabb and Pearce

St. Helier Nos. 3 & 4: Hilton, De Faye, Fox and Huet

St. Brelade No. 1: Ferguson

St Brelade No. 2: Power and Troy

St. Saviour No. 1: Duhamel and Scott-Warren

St. Saviour No. 2: Breckon and Le Breton

St. Clement: Baudains and Taylor

St. Lawrence: Le Fondre and Gill

St. Mary: Gallichan
submitted by Claire Peters at 20:29 on 23/11/05

The polls are closed
23/11/2005 - 20:00

Polls are now closed in the 2005 Deputy Elections
. Keep an eye on this page for results, news and analysis as it happens. Bets are being taken that the first result will be around 20:30.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 20:00 on 23/11/05

50 minutes to go
23/11/2005 - 19:08

The polls in Jersey are due to close in less than an hour. After a slow start earlier the number of voters casting their votes has picked up.

So far the country parishes have reported a higher turn out than those in or near St. Helier. with St. John expecting 60% turnout when polls close.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 19:08 on 23/11/05

Movements in Number Two
23/11/2005 - 19:08

Officials in St. Helier number two district have been moving things around to make it less daunting for voters.

Things have been moved to give voters the choice of whether they want to pass by the candidates after they've voted or not.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 19:08 on 23/11/05

Voting picking up
23/11/2005 - 17:17

Voting is picking up in the Deputy Elections across the island this evening
. As usual there is a marked gap between the percentage turnout recorded in rural parishes compared to urban parishes.

At 4pm in St. Helier number two only 15% had voted
Just over 18% had voted in St. Saviour number two and 20% in number one
In St. Brelade 26% had turned out in number one while 23% had turned out in number two
St Mary is up to 28% so far.
St. Lawrence had a turnout of just under 25% at 17:00
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 17:17 on 23/11/05

Town and Country split
23/11/2005 - 12:59

Some polling stations are reporting a low turn out so far. There is a split between rural and urban parishes in terms of voting.
Those closer to town are reporting a slow turn out.

In St. Clement by 11:00 only 3% of those eligable had voted
In St. Saviour 2 officials are expecting 10% of those eligable to have voted by Lunchtime
St Aubin's Parish Hall are reporting that 1 in 8 have voted in St. Brelade 1 and in district 2, 11.4% have voted so far
All four polling stations in St. Helier have been quiet

In contrast, the returning officer in St. John says so far, more people have voted than during last months Senatorial Election. In St Lawrence the turnout has been just over 18% so far.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 12:59 on 23/11/05

10% so far in St. Saviour
23/11/2005 - 11:58

Officials in St. Saviour number two district have said that 10% of the electorate have turned out to vote so far.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 11:50 on 23/11/05

Second for St. John
23/11/2005 - 11:50

This is only the second time since 1945 that the electorate of St. John have had the chance to vote in a regular Deputy Election. The last time was in 1996 when Phil Rondel was elected.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 11:50 on 23/11/05

Polls Open
23/11/2005 - 10:50

Polls have been open around the island for three hours. Keep an eye on this page for the latest election news from the districts.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 10:50 on 23/11/05

Election Blog
22/11/2005 - 13:31

Keep an eye on this page for live updates and analysis from the BBC in Jersey team on election night. Use the form at the bottom of the page to give us your thoughts and feelings on how things are progressing and if things are going the way you expected.
submitted by Ryan Morrison at 13:31 on 22/11/05


last updated: 24/11/05
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Montfort Tadier
Maybe more people would vote if you had to do it via telephone, and calls cost £1 per min...

I note that the electorate does not always put brains high up on the list of attributes for policians. And tell me why did they reject the parties at the Senatorials and then vote so many ex party candidates in as deputies?

Disgraceful turnout for the polls accross the island. The first to moan about problems will no doubtably be those who didnt or are not registered to vote.

James Perris
What a sad night, the three most qualified and able candidates, Jerry Dorey, Darius Pearce and Barry Shelton all failing to find a seat. No wonder no one bothers to vote in these elections, nice guys finish first and only at the expense of Jersey's future. When will the people of Jersey learn that being a politician requires a bit of intelligence?

Carly Tonner
II would like to say a well done to Judy Martin for coming through and returning soon. Good luck in the future.

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