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24 September 2014

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You are in Jersey > Message Boards > To bare or not to bare
Sign saying 'Beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers'
Nude Sunbathers Sign

Naturists in Jersey are being encouraged to become more socially active.

Naturist man
Naturist man

British Naturism is hoping that it's thirty or so members in the island will form an informal group for social occasions.

There are no officially designated areas in Jersey for naturism, although the organisation's regional spokesman Kelvin Rolfe says he's aware of informal places such as Bonne Nuit Bay.

Technically getting your kit off is illegal in Jersey so of course we can't suggest you actually do it.

Under the Policing of Beaches Regulations (that creates an offence of anything offending public decency, including nude sunbathing), you may be cautioned or even arrested. All it takes is for one person to find your naked body offensive.

Naturist on pebbles
Naturist on pebbles

However, if you were in an area that members of the public couldn't get to or there was a warning about potential nudity (see the sign at the top of the page), then you may well be ok.

Here is the question for you. Should there be areas of beach designated as naturist friendly in Jersey or is the whole concept of public nudity revolting?

Do you feel you should be able to walk nude everywhere as it is the way we were born or should we cover up and keep certain things to ourselves - at home?

Your Comments
The following are the views of members of the public who have chosen to submit their comments and may not represent the views of the BBC

Go to Barcelona Beaches (or anywhere touristy) and get ROBBED.Your wallet will VANISH, your bike will VANISH.Don't take anything you can't lose.It can happen to you. even if you think you are watching your bag all the time.

Hi, I am a 27 year old girl from Denmark. I have been a naturist since I was 14, when I was on holliday in Spain whit my mom and her sister. There was a lot of naturists on the beach, and after a few days, we were naked too. I have practiced naturism ever since. Today, I have a part time job working as a nude model for fine art classes, drawing, painting, sculpture and so on. I will like to write with naturists from around the world. My e-mail is:sofieannapost@yahoo.dkHugs from Anna

An interesting mix of ideas. Since there are so many "topless" ladies on most beaches - it would seem only a small step to allow nudity on the more secluded sites.

With the body size of the English population getting larger and larger, who the hell would want to look at fat English slob on the beach naked

Ivor Barry
Only non-nudists think that nudity equates to sex. Once you have tried naturism you'll never go back to your clothing compulsive ways. In fact, you'll wonder why you ever wore clothing into the water! 99.9% of all mammals are smart enough NOT to wear clothing. Are YOU one of them?

The sign in the article is from a public nude beach on U.S. Federal property in New Jersey, USA. It is Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook National Park and Recreation Area, about 45 minutes from New York City.

One of the biggest problems facing healthcare system is the enormous increase in the number of obese people. Most of these people try to deny or hide it all under clothes until it is too late to fix it. I think that one week a year we should have a cloths optional week mandated by the United Nations to be practice in all countries in all the cities and towns and villages all over Earth in every public place in every street in every outdoors park. That should bring out the real human bodies out in the open, both desirable ones and the nasty hideous ones, as examples of what to look like and what not to look like! This should also cut down the amount of crime by allowing the people to see and act with dignity and respect towards other people no matter what kind of clothing or religous veil they would normally wear or not wear.

Please explain to me the attraction of deliberately going into the sea wearing clothing that, when I come out of the water, will be wet, sandy and uncomfortable.

Come on move with the times. Clothes optional is becoming big business all over the world. Why should Jersey miss out on the tourist nude pounds. Even North Norfolk, Engalnd has a beach, 2 clubs, a B & B and at least one self catering cottage for the naturist market. Move on its now 2007 not 1900. We all see it every day in the mirror or in the press. You have the weather so get on and enjoy it rather than complain about a little nudity!

I woul hsve though Jersey would have realised that the Naturist GBP or Euro is worth having !

hannah 21
Ugh no way! I hate it how they plonk these horrible beaches next to normal beaches too. Accidentally walked through one when we were on holiday (only being about 9) and the signpost, which we only saw one of on the way out, was much too small to prepare us for it.

It was totally weird... too many ageing men to old women and we even spotted a bloke looking from far off through a pair of binoculars! Ugh!

I think if half of the people on this board saw the examples that were on that beach you would not be talking out of your tush so much.

You would be legging it out of there as fast as your legs could take you! And being someone who puts a lot of care into looking after myself, i would never consider shoving it all on a shelf like a pile of sick - don't you people know that mystery is far more attractive! Get real...

Nev Burton
Nudism is simply exhibitionism - a sexual fetish. It is mainly practised by middle-aged men who like to stand around hoping that other people will see their genitals. Let them have their places if that's what they want, but keep them well out of sight of decent people.

beaufort beach would be the one come jersey get withit

As regular family holiday makers to Jersey we would finf the transition from topless, as most secluded beaches are, to nude most acceptable, as already occurs in some areas of the island.

Ali D.
The trouble with nudist resorts seems to be that they seem to be most favoured by those who have the most aesthetically challenged bodies to show off in public. While having no great worries about nudity on beaches or in relatively secluded places generally, I don't much want to see some overweight, sweaty, wrinkly or otherwise unappetising fuselages decorating the sand while I'm trying to enjoy a bite to eat at one of our fine sea front cafes.

Yes there should be a naturist friendly beach, in fact I'd rather see clothing optional designation on all beaches, with maybe with just one or two designated as textile only, for the prudes who "Shock Horror" just cant bear to see the sight of another of their kind naked. Why have a hang up about seeing naked bodies, when we all have one, and in which case why hide it ? Topless sunbathing for women has been commonly accepted here for many years, and bikini bottoms have got smaller and smaller to the point where there really isnt much point in wearing them at all. Also it seems there are double standards in play in this island anyway, in that I regularly see parents allow their young children to run around naked on the beaches, often in the busiest areas. Yet these are the very people who would most likely be the first to report an adult doing the same thing. Whats the difference ? Many people here in Jersey do not understand beach nudity until they try it for themselves. Have you ever asked yourself why we swim or tan with clothes on ? I'll bet you just love sitting on your towel or beach mat in a wet pair of shorts after a swim, and seeing those tan lines after a good day in the sun. There is nothing to beat the feeling of swimming and sunning without clothes. Try it for yourself, before saying no way. So come on Jersey, lighten up, take a lead from our French neighbours where nudity on beaches is commonplace, and designate a beach or beaches so that we can get that all over tan, and swim without having to wear anything but a smile. Finally, all but the most prudish of people would look back at the Victorian days of bathing machines, and the swimming attire that people wore, with a touch of laughter. Well, hopefully one day we will look back on this era at how we used to swim and sunbathe on this rock whilst wearing clothes, and chuckle to ourselves at how ridiculous that was.

I see no problem with it. I always feel comfortable being nude in the right place, usually abroad.

also if there was a nudist beach and I wanted to go, it had better be close to my house because I wouldn't want to take the bus naked. That would be strange, and also, where would i put the change?

I don't think it is a good idea to have nudes wondering around. Mainly because it is hard enough for me to get a hairstyle im happy with in the morning upstairs, never mind downstairs. I can't afford the additional finishing gel and I don't have a pair of hair straightners small enough for that region. Bottom line, think of all the pubic fashion victims before you liberals go galavanting around with your ninnies out!

Speed up Jersey and move with the times. Go to just about any beach in the Med, the Adriatic, the Greek islands and you'll see naked people enjoying the freedom of no clothes and getting an all over tan. No one bats an eyelid. No one titters. No one writes 'disgusted from Tunbridge Wells' letters. Even in the heart of Barcelona, a nudist beach sits on the main promenade and it is generally packed with young and old without a care in the world. I struggle to understand why it is the Brits alone who create such an issue over a naked body - we all have one, we all know what it looks like! I would urge Jersey to set aside a beach somewhere on the island because the combination of stunning coast and good weather is just too good to be ignored.

I think naturism is good, both for the person and for business. But at the end of the day, you should only bare all if you are hot, and if you're a woman. Naked blokes are disgusting nobody wants to see that

Pete Knight
I've been on holiday to Jersey many times, and the only thing the island lacks is a naturist beach, or better still a clothing optional holiday resort. Face up to the fact that the naked pound is a good source of income, after all Peng travel sold for £1.8m recently, that alone indicates a thriving market for naturist holidays. The Bailiwick of Jersey should do some research before dismissing the value of the naked pound.

Swimming and sunbathing in the nude is just so comfortable I would never wear a costume again - hence one reason I do hot holiday on the Channel islands. There should be more beaches.

Excellent idea. There are far too few nude beaches. All beaches should be clothes optional.

Come on whats more natural than wearing no clothes. Kinda refreshing in this chemical artificial world we now live in. Get with it and grow up.

having been on naturist beaches on the canaries, their seem to be two levels of naturist those who once the initial uneasiness has worn off, forget that they, and those who they meet are naked and the other type who walk the beach wearing sunglasses looking at the women.

Ghost Rider
I think nudity should be legal on the beach, at pools, inside and outside your home, in parks and any remote area. Nudity is the perfect way to relax, enjoy the sun, and to swim. Besides the birthday suit always fits perfectly.

Nudity is natural, it should be allowed at most if not all coastal places in this country (UK). Nudity has come from 'top shelf' to the 'bottom shelf' so why still all the 'hoo hah'. I tried it once with my partner and it was great. Looking forward to it again and again when the sun comes out, and so should everyone else. Lets all get out the hippie in us all and send out peace n love in this way.

I am one of Jerseys few naturists, and im sure if we had a designated beach or Camp for naturists it would bring more tourists to Jersey. If anyones ever been to a Nudist camp or beach on the Continent im sure they would agree that these areas are well kept and very pleasently relaxing its plain to see the amount of visitors including familys that they attract. Until Jersey wakes up to the fact that this is what people want, visitors will continue to visit France where they can go naked and not even raise an eye lid.

I've been a nudist for more than 50 years. I only reason I go nude is because I love to go nude and am happier when I'm nude even during the cooler weather. Going nude is a relaxing and enjoyable avctivity to do.

I don't try to embarass others by forcing my views about being a nudist or practising a nudist life style onto them. As strange as it may seem, I prefer to be nude rather than clothed. But we were all created and born in the nude. So why is it that social nudity [nudism] is seen to equal sexual promiscuity? Nothing could be further from the truth. So there is no ulterior motive about me being a practising nudist.If I had a choice I'd be nude 24 hours a day seven days a week but this is impossible. If you find nudity offensive, practice going nude at home in privacy of your own home then find out for yourself the relaxation benefits that nudity promotes.

I feel that a nude beach would be a step in the right direction, and those people who are affended by nude people do not have to go there at all, but simply swim at a clothed beach.

There seems to be two completely separate arguments being addressed here...acceptability of public nudity, and provision of an official clothes optional beach area in Jersey.

There will always be those who are not happy with non-private nudity, even innocent naturism. But naturism is all part of changing lifestyles; more join its ranks every day, and the enjoyment of wholesome naturism is therefore not on the decline, and should seriously be considered if an environment with modern attitudes is to be maintained.

It would be easy to bring rogues into the equation, but these types exist in every walk of life. Any signs of intentional exhibitionism can be simply crushed with on the spot fines of around £500 - so really not worth going there. Certain beaches do not make good naturist areas. Places which have surroundings where gawkers would be attracted should be avoided. Steep unnegotiable cliffs behind a beach can help to eliminate this problem, and make for a more comfortable situation.

Where naturist beaches in the UK are unofficial, compromises have always had to be made. The beaches are not always the best placed as naturists have had to make do with what they can establish.

Problems with locals therefore sometimes occurs because the area becomes an unwanted encampment. Organised clothes optional beaches, with proper staffing, should be the aim if we are not to become a country that appears to be backward in providing official leisure possibilities of greater variety.

I live in Surrey, and have only once visited Jersey. I found it to be a very warm, welcoming and beautiful environment, and believe that if knowing naturists would also be properly catered for in some way, I would seriously consider returning again as to be able to enjoy unharrassed naturism has now become a major consideration in future holiday plans.

As far as the second argument is concerned,easy going innocent public nudity, wearing just what Mother Nature saw us fit to wear, may be unconventional in some folks' eyes. Yet it harms no-one, and those who think it to be obscene and associated only with sexual, or perverse, behaviour have to be proved wrong. This can only be accomplished through example.

Naturism is an unthreatening, simple, wholesome and non-sensational mode of relaxation. Nothing more, and nothing less.

I love nudity
I think they should make a law that you always go out nude

I am a Filipino woman and think naturalism is just a natural thing. Women here dress half naked now why not go all the way and make nudity opional and save on washing all those clothes. I am proud of my body and have a way above average size chest for my nationality so would like it to get some fresh air and sunshine.So nudity should be optional world wide and especialy here in the islands.

Many people like me enjoy getting an all-over tan and swimming naked in the sea. There are many beaches in Europe where people can do this freely. I also realise that some people may be offended if stumbling across naked people while walking on the beach. So why not designate a beach like Beauport or Portelet, where there is only one way to access the sand, "clothing optional"? There should be a warning sign at the top. Anyone going down to the beach would then have made a conscious decision to go there, and could not claim to have been "shocked" to see naked bodies.

I wouldn't call myself a nudist or naturist. The thought of going to a camp where one is expected to be naked at all times (including in the shop, in the restaurant etc) does not appeal at all. But I must admit that on holiday in France and in Greece I have found many "clothing optional" beaches where people are quite free to wear or not to wear a bathing suit. At first I was a bit shy, but soon plucked up the courage to strip completely. I found that I really enjoyed swimming naked and getting an all-over tan. I can fully understand that some people may be offended to come across people completely naked on the beach, but why not designate certain beaches which are a bit harder to get to as "clothing optional"? A beach like Beauport would be a perfect choice. Large warning notices could be put up at the carpark at the top of the hill warning people that there may be naked people on the beach below. If one felt that this would cause them offence, they could choose another beach. No-one could claim that they had been shocked by the sight of naked bodies if they conciously had made the effort to go down to that beach.

God did cover us like most animals with hair only in the one place which serves us two ways. If we wear clothes it keeps that area from getting wetted up by allowing moisture to fan out down the hairs giving more surface area to dry. 2nd being nude covers that area so whether male or female if we have a funny look down there it is covered. So I believe God gave us a choice to go nude or not. If there were more nude areas allowed then there would be less wars and violence in the world. God did not create sewing machines to make clothes. Alot of physical and mental conditions would just not occur in a nudist society. We do not lock up or separate lawyers and attornys from society because they are offensive to society but tolerate them and look at at the trouble they have caused in the world and have cheated so many people. So people should be allowed to be nude all over the world. I have more to say but will save it for the next chapter.

I live in Western Australia, a little south of the capital city, Perth. My small city, Rockingham, has a legal clothes optional beach which has been described by the local police and council as "quiet and trouble free". Perth has world famous Swanbourne free beach, about 20 minutes drive from the CBD and a tourist attraction for over 30 years. Both these beaches are close to extensive residential developments. This is only fair, after all, just like any other public facility, people have to be able to get there. Presumably Jersey has such things as public libraries, public sporting facilities and dog exercise areas. All these facilities cater for a minority of users and some of them cost large amounts of public money to establish and maintain. And some may tie up areas of otherwise public land. But hopefully no-one argues that, because they only have minority appeal, they should not be allowed. All places open to the public can get their share of anti-social activity. Pubs, nightclubs, casinos and soccer grounds can all suffer from various kinds of hooliganism and illegal behaviour, but that is not generally seen as a reason to have them closed down. The public expectation is that the trouble makers be stopped and the majority of well behaved users be allowed to continue to enjoy their pleasure. As for some people not being young and/or good looking enough to be suitable for nude bathing, well the mind boggles. Taking that as a standard, some of us may be regarded as not good enough to walk the streets unless we wear bags over our faces!

I am against nudist areas in Jersey. Yes, being nude is mother nature, but so are many other things which we do not continue to pursue, or pursue in public eg mother nature dictates that women are made for nurturing babies and staying at home (but we don't pursue that); mother nature dictates that humans have sex (but we do not to that in public). I also believe that there are more people that are interested in seeing naked people for their own kicks than there are nudists themselves, and as such, it is likely to result in a strange "performance" whereby nudists are being watched. And to cap it all, why shoudl areas of our beautiful island being restricted ? I personally don't like to see naked bodies, and that will mean I would be unable to go to these nudist areas (rather like restaurants that allow smoking- I keep away as I don't like smoke). And my view is that if you are a nudist or a smoker, then there are 24 hours in every day in which to partake in these activities - in your own home.

I think that naturist beachies are great things. They let you be free and lets you feel how god ment you to feel. Some people may think it's not right but if they think it's sexual in any way then they should try it cause then they'll see they are totally wrong.

Richard the Nudist (Seattle)
The natural state of the Human body is nude - the way God made us. Only sexually obsessed people equate simple nudity with sex. It is a wonderful thing for ALL people, not just the "perfect" bodies. If it disgusts you, you need to look into your self and ask why.........

Sylvia Else
As usual, there is a presumption amongst those who are most vocal that naturism represents a minority view. Yet polls show that while only about 2% of people self-identify as naturists, a large majority of people seem to see nothing wrong with the idea. The notion that most people oppose public nudity is a nice example of the effects of peer pressure and group-think. It diverges strongly from the truth, whatever the moral right brigage would have us believe. It's time laws were changed to allow society to move with the times, rather than telling people how to live their lives.

Good for the body and soul (and business). Jersey you need the tourists so create a properly controlled area, try it for two years before making a long terms commitment

yes get the nude beach get it for the girls

If Jersey wishes to miss out on the potential market of millions of Europeans who are quite happy to relax naked on a beach so be it...but those millions can vote with their feet (and wallets)

Nudity is a natural thing, We were created with out clothes, why mess with MOTHER NATURE.? There would be less crimes if all were naked. Of course in cold weather we would just be all nude indoors, schools, work and even the government. A nude society is a happy one. Let's make the island clothes optional. I am sure it would be a great boost to the economy.

I`m a nudist of 28 of my 39 years, Ive seen the good, bad and ugly when it comes to nudism, from topless/nude beaches to resorts, we should thousands more, if we lose the freedom to terrorists, us naked will lose for good, enjoy it while we have the freedom and life we have!! Richard Salem, Oregon comments to: ( messenger okay)

Anthony Fry
NO:I think it would be quite dodgy in this Day and Age. What with Body Piercings,Tattoos, Weirdo's out of eastenders,Dogging and Flashing,Lap Tops,not dancing types. Maybe the EU disagrees as well. Or maybe they don't get time off like the UK government does ??. Lets play it safe if you really want to be a Naturist go to the gran canaries,p.s I have been fantastic,feel like a new person after that holiday. By the way if you do find somewhere quite in Jersey keep it to yourself other-wise Dandara will be building a block of flats there in no time, by the way spell check haven't heard of"Dandara" yet??

This is always a divided issue. However, there are clearly enough people who want a naturist beach so just create one.

Brighton naturist beach is the busiest beach in Sussex, in fact it's too small. Anyone who is offended by nudity should just not go there.

There does seem to be an element of hypocrisy when we are told women can sunbathe topless but men, or women for that matter, cannot go naked. The main problem is that of policing the beach.

Brighton naturist beach has serious problems with voyeurs and men doing rather unpleasant things. However this is a minority .

Unfortunately, some men seem to think that as they are naked they can also commit sexual acts in public. In France, some naturist beaches are monitored by police, and anyone doing that would be arrested, quite rightly.

So, have a naturist beach, but just make sure it's a controlled environment.

i am shocked by the amount of comments which state nudity is ok if the nudist has a good body.these are the very people who go to a nude beach for a lear. all folk fat thin old or young sould be able to enjoy the sun and the freedom being naked without these sick remarks.

good idea nealy every place on this earth has exepted it and continued.apart from ideot backward sociatie!are we in jersey?its a modern real world around us and idiots try to think we can stay in this little island without being real!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike A
I think there should be at least one beach in Jersey designated for use of people who wish to keep their clothes on. Personally I am fed up with being tormented every time I walk along St Brelade's Bay by 18 year old semi naked non-local girls, whistling and jeering at my heavy sheepskin coat and retro 70s pantaloons. Anyone would think this is Ibiza.

Pericles from Greece
No to nudity because it is sexually arousing. It can humiliate a man in public.

all areas of the uk should have places for nudists not stuffy naturist clubs. being nude with friends or on you own is wonderful and free. the only thing needed in the uk is a method of policeing to keep the perverts away. this seems to be a problem in uk,

Jersey's too small for it to be legal anywhere (let them have their little corner).... I really dont want to bump into a colleague, the guy from the co-op or my mums friend baring their all!!! Someone with a big ..... boat could offer nudist cruises around the island!!

People are just detatched from their insecurities. You shouldn't be afraid to be nude or wat others think of you. Most naturists are ugly, it's ok if you are too. Personally I have a small one

Definitely YES. Make nudity in public, anywhere, legal NOW!

I think that this is a great idea, although it should be subjected to a licensing system, where only beutiful people are allowed to go fully naked, and as the uglyness factor increases they should be forced to cover more up!!

j.jay n shaz
nudity is sound.why have people got problem with it.dont knock what ya aint natural y¬all.xx

To take off your clothes and lie in the sun is the most natural feeling you can immagine. So relaxing!!!! As long as it is organised properly to keep out the perverts, family naturism is the most natural way of enjoying the warm weather. We have been members of s Sun Club in Essex for many years. Jersey, cast off your clothes and feel the freedom !!!

As I Came In
The act of local governments extending the use of public property to naturists is truly refreshing. Unfortunatley there will be those that abuse the privillage and the naturists will suffer.

chris baxter
i have no problems with nudity i love to be naked and if people face the truth we all do if someone streaks on the telly we all look not turn away


i think that this beach is a good idea as it would make it possible for people to be how they like and the simple idea is that those who dont like it dont have to go and those against are more likely to be those who can only be classified as control freaks who feel they need to be in charge of everything the simple answer is let the naturists go where they want on the beach as it is unfair to them to restrict them and let the non naturists stay or go as there are many beaches for people like them but hardly any for naturists. ps god luck to all taking their G.C.S.Es im taking them too and i know how it feels. peace out.

James Angus
The last thing I wish to come accross, upon a leisurely visit to St.Ouen's, is a gaggle of naked pensioners scratching around at the low tide mark! Some acts are just plainly offensive and public nudity is damn well one of them. If these bizarre folk wish to indulge in their fetishes, let them do so either behind closed doors or behind bars. Keep our beaches for civilised people.

there's nothing wrong with naturism if some one feels comfortable in the buff thats fair enough, & if there's a place that they can be naked with others then whats wrong with that.

Being nude makes one feel free and comfortable.It must not be a problem unless it doesnot hurt anyone mentally and physically.

If all of you people with the victorian views are disgusted by nudity then the most simple and obvious thing to do is to stay away from it. If you are going to protest and try and get nudists into trouble then you're just going to annoy people.

i am not in direct support of nudist beaches as i have never been to one myself. what i am doing is having a go at those of you too selfish and narrow minded to appreciate the fact that other people may want to do things a little differently than you.

oh, and for all those who have said 'no mingers please', nude beaches are not places where you go to oogle people with good bodies. there's the internet for that sort of perversion.

hey why not as long as it's some kind of pervy sex thing then why not?i can't do it where i live so abroad is the only option for me it's not like i'm an exhibitionistas i am not blessed in that department!!

You'll take somebody's Eye Out!
If nudity becomes accepted in public, then sex in any public space is only a nudge step away. However, if we were to charge to partake on a naturist beach, this could spark the incling of another island industry that could take off and benefit our tourism industry. This would be good yes?

I think roddy has hit the right tone. Mutual consideration and respect is going to be the way. The 'John & Susan are happily married and hate everthing else' attitude is not the way to an intelligent solution.


I dont think anyone should have to see my arse!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Corcoran
Its all about conditioning and the places where we live. If the climate is warm then people will want to visit beaches to realx,exercise , socialise ,picknic etc. My feeling is that public places should be made clothing optional.

I think it is up to the individual if they want to go to a naturist beach they should have a choice

Mark 28
I have never been to jersey but its a gr8 idea, I skinny dip alot with friends on holiday in spain and france and we all look better with an all over tan.

Lets face it ur either male or female, there are no suprises.

Lets all grow up and enjoy the summer, beaches water sports etc.

Swimming is so much better nude not cold wet shorts to dry off either.

Once u try it you won't want to be any other way.

Ps use lots of sun screen

nudity helps us in getting well directly showing your body to sun will create energy in your body, acts against the micro organisms on your body. good. but not before the crowd , may they feel embarrased. so better done alone.

Jan Kåre "Sander" Østmark
If nudism was normal then there would be no nudism: Because we have nothing to be afraid of. It's a naked body. The end. Afraid of "bumping into a naked person"? Wouldn't be a problem if you hadn't been brought up to BELIEVE it is. My idea: Make clothing optional everywhere, and let 'em get used to it. What, I see no problem in it. It's rape and stuff you're *really* afraid of, but being nude? Meh! Whatever...

As I see it, nudity is an animalistic way of living. I might even have been unfair to animals cos animals tend to hide their genitals.

no to nudity

I say if it makes you happy get a beach made for all you ?? people to sit naked with each other. But put up signs and such. Then I never want to here a word about nudity again!

I see no point in this. I mean go nude in your house as most have or do. If you want to go nude by land on the beach or out in the country and walk nude with your spouse.

But not in public please! To say the least I dont like looking at naked people of the same sex or some of the opposite nor do many families want there kids to.

Think of the other people the majority. There is more to life than all this. Try to argue and make a new law on gas prices or taxes something that is way more important than nudity.

Ryan (Host)
This has been a great discussion and we have had some good banter and general chit chat somewhere around the general subject of getting your kit off.

Why not go over to the message boards and start a new 'nude in jersey' discussion, then you can post without waiting for me to approve your comments.

Message Boards

steven rowland
I would really like to get involved in this 'outdoor activity'. Only would i become a naturalist if Juliette Green asked me.

John Michel
I am for naturist beaches. I like to pretend I am at a naturist beach when I am home sometimes. I live with my parents at home.

Tim and Gillian
At least 10% of our beaches should be clothing optional or have a naturist area. After the voyeuristic novelty wears off we will have a relaxed attitude towards nudity just like our European neighbours.

My partner Kenneth and I always try to find new and exciting places to practice our naturism, the trill of being caught just makes it so worthwhile.

I love to run nude in the breeze of a hot summer's day, although i make sure i put factor 25 all over my body and am careful if i'm cooking a bbq in the back garden for my friends and family.

I would love their to be a nudist beach on the island. It is unfair that women lie side by side with their tops off but we have to keep out spedos on. I look forward to a nudist beach.

I like naturalists...its the way we were born, so how can the human body offend people? never understood that.

being naked rocks, i do it as much as possible

I have sunbathed naked on Jersey beaches for many years, (not telling you where!) I think if Naturism was brought in to the mainstream in Jersey the local scene would change. I have met so many very genuine honest Naturists over the years and would be dissapointed to lose this contact. Looking forward to seeing my fellow naturists at the usual beaches this year. I would however like to see a Naturist group set up in the Island for genuine Naturists.

yes we should have a beach, other places in the world have them and are not bothered by it. And if anybody from the england is saying no KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF ARE ISLAND!

the gig
Dont be so Victorian people should be able to take there kit off if they like

sweet jebus this is wrong, and u kno u would get those drunk pervs going off at ppl, "but thats ok, we are free" morons

i love it

Mary-Kate Olsen
I think that evrybody's body is private and that people should be a bit less selfish and think about other peoples reactions, but if they want to go around looking like Adam and Eve, they can organise a nude party in their back garden!!!!!!! We are civilised people after all!!!!

Alot of my friends who go in the nude for the first tinme have expressed the feeling of the freedom with the gentle breeze running throught thier bodies. Then gradually feel that they no longer have any hang ups of being in the nude. It is all in the mind when someone thinks being naked means sex, but end of the day it is matter of respecting each other.

i love the idea when can i join up i love it

If it is well singposted and in a secluded and not a popular beach venue where is the harm? People who are against it should try going for a skinny dip one evening to see how much fun it can be. The anti-lobby might actually enjoy themselves, and if not, there are plenty of other beaches to choose from.

nice, but which beach are you talking aBOUT

Make it like most continental venues and have a designated area where you know what you will find if you go there. That should leave all like minded people to do their thing

Sexy Girl
It looks like there are a lot of people who are unwilling to accept the fact that we all have different viewpoints. No one will ever agree so why don't we try and please everyone by allocating a beach and signpost it. If people don't want to see it keep well away. What is wrong with that?

Totally for it as long as it is somewhere secluded so that if people don't like it they can avoid it. Someone should set up a site for local naturists to chat and swap messages.

I would definately encourage it. I hate suntan marks. Definately not sexy. It needs to be somewhere that is known for it and if you don't like it keep away. I hate people that preach about sin and all that. That is your opinion, don't impose it on me!!

"Under the Policing of Beaches Regulations (that creates an offence of anything offending public decency, including nude sunbathing), you may be cautioned or even arrested. All it takes is for one person to find your naked body offensive." In light of this, I am all for gorgeous girls to walk naked down the beaches such as St Brelades, however, fat old men and the like I will find offensive and they should be arrested.

Jersey is a dictatorship, so you can't do anything that would give us a bit of freedom. What about letting people smoke pot in the nude?

when i holiday in Jersey i would much prefer to see a nice scantily clad body.... much more attractive in my mind and you don't offend anybody. If you really must have these beaches please make sure the places are well publicised where it is going to be allowed then i will be sure to keep well away.

I think it would be a good idea. I have often swam naked and it is a fantastic feeling of freedom but i'm always worried I'll loose my costume ha ha

I recently visited a beach which In Jersey with my Husband, we are both elderly and whilst we where strolling I happend to glance at a portly man who was to my suprise naked, he acknowledged me then proceeded to 'fiddle' with his 'member'.

I took out my brolly and 'whacked' him one to which he replied '"goodness madam, I was only applying sun block", both me and my husband luckily saw the funny side, we then proceeded to strip off and frollic in the sand.

Unfortunately we got escorted from the beach by the toilet attendant who said we where too frisky. Suffice as to say we will not be getting out our tackle again in public.

Why Not
Makes sense to me. Everyone I know who's tried it, loves it. Those against should give it a go. Who knows...

Being a naturist myself, I am concerned that some islanders may be tempted to frequent any future naturist spots on the island for the wrong reasons.

This may appear difficult for textiles to understand, but there absolutely nothing sexual about naturism; it is the most natural, non-sexualised activity that you can possibly imagine.

Only textiles are obssessed by the notion that naturism is a turn-on, and,if this is their approach, ther should stay clear of naturist areas, for everybody's sake!

Until recent years there were always two unofficial separate naturist areas for men and women (men at Havre Des Pas if I remember correctly. It's not my scene but I see no reason why those who want to be as nature intended should not have designated areas where they can. Those who don't like it stay away.

Just like Italian said, any nudity makes me feel physically ill.

Its only a body and sometimes you don't want to wear clothes.

im afan!
as long as they tuck in their Warts , I think its sexy, You feel like Tarzan Lord of the Mermaids. No really I have never tried nuding outside of the home. Sexy maybe at the playboy mansion, but most of us dont have the pedicures and the tans to fit in, oh well maybe next year.

What is it the nudity and beaches? What next... "nude streets" where people shop in the nude and buy there sugar and milk? Oh please, if you want to be nude, do it in your own home.

Whichever beach they'll choose it better be a sandy one....have you have tried to sit bare bottomed on a pebble beach? And what consequently might happen? BB5: Marco to win

would it not incourage perverts? Not that i am one

I like the bloke in the picture. That is exactly what i would want to see.

I am all for it, i can't wait to see all those "bits" on display. I have quiet a bit to display myself !!

Am up for any nudity in public we were born naked and should be able to be naked anyway. It is only Victorian attitudes or religious zealots who are against going as nature intended.

It is inappropriate to shown naked flesh in public or even private. The temptation is to great to resist for some heathens out there. Original sin is not a subject for cheap thrills in public. Remember what happened to Adam and Eve!

I think it is a great idea! It means people can setup a web cam, and stream the footage over the internet, and charge people to view it!

I better go register and now!!

Oh no the very idea of me flaunting my tommy jones around on a beach in Jersey is disgusting, embarrassing and dam right distasteful, I couldn’t put any female through that heartache.............Justin might enjoy it though!


Im aware of how my pale body could offend others and because of that ill be avoiding any nude beach's and staying in so I can practise me singin. Peace out to the 2004 jersey massive, nuff respect to all the 2 step pose, peace out u'al ;) Keep it real !

I may not be slim, I may not be tanned, ive hair on my back and the palms of my hands. But one things for sure, im defo no bore, please let me get naked when im down by the shore !!!

No!! Keep the scots away from Jersey!! Can't you just sit naked on one of the scottish islands? I heard the Shetlands are great at this time of year!

I alway wanted to go bottonless on the beach but i was too overweight. I used to encounter problems with the Norweign whaleing fleet trying to harpoon me.Another problem was people used to pat me on the back of my nec but i was unable to breath.

I think its a fab idea, bein a scotsman im always out in ma kilt with nay knickers on. Its total freedom ! Id be interested in djing some naturist pool parties for free just to get things kicked off properly. Im so excited !

Only in America (especially) LA could a tv show like the one suggested be produced!! I can see a scene now: "oh my god a naked person!! Lets shoot and ask questions later"!

I live North of Los Angeles, by the Pacific Ocean. It is illegal, what isn't these days. Sure, it should be alright if it is designated "clothing optional". The poloce would freak! It would cause a trafic jam! They'd propably would create a sit-com, sell copies on cable T.V. and someone would make a lot of $$$. Go for it, sounds good to me.

Look the english tourists are bad enough, but Scottish tourists naked? Come on you may be from a beautiful part of the world but does your bonnie lass every see the sunshine? Nude bathing by lockness anyone?

At present times bad things are ca-lled good, and good things are ca-lled bad and that´s the way we´re living in this world. To be natu-rist is not other thing that to be exhibicionist, like the "old times" people covered with nothing but a raincoat that, in their insane mind, showed to children or to ladies their intimate parts. We have no reason to tolerate this insanity in public places, just in order to be considerer intolera-tioning and discriminationing to the "others rights". The one´s rights stops when the other´s rights begin.

What a great idea..... Its about time the island relaxed a little and gave the naturists somewhere to strut their stuff.

I think its a smashing idea, it would be nice to go outside as god intended with out fear of being arrested for once !!! I cant wait ! ¬

Prisoner 3542711
Thank you Mal for pointing out that it is illegal to walk up Colomberie stark naked. I wish you had warned me earlier though.

Its a seriously bad idea. Girls taking bikini tops off is no problem, and occurs at nearly all the beaches around the island. However, noone wants to see fat, bald, 50 year-old men prancing around the beach naked. The beaches are for everyone, and its a ridiculous idea to set aside a nice stretch of sand for a 'naturist' minority. Anyway, I heard 'nudist beaches' had died away in the 1950s... Maybe its only the members that didn't....

I think its a good idea, i would be there straight away, for only to see Mal White`s bonny lass bare all

I am against the idea, and do not think it is good for the island.

Phooooowaaaaarrrr i'll be there like a shot!!

I do not consider there to be anything obscene about the naked body. The 'mingers' are still 'mingers' when they are sunbathing topless wearing a thong, removing that thong would not make them any less attractive. Attractiveness is, in any event, in the eye of the beholder so what is it that people would object to? Too fat? Too thin? Too old? The human body is the most natural thing in the world and obscenity is in the mind of the beholder not the subject. The real prolem is those who (perhaps jokingly) would only want 'fit' people on the beaches as it is they who hold the offensive thoughts.

I think that it is a silly idea and should not evan be considered.

I am not a naturist and don't expect to see naked people at the beach that I regularly go to, whether they are attractive or not. But along with many other outlawed activities, that are harmless anyway, there will always be some people that want to be naked outside.As long as these places are restricted and signposted for other's awareness...I can't see the problem.

Being a tolerant person - who is also a naturist when local rules & weather permit - I would like to see one beach set aside for those who wish to "bare all". By all means, place warning signs at all access points so that those who might be offended do not have to venture there - and would have no excuse to complain if they DID venture there.

OK, we can't all be supermodels (thankfully!) but the human body is natural. In all my years of visiting "clothes free / optional" beaches, I have never noticed anyone "ogling" ... and only ONCE did I see someone who was slightly aroused (and that was mostly due to his partner rubbing sun-crean on him!). Yeah, I've seen some "sights" (myself included, probably!), but hey, we're all different!

I'm a home naturist and there's nothing more I like than Dj'ng "au natural" at home after work, I'm not sure though if I'd take this a step further and be comfortable on a nudist beach, each unto themselves though and the freedom of choice would be great.

Tom (26)
Again its the opinions of the masses against the minority. Its like smoking and its impact on others. The smokers see it as their god given right to smoke while others do not like it blowing in their face. Do not try to act like your some kind of youth with some liberated attitude as everybody - no matter their age - has a different one.

I would'nt say its an english attitude, there are after all nudist beaches in the UK, actually its a very strange and eccentric english thing that fits in with the image created by the carry on films.

However it is a fact that we are a body concious society and I (and I suspect many others do) do not appreciate looking at naked bodies I do not find attractive. Europe is more liberal but I can tell you straight away that while semi-nudity is a part of life on the beaches, full-nudity is not.

There's far better things peeping toms would rather do than sitting in a blackout hutch watching over fat heffers... Like using the internet ;) Then again - the solution to this could be allowing only fit women to get thier kit off in public. I hate all these heffers getting thier chests out on the weekend in town. Especially when I have just had a family meal and two portions of crispy chicken strips from KFC!

I think it's a good idea to a certain extent as I am all up for nature and being natural. BUT it must be approached with certain regulations i.e. a nudity test to see if your body is presentable enough to be on display to others, naturists or those who are just wanting to be naked for the day. I can think of nothing worse than the dregs and mingers of society sat next to you with their bits slapped out infront of you. The thought of that seriously makes me want to puke!!!

It's like this... you can't drive at 60mph because we don't want you to. We *nearly* can't even ride a pushbike without a helmet because Headway don't want us to.

You can't abuse numerous substances because we don't want you to. Spot a pattern? "We" make the rules. You choose to live in a civilised society and reap the benefits of that - you play by the rules that "we" the majority make (or get them changed).

At the moment the rules say No Nudity. Don't blame me for having a simple opinion that I don't want to be exploring remote beaches with my kids and suddenly bump into naked people! If you can persuade enough (i.e. MOST) people that one beach can be set aside then good luck to you - just so long as I know where not to go - or to go for a good laugh!

Good idea Jamie, let's ban ugly people from going outside :o)

But seriously, when you consider what they can get away with on telly compared to even 10 years ago, just give it time... another 10 or 20 years and there'll be close-up you-know-what on prime-time telly and naked people in the streets anyway!

Jamie (25)
I fail to understand why people like Andy and Tom want to prohibit other people, who are more broadminded than then, from being allowed to swim or sunbathe nude.

It is your choice not to be a nudist. You could keep well clear of a nudist beach and would never have to see anyone on it. I wonder if you ever considered the possibility that most people go to the beach just to relax and are not bothered about other people's 'attractiveness'.

If your logic is extended you could justify banning anyone on ANY beach who was not deemed attractive enough. Hang on, why not make Jersey women wear the veil? The rest of European society does not even consider this an issue, why does it take English society so long to evolve? There must be some kind of inherited low self-esteem which is so sad.

A more mature point of view is that it does not matter if someone is attractive or not, being nude is clearly a nice sensation for them regardless of how they may look to your eyes. Sunbathing nude allows for an all over tan, swimming nude means you do not sit in a wet swimsuit and get itchy sea salt rashes. Maybe you should try it.

Im a naturist and strongly agree with the right to be naked where and when I want. I wish that it was ok to walk up colomberie naked and even go to work naked. Id settle for for one beach were me and my bonny lass can let it all out and be at one with nature :)

It doesn't matter what the naturist minority thinks - it's the views of rest of us in the majority that count, and I think most of us don't want to see all that pale flabby leathery flesh. Anywhere. There's a reason why we cover up - most of us aren't especially attractive! What applies in public applies to the beach - ALL beaches - too.

They might not think it's obscene, but if we are offended then c'est la vie - the 'rights' of the individual are often suppressed by the views of the society collectively.

Is it really so difficult to restrict such activities to the privacy of the home, and find a comfortable swimming costume that you're 'barely' aware you're wearing?

I would think - at first - there would need to be some strict measures against peeping toms. We are accepting of all colours, all religions etc. - why not all bodies?!

No nudity. Unless your going to provide a beach with a load of fit women, I don't paticularly want to see men and women with their bits hanging out!!

I am a naturist and I believe that there should be a discreet, official beach where naturists may gather.

This should regulate naturism on the island for the sake of naturists and textiles alike.

By creating a naturist venue, non-naturists would be made aware of the activity an would therefore be able to avoid the area if they found naturism repulsive.

Simultaneoulsy, it would keep naturists off the textile beaches.

I am a philosophical naturalist, an this attitude encompasses physical naturism and nudity.

It is the most natural thing in the world, and it is only traditional prudishness which has been foisted upon us, that would deny it.

It is possible to be totally naked but still act with dignity and decorum. Nudity does not imply obscenity.

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