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24 September 2014
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Tuesday, 24 June, 2008
Anti-Social Seagulls?
Seagull on watch
We asked if measures should be introduced to reduce the seagull population
Yes (420 votes)

No (1176 votes)

Not Sure (57 votes)
Gulls are a common sight near the sea, but they are also seen in towns and around rubbish tips.

Over recent years, Seagulls have become more and more of a problem, taking ice creams and other foods straight out of peoples hands, stealing food from tables and ripping bin bags apart.

There have been numerous calls for a cull of the seagulls in Jersey but is this really the right thing to do?


Is it our fault they behave this way, with more people in the island, heavy urban sprawl and people leaving food and bin bags lying around?

Or are they a pest that should be confined to tops of rocks out of the way of humans, and should the more confident gulls that do attack people be culled?

We want to know your opinions on this topic, use the form at the top of the page to cast your vote then send us your thoughts and feelings for everyone to read.

Your Comments:
The following are the views of members of the public who have chosen to submit their comments and may not represent the views of the BBC

Kev owen
I love seagulls

Alan Cartwright
They do my head in. Can't stand em.

I am moving out of my apartment due to be woken up to loud screeching every morning at 4 am and screetching all day and anytime we go out on to the balcony we get swooped at - they have driven us out!!! If I had a pellet gun - they would be gone!!!!

Yes we all have to live alongside our animals however sometimes we need to strike the correct balance. Not being able to go into my garden every year for at least 6 weeks whilst a breeding pair of seagulls return every year to breed is very frustrating. Once the baby arrives it usually attempts to fly from my garden unsuccessfuly for quite a time as the garden is fenced and it cannot manage to get high enough to fly over the fence until it becomes stronger. This means each time i try to venture out to hang up washing or just to sit in the rare British sunshine my daughter and I are divebombed. It can be very frightening to have a huge gull or maybe 2 or 3 fly directly at you so i challenge those who say not to cull to experience this 'pleasure'!! Not to mention the noise and squawking when i am trying to sleep during the day (as a nurse i work shifts).

Visited corbiere on 11-07-09 and had an icecream snatched out of my hands by a swooping seagull despite being carefull, eating it stood still, close to my chest! Im 6'2 and 12 stone so not small! As soon as I turned my head away my wife saw it swoop at me from the opposit side. I think thewy should be culled. Surely this would allow more food and space for other birds such as oyster catchers etc?

edward butler
we have a problem in shoeburyness essex,the gulls are forming a flock it seems every 4 hours.they create so much noise,even at 4 am.i was wondering if this is common with gulls?

Control of Seagull populations? Absolutely not! These are beautiful majestic creatures that are already in decline and the herring gull population for example is rated as 'amber' by the RSPB's traffic light system.These incredible creatures do not need control, they need a little understanding. They are struggling with declining fish stocks in UK waters and many other factors.Yes they are bandits, and will of course steal food if they can, but reports of them being 'dangerous' are simply farcical. Its a sad reflection on our society that whenever a creature manages to survive alongside us a small minority of mean-spirited busybodies always want to see it exterminated.Seagulls are AT WORST a very occasional minor nuisance, and anyone who can't cope with their character and noise should stay away from the seaside!

Mary S
Seagulls are beautiful creatures - but if they have to be shot then get it done professionally and don't leave the poor thing to die in agony with it's wing broken or a similar injury like amateurs do.

segulls are rubbish i got attacked by one

ediie duncan
yes they are scaviging. rats with wings

i am 6 and a half months pregnant and was at the beach the other day... i was just about to take my 3rd bite of my burger and out of no where came a seagull and took it straight from my hand and cut me, the fact that this bird landed on me and took the food out of my hand which was right next to my mouth proves that they are getting out of control.imagine if i was a child...

punk (the)
I have witnessed seagulls attacking pensioners! My sister-in-law has had many a fish & chip meal stolen by these horrific birds! People should be made aware of their disgusting antics!

cuddly dave
its my job to keep the seagull away from the laboratory and i do my utmost to maintain the status quo.

lol the roofer
i'm on the sick from work at the moment but am sick and tired of these damned seagulls swooping on me when i am working on my roof.i agree with dan sandersons comments

slappy laing
having read some of the comments i can only agree that they should be culled in areas away from the sea after all they are a sea bird damn pest no one else gets a look in i work away from the coast and for every seeing seagulls when i am there

ian laing
i think they should be culled because they are always attacking my pet sheep.

stretch dave
i did the great north run last year and for the whole of the 13 miles all i could hear was the shriek of a seagull it drove me totally mad they should be a rule to be able to cull really annoying ones

i agree about seagulls they pester you all the time for the last seven weeks i have had trouble with a really annoying one and it very scraggy one

big dave
people make them out to be bad theres one i see round work its a bit noisy but we just ignore it most of the time does seem to be at our work a lot though

i agree about seagulls they pester you all the time for the last seven weeks i have had trouble with a really annoying one and it very scraggy one

steve brighton
a colony has just started nesting in my area, they are noisy aggresive and there droppings are unbeleivable, the fact they are nesting further inland indicats an increase in population, if rats pidgeons fleas or any other beast was on the increasethe same way they would be culled so its a definate yes from me

The notorious gull-killa
Anyone who says seagulls should be hugged or bummed or whatever should be made to live near them and be woken at ridiculous times by their incessant squawking. I'm a Buddist but balls to seagulls. Is it illegal to shoot them with an air-rifle? Whoever said they were 'caring' is clearly on crack

Jacqueline McCabe
I live in the North of Scotland and I absolutely love seagulls. We have 2 nests in our street and have had for about 20 years. They make exemplary parents and I love when the young are learning to fly as every seagull in the area is around to protect them. I can also recall in my childhood how we went with my father to gather seagulls eggs, which he loved, but this doesn't seem to be done nowadays. With the reduction in fishing boats they have had to come into town to feed and now that we have wheely bins, they are starving. They sit in the road and all these macho young men find it a challenge to run them over, even swerving their cars to do this. Although I have this admiration for the gulls, I am not so stupid as to know that something does need to be done about them. My granddaughters school has a flat roof and they are absolutely terrorised with the seagulls at breeding season. The seagull numbers are too high, they are starving and they are now a bit of a nuisance. Something needs to be done to prevent them nesting in towns.

In Aberdeen they are a total menace. They are clearly not endangered so some form of contol seems warranted.

I live in Bath - a UNESCO World Heritage city. It won't be for much longer unless something is done about the seagulls. They are dirty, aggressive, noisy and should be controlled to the point where there are none in the city. They don't belong. They add nothing - just cause damage. But, of course, because it's Britain and they are animals nothing is done. More important than our buildings, pavements, cars, clothes, children, sleep...? Of course!

Very noisey but do no harm, We only see them in the Winter. over our town

My wife & I got splattered by seagul muck only last night in the centre of Bristol. I like Seagulls but only by the beach.

Peter C
I live in Hastings where we have the usual crop of people who moan about them, but they'd just moan about something else if there weren't any seagulls. They're beautiful, fascinating birds, and not a problem, if people behave responsibly and don't leave bags of rubbish around for the gulls to tear apart. But there is an easy solution: if you don't like seagulls, move away from the sea. Then you can moan about the pigeons instead. And while you're at it, learn to spell.

ian mackay
Wehave three neighbours who feed seagulls..The bird mess is awfull.The council will do nothing..There should be a law against anyone feeding seagulls

Mark Ronson,Glasgow
Seagulls are a real problem !! Just the other day I witnessed them attacking a small boy for a sandwhich-his father was also being attacked as he tried to 'save' his son.The little boy was left covered in scratches and was clearly shaken by the experience!I dont think we should get rid of all Seagulls but we should be controling them the same way we do with other pests.

Mark, Exmouth
The 'no' voters certainly don't live near me! Steve from Exeter is spot on, get rid.

D Sewell
Seagulls? Part of the sea but should not be encouraged to come inland, they are flying dustbins and noisy but visitors to our seaside resorts tend to feed them then complain about them. Human nature at its best

Anti-seagull activist
Something must be done! They been such a disruption to my life. I hear nothing but their squawks everyday and I can see at least a dozen every time I look out my window. Now since it is the breeding season their are nests all round I can't sleep and I am threatened each time I leave my front door; I'm only in my 20s but I can imagine OAPs in the same position may not leave their homes. I truly hope something can be done.

They are habitual creatures. They are thriving because we assist them, leaving our rubbish unprotected enough and by not discouraging them from nesting on houses. They are a pest in towns and need to be controlled. They are the rats of the skies!

Shoot the lot of them, and pigeons while we're at it!!Messy, noisy, evil swines.

Seagulls are an amazing, beautiful and successful bird,Almost as good as the Magpie,Don’t Cull the Gull.

Jimmy Hitler
Cull the humans leave the seagulls alone!

Jim (adders45) adlington
I believe that the problem lies completly at the feet of the humans if they hadn't destroyed thousands of habitats for many many animals the whole planet would be healthier. Sort out all problems with animals in one easy step - kill the humans, do it now!

Barnaby Catt-Marrison
My family live in Penzance in Cornwall and I have frequently had food stolen from me (one time I even had my dog by my side, little deterrent that was!). Despite all the notices warning of the perils of feeding the gulls, droves of people still partake in the practice. When will we realise the reason the gulls behavior is ultimately linked with our own? Clean up and stop providing them with a ready source of food and they will stop.

Luv um, souls of lost sailors, my favourite sound, the cry of the Gulls transports me and taunts me, for my love of the Sea

toni harris
my friends and I attend a school in worthing, and the seagulls there are terrifying! they attack us when we attempt to eat on the field, and terrify new students. they need to be dealt with, soon!

Landfill manager
I think people who say they like these birds have obviously not seen them scavaging on landfills and sewage treatment works and then sitting on your ponds, when this contry starts incinerating waste where do you think these gulls will feed maybe your bird feeders at home or your school playgrounds, think some opinions of gulls may change then!

patrick russell
I am an architect and have recently found seagulls in london pecking out mastic joints in roof cladding and also pecking holes in grp flashings causing roof leaks

John Butler
We encroach onto seagull territory, leave waste food about, and then expect gulls to behave in a nice orderly fashion. They are natural scavengers and are only trying to get food to survive, they do not leave any waste food behind.

They are amazing ariel acrobats, and who can blame them for populating our cities and eating our left overs WE ATE ALL THEIR FISH

Alan Hart
What else can you expect?Just take a look at the woes facing sea birds in Scotland on Springwatch for the last two years.We are destroying the natural food resources of birds due to over fishing and climate change.Don't scaremonger with Hitchcock tales. Chain all our useless politicians from Westminster onto stakes driven in to the beach for 48 hours and tape bags of chips to their heads. That might just "persuade" them to act and not just spin!

Flying rats, thats all they are...

The only problem on this planet are the human race. We are parasites and what ever the wildlife, it should be accepted that we have to share the planet with them. Do they cull rapists and murderers? No! We pay for their upkeep - cull them!

Maybe fit them with an Asbo tag?

Liz Jones
Like any other living creature on the planet, seagulls have to survive. I live in Worcester where they are a common site and are often seen picking from litter in the hope of finding the next meal. Sadly, it's man's fault once again. Were seagulls a menace before the invention of fast-food take-aways? No! If councils did more in the way of more efficient litter collections and people were more thoughtful in descarding rubbish there would not be a problem. They shouldn't be culled as it's simply not their fault, it's ours!

Ive been attacked on three occasions (without even holding food) and have seen numerous people attacked who were holding food. Get rid of them....and pidgeons too

Dominic Franks
Whilst on a conference call one afternoon at my Office in Central London I observed (from my window) a seagull jump on a pigeon attack it and slowly eat it alive!How perfect! One pest killing another!

Bob Douglas
Culling is a waste of time, population will soon anturally reach that level again.Reducing landfill might have some effect -0 anyone see gull levels on local tips

They are a danger to society! They disturd the peace and leave mess everywhere! They need to be dealt with

Seagulls have as much right to be here as we are. They're probably fed up of the increasing number of humans!

These birds are a pest, in some places that don't use bins, they spread rubbish all over the streets. I don't agree that they should be shot, but some sort of control needs to be extended.

Allan Phillips
One of them did their dirty business on me whilst on my way to work last week, revenge wil be mine one day

There are far too many gulls. They should be serverely culled. Anyone feeding them should be find

If people used bins that had lids on and stopped draopping rubbish the birds would not get so bold. I love them , Even if they are nosiy. if it come down to it install bird scarers on roofs to keep them away education, not culls is whats needed. We have encouraged them so dont blame them.

Clifford Hayes
Kill them all. They splatter my house and car every day, and wake me up at 4am with their squawking.

I daresay the people that don't want seagulls culling have some romantic idea of the seaside gained whilst sitting in their homes in Islington. The reality is seagulls are nothing more than vermin and should be treated as such - shot preferably but disposed of by whatever means gets rid of them the quickest!!!

they should be culled most definately instaed of us watching them as spectators menace us,they are vermine

Andrew Tustian
Isn't there some predator such as an eagle or falcon that could be introduced to deal with the problem naturally?

Andrew Tustian
I love seagulls. They brighten my day with their cheeky antics.

Bob Taylor
Over the years seagulls have become more and more fearless, as is the case with pigeons. The country needs a huge clean up of these menaces and quickly. They serve no purpose whatsoever and bring nothing but disease and mess.

My son and I have both been attacked by seagulls (on different occasions)because we had food in our hands. My son was only 3 at the time and is now terrified of them which makes holidays by the sea a bit difficult! Horrible things.

i was attacked(?) when about ten i am now 35. Whilst in st ives cornwall lying on beach. one seagull grabbed at a piece of cloth around my neck stopping sunburn. i was lying down at the time. i can honestly say i have never got over it. Its a shame people feed them.

Simon Goodsell
The Seagull population needs to be reduced. They are nothing short of a menace now in seaside towns. Vermine would be addressed personlly I see no difference.

Philip Roberts
Seagulls help. I live inland but if I throw out waste from food e.g. fat from meat they pounce and that is recycling what otherwise would be kitchen waste.

bird lover
seagulls scare thesmaller birds they are greedy noisy and dirty but holiday makers where i live will insist on feeding them even though there are notices saying please do not feed the gulls

no, I have reacently taken a hurt gull in and they really don't need to be culled. People should be more aware and not allow the birds such easy meals such as throwing french fries in a parking lot. They only behave the way they do because of peoples actions. There is no reason these beautiful bids should be killed.

I thought the seagulls were bad at least they talk and listen to me, now they are gone, i've a snake. He will not listen to me and turn away when i talk.

steve exeter
seagulls arnt protected if they are a health hazzard os its not illeagle to kill them ,not when theyre on my roof at 4 am i got quite a pile if any one wants one ?

Rockin Roy
Seagulls!! Everywhere I go, everytime I seem to pick up a paper, them seagulls are there. I think they are stalking me. They should all be killed. I am fed up of them. m m m m

Dan Sanderson
I can't stand em. They leave loads of mess where ever they go

Jez Irwin
I don't think I could eat more than two for dinner

they should still continue to be protected

roy taylor
a baulding lesser spotted seagull, a flightless dizzy bird, has been spotted in buckley area. I spotted do not approach, its a mad bird.

andy renshaw
Seagulls are really annoying and disruptive i hate them all

dont shhot seagulls i love them, i have my own favourite who i visit regulary

Dan Sanderson
I can't see a problem with them now

steve exeter
until someone dies from a seagull attack nothing will be done they are looked upon as a pest but it would be a differant matter if it was hordes of rats running around shitting on people and taking their food and also the constant noise from 4 am till dark . i will continue to do my bit for the community by shooting as many as ican until the council can get real about this problem and do a real good cull

I was attacked by seagulls and there're too many. things should be done to reduce the seagull population

lee griffiths
The seagulls in Shotton having been drinking cleaning detergent. It sends them mad!

Graham chef Roberts
the seagulls around here are dizzy

Alan Cartwright
The seagull gets on my nerves, such annoying thing.

How do you know
i think seagulls are caring loving birds. dont get rid of them. b.c people need to really be nice humans and be like keep them in a 24ft by 6ft cage and feed them like petss

Emma Hall
i think sea gulls are disguisting scavengers that roam where they please taking what ever food they like. their population needs to be controlled or decreased.

we have lived in devon now for 40 years and the seagull are destroying our property we need to get rid of them back down to the sea away from the land

kev o
i love seagulls

kev o
seagulls live in buckley

where do sea gulls live

Seagulls are a pain.I live in Gibraltar and gulls are taking over the beaches, private estates etc. They are nasty attacking children and adults for food. They may have a place in society as scavengers but they need to be controlled otherwise gulls will be take over the and rule us.

i love seagulls. i live in a house full of them and i love them to pieces.

I think seagulls are nice and cause us no harm. I think culling them is not the right option but try something else instead

billy i think u are ANNOYING and shuld die but u are still here and so should he gulls they serve a common purpose which the rest of u i am sure don't they do eat our watse and keep the coast (for the most part)clean of debris.

I live in Paignton South Devon, we have resident Seagulls who have established a colony in OUR road. Misguided people feed them, I display aggression to them at every oppurtunity which over the years they understand and will not attack me. Like so many bullies stand up to them !

All seagulls should DIE theyre SO ANNOYING and all they do is eat our waste!!!! we should have a hunting saeson for them cause they are over populating!!!!

I have witnessed seagulls attacking (pigeons) other vermin but soon they will be attacking us. thery are vicious, scary and noisy and need to be stopped

i think that they should be confined to tops of rocks, but i don't think it is nessasary to cull them.

Donna Clemow
Im from Worcester massachusetts I love to see them fly so gracefully when we have severe blizzards they are so beautifull when they are flying awith each others the snow blows like crazy i love watching them and hearing them communicating

wats gd about seagulls?

What noise do thay make?

i really really dont like seagulls but they are nature so leave them alone!!!!!

Rio Latimer
Have u ever taken kids to the "Freedom activity camp" at grainville school? whenever i get there there are hundreds of seagulls flying overhead swooping at the children. one had to go to hospital after a seagull attacked him and took food from his mouth!!! And some of you say that seagulls are cute? tehy fly overhead making the skies seem less empty, but they also leave any people with food with a lingering paranoia of seagull attack. I know someone who actually ahs a seagul that come inside his house and eats his cats food, this is dangerous and unsanitary, and it leaves bird crap all over his kitchen! Action should be taken, they could be seen as comical and cute perhaps if they did not viciously attack humans for no apparent reasons. seagulls need to be controlled... the idea of destroying their eggs might be good... if they did not immediately start attempting to attack you on sight. my suggestion is fines for people who feed seagulls and seagulls should be culled regularly.... perhaps have a month each year when it is legal to kill seaguls, or something else to this effect. Seagulls are a menace, and have no benefits except to clean up the things which idiotic people leave lying around. stop chucking your rubbish and dead animals out on the beaches and streets and start taking action on the seagulls!!!

I agree with Dave fine the people that feed the seagulls in urban areas.I live next door to an old boy who feeds them everyday and my car gets covered in crap and dropped food.Its not the gulls fault it the people that feed them.I do believe they should be culled occasionally because lets face it they are never going to become extinct maybe the people that regularly feed them should be culled!Now theres a thought!

K Banksia
We do not want the seagulls killed because *they are God's Creation *they don't mean to eat our food *they will die *they are beautiful birds *every beach won't have any seagulls in it *they don't bite people in Australia *everyone in Australia will be sad except for the people who want them killed.

i love the segulls dont kill them they are gods creatures

Mark Gandey
I live in Brighton, and down here seagulls are vicous, and will try to attack you if you so much as step foot two metres from their young. They are not worthy to be the image of the seaside.

Peter Voller
There needs to be a concraception programme introduced to sea gulls

I live in a quiet seaside village, but recently, as a direct result of irresponsible neighbours feeding these vermin (on common ground) they have become a nuisance. If people wish to feed these pests, then they should confine their activities to within their own boundaries and not encourage this to become anti-social .

The seagulls are coming to town as there natural food source has been taken away froom them .The same as the fox as the country side starts to get smaller so they have to come inland Engurage to feed .As the small town harbours start to close the gulls move inland .


iam an animal rights person, killing animals isnt the way out..just like going to war isnt the answer!!animals were here before we were its theyre land not ours we dont need to be cutting trees and ruining woodland areas its their home..would we like it if pple came and knocked our houses down.. it is humans fault the birds take food and are around..pple should have never started to hand feed them, some of them know that are hand fed at a young age cant even find food on their own they depend on pple..i admit they are annoying and wish they would go away but they are not going anywhere.. ignore them, stop feeding them, and deal w/ it!! they are not vicous they just think hey its a human they are going to give me food, we are takin their animal instincts out of them, just like duck/geese its not good for any of the birds and if we keep feeding them they cant find it on their everyone deal with it and get over it, it is our own fault

Seagulls are a great favourite of mine, and always bring to mind the seaside, Conway etc. What could be nicer than strolling along the sea front watching the numbers of seagulls enjoying their life. To kill them is pure evil, and anyone who agrees with the cull must be heartless individuals. Seagulls are a very clever bird, and grace the seaside with their presence. Leave them where they are. It is not the seagulls that are ruining our society. Open yourrrrrrrr eyyyyyyyyessssssss!

How come we don,t make so much fuss for the land RAT,, lets face it a seagull is just a RAT with wings! making a lot more noise at 4am though.

Chris Simpson
I live in Macduff in Scotland.This town is owned by the gulls and we the residents are seen as the enemy.Looking from any window or door from my house everything is covered in gulls mess.The whole town has a run down look as outside maintenance is nigh on impossible.I think its a disgrace no one will tackle this problem thats affecting so many people.I think we have turned into a nation of tree huggers and should be allowed to reclaim our towns from these flying vermin.

lynne mccloskey
i dont think gulls should be culled for no reason but if they attack a human then thats a different story, if a dog can be put down for biting a human then why cant a gull be culled. our bin use to get emptied weekly which was great as you dont have bags of rubbish lying outside the bin, but now that our domestic rubbish is only getting emptied once a fortnight then we will always have rubbish bags beside our bin, even when you ask for a special uplift for the excess bags and we have to leave them out on the street for 7am to be collected,but an hour later our rubbish is scattered across the street by the gulls and the street looks a mess with bird poo and the contents of the bag,and its ourselves that have to go and pick it up and re bag it as the bin men wont lift a split bag or clear any contents that are lying out on the street. also if you have called the land services for a larger bin as i have on a number of occasions, only to be told no as we dont fit the correct criteria, i.e as we have only 2 kids and 2 adult living here then we are not classed as a family and therefor are not entitled to a larger bin.with this bird flu i do think that this particular problem with gull ripping open bin bags is a health issue especialy with young children and i have 2 aged 4 and 2, if only there was something that we could pour over or put inside our bin bags that would deter them away from the bags and also something that wouldnt actually harm the gulls in any over all i dont think they should be culled but if they attack then thats a different story and should be culled.....

I have read most of your comments and I can't believe how pathetic people are regarding the cull of these birds. They are not endangered, and the population of these birds is on the increase, I agree that educating people regarding waste management would be a start, and of course not feeding them. But seriously get a grip it’s a bird after all. Oh and how many of you eat meat from intensively reared farms?

My life long dream to live by the seaside came true 15 mths ago. But I had no idea how filthy seagulls are. I truly detest them now. They are noisy, & make such a mess in everyway. I say kill the lot of them. They spoil places of beauty, & I honestly wondered if they are good for anything at all?

i vote no, and yes they can be a great pain in the arse, but they clean up our waters and beaches. we filthly humans dump trash and dead fish parts into the sea, i live in a fishing town on the north shore of massachusetts, and shiver at the thought of how disgusting our beautiful beaches would be without them. plus they are protected under the migratory bird act, and it is illegal to harm them or tamper with there nests, they prefer to nest on beaches, but we have taken them over so they have no choice but to nest wherever they can, including the tops of buildings and houses. so wise up and stay away from their nests, and keep your ice cream close to your body, and keep your food in your cooler at the beach.

We have the neighbours from hell around the corner from us, because they feed them all day every day. We must have the largest seagulls in Brixham next to us.If only those people new what diseases they carry, let alone the constant squalking and mess that they make. Maybe poeple that feed them should be fined........

Exterminate the lot of them....

cull them - they are a niusance and danger - both by attacking and by their poo. it is alos very bad for car paintwork

I feel really sorry for my poor parents who have had to put up with constant noise pollution from seagulls for the past year. A family of seagulls has nested on the next door neighbours roof and at 4am every morning, and chorus of crying reigns out and doesn't stop all day. Because of this my parents are sleep deprived, anxious and stressed and are unable to maintain the quality of life they had before the seagulls moved in. They have lived here for more than 30 years and my family blood line has been established on the south coast of Brighton for more than a century. My parents don't even live on the coast anyway, but the seagulls have moved inland now. And are a nuisance to their cats too who regularly get attacked and cried out, making the cats nervous and agitated. It seems unfair that my parents should have to move house because of seagulls, but many of the neighbours have put their houses up for sale, and I fear that even though my parents have lived here for so long, they may now have to do the same. Can anyone offer any solution to this? Why is this noise pollution allowed in this day and age. The seagulls wouldn't be allowed to get away with making so much noise if they were humans at that time of day. Can't the council do something? If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks

phil from worthing
Because of work i get to bed between midnight and 1am only to get woken up at 4am by the bloody gulls, Flying rats, shoot them, its the, only answer

anyone know how long it takes for the babies to learn to fly? im serious two have falen on to the rooftop next to my only window, being kept up all night im a vegetarian thinking unvegetarian thoughts

I live in Bath where the seagull population is totally out of control. Rubbish bags ripped open, bird c**p over everything. If you dont get it off your car within hours it burns into the paintwork causing permanent damage -which has happened to mine. I have to clean it 3 times a week just to keep pace. Could I sue Bath Council for the damage - negligence or something? They build their nests over the chimney pots so you get c**p in your fireplace which burns through the slate. And the size of their droppings! I havent been hit yet (it's just a matter of time)but seen others who have. It's like someone threw a cream pie in their face. These birds are massive - not the cute gulls of my holiday childhood. The adults are the size of eagles and attack in numbers. Some mornings we're woken by them; you look out the window and there are hundreds of them - it looks like their fighting other flocks. It's airborne gang warfare! To those who think these lovely innocent birds should be left alone all I can say is you obviously dont live in a city plagued by gulls. Otherwise you'd soon lose your romantic notions. Bath has been roughly the same size for hundreds of years; it hasn't suddendly encrouched on Gull Land! Gulls never used to be so big, so vicious, so far inland, and in such numbers. What's happened? They go where the nesting is safe and where there's lots of food. This is not going to be solved simply by not feeding them (which most of our tourists do) or hiding the rubbish. Bath Council admits the gull population has doubled in the last 8 years - where will it end? They have to be culled, humanely in large numbers, and also discouraged from returning. Egg painting sounds completely impractical. You wouldnt get me up a 100ft ladder with a paint brush. How many people would the council need to employ to paint eggs? I think we should use silenced machine guns which only fire at night and at moving objects on roof tops. Council trucks could collect the carcasses before dawn. Perhaps the guns could spray oil as well? Well that's my gull rant over. Just dont get me started on pigeons.

I'd like to know what right we have to determine the fate of a species other than our own. As some intelligent people have correctly commented, it is our wasteful, overpopulated society that has spread into almost every habitat on the planet, surely then, when we come into conflict with another species we should strive to live together rather than the normal barbaric approach of kill all that is not human. I think the biggest plague on this planet is the human race and quite frankly, the sooner we as a species are extinct the better, especially as far as biodiversity as a whole is concerned!

Philipe Paul
We took so many fish out of the ocean that seagull have to look for fish in restaurant dumpsters. I also have a question for you: Do eagles eat seagulls? Thanks

seeing as seagulls are sea birds and were driven inland due to the mass ship movement all down the east coast during World War II, i see no reason why there should not be a gull hunting season. they are now over-populated after learning to forage seeds from farms as well as now scavenging and theiving. only last week i was sat in the sun in my local park after buying a sandwich, where i sat on the grass and had my open sandwich packet on the floor besides me and a gull swooped took grabbed the packet and had my sandwich strewn across the park. so niether me nor the gull got lunch... and yes they rip open my bins too. i live in dover right on the seafront but rarely see gulls actually on the cliffs from where they would have nested sixty years ago. send them packing.

Nina Fedorowa
Seagulls are the joy of the seaside, without them the skies would seem dead. The selfless devotion of Seagull parents to their young and to each other are a beautiful example and lesson to humans in this age of selfishness and shattered relationships. I see many human youngsters miserably stravaging the streets in Penzance, obviously unwanted in their multimarriage homes and thank God I can look out of my window tonight at the heartwarming sight of my seagull 'Fidelis' , who has been eating from my hand for nine years now, settling down for the night with her much loved children. Man, look at the skies and learn, love is all around you, would that you had eyes.

Joe, Cornwall
In nature every creature has a predator to control it. Historically man used to collect the Seagulls eggs for food. They should be culled or egg numbers reduced for the sake of the birds themselves specifically in areas where they have become a definite nuisance.

To those of you that think that culling any kind of animal is acceptable, it is sick and wrong. why cant people have compassion for animals. So what if seagulls eat our food. Thay are doing what they have to in order to survive.

Kill them all. Have you ever been attacked by a seagull? They dive bomb you with droppings, and they don't miss! I got attacked today, and I am going to kill that seagull, and you can't do anything about it, HAHA!!

I hate Seagulls!Because I have a phobia of anything that flaps(including butterflies and fluffy moths!) the seagull gets my vote for being the most annoying "thing" ever. Like many of you here, I have had the experience of being attacked by seagulls trying to protect their young. The ckick obviously fell off the roof near my house, and the adult seagulls go mental everytime I step out of the house. I Have to run passed them looking like an idiot with my umbrella on a hot day terrified that they might do something else rather than wail annoyingly at me. I am not trying to scare you with this true story, but in my village someone died outside whetherspoons while he was eating outside the pub because a seagull pecked his cheek-the jugular vein burst and he died. These birds are vicious! Kill them all!! after all, we are the ones that are on top of the ffod chain ;)

Here on the South Coast of the UK we had someone shooting them from the rooftops. The local papers and T.V. named them the 'Sussex Sniper'. The Herring Gull is on DEFRA's list of vermin. Shoot the lot of them.

I live in Brixham harbour and the seagulls have never bothered me much before and i was always surprised at local peoples hatred of the birds. Two baby seagulls have fallen on our roof garden and me and my large roly poly cat are terrified to go outside because the parents think we are going to hurt the babies. I only want to hang my washing out and water my flowers!

I have declared War on the seagals living on my roof. They are aggresive and the fight is on for who will live in this house

I had a terrible experience this morning on my way to work. A seagull swooped down on me and I was very lucky to have my jacket ready at hand to fight it. I am not taking any position here, I just want to warn people that seagulls may be very vicious. Had its shit (excuse my French) caught my face rather than my jacket, I would have lost focus on the vicious bird and could have become an easy prey!

Jonas L
I live in an apartment in central Gothenburg, Sweden. I've resided here since the early 90s and every single summer since I moved in seagulls have built a nest on a rooftop overlooking the inner yard of the apartment complex. They get very stressed and aggressive once their young ones hatch, and attack all humans in sight. Fortunately there are several exits in the building in which I live so I don't necessarily have to go in and out in that particular area, but it's still a big nuisance. I definitely think culling is called for when the seagulls are aggressive and prone to attack, at least in heavily populated areas where there are plenty of children around.

tracy, Gibraltar
Honestly, this nanette roberts person (see below) is not very clever. Again we are in worst part of the gull season in Gibraltar. The young ones have jump their nest but too young to fight or fly. A mother gull is sitting guard sitting on my next door neighbours roof top 24/7 and swooping on anyone she sees. Unfortuately all i am trying to do is getting to my car or walking out of the estate with my 2 year old son except that this gull will not let anyone in or out of the estate without a fight............. Kill them all, i say. Oh kill the disease infected pigeons as well I say.

Seagulls poop on everything and will steal things from your hands. I am 13 and I am fully aware that actions must be taken or else seagulls will be a bigger problem in the future.

i think the seagull population should be delt without killing them.

Yes I think they are a nusance...and need culling, I live on the South Coast and they are a real problem. I think they are a real health hazard as they are moving inland. I had some on my roof and after they had nested and attacked anyone who dared to knock at my door, I destoryed the nest and the stinking mess up there was discusting. Bones rubbish and a flithy smell. If I had my way I would have shot the buggers...but of course they are protected..but God knows why! Having been attacked by one last year I can tell you it's not funny, and I'm a builder and don't scare easilly..but this thing put a gash on my neck,and if I'd had a gun I would have shot it myself!

I think culling is a bit extreme, surely the answer to everyones' problems in this situation is an assbo (anti-social seagull behaviour order).

claude foley from n.z
birds are cool.i think sme birds should be taken to a sanctury.some times i play bird chaser.sometimes i imatate them.but i like them netherless.

I'm a country boy, and even though i would never want to come to jersey anyway, i still say kill the god damn gulls, most numerous bird in the world and at least in california you aren't allowed to shoot them without 1000 dollar fine

they are differnet

There are overpopulated so they should be allowed to be hunted for meat

seagulls are mint init yoo...

J Cullum
Wake up people, Alfred Hitchcock saw it all coming and warned us!

Did you know what the state Bird of Utah is? yep...that is correct!!

i recently shot a seagull which i ate with my family for tea one night which i have to say was very delicious and could be a serious solution to reduce the population of seagulls.

no it shud nt

In a age when the threat of a global avian flu pandemic is a very real threat we must cast aside our somewhat dated notions about animal rights and immediately implement a full scale cull of the gulls on Jersey.

Donna, I live in elizabeth, union county myself, the reason for all the gulls is the elizabeth port and staten island (it's structures are built atop an old landfill)union county is closer to the ocean then more think.

Brenda in the USA
People heere feel the same way about gulls. Personally I think human beings should be culled. Who is taking action to curb human overpopulation, polution,and litter. Who moved into the gulls territory and destroyed their natural habitat? People must realize that nature had a perfect balance thing going with it's food chain. Then came man and it all went to crap. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask , "What can I do to clean up my act?" Then tell a friend to do the same and leave the poor defensless creatures of the earth alone.

i am personaly TERRIFIED of seagulls but i believe they should be able to live like the rest of us!

I vote NO, I think people should be culled from the seagull's habitat. Think about it this way, who was first? Whose garbage is it? Humans are cave dwellers naturally and instinctively; they're not built for sailing the lakes/oceans if we were we'd be gulls, etc. "kill what cannot be controlled" always seems to be the first proposal. sighs

I belive that seagulls should be able to be shot because they make a lot of noise and we are only keepiong them around so we can be lazy and not have to pick up dead animals and garbage

i think you are all insane! What is wrong with you all? I'm an Aussie and i think gulls are damn cute! And i dont want to be terrorized "Billy Bob!" I like children seeing as i am one! I people are on drugs! Accept the cute little sea gulls and be done with it!

billy bob
seagulls terrorize the children? Well then, where can I purchase one of these lovely animals? what makes our children so special... all these snotty kids nowadays deserve to be terrorized a little bit if you ask me!

Its our fault seagulls have moved into towns, etc. Most animals adapt to the easiest way of living, and since human beings are the ones who have overtaken most of the planet then no wonder seagulls have adapted to where there is a plentiful food supply, as people are always throwing rubbish on the streets, etc. Humans have to do something about their living habits, before we criticise seagulls for doing what comes naturally to them (staying alive!)

we are all animal lovers and have raised herring gull chicks BUT they were all released into there natural enviroment THE SEA!!!!!!!! we are now subjected to a neighbour who feeds adults and causes both noise and rat problems!!!!!!!!!!!!

shoot all of the stupid birds there are way to many

Bodfish has also"declared war on street signs" This man is desperate!!

The Boss Of Brighton and Hove Council (Ken Bodfish) Has Declared War on the Gulls There. Birds should NOT BE KILLED FOR VOTES! He will find out the hard way

Try shopping in Bath and dodging the c**p every time they take-off from a building. They are far worse than the pigeons. Pavements,buildings and people are all spattered with the stuff. Any seagull more than twenty miles from the sea should be terminated.

Seagulls are lovely things. I find them comical! Leave them alone!

Seagulls are a bloody plague. From 3 o'clock in the morning till midday their terrible screeching is all I can hear and I’m in the centre of Edinburgh! The nice little pleasant to hear birdies don’t get a look in anymore. Gulls hail directly from Satan’s fundament. Exterminate the lot of them.

Of course, the human being response as usual, is to kill. What about the over population of the human species? Why are we so arrogant when dealing with animal population problems... and so blind with our head in the sand when it comes to us over populating areas of this planet. Leave the gulls alone...

I TOTALLY AGREE. Having been dive bombed, kept up too many nights, food taken from me, scratches on my car, my bins taken apart I totally agree with controlling their numbers. They are scum, worse than rats, pigeons and foxes. Locals are blamed, however this is not the case is those who can’t be bothered to find a bin after a night in town or a day by the sea. More on the spot fines would be appropriate here and a mental examination for those who deliberately feed them. If pigeons are a vermin why aren’t seagulls? Seagulls are now the only birds living in my local area as all others are immediately attached if they enter. In fact there is always a seagull airborne patrolling the area so it seems. We should not risk the deaths of any other animals nor risk falling off roof tops and being dive bombed for destroying eggs. Shooting them would be too dangerous in residential areas and would disturb all other animals. As they eat pretty much anything, controlled poison would be an obvious approach providing only seagulls consume it.

all life are equal !
can't believe you people wanted to kill the seagulls,come on ! have a bloody heart ! I've just seen a god damn driver run over a poor seagull yesterday and leave the seagull bleed to death,how cruel is that ? god will punish people like that!

louise saddington
yes they are a nuisance and causing sleep deprivation as they are so noisy

If I had known this was here earlier I would have voted for the cull. Seaguls are noisy and messy and a danger to public health, both the poo and the attacks. I wouldn't want to see them dissappear altogether but much fewer of them would be very good.

I live in Aberdeen where Seagulls are the size of small cars. I strongly agree that some form of culling should take place. All seagulls must die!!

Rhiannon Trevethan
I think all birds have the right to live freely in their natural environment. Seagulls have had their natural habitat be eliminated by human development.

There are a number of bird species which are endangered due to human developments of the environment.

I think seagulls in cities are trying to adapt to a new habitat and lack options. Most seagulls are malnourished and starving in city environments.

I think the best solution to the problem is to create bird sanctuaries outside cities or within them where birds can live in a suitable habitat.

Seagulls are a rather interesting species and can endure harsh environments and perhaps humans can learn from them and other species.

David Melrose
I live in Musselburgh East Lothian and the local authority has taken action by spraying oil onto the eggs in the nest as the Gulls are gradually increasing and are now a nuisance.Iam in favour of what is being done

i have a neighbour who has been feeeding seagulls for the past 5 years at 6 in the morrning.

i have tryed to reason with her i tryed shouting at her and she refuses to stop ive written to the parish but have had no peacesince she has started it has afected every aspect of my life to all these people who say there not vermin and that they should be left alone i understand its not the seagulls fault this is happening however if anyone has any idears as to what to do i would be very intereted as im at the stage where i just want one nights peace in my own bed.

the parish will not do anything becouse there isnt a law against feeding them, so why dont they make one.

Mr Eamcat
Cull the problematic 'flying rat' ones, leave the quiet ones alone. I've had many a sandwich nicked out of my hand and been dive bombed by gulls that nested in the remote vicinity of where I was walking. They are a danger and a nuisance and are getting bolder by the day - we may be blame, but culling is an effective method of control.

Absolutely cull the gulls as well as introduce HEAVY fines for feeding, and subsidised spikes for roof and chimmney protection. Is it going to take an injury like a child's eye being gouged out before something is done? A leaflet to all tourists about the penalty (£500+) fine may help. Living in town with all the gulls is dreadful, noisy and even dangerous to youngsters. I agree with Hilary's comments in this forum.

they're a big problem if we let them cull the bold ones out, I say...

Bilbo Baggins
Talk about blooming seagulls! one flew in my house last week and robbed my tv, dvd and stereo, thieving barstewards that what I say, shoot the lot!

Bilbo Baggins
Open your eyes people and don't paint all seagulls with the same brush! the vast majority of seagulls are peace loving creatures, it's only a small few that a crazed drug takin, people hating dive bombing type { :-) >

these seagulls are poor, helpless aimals like us and how would you feel if you were pushed out of your own home or country, on the other hand i say that do not kill the birds somehow capture them and send them somewhere else as they do cause some problems

Get rid of them all.They are filthy,disgusting creatures? -------------- You ARE talking about humans, right? If not, you should be.

pink pimp
burn all the seagull, burn them to hell. my dog was eaten by a seagull so kill them all

where do seagulls live?

The noise & hostility of seagulls doing the 'natural thing' in our area has caused great distress to many residents - this year most neighbours have banded together and made their properties unwelcome to gulls especially with regards nesting, and life has improved ten fold.

If they start nesting its important to act early before they start to form a colony on neighbouring roofs.

Removing the nests/eggs has to be done several times a year to be effective. Leaving the eggs in place and treating them with liquid parafin is very effective (or so I'm told).

Nobody I'm sure wants to harm them but we have as much right to defend our environment & peace of mind as they have; after all, they are invading our territory, not the other way round.

I could talk on this subject for hours and despite the many naive comments on this site gulls are potentially dangerous during the nesting period with many injuries reported throughout the UK each year to adults as well as children.

At times I work on the Islands cliff areas and fully understand being 'dive bombed' in that scenario, but not within the confines of my home.

what is the difference between the male and the female

There is a better solution; dont leave food lying around. That way they no longer associated humans with food.

Ross, Poole
What a load of rubbish this all is! They are birds for goodness sake not beasts! If people took more time to watch these majestic creatures instead of fearing or hating them cause you got in their way, then youd realise how amazingly more complex they really are.

They should be allowed to roam and behave in whatever way they like. I agree that they can be a pain, but its the cost of living on an Island, if people are fed up move 100 + miles inland.

where do seagulls live

J Quade
please cull the gulls - they are ruining my golf game!!!

Mrs P Andrew
I definitely think that seagulls are like vermin and should be culled.

oooooo some seagull 'attacked' you. Well they're just doing what's natural to them, and since they attacked you, you're going to kill them. You people are just swapping from one injustice to another. Just be really really careful with your rubbish instead. And if you have a child, I suggest you move out of your area if your child could be attacked.

I was just wondering if anybody knows why there are so many seagulls in towns away from the shore.I live in Union County NJ and there are tons of seagulls around here and I am about an hour from the shore.

Im cursing as the seagulls are now back for the 3rd year running, nesting on my roof, which means im in for another bad summer of not using our terrace. How can i get rid of them for next year. I want my summers back!

they have just as much right to be here as we do. if you cant stand the poo, move.

Judith Davies
I have been trying to find out if we ate Seagulls during the war. Has anyone got any recipes?

nanette roberts
Seagulls are beautiful creatures. Here in Gibraltar 'the powers that be' are once again having the seagulls 'culled'. My friends and I are finding these delightful birds left to die lingering and horrible deaths after being shot. We take them to the vet and have them put down so as to save their further suffering - but we can't find them all. Some drop into the sea, others on barren Rockside etc. Last summer I saved a dying baby seagull trapped in an enclosed area. He was obviously to young to have left his nest. I fed him with a dropper till I could teach him to eat boccaronies (small fish). I then taught him to fish and to fly. Three weeks later he proudly flew off our yacht. He soon joined half a dozen other young gulls. Jono would visit us on our boat twice a day and enjoy his tiny fish that we bought from the market. One day Jono stopped visiting. The following week on the radio the Gibraltar Ornithological Society announced that 30,000 seagulls had just been "culled".(ie. Shot? Poisoned? imploded? whatever... and left to die?) So we know what happened to my Jono and his lovely friends... Read Richard Bach's 'Jonothan Livingstone Seagull', those of you who hate the gulls - Then reflect on what you have read. Nx

train them to fly upside down-it'd be good for tourism

At my school there are loads of seagulls!!! I have been pood on twice already!!! It is so bad that we have to spend our whole breaks and lunches dodging the poo. Everyday there is someone who gets pood on. We are not even near the sea!!! There is a big captain seagull who leads all of them and he is really big and scary. My school is upton by chester high school on St. James Avenue so you can come here and see how bad it is!!!

is it legal to shoot seagulls

There is a company in Plymouth,Devon. S'n'S Industrial They deal with seagulls by moving them on, then fitting a new anti-nesting devise(not used by any other company)thus peventing the gulls & pigeons returning.They are also recommended by the local Environmental Protection dept.

How does Alka Seltzer affect seagulls?

Thomas Lyndon Taylor
Yes I think seagulls away from the seafront/natural habitat. I live in Tredegar a small town in South Wales in the UK, where seagulls are a big problem especially where I work. It is a small industrial area but the seagulls appear to be attracted there they attack us in the mornings sometimes preventing us from getting out of the car. They also create large amounts of mess over our cars. I have telephoned the local council and they informed me that it is illegal to shoot them. I would be grateful for your thoughts and any legal advice on this matter, as I would qite willingly thin down the numbers in the area.


no you really shouldn't kill them, now then, where did i put the shotgun?

you should only ever kill an animal if there is an extremely good reason, not just because they're annoying.

I think we need to extend Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) to seagulls. We also need rehabilitation centres.

Dave Jones
To counteract the Luftwaffe bombers blitzing the major English cities during the second world war, barrage balloons were flown to deter the aircraft. If people attached small scale barrage balloons attached to six foot long cables to their heads on stepping outside, this would both protect them personally and possibly force the seagulls to look elsewhere for their fun and food. Problem solved! (Plus a magnificent business opportunity for any local entrepreneur!)

Dave Jones
What are seagulls?

Kill them!! We have been driven to the point of madness by the row on our roof for the past 2 years. It starts at 4am and continues all day long. My children and husband have all been attacked as have the cats. If the children eat in the garden they get swooped on. It would help if we had wheelie bins but Brighton and Hove council have better things to spend their money on such as foreign travel to twin us with other equally corrupt town councils!

I live in Hove and they are a damned nuisance. They rip the bin bags to shreds and spread garbage everywhere. The council are too tight to give us wheelie bins but the Police are getting a nice new station. Oh joy.

C Gull

I love the beach but I am deathly afraid of seagulls. No kidding. It's especially difficult if you live near the beach like I do. They are very bold and will not leave me or my family alone, even after we shoo them. They are a prime example of Darwin's Survival of the Fittest, each generation seems bigger and more brazen then the last. I think that there needs to be some sort of action taken to control the population, not only in Jersey, but everywhere, like California. Seagulls are a big issue to everyone. Get rid of the seagulls. Does anyone know what a phobia of seagulls is called?

Paul a returned REAL Jersey boy!!
How can this still be an issue in the Island? When I left the Island back in the 90's the seagulls were already a problem, for non Jersey people who have not had the "pleasure" of their presence at the beach picnic table then I can't see how yiu can comment! I do agree that it is a problem of our own making, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do something about it. I agree with some of the comments that the gulls have evolved away from fishing to the rats of the skys. They no longer fear humans and because of such will steal food out of peoples' hands. When this is a small child you can imagine the fright the child will have. It is something we must deal with and the only solution is to cull them, so they do return to fearing humans once more and hence will not steal from the hand. The other solution I can see is to let Dandara have the building rights on their nesting sites and let them build more of their "affordable???" (for the benefit of non Jersey people thats £145,000 for a one bed flat)complexes. The island has been ruined by all these apartment blocks so what would a few more matter if it gets rid of the damned seagulls and we can once again have a quiet picnic on the beach!

Culling should be carried out to protect the young children who are terrorised by them

I think the gulls have to go! They are absoulety horrid creatures and i am appaled by the way they behave nickin all my food (went to grv de leq beach) the other day and they came and took my ice cream and all my food! I was mortified. They wake me up in the morning and whenever i sunbathe they constantly poo on me! Lucky for some... but not me. They are greedy vultures and need to be decreased in population

Gulls are flying rats and should be culled with all the pigeons. It annoys me you get the old dears in Royal Square feeding them with a sack-load of seed - what is the point! They only annoy people.


The Gulls have now become very danagerous on the beaches, I have witnessed several incidents this year alone, both to adults and children. They need to be culled or some other alternative.

It is our fault that they behave the way they do, but it doesn't get round the problem. I dont think it is fair to kill them but there must be another way of reducing the seagull population. What about taking there eggs or something?

seaguls, seaguls up in the sky, seaguls, seaguls swoop down to my pie. Seaguls, seaguls they must die.

Reg Le Sueur
I have always admired seagulls for their beauty and graceful flight. However I was once attacked by one on St.Ouen's beach, for no apparent reason,- no food, nests etc; I had to take refuge among swimmers in the water, and splash the gull as it came in on another dive at me. I still like them, but they have altered their habits because of our rubbish and food display practices; so it is our fault not theirs. I think a limited cull by taking some eggs might help the problem.

Seagulls nest on the roof next door to my house. Last week young one came through my cat flap and into my house. When we tried to usher it outside the garden we got divebombed by the rest of it's family.

They never shut up, even when we put our rubbish in wheely bins, if there's the tiniest bit of the black bag showing it gets ripped to pieces. The seagulls attacked my guinea pig and my rabbit so we can no longer let them out in the garden. ALthough I hate to say it, they need to be culled, and soon.

I have also seen a little boy being attacked by a seagull. He had a sandwhich in his mouth and the gull swooped down and snatched it right out of his mouth, cutting his lip. I've heard the cries of seagulls all my life and I don't care what you say, hearing that little boy screaming his head of in pain is far, far worse than anyhting I could ever hear from a stupid seagull.

Seagulls must be going through some sort of mutation out here in San Francisco. They are becoming carnivores. They will grab a live pigeon in its beak, thrash it around, bash it on the ground until it's dead, and then rip into it and eat it. This is no joke. I saw it happen and I was horrified! Call me dumb, but I thought they were fish eaters. When I feed the pigeons every day I can see the seagulls checking out the pigeons to see which one looks like a good meal. I wish I had a sling shot or a bee-bee gun. There's a nice patch of lawn down at the Embarcadero and sometimes there's like three or four dead pigeons laying in the grass. Now who do you think did that? Cats? No way. I've never seen a cat at the Embarcadero. Too many people, too much traffic. It's those vicious birds.

Get rid of them all.They are filthy,disgusting creatures.We're told to put our rubbish in the bins,only for these pesky birds to take it out and leave our streets in a right mess

Don't hurt the seagulls. They don't go around beating on you or trying to hurt you in any way so why should you do it to them? People are rude to some animals. I don't like some animals but that doesn't mean that I would want them to die. I would help any animal that needed help. When I graduate I will go to college and become a vet. Then I will be able to help all the animals.

Ok, i just found this site, and i was wondering why would anybody want to kill the seagulls, if anything they make jersey what it is, Seagulls do us favors, they pick up our rubbish and drop it on guernsey, isn't that what everybody wants, plus they have to be one of the most adopted birds around, i personaly don't have a problem with seagulls, and i think by trying to "reduce them" would just be a distrubance to nature. Remember, dont feed the seagulls

Dewin has this right they should cull the seagulls as soon as possible

This is a problem which is now commonplace all over England. I have noticed however that herring gulls are not nearly so much of a nuisance where councils provide wheely bins for residents to place their rubbish bags in. People are suffering genuine misery because of these "birds" and despite what the RSPB say about their declining numbers - it is a problem which is getting more out of hand each year. I wonder how anyone (including RSPB) can quantify the number of a species with any accuracy before making such statements (unless gulls are now included on the electoral register!).Rubbish management needs to be looked at - fines for people who feed the gulls and culls where they are causing misery to people (sleep disturbance etc).

rose loane
the problem is not with the gulls it is with people it is such aselfish time you live on a island,and so you accept the animals that come with it if you live in the country you accept the animals there but it seems people want it all for them selves with no thought of anything else, there are only a few problem seagulls and that is our fault. the popultion has gone down and i should know because i have been looking after them and taking in the young for over 16 years when i was with the shelter and now in our animal sanctuary the qulity of life i have never been attact and not one of them has ever become tame and stayed around and believe me i wuold know as i would mean that i would have hundreds around me. by the way the photo is a black back and endangered and they can peck but they stay away from humans i will carry on looking after them as long as they need our help like any animal that needs our help that is what we do and the secret is we are a small group but we all love what we do not many people can say that in these times so mabe we are the lucky ones

Chris le long
All the people who voted no should be shot because the sooner we make the population smaller the better the island will become. I have had nests near my house and it is awful. Again you need to be shot for liking them

Cedric the seagull lover
I love seagulls and they are some of my only friends. I feel i can relate with them in a number of ways, one being the fact that they can fly just like me, another they have feathers and a beak, like myself and they feel that the only way they can get the attention they crave is by attacking inocent people. All they want is to be famous and they have done this through their, as some may think, violent acts of food collecting. So in conclusion i dont think there is any reason why seagulls should be killed just because us humans have brought them up to be violent food hunters. God has put them on this earth to live and not to be killed by us, we would be doing worse than them if we were to start to kill them just because they exist.

The Seagull Subject...Of course measures need to be taken to reduce the population. It's completely ridiculous the amount of seagulls we have on the island. Being a uni student, now when I return home to The Rock it really shocks me the number of these birds that are constantly a feature of the benches, parks, beach, town, island as a whole. What also upsets me is the amount of violence that the birds are capable of. I've witnessed young children having ice-creams snatched out of their bare hands in Summer time. No doubt, the misunderstanding of tourists (believing them to be a natural advantage perhaps) encourages them as in Summer there is a lot of 'feeding' via the hands of newcomers. The question now is how? How do we take measures that are in no way abusive to the bird, but manage to control their population? The contraceptive pill, Mrs. Bird?

I do not believe the seagulls should be culled! The reason we have this problem is that people continue to feed these birds and leave rubbish for them to get at. I agree with "Sammy"- why bother with the hassle of fish in the sea when a roll, ice-cream or bag of crisps can be taken just as easily or even easier sometimes. How does the bird know the difference between being fed by an adult or stealing food from a child- an outstretched hand is the same either way. I have had food stolen from my hand but I still do not blame the birds- the blame lies with the humans who are feeding them. Educate the public and maybe when we start respecting the gulls (by acting more responsibly) they will begin to respect us.

Stuart Syvret
I do not think that there is a major problem with gulls I and none of my family have ever had any problems with gulls but cars make a lot more pollution and mess and humans are the main cause. This is the gulls home as much as ours.

I dont think they should be culled or kicked. 1 was sitting on a park bench next to two teenage girls who were posh, well educated and were students, they both already had their feet up on the bench whilst they were talking so the fact that a group of pigeons came over to them should not have caused them any concern but it did not stop one of the girls taking her foot off the seat to kick the pigeon.i thought this was very cruel and probably worse than culling them.

ross bowen
In my Town Pacific Palms Australia we have had the same problem not only with the silver gull but with Pelicans, Goannas, and other introduced species. Council has now made it an offence to feed or to leave scraps of food in Public areas. Littering has always been an offence but by coupling feeding and littering the public is getting the message and the problem is subsiding.

jonny saloney
personally i love seaguls. i live on coast at barrow and we hav loads of em but u dont here us complaining. we dont need to cull these animals just giv em a good old kickin if they try to nick your sannie that'll get rid of em

Our neighbour allowed seagulls to nest on her roof - then she was attacked when she came out of her house when the babies had hatched. We get woken up at 4am in the morning by them -I think they should definitely be culled!

Jo D
Just don't feed them! that'll take them away from town cause theres not much else to eat for them. wish they'd stay by the sea...

I think measures should be brought in to tackle the problem of crime in the coastal towns before wasting money and time on wildlife. Older people feel more threatened by gangs of youths that hang around looking to cause trouble.the sound of gulls lets me know that i am near the sea. Why so many kids and teenagers cant walk past the birds without kicking at them with their feet is beyond me. If anybody reading this does it, prehaps they would like to explain to everybody on this site w h y

Gordon Croll
Seagulls should be found at the coast. People should refrain from feeding these large, noisy flying rats.they are noisy, make a mess, spread disease and discourage smaller vulnerable birds

Roy Davies
I Go to Cornwall,Every Year and it Would not be the Same if The Seagulls Were not Flying over your Head in St Ives or They were not Nicking Food off People,I Dont take much Notice of the Signs,People have to Balance this Up,If they Were not There it Would be Boring,Most of Our Family Feel The Same.

I dont think the coastline would be the same without the gulls. They do not mean any harm they just eat and then go to the toilet which is what we all do anyway. Humans mean to cause harm but animals and birds dont.

No bird or animal alive causes more trouble than the human. Theft, abuse, throwing rocks off bridges, violent attacks, muggings and murder but we dont bring in measures to keep their numbers down.

Samuel Bailey
In my views, I love seagulls they are beutiful natural birds that are just trying to survive :)

animal and bird lover
all birds and animals have feelings they know fear and they know pain. you only have to accidently tread on a cats tail and it will squeel which is proof enough of what i am saying. I agree with carlton and rosemary I TOO have seen alot f youngsters kicking at the gulls and pigeons . it is cruel and it is piontless. all you have to do is stamp your foot on the ground and they will fly away. what on the earth do people get out of kicking them.

James WG
I am amazed and saddened at how intolerant people are of others views. It seems that having watched "Wildlife on One" or "the Living Planet" on the television people have become experts in all matters ecological or wildlife.

Whether one likes it or not man and his influence has altered the natural balance. That fact can not be denied or altered. Where this inbalance causes an issue then man should take corrective action to attempt to redress the balance. This is called Active Wildlife Management and there are numerous studies to show how effective it can be.

Having worked in this field for over a decade I submit these comments from a basis of informed knowledge and experience. I hope people calm down and form a more rational and considered view.

I'm sorry to hear about the attack on Paul's son, but a cull will not solve the problem. After a cull, the gulls will return, and will always opt for the easiest food supply - the junk we leave lying around - move the clock forward 3 years - and you'll find gulls that don't fish , the only answer is to reduce their food supply by better waste management - they'll soon start fishing again and will leave 3 year old's alone.

I do not accept the arguement that people have displaced Saegulls by invading their natural habitat and plundering their food supply. Jersey has miles of unspoilt coastline suitable for nesting and last time I went diving the sea was full of life. While I don't 'hate' the gulls as some people obviously do, it's clear that visitors and islanders alike would prefer less exposure to them. We must be much more careful with our garbage, and be prepared to get tough with ignorant people who litter our island and even (incredibly) deliberately feed the gulls.

Paul Gaynor
I can only say that the people who disagree with the reduction of seagulls must not live in St Clement. When my son was only 3 years of age a seagull attacked him in our garden because he had a sandwich. If I need to get up on the roof they come from every were flying over head.

I'm a research biologist at Southampton, we recently did some work on Gulls - and have found a large number who show no evidence of ever eating fish - they have evolved (quite naturally) and are conditioned to look for food the easiest way - human scraps - a cull will do no good at all - within a few years you will be back were you started - the only answer is cleaner streets - gull proof bins - and educating humans not to feed them !

c le monnier
yes there should be measures to keep gulls to the coast line where thay belong

carlton and rosemary
There is alot of talk about the gulls attacking and frightening children but from what we have seen its the other way round.

We were sitting along the beach and in front of us there was a little boy and girl [possibly brother and sister] aged about 9 or 10 years old,picking up pebbles and throwing them directly at the gulls.

This was in full veiw of the parents who did nothing to stop it. Afew days later whilst walking through the town we noticed another little girl aged about 10 who thought it would be fun to throw a lemonade bottle at the birds.

If these birds are so vicious then why dont they defend themselves against these horrible kids. I have often wondered why the birds dont fly away when being kicked or thrown at.

If anybody knows about these gulls i would be interested to know.

A single nesting pair of urban gulls will in ten years produce a colony of 33 nesting pairs. One year later there are 54 nesting pairs and humans are just beginning to notice that there is a problem. 5 years later that colony now stands at 547 nesting pairs. A tenfold increase! Need I go further? Oh, why not. Another three years and there are 2,108 nesting pairs. The original adult pair are still alive and have 10 more good years of breeding to do along with all their male offspring who have returned to their original nest site with their partners to breed. These are real figures! Adult mortality of town birds is only 5% which hasn't been accounted for but will make no significant difference to the obvious outcome. The question is, where are WE going to be able to live in the future? Underground? Just as seagulls protect their colonies isn't it about time we did something to protecting our own human colonies?

Maybe we should cull the humans who will insist on feeding them- gulls and encourage them to nest on their property. A neighbouring house has allowed a nest for the past two years, and the constant 'mewing' of the young and the mess around my property has almost driven me mad!

Seagulls have been a pest since I can remember. They used to swarm us in the playground, at the beaches and at any BBQ that I have ever been to. That's 20 years of being pestered by flying vermin. I think it is a good idea to cull the gulls in town as these are the ones causing the problems. There needs to be some deterrents set as well to stop the people feeding the gulls, maybe the threat of having to go and scrape all the squashed ones off the island roads. Whatever does happen though has to happen soon otherwise we will be conquered and buried in a mound of seagull poo, then the tourist industry will really take a dive!

Antonio de Burgos
seagulls should be culled

Mr G.E.E. Williams
In Llandudno in north wales there is a really big problem with seagulls. You cannot eat anything on the promenade there anymore without being pestered and swooped by vicious seagulls. What I think the council should do is get 2 tonnes of bread and put it under huge sheets on the prom. Then they should get about one hundred marksmen with heavy machine guns and line them up on the edge of the prom. Then they should lift off the mat on top of the bread. Hundreds or maybe thousands of seagulls would fly down and then the marksmen would start firing resulting hopefully in numerous seagull casualties and a large death toll. This process should be repeated until the population of the seagulls is sufficiently cut down to size.

Mr Egg Fried White
I hate seagulls so much!I live in Llandudno and it's impossible to eat anything on Llandudno prom anymore without those damn seagulls swooping down on me! I've had three baps stolen of me and when i got the third one taken i managed to give the seagull a good kick! It'll never come after me anymore!!!! I think they should cull them.

Jessica's Auntie Nome
Seagulls in my opinion are just flying rats. They should be shot, stuffed with tar and then hung in a museum!

sexy seagull
seagulls can be loveable fools but when they hurt you or steal your food that is just wrong.

gulls and pigeons make a place seem dirty, carry germs, take or spoil food, produce droppings which spread germs, smell and even corrode cars! let's not be shy about this: gulls and pigeons in urban areas should be culled.

A cull is needed. they are common pests and proper management is necessary as with ferral pigeons.

Proud Gibraltarian
Stop winging about Seagulls, you try dealing with monkeys all day long. At least here in a real British outpost we know how to deal with things properly.

All the emotional rhetoric on this board is really quite tiresome. It flies in the face of all common sense and established wildlife management principles. Some people here don't even have enough sense not to feed wild animals.

Granted, human behaviour is partly to blame for this problem, but it is as problem, nevertheless. Behaviour modification can prevent future problems, but will not eradicate the existing one. I therefore recommend:

1) All trash to be stored in secure containers, incinerated, or buried. Severe fines for disobedience.
2) Anyone caught feeding seagulls to receive a £2000 fine and three months of nest-busting duty.
3) Assignment of pest status to seagulls: Open season, 365 days per year, no bag limits. Vermin are vermin, wings or no.
4) Destruction of all urban nests and all eggs and young within.
5) All vessels caught poaching fish to be sunk on sight.
6) All vessels caught dumping illegal pollutants to be confiscated.
7) All companies caught polluting illegally to be placed in receivership.
8) And most importantly, NO EXCEPTIONS to any of the above.

Further to my comment, have you ever heard the distress call of a human when attacked by a seagull after their food, or in some known cases almost stalking a human target whenever they leave the house. Okay maybe an extreme case, but it has happened.

Diuane Wherry
Furhter on the matter of the gulls, have you ever heard the distress callof the parent birds when a nest is destroyed? It is the most pitiful sound imagineable and is very distressing to listen to. I know I have experienced this. Long live the Gulls!!

Diane Wherry
The Gulls are a beautiful bird and they are drawn to the inland areas because of the greed of humans taking all the fish foods from the sea. This leaves the birds with no choice but to look further afield for food.There is no one to blame for their behaviour but ourselves. I will always offer them food if I am on the coastline anywhere. It will encourage them to stay near the sea.

Keep the numbers down, perhaps a method of poisoning could be used to kill a certain amount. Seagulls can be vicious when they have no fear of humans and in the UK they have been known to cause physical harm to people.

don't destroy them you morons

The Crazy Fluke
Two Words Alka Seltzer Sorry but frankly the seagull situation is getting out of hand. Something does need to be done about this problem before it gets worse and we see a yearly spike in hospitals when laying season starts and people have their eyes scratched out.

Leave the birds alone their only tying to live like any one else you can't murder them for being hungry


Lisa Davy
i think seagulls are a waste of space and they should be got rid of. Because they nick food and attack people innocent people mind you

seagulls should be killed

If they had long tails and were covered in fur, and were running up and stealing your food, there would be a rush to exterminate them. Get real, they are rats with wings! Destroy them!

Maybe we should cull the town folk who don't tie their rubbish bags properly...

Sammy the Seagull
“ark ark ark”
Hello all you lazy humans out there. Why do you think that my friends and I love to steal food from your hands, wake you up in the morning and poop on that lovely clean car ? I will tell you why.

For years my family lived happily by the sea. We spend every day at the beach and collected our fish takeway from the sea every night. But then you humans came.

You stole our food.You knocked down our nests and built your own big ones. You squash my friends with your big noisy cars.

Where else can I get my tea ? The seas are nearly empty. Why sit for hours with a cold wet bum in the water when I can grab something from a fat child scoffing crisps.

The fault is all yours my human friends. I must go as I see someone putting out their washing on the line. What a nice mess it makes across a clean white towel !

See you at the beach
“ark ark ark “

What a typically self-centred small-minded Jersey view everyone is taking. You're lucky enough to be living by the sea, so you should learn to live with the consequences. Better management of rubbish/bins would be a good starting point, rather than killing an animal that's only taking advantage of our laziness.

kill them alll. they took my sand wich's. and my favourite, bob. thats no way to kill a sandwich.

Steven Seagull
These beautiful creatures look their best when they have just be crushed in the road by a bus. Kill them! Kill them all.

Of course it's the fault of people, careless with food waste, not the fault of these beautiful creatures. They are just wanting to live, as we all do. Start a campaign to stop people feeding them and introduce secure refuse disposal and they will stay away! Someone mentioned London's pigeon problem - they didn't shoot them to solve it.

Why have so many people voted for NO ??? The question is would you like to see some measures taken to reduce the numbers ? Not shall we go round and murder anything with a beak !

Have some sense people, surely you cannot all be fine with the numbers of flying beasts out there, taking over our roof tops, bins and decent night's sleep ? Lets use our heads here and vote for YES ! Im sure what ever the outcome it will be delt with in the most harmless and expensive way so dont fear the YES vote!

They have to go, it may be not be fair but neither is having your eye pecked out by a filthy stinking flying rat. Seriously though, I always thought that if I was rich enough I woul gladly pay for the amunition to have these pests shot, and thats coming from someone who doesnt even like killing Ants.

Amy's comments were interesting. Wonder if the RSPB tried looking over here for the missing 40% ? You can bet your @ss they were not talkig about Jersey.

I think the gulls should be culled. My children are scared of them as they have been attacked whilst eating sandwiches and ice-creams. They should be scared of humans and I think that we should teach them to be scared of us and stay away from human contact.

They are pains in the backside. Not only has their diet changed over the years (magnum ice lollys!) but for coastal birds which can be found in the earley mornings of maufaunt's about time culling was suggested. Maybe Jersey can have a annual culling day once a year, like the simpsons "wackingday".

I think that only a certain number of seagulls should be culled each year so that the population is kept under control. Perhaps this could be partly achieved by removing the unhatched eggs from the nests.

Now I'm not one for cruelty to animal or birds of any sort, but I have to say that these are the most annoying of all kinds, they do nothing but squawk, rip open your bin bags and crap all over the place, and I'm sure you've all seen what happens when they have been eating strange foods!!!

I think that every Sunday there should be a Seagulls Shooting Competition, during the week the states round up as many Seagulls as possible, then on a Sunday they release them all at once, everybody on the Island is supplied with Machine Guns and ammunition in order to shoot as many as they can, the person with the highest killing score wins a prize! I haven’t figured out what the prize should be yet though! Sounds fun to me!

Anywhere that an animal population have no natural predators they tend to grow in numbers. Here that is the case and so is an abundance of food. They have lost their fear of man and now pose a physical as well as environmental threat. I think the population should be culled to control the numbers. It is vermin!

I think they should culled for sure ! Anyone who thinks not should try living in town. They are an absolute pest, always turning over bins and generally making a mess. The best bit is when they nest on your roof and keep you and the whole street up all night with thier mating screams, fantastic. Kill the pests !

Randy Carpet
I have a solution that will suit both the Yes and No votes...

Remember the Arnie movie Running Man and how the prisoners were controlled?

Yes, that's right. We put tiny explosive collars round every seagulls neck and set up a perimeter in which they can and cannot fly. For example, they can fly over the Channel Sea, anyones house who is anti-cull & Guernsey. They cannot fly over my house or town. If they fly in a 'no-fly zone' their heads are blown off.

Now I know what you're thinking... how will we warn the seagulls? Well this is the really ingenious bit: the States set up a committee to learn Gull-squak and budget £250,000 of tax-payers money to try and communicate with the birds.

5 years later and £3,000,000 over budget, the collars are recalled over fears of Gull safety but by then only 2 gulls have survived. Fortunately the survivors are male and female so the species could technically re-populate.

Unfortuantely, the female nags the poor male seagull to death and he commits suicide in a no fly zone. It's a sad story.

Problem solved.

Personally I think that seagull shooting should be a new sport. Noisy, filthy, smelly birds. Then sell them to make seagull pie. Kill em all!!

In the U.S.were able to coexist without the use of pellet guns.But seagulls use my car for target practice especially after i wash it-kill'em all!!!I try to run them over with my car.

And if that method dosent work,try some alkaseltzer in a piece of rolled up bread.Oh thats so funny to watch them explode and take a dirt dive to their rodent death.

Teach your kids this and they will teach their kids for many generations to come.

mrs c a stanley
they should be culled, as they have moved away from the coast and are taking over other birds nesting sites. they are also a pest.

Michael Hall
I'm not in favour of culling sea gulls, as we created the problem they now give us. However, they are a very serious public health hazard which must be dealt with.

Some years ago, a labrador owned by the Elizabeth Castle gardien died of botulism after coming into contact with a seagull.

They are known carriers of this disease, which is an agent second only to plutonium in its lethal effect on humans.

You only have to see the outfall from Bellozanne Valley on a high tide when it is pumping waste in to the sea and attracting flocks of seagulls, to know that they are potentially filthy disease carriers.

A concerted effort to relocate nests to remote parts of the Island, make the town nest sites inaccessible for future use (with netting/spikes/low voltage electric wires and punitive measures against people who deliberately feed them or negligently discard edible materials where the gulls can get them is necessary.

I think that perhaps the problem lies yet again...with public services - or the lack of them. The wheely bins situated at Snow Hill are a popular eating establishment with the seagulls and anyone walking past there early enough in the morning will see how much mess they cause. If Public Services provided better provisions for refuse perhaps the problem could be somewhat avoided.

Another factor is the attitude of residents who refuse to put their rubbish in bins and or just leave their rubbish in easily accesible bags. If everyone put that little bit of extra effort in then perhaps the gulls would not have such an easy source of food and the population would slowly dwindle. How is this anything but humane?

Of course thats not going to happen though is it - it's Jersey - an supposedly democratic Island in which those who bother to vote, vote for family friends or people they know!!!

By the way I have just turned 18 and like anyone my age with half a brain cell, I will not be coming back.

Kill all the seagulls which have built nests residential areas. These rats of the sky need to controlled and fines introduced for those that feed them. If food was not provided for them they would have stayed in their natural habitat on the cliffs and in the sea.

angie hughes
how can people be so ignorant! vermin? that's mans excuse for his ignorance. 1!

Perhaps if we all eat one each a week then the population will be reduced to acceptable levels. They taste a bit like chicken.

danilo freitas
please leave the seagulls alone, they have a right to live anywhere. why dont we cull people who are against animals.

I have lived in different coastal towns in the UK over a number of years and returned to Jersey 5 yrs ago. I have NEVER seen gulls causing such a problem anywhere else! I don't think we have a choice but to cull the gulls over here.

Seagulls may be indigenous to Island life, but many are a nuisance and a threat to one's safety especially when eating.

We often have seagulls flying around our garden when bbq'ing, scavenging for food, and only recently saw a mother seagull with a sausage pinched from a barby for her babies!

Motherly instinct or not, their aggresive nature can be very intimidating to both adults and children in the garden, on the beach and out generally.

It doesn't help when people feed the birds encouraging them to scavenge when they be out at sea. We need a sympathetic culling of say the new eggs, to maintain the birds but reduce numbers.

James W
The seagulls that nest on the cliffs should continue to be protected, but that's no reason to protect the land-gulls that infest town and Greve de lecq.

We created them, and we should get rid of them. If there was a pack of wild dogs attacking people in town, armed police would be called in.

Why are we being over-emotional about the land-gulls? They are simply a pest! Will our attitude change when a small child is injured in its pushchair? Why wait?

They are now becoming a pest at seaside resorts. The fact that they regularly eat junk food - clearly not part of their NORMAL diet - indicates that they are growing more and more used to humans, thus becoming dangerously confident! Swooping for ice creams, chips, etc is now regarded as normal behaviour for the seagulls - ridiculous!!

Rob Walther
As usual, the problem will undoubtedly be addressed when a small child is seriously injured

John Bevis
Gulls are a major nuisance at Greve de Lecq in particular.

The seagulls are a menace and ruin Jersey. The seagulls must go. Our rights as people take precedence over the rights of rogue, boorish animals.

Herring gulls have become increasingly more aggressive in Jersey, perhaps because of the population increase and changing lifestyle of people.

Nevertheless they do seem to be a hygienic hazard and a physical danger on certain beaches, particularly to children,and also withinn built-up urban areas.

The do also appear to be growing in numbers. I think, with a certain amount of regret, that it is now time to carry out a cull and probably to remove their protected status.

They are no longer seagulls but landgulls and vermin as much as rats are.

They are noisy, dirty and can be dangerous so there should be a cull to discourage them from living inland.

They are no longer frightened of us. It is still possible to see people feeding them which encourages their attacks on children on the beach.

How can they be so stupid? It should be an offence to feed them.

dawn flanagan
I have had a Gull visiting since it was a baby and was left by it's mother (about four years ago). It is very territorial and he or she and it's mate chase off any other gulls in the area so it is no trouble

there are two people in my neighbourhood have been feeding seagulls for year and now we have fifteen or twenty flying over the houses and perching on the chimmy pots all the time, they come early hours in the morning making an awfull noise, there dropings on the windows, garden bench, cars and everywhere, seagulls should be culled

Peter Clarke
It's about time that a cull was carried out and then perhaps a programme of contraception. It has been done with other birds so why not against the flying rat! I've been attacked in Plat Douet Road and it wasn't for food as I didn't have any. You should also fine the late night eaters who leave all their take away rubbish and food lying around.

I am very concerned about the detrimental effects gulls nesting near people have. There should be a cull of gulls in urbam areas. They defecate over proprety and people and it is well known to the authorities that they are agressive on certain beaches.

I know of two such incidents when a gull has attacked people and taken food from them causing injuries. They scream their territorial calls at the break of day, often as early as 4.30 in the morning and also in the evening ruining the quality of life for many thousands.

It is time that we addressed this difficult problem and culled them.

Jerry Gosselin
The comments posted on the seagulls subject seem fairly evenly divided, yet strangely, the poll result isn't. I suspect that a small number of activists are submitting multiple votes. What does it matter anyway? I remember taking part in that States survey in the mid 90's- the majority wanted action taken against seagulls but they just ignored us nevertheless.

The situation is now out of control. I am surprised anyone living in town can sleep with the constant screeching at all hours, particularly early morning. Various family members have been attacked and I personally feel quite threatened by seagulls..especially when the are fighting over food scraps.

If London can curb the pigeon population in Trafalgar Square I am sure that the Jersey autorities can do more to control the seagulls. As for the people who feed them.....they only serve to encourage the birds, eroding their natural fear of us and associating us with a steady food source.

A system of fines may discourage this behaviour, though I am not sure how it would be adminstered.

Seagulls should continue to be protected, but I am not so sure about the Towngulls which are an unnatural phenonenum of our own stupidity.

I agree with Steve's comments. However distasteful, a mass cull is the only answer. I personally am fed up of being awakened in the dawn hours by the incessant screeching, and being unable to eat outside my own home or a restaurant/pub in peace.

Marlene Colston-Weeks
My grandson was badly frightened by several gulls swooping down ,one taking the bag of crisps from his hand.Not sure what can be done ,but the incidents of this happening are becoming common place

According to the RSPB the UK herring gull population has declined by more than 40% since 1970 and as such qualifies as a species of conservation concern. The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)

also considers a species of moderate conservation concern with 25-49% decline in UK breeding population over last 25 years, and with >50% of UK breeding population in 10 or fewer sites. This is a species that should be actively conserved, not culled.

I'm afraid that the problem has got completely out of hand and I for one would support a mass cull of the seagulls. It is sad that people come over to Jersey as tourists yet cannot beautiful beaches such as Greve de Lecq without these vermin swooping down on them and stealing their food. I'm sorry, but they've got to go!

In my Grandfather's youth he would collect the eggs to eat. Once three eggs were laid in a nest, you knew that they must be disposed of, by throwing them over the cliff. That was three less seagulls. Signs must be placed at Greve De Lecq beach warning visitors of the harzard. We no longer eat on the beach as it is far too dangerous - sad really. Cull every five years & in the intervening years collect the eggs to be disposed of.

Guy Sangwine
Some things are constant in life: death, taxes and people moaning about seagulls in Jersey. :-D

There should be a stronger deterrent to feeding the Gulls & Pigeons. The nests in town should also be destroyed

Russel McSloath
Arrests for feeding the gulls, I get swooped at where I live every summer, it's becoming a joke.

Nicolas Jouault
Perhaps the decline in local fish stocks predated by humans has driven the gulls to find other food sources.

Dave Harrison
The Gulls have now become very danagerous on the beaches, I have witnessed several incidents this year alone, both to adults and children. They need to be culled or some other alternative.

Archie McNeice
Perhaps we should 'cull' those inconsiderate people who insist on feeding the gulls !

Poor seagulls they are very funny. They are urban vultures, top of the food chain. Its human stupidity that is causing them to venture away from the sea.

I live in St Helier and I have a neighbour who insists on feeding the seagulls.

It is ignorant people like this who have encouraged the seagulls to start breeding in town because they have a regular source of food.

I think that all nests that are found in town should be destroyed and people found feeding the seagulls should be fined.

chris clark
We have already been on to public services this year in an attempt to have something done in our area at Mont a L'Abbe.

Last year there was one pair of gulls in our road, this year there are six pairs. One 'chick' has tried to come through our cat flap! And I have heard of one person having two gull's coming in to their kitchen regularly through the cat flap.

If something is not done to cull or discourage them from the inshore areas then more people will be hurt by these vermin. They are nothing but pests and should be treated as such!!!

It is time something was done about the ever increasing numbers of these birds,as they are becoming more and more agressive, you only have to see them in town and around where people are eating, they are beautiful when left in their own environment.

Maybe we should cull the city dwellers of the species, so that they stop breeding in the town and surrounding areas, and just leave the birds that live and breed in their natural habitat on the cliffs.

It is our fault that they behave the way they do, but it doesn't get round the problem.

I dont think it is fair to kill them but there must be another way of reducing the seagull population.

What about taking there eggs or something?

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