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28 October 2014

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You are in: Have your say » Derren Brown - Russian Roulette Stunt
Derren Brown Russian Roulette stunt
Derren Brown plays Russian Roulette on Channel 4 - filmed in Jersey at Francheville Farm in Grouville

Jersey police have said the live Russian roulette TV stunt which was broadcast on Channel 4 on Sunday night was a hoax.

Illusionist Derren Brown asked another person to load a revolver with one bullet in the show recorded at Francheville Farm, Grouville, Jersey.

Brown then pointed the gun at his own head, and pulled the trigger a number of times, stopping when he guessed the gun would fire.

"There was no live ammunition involved and at no time was anyone at risk," said Lenny Harper, Detective Chief Officer for the States of Jersey police.

"A prop company brought a number of props to the island and they included a quantity of blank ammunition.

"There is absolutely no way that the States of Jersey police would allow anybody to put themselves at risk and shoot themselves dead."

Handgun laws

Handguns are illegal in the UK. Mr Pearson pointed out that certain firearm legislation in Jersey was in fact tougher than the UK.

For instance, unlike the UK, it was illegal to hold an air gun in Jersey without a licence.

He said the Jersey police had contacted Channel 4 after being alerted by a national newspaper that the show was to be filmed on the island.

Channel 4 would only say in a statement: "In making and broadcasting this program, Channel 4 was very mindful of its responsibility to ensure the safety of all involved and liaised with the Jersey police in advance of filming there to ensure that no offences were committed."

Have your say

We want to know your thoughts and feelings on this stunt taking place in the island, had it been real and something had gone wrong how would it have reflected on the island and it's gun laws?

Do we need to toughen up our laws to bring them in line with the UK or is the island right to be more relaxed and put the emphasis on the responsibility of the owner?

Do you have experience of Jerseys gun laws, are they in fact already very strict? What do you think about Derren Browns stunt? Great magic or mindless self promotion?

Use the form on the right to have your say.

Your Comments:
The following are the views of members of the public who have chosen to submit their comments and may not represent the views of the BBC

James Holding
Oy, Derren Brown is NOT an illusionist, He can work out what the human mind wants to do, Like the 'Don't think of a black cat' thing.

Greig McDonald
Hysterics are missing the point! That this was about illusion and mind power. It doesn't matter wether the ammunition was real or blank, he was trying to prove that he could guess where the bullet was! Honestly, some people!

andy lawrence
re Derren Brown, my dictionary describes an illusion as false perception; deceptive appearance & an illusionist as a sleight of hand performer & i'd been led to believe that David Copperfield really did make an elephant disappear,maybe I wasn't born under a gooseberry bush after all?

Darren Brown's stunt was good entertainment. If Darren was using blank bullets he was still putting his life at risk. There have been several occasions where actors have been seriously injured and even killed when they have used blank amunition.

Still he has a great knowledge of the mind and can read what people are thinking and what they will do. Could he have tricked the Police and made them think he was using blanks but really using live rounds?


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Superintendent John Pearson
"We are entirely satisfied that no offences were committed"

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