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28 October 2014
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You are in: Features » Children in Need » Write a song for pudsey
Song for Pudsey
Pudsey T. Bear
Pudsey Bear playing guitar

We called and you answered, after two months we finally have our song for Pudsey.

A great big thankyou to everyone who contributed lyrics to the song, and as an extra plus the music was written by one of you. A massive thankyou (this is starting to sound like an award ceremony - better not cry) to Simon Larbalestier who wrote the music and to Le Music Room for the recording.

We are now putting the finishing touches to the track and will soon make a sample available for you to listen to. You will be able to hear the first full play of the song on BBC Radio Jersey.

Don't forget, this song is for children in need so use the link on the right hand side to go to Pudsey's website and send your money, doesn't matter how much - every penny counts.


Do you want to download 'Don't leave the kids 'till last'? No problem, all we ask is that you give a little something to children in need. You can find the song as an MP3 file to store on your computer, burn to a cd or put on an MP3 player. Alternatively you can just listen to it through Real player. Download the song now >

The lyrics are below so you can see the final version and we will soon post up the music for you to play along.

Don't leave the kids 'till last
Finding help wherever you can
Reaching out for a helping hand
Imagine no one there for you,
No one worried bout what you do,
You go home on a winter's night,
House in darkness, is that right?
Or family's home, dont notice you're gone,
Where ever you've been or for how long,

We can get together, do what we can,
It doesnt take more thana, helping hand,
And a child today, is hoping for a future.

Children need some help in life,
And someone to hold them right,
Whatever happened in the past,
Dont leave the kids till last,

Anything we have to give,
So that little one will live,
Think what we put in the bin,
In our world ruled by the pen.

There are people that you trust,
people you meet they say you must,
But you have an inner fear,
That you dont want them near,
Everyone a round you laughs,
But they walk on different paths,
Cause you know it isnt right,
The way that person holds you tight,

But we can get together, do what we can,
It doesnt take more thana, helping hand,
And a child today, is hoping for a future.


Little Joe lives in a world,
Where his flag will lie unfurled,
He has nothing left to drink,
No tap or kitchen sink,
He has nothing, but he grins,
But he is suffering for our sins,
Some people do their best,
Many think that its a pest,

When the time comes we must give,
So that little Joe will live.
Its not a charity,
To help a neighbour 'cross the sea.
Or here in our backyard,
A child's life is marred,

Chorus x2

Simon Larbalestier has brought out an album, 'Bad days/winter', the album in it's classic version and the bad days mix is available at 'White label records'.

We asked Simon a few questions about his musical background, style and his present work. You can read his answers on his profile page.

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Also why not have a look at what happened this time last year. We were just a little baby then so it is on the BBC Radio Jersey website.
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Donate Online by going to the main BBC Pudsey site and clicking the big Donate Now button.

Call 0845 733 2233 and give the lovely people at the other end your card number.

Go to your bank/building society and say - I want to give my money to Children in Need.



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